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Lindsay Lohan Turns 27 Today! Here's The Birthday Girl Through The Years!

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lindsay lohan birthday 2013

It's Lindsay Lohan's birthday!!!

Our fave troublemaker might be spending the big 2-7 completing her sixth rehab stay, but gurlfriend can rest easy knowing she's still had quite the year.

Between her spin as Elizabeth Taylor, her X-rated Canyons role, her legal and family dramz, her boy toys, and her U.S. rehab tour, Miss Lohan's escapades have been nothing short of intriguing.

The question remains: Will Lilo's 27th year of life be the year she turns it all around??!

CLICK HERE to see Lindsay through the years!

CLICK HERE to see Lindsay through the years!

CLICK HERE to see Lindsay through the years!

CLICK HERE to see Lindsay through the years!

CLICK HERE to see Lindsay through the years!

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16 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Turns 27 Today! Here's The Birthday Girl Through The Years!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Lindz says – reply to this


    Happy Birthday Lindsay! It is my sincere wish that you will begin to gain real wisdom along with your years. I am concerned that if you don't take this opportunity to get yourself free from the drugs and booze that you will not see another birthday. At least not outside of being locked up. Please start to LEARN from others around you, and FROM BOOKS, what people who have SUCCEEDED at getting away from being addicted to chemicals have ACTUALLY DONE — to get drugs in their life, IN A SMART PLACE in their lives. All drugs aren't bad. If you have a staph infection, the 12 steps aren't going to help much. The key is: Learning to use your own judgment - after you have learned HOW TO USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT, in ways that are BENIFICIAL to you. You are an actress, maybe start to try to ACT like people who have ALREADY ACHEIEVED the very things you WISH for. I know you have talents in mimicking. So, "fake it ’till you make it." Blessings to you, sista. Jack been wishing fine thoughts for your genuine health & happiness recovery. –aloha, *jjf*

  2. 2

    happy birthday lindsay 27 is getting on people dont want to see childish antics at that age time to mature into a woman and a actress with ur talent so we can see more of that and less of the paps antics… good luck to u gal xxx

  3. Peter says – reply to this


    She looks 40 and worn out

  4. Three people? says – reply to this



  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Happy Birthday, Lindz – A balanced human doesn't need any drugs whatsoever apart from themselves, barring a precondition like diabetes, etc. You're born with everything your body needs to function properly, and when you add pharma, illegal drugs or liquor, you phuck your body and your brain and its thinking up. That's the bottom line.

  6. Staph? says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – While I would agree with most of what you present, I am not sure if you are promoting the type of religious beliefs that some people have that ALL DRUGS are BAD. As the grandmother of a 4yr old with a heart transplant, I am well aware my grandbaby would die without certain medications that keep his immune system from rejecting his heart. Should we be doing heart transplants on people, on babies, at all? ….That, I do not know. But I live in Hawaii and staph breeds easily here. Lave rocks on the beach are sharp, contaminants are prevalent and staph is not rare here, to say the least. I have seen people MANAGE their staph infections with soap and great care and the staph infection is defeated. However, for some, at some point the little bugs are too mighty in numbers for the human body to defend/defeat. Staph can kill you. So, anyway. I grew up thinking problems were solved w/ pills. When you grow up around a lot of docs, & old docs, that was The Gossip taught in medical school. I am more "against" drugs than I am "for them", but my bottom line is : JUDICIOUS USE OF MEDICATION. This would apply to recreational substance also. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR METH. but, all or nothing thinking … well, -actually, RIGITIY DOES NOT create the stability that one might assume was implied.

  7. No, not everybody is.. says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Also, my grandson was born with "backward values" and he had a heart attack during his first surgery that destroyed the functionality of her heart by a significant amount — basically his first surgery ended up with him having a "dying heart". So you are WRONG that we are born with everything we need. Some children get cancer as babies. I've lost a relative that way too. How could really believe that all humans are BORN with perfect bodies? I find that Incredible perspective coming from someone I have assumed was an adult. How blessed your life must be, if you really believe everyone is born healthy.

  8. Correction: says – reply to this


    Re: Staph? – that should have read, That was the GOSPEL in medical school. Not gossip.

  9. To Ava, says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – I am just curious as how to interpret your post that was a response to mine. I see you mentioned, " bearing a precondition like diabetes". I am just not sure what to make of that since so many of the people in out culture who have diabetes today are people who could have PREVENTED their status through their own LIFE STYLE CHOICES, preferences , self-discipline and education. I think in many cases diabetes may have a predisposition for the disease, but we don't see a lot on infants born with diabetes. So, I am not picking on you, I am trying to understand where you are coming from, because I find great oxymoronic hop-scotch going on in my mind when I try to figure out what your position is. If people are born with everything they need, why do healthy people develop cancer at 35? People get brain tumors -who were great artist, mentally healthy/stable people, vegans & clean/sober in their younger years & then …. BOOM, 42 years old and there is a mass in your head. Never smoked, never was sick before, doesn't take drugs or drink? I enjoy reading your perspective on many post, but this one, I can't figure out. How would anyone ever KNOW if they were one of the lucky ones, who were born healthy & pure, and already had everything they need to be healthy? What do you believe is the ORGIN of disease and pathology?

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: To Ava, – Seems clear to me, I did say 'barring a precondition like diabetes, etc' meaning a bona fide condition requiring care which would qualify for certain pharma. Religion? Please. The body having everything it needs is biological science; and adding recreational pharma that has not been prescribed for a reason really messes with a body's interconnected processes in a myriad of negative ways.

  11. To Ava says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Thank you. The key word that was missing for me was RECREATIONAL pharma. BTW, religious can be used as verb, with NO connection to God or Formal Religions. To be religious about something is to be strict and rote about many things. You can be religious about getting manicures every Friday, and yet not bring God into it. However, your use of the words BONA FIDE condition which would QUALIFY for pharmaceuticals …. WHO decides what is a BONE FIDE condition that QUALIFIES for (WHICH) Rx? This is an exceptionally challenging question when it comes to using psych meds. You don't need to respond, but I thought I would point it out that part of the problem with over use of Rx is that many Rx are given for 'diseases" that have no "test" to confirm that the "disease" is really "Bona fide".

  12. To Ava & Taylor says – reply to this


    I just wanted to throw in that with the addition of the word RECREATION in your post that changed everything for my interpretation of what you were writing about. I am in much agreement that the body has superior intelligence to our own "medical system" in knowing how to heal itself, what it needs and what it wants, and it CAN figure out WHAT'S WRONG WITH ITSELF, if people take the time to learn how to COMMUNCIATE with the intelligence systems that ARE their mind/body/soul CONNECTIONS. Tune In. The human body has a feedback system that can let you know things are bad for you, bad with you, waaaay before you show up on the detox unit for the 6th time. –Taylor, Please notice that you are not the only poster that I sometimes simply don't understand sometimes, don't know what you mean. And please notice has SIMPLE it was for Ava to write me back to clear up my confusion; with the clarification of ONE WORD, RECREATIONAL, it made the whole post fall into place in my mind in a way that made sense to me. Here I was totally confused about what A. was saying, and me asking 'what do you MEAN?' and her writing back a short answer cleared the whole thing up and I discover we are actually in agreement about something I couldn't even understand! So; There it is There. I'm off to start the Fourth Of July Party w/ some friends. Happy 4th to All. …Aloha Ladies. –*jjf*–

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: To Ava & Taylor – Happy 4th to you, Kona.

  14. I LUV INDEPENDANCE! says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Thank you. I'm actually on the other side of the island. Kona is too hot, too touristy, too dry and not a lot of green grows there naturally. However, Kona is CLOSE and KONA coffee IS available EVERYWHERE on the island. 365.

  15. To Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: I LUV INDEPENDANCE! – That actually looks really stupid, but indepenDANCE is a play on words, as I am so happy today; being free of so many things in my past & my past thinking -that I always get so happy in my bliss of being free in America that I see myself dancing the in rain about it all. I actually do dance in the rain sometimes and it is soooo cool. Well, I dance in the rain because the rain isn't COLD. What a different world it is when the rain in your world IS WARM. Sometimes, the sun be shining bright at the same time. Sometimes I go for an healthy walk when it's raining, & I get a organic facial & a work out for my buttocks at the same time. All for Free. But, Taylor, my wonderful world didn't just HAPPEN for me because I wished it to be so. When you PAY ATTENTION TO HOW REALITY REALLY WORKS, (regardless of if it's "fair" or "judgment" to do so) -when you figure out how the world STILL WORKS, regardless of your personal approval …..THAT is when you have TOOLS to start to have the needed POWER to create a genuine HELPFUL INFLUENCE ….that can help YOU BUILD - IN SOLID LIFE, that which WILL BE your genuine future. Your future IS COMING ANYWAY. Don't you WANT to have "some" CONTROL over it? You have to DISCOVER, then learn HOW to work with it. xox

  16. GVH50 says – reply to this


    Death awaits serious addicts and the doors to the 27 Club are now open for Lindsay.

    George Vreeland Hill