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19 comments to “Amanda Bynes Plans To Get Married And It's Not To Drake! Who's The Lucky Man??!”

  1. Office Drone says – reply to this


    She is a naive little twit. Go to school and make something of yourself.

  2. 2

    Try putting a bag over your head.

  3. 3

    SHE need to have surgery to replace the pea brain she has in her head with a human brain. AnD she totally needs MORE holes in her head. MORE FACE PIERCINGS PLEASE. This is one sick woman. Getting married, becomeing a rapper, becoming a fashion designer, ALL RIDICULOUS FANTASY. Kids- DON'T HUFF GLUE. THIS IS HOW YOU'LL END UP. BIG GAPING HOLES IN YOUR BRAIN LIKE AMANDA BYNES HAS.

  4. logan says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – F*U*C*K Y*O*U Perez is waaaaaaaay much better than you!!!!!!!

  5. logan says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – Why don't you try?

  6. Amanda Sofia Ross says – reply to this


    Dude, no hate. But you need to get your facts STRAIGHT!

    I am a die hard bloodfan. (of Amanda) and i know this shit.

    She did not say, nor have ever said that her nose is the problem. She has a birth defect, and it`s webbing in between her eyes. It`s actually a serious condition (not physically, but it can tear on your self-esteem)
    She want`s to have surgery on her nose and her whole face straight up, so you got that one right ;)

    - I am a 13 year old fan. I will do everything Amanda does, so i can be just like her when i grow up, because she is the queen, and she is god. I used to think beauty didn`t matter, but Amanda has thought me that it does, and therefore she is a great role model.

  7. R says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda Sofia Ross – you poor damaged soul, you.

  8. you need an education says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda Sofia Ross – please dont think webbing is that serious. Its not life threatening. She lived with it for so long and never had a problem with it. Since your 13 that means your very naive and impressionable. Im a couple months older than amanda and even i can tell she is not a role model right now.

  9. ms trudy says – reply to this


    who in their right mind will marry this ugly psycho bitch ??

  10. Lulu says – reply to this


    Re: cornholioRe: cornholio – you dumb f$?!k you refer to her as a kike you son of a bit&@ your the uneducated piece of garbage

  11. Naive says – reply to this


    Re: you need an education – LMFAO….u really believe that's a legit posting? That's not some 13 yo…it's some bored fucktard pretending to be…Amanda has been off the grid so long, no 13 yo now prob even knows who she is…lol..some ppl

  12. anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda Sofia Ross – go google "webbing between the eyes" or "nose webbing" and the only thing that will come up is amanda bynes and her bizarre tweets about her nose. it's a fake diagnosis, fake surgeries, she made it up dummie. there's no such thing as webbing between the eyes, i mean seriously, what? does anyone even really know what that means? her nose looked fine to me, she used to be so hot, now she looks like octomom. her strategy of becoming relevant again is impressive except for the fact that she looks so awful right now and it's not her nose.

  13. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: Amanda Sofia Ross – Oh dear oh dear.. I do honestly feel sorry for you if you see Amanda as a role model… as God. Jesus wtf are you doing on here kiddo????! Go study instead of saying silly things !

  14. Gina says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – LOL love it!

  15. Jason T says – reply to this


    Re: logan – fuck off loser

  16. 16

    she said she wants drake to father her children today! it wasn't up very long but i saw it! i don't believe there is anyone else, shes just saying that in her ('drake attention seeking'/playing hard to get) games she's playing!

  17. 17

    Mario, why do you keep posting news about her? I think we've read more than enough of her crazy antics.

  18. bilbo says – reply to this


    you know it would be absolutely GENIUS if you DID totally ignore her. She'd lose her fucking mind! You should definitely try it out…next time she does something to get your attention, which is basically what is happening here, you should just completely ignore her.

  19. Morty Pie says – reply to this


    Some of Amanda's personalities like Drake, and others do not. It might be interesting to identify how many multiple personalities she has and name them. Drake is ugly, Drake is the man I love, I love someone else, I like bouncing on trampolines, I like smoking dope and doing 3 foot rails of blow, I don't do drugz, mom wants my attention, dad is ugly, can't see the quack plastic surgeon till Thursday, Wacka Flocka is making an album for me, except nobody knew who he was until he jumped on the publicity train.

    This is some freaky shiz, no doubt.