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Sir Elton John Slams The Voice For Ruining Music! Get The Crocodile Rocker's Diss Deets HERE!!

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The Rocket Man just dissed his country's top singing competition with the righteous wrath of an angry lavender-scented God!

Sir Elton John thinks The Voice sucks, to be frank — he says those kinds of TV singing competitions are doing irreparable damage to the music industry!

According to sources, Elton spoke to BBC Radio 4's Front Row and said:

"Nobody on The Voice in America has had a hit record. Nobody on The Voice in England has had a hit record - they're nonentities. Television and video have done a lot of damage to music. They've propelled people into stardom that aren't ready for it, you know, and can't sustain it. And they're only as good as the next song. I hate that. I hate people being cast aside. It breaks my heart to see people like Michelle McManus who won 'Pop Star' [Pop Idol], whatever it was, but it's not fair."

Tell us how you really feel, Sir Grumpy Pants!!

The 66-year-old Tiny Dancer singer does have a tiny point, though — these shows aren't always helping the cream of the crop get started in the industry!

We have one super-sweet solution:


He is literally music royalty! If anyone can help The Voice become a positive influence on the music industry, it should be him!!

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26 comments to “Sir Elton John Slams The Voice For Ruining Music! Get The Crocodile Rocker's Diss Deets HERE!!”

  1. Paula says – reply to this


    I agree with Elton. Take all those shitty shows off. I would not spend 2 minutes watching any of them. Just an excuse for rich people to make more money off poor people.

  2. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Who gave Sir Elton John his chance? Did he just wander his way onto the airways? Everyone needs a break. Whatever platform it is, some singers have to find their way in whatever way they can. He is being a bit obnoxious here. He forgets how it is to be an up and coming artist. He needs to take a chill. It's easy to be where he is and criticize. At the end of the day, there are a lot of people who can sing. Let's give them a chance.

  3. Christy says – reply to this


    Re: fancypants66
    But that's the problem with The Voice… They aren't actually giving people a real chance. Why must they always have to sing covers that the coaches choose to pick? Why not let them show their original music if they have any? I took a liking to Chris Rene from X Factor USA (season 1) because he presented original material. The Voice takes the creativity away people like ADAM are known for being total sellouts who have nothing to offer the industry, but a desperate attempt for a mindless top 40 hit.

  4. craig dobson says – reply to this


    Got to pay your dues if you want to sing the blues. These kids expect to win rounds at Wimbledon without ever having played junior tennis. Check out the bios of most big musicians and notice how many of them went through decades of dingy beer halls etc. A guy like Frank Sinatra must be rolling over in his grave.

  5. 5

    these shows are not about stars, musical talent or charisma they about the best karaoke singers and thats it. Most great music legends of our time wouldnt have got past the first or second round in these shitty shows. That should tell you something.

  6. 6

    I would love to hear Sir Elton's opinion of the Gong Show otherwise known as America's Got Talent.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Totally agree with him.

  9. le says – reply to this


    we don't need you to tell us what we already know. if that is all you have and not have anything more, like the solution, you should stfu! you are just trying to be in the picture with the show and probably threatened that when these amateurs do their versions of your songs, they sound so good, sometimes even better than you so called stars.

  10. Rose says – reply to this


    Tweetypants bores me.

  11. Harpreet Singh says – reply to this


    Nice post, i love a lot of songs but my favourite song is this

  12. Christine says – reply to this


    He's right! Cassadee Pope the last winner was a Pop Punk singer and since she won she Changed her style to country just to be famous. I thought the point of the show was to help singers succeed in music for who the really are.

  13. He's right says – reply to this


    The producers of those shows cynically use people's desperation to succeed for one season's ratings and then dump them before they can wise up. He's right.

  14. MB says – reply to this


    I completely agree with Sir Elton. I have always believed this.

  15. 15

    Agreed with Elton. I like these shows in theory, its a great way for someone to get a big break but in practice, who have they made famous? A couple of them have made it big but overall, they win the show and entirely disappear. And as others have said, plenty of really famous singers would have never made it throught the first round. They're looking for cookie cutters, nothing different.

  16. 16

    I absolutely agree with Elton. Karaoke on TV is what these singing talent shows are IMO and if I don't like it in clubs I sure don't want to invite it in my home. I've only watched 10 minutes of any singing show. Boring.

  17. drizz says – reply to this


    i agree with elton. you never hear of these winners ever again. they have their 5 minutes of fame and thats it. the last years winner of the voice was never heard of again… waste of money and time. NEXT!

  18. 18


  19. Yuna Lee says – reply to this


    I totally agree. What happen to all the winners??? I never heard one single of their music.

  20. Voice Fan says – reply to this


    Why such hate from a pillow-biter? Straight people have accepted your lifestyle, even though it is different than theirs. Why can't you embrace the diversity that you demand from others?

    By the way, your voice isn't all that. I do respect that you are a singer/songwriter, but let's give others a chance. Dude, you were big in the 70's and 80's, but that was 30 years ago!

  21. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: fancypants66 – The difference is that back then those type of shows actually looked for real talent. Now, is more about who's more popular and sells more crap.

  22. CW says – reply to this


    If you listen to the interview on BBC 4 you will see that Elton is not being cranky being brutally honest about what happens to these "stars" after they win these singing competition shows. Its one of the best interviews he's done in years.

  23. jeff says – reply to this


    Music was ruined way before these 'talent' shows.

  24. jane says – reply to this


    Back in the 80's and 90's I liked Elton John's music and probably the last song I ever liked was the remake to Princess Diana when she died so for him to "judge" today's music and style of music leaves a try taste in my mouth. I forget how old he is now, 60 something. His time has come and gone, his princess and tiara days. It is time for something new, we may find it on The Voice, just because it is not "his cup of tea" doesn't make his opinion right. Personally I can't stand the music he makes anymore and don't listen, he is the one dried up. I like Cassadee Pope, Danielle Bradberry, I see things happening, it took Carrie and Kelly a few years but look at them now, Elton, you sang in a lot of water holes in your days, this is just a different way of doing it, in todays world. You screwed this one up Major

  25. jane says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – I so agree, he has lost his magic and the catchy tunes he used to have, he doesn't know what the public likes, what we want, and it isn't him anymore

  26. archibd says – reply to this


    Re: Christy
    I think Elton remembers exactly what it what it was like to be a young artist, that is why he has said what he has said. Elton has said elsewhere that these shows do not allow people to learn their craft. Elton had to tour in an unknown band and have an album that was a flop before he had a hit with 'your song'. He, and others like him have had an expansive career; the participants on these shows have, and will not.