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Ian Somerhalder Caught With Brazilian Model!!

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ian somerhalder nina dobrev kissing model after split

Has Ian Somerhalder already replaced the irreplaceable Nina Dobrev?

The scrumptious Vampire Diaries star — who knows how to suck face as well as he sucks blood, btw — was spotted kissing all up on model Ana Beatriz Barros in Italy on Wednesday!

Not only that, but there were all these cameras around, filming their tryst! What kind of…

Oh! It's not an illicit affair! It's an illicit solicitation! They're filming a commercial for the new Azzaro perfume line!

We knew Ian wouldn't be so callous with Nina's feelings as to flaunt a new lady like that. And no wonder they're dressed to the nines! That's going to be one hot, sexy ad!

We just hope they don't use too much perfume- vampires have really heightened senses of smell! LOLz!

[Image via Splash News.]

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53 comments to “Ian Somerhalder Caught With Brazilian Model!!”

  1. sahara says – reply to this


    He's already replaced Nina, at least temporily with co-start from The Anomoly, Alexis Knapp. They spend a hot & heavy week's vacation together at a private villa in Sardinia last week & were seen kissing & coupley in the airport lounge at Heathrow when leaving, and on the plane. Ian and Alexis were a real thing and probably still are. Can't believe you haven't reported on this yet, Perez!

  2. Diva says – reply to this


    He's so fine

  3. emelia says – reply to this


    Both of u shame one: that is a sexy perfume compaign they r doing and secondaly i dont think he would move on that fast and how do u know all of this sahara? Dont start gossip that maybe not even true

  4. Clare says – reply to this


    Ian needs to get away from TVD pronto. His child like fans think that he's their very own action figure doll and they can play with his real life and spread hate, bully and harrass when it's not going their way. How embarrassing for Ian, his friends, family, co workers, business associates and most importantly his name.
    Just because the so called fans haven't accepted he broke up with Nina two months ago doesn't mean it's not real. Let him move on to someone who does want him. Geesh :(
    Rant over. Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing Ian's shoot with Ana.

  5. CC says – reply to this


    Re: emelia
    Emelia, did you miss Nina's I'm happy and free summer? You must of seen a few of the 19876 photos she was flaunting for. Nina has been posing half naked with her arms, legs and lips around several men in Hawaii and Thailand. It's safe to say, they might have both moved on. What's fast? You mean Nian shippers time frame. Nina should of tweeted, denial is bliss, instead of ignorance.
    If Alexis makes Ian happy, I'm happy. She looks like a strong, determined, fun, down to earth girl and more settled, probably by no choice of her own. But most importantly, she doesn't appear self absorbed or Hollywood obssessed.

  6. sahara says – reply to this


    Re: emelia – Oh, it's true. Very very true. I know the girl that saw them in Heathro & sat behind them on the plane. And Ian posted he was in Sardina & Alexis's Instagram places shows she was, too. It's a known fact these days among Ian fans. Gonna be awkward as hell on set next week for Nina & Ian I bet. How could it not be? There are pics of Nina kissing & hugging 1 guy in Thailand, not several, as far as I know. She's had her fun too, at least a little bit of it, but hers seemed more like a one night thing & his appears to be more serious. From the outside looking in, anyway. No one knows for sure but them, of course.

  7. Paula says – reply to this


    Those pics made my Day. They are so freaking beautiful together, can't wait to see more! Ps. Nina who? lol

  8. Nat says – reply to this


    It's good to know that I'm not the only one that can see the truth!! It is obvious that Ian has moved on, hope that all the inmature nian fans (I'm a nian shipper but I use my logic) will soon understand what is going on… Nina spent all summer travelling and posting millions of pics having "fun", her message was "look at me! I moved on too!". Just use your logic, why Ninna did not travel on her "vacation" to visit her boyfriend? because they are not together anymore

  9. Carolie says – reply to this


    OMG, I hope he doesn´t be with Alexis but whatever makes him happy. And Nnina? WHO IS NINA? LOL!! He want more so, I hope he finds that :)

  10. emelia says – reply to this


    Re: CC – yes i saw them so why all the hate on ian seriously guys

  11. Kandy says – reply to this


    Re: Nat
    I know. Nina was tweeting about deep kisses and midnight swims with the hashtag of living in the moment and the Nian shippers are all like "they don't need to be attached at the hip, they are just doing movies away from each other, they are secure and can have fun, he still wears a necklace and her a ring"…lol.
    I'm sure Ian also got the message after a hundred I'm so happy, life is great, post break up rubbing in tweets on his timeline. It was annoying as hell. I had to unfollow. Amanda Bynes Trainwreck 2, the sequel.

  12. GRACE says – reply to this



  13. Kelly says – reply to this


    Ian guy:funny, good human , fantastic,beautiful,sexy big one star Tvd ..

    Nina is who??????????

  14. Felicity says – reply to this


    WOW, Ian looks HOT with the pretty model.
    I'm glad to see he's working and looking sexy as ever.
    Who cares about his break up anymore.
    Ian was dating a child Nina. He needs to move on.

  15. Kdavis says – reply to this


    Re: sahara
    Temporarily? We'll see. History shows that Ian's a relationship guy, not flings. So that's why I think Alexis is special to him. Good on Ian for moving on and not pining.
    Perez, why does Nina's name have to be in articles about Ian and vice versa? Let it go, they are separate individuals. She didn't want him. She wanted to experience new things and saw a future not tied to him. That's IN love, right there. She's happy, her choice, that's ok. It didn't work out.
    Don't let 2013 be the year Nian supporters become as pathetic as the Dobsley ones.

  16. Tatia says – reply to this


    Nina already replaced Ian. She's partying and kissing a guy on the beaches of Thailand. She's all over the guy literally and sipping his drink.
    Atleast Ian is only doing a photoshoot for perfume. Nina is just being a b*tch flaunting herself in Ian's face like this.

  17. sahara says – reply to this


    Re: Kdavis – I have no idea if Alexis is temporary or not, but you might be right. My friend said they looked like the "really really liked each other a lot" when she saw them in the airport lounge. Good on him if he's happy. Oh and Alexis is only 24 as well. Ian has a thing for co-starts 10 years younger apparently. lol Both Ian and Nina can do whatever they want to now. We should just be happy for both of them. Separately.

  18. Sandi says – reply to this


    What is strange to me is how come there are no photos of Ian and Alexis together? There are plenty of paparazzi around Italy. Also strange is that none of these gossip blogs has reported any sightings of Ian and Alexis hanging out in Italy. Maybe just a Summer fling for Ian to forget Nina? Who knows?

  19. katie says – reply to this


    I know fans mostly point their finger at Nina bc of what US weekly originally quoted. But I sometimes wonder if Ian did stray while with her. Only bc of her quotes of "forgiveness/permission" and "deserving more" and the fact she has been acting like a woman scorned for 2 months, very odd. If something like that did happen it wouldn't be made public, there's image to consider and a neutral excuse would be a better option.
    "ignorance is bliss" - lack of knowledge to a situation. once the whole truth is revealed, you realize you were happier being clueless. hmm

  20. llama says – reply to this


    Screw nina she a ho
    And that knapp a ho too
    they all hollywood hos
    Ian too he a big ho

  21. ahmad says – reply to this


    Who is ian,yes i know,35 year old man who used young girls for his fame,he broke nina's heart,he did not truly love nina,but she did,he is dating a slut alexi,he is a mother fucker LOL,he wanna famous in teens,thats why he used nina and now alex,he is buttshit,he is totallt a fake person,he is a hypocrite,nina you deserve a young man not old,mr ian who is a playboy you will never find a true love in you life mark my word and go to hell.

  22. amna says – reply to this


    Who is ian ??? he is a fake person,he is ugly.

  23. evelin roxanegalo says – reply to this



  24. isha says – reply to this


    LOL….that's really funny Perez :) great article

  25. maria says – reply to this


    Re: amna – Ian is not a fake Person, he is a beautifull Man inside and out, that works tirelessly for His Foundation, the environment and Animals. Besides that he also has been working tireless promoting the Show, along with modeling obligations he had. The Man had one Week Vacation in 3 years, he has the most work on His Show , since his brilliant acting is holding it together and worked 15 hour a day when tapping. He was long known and loved by all age groups for his role on lost and his movies. nina was a nobody that got access to places she would have never gotten without Ian. She loved hanging on his arm at the red carpet, that is how she got attention. and I do believe She could not resist Him, very few Women could.Ian is moving in circles like with president obama for one that she would never get access to.Ians priorities changed . He is not into partying and drinking anymores, at his spare time. He has more meaningful things to do and a full Life.

  26. Leanne says – reply to this


    Ian has moved on he's with Alexis now and good for him. They will be a better match than him and Nina. Nina is too immature, all those tweets and pics over the summer of her with other guys, no wonder Ian moved on. Nina needs to grow the f**ck up.

  27. poppyseeds says – reply to this


    Ian is hot and mature, thank God him and that childish girl Nina broke up, it was about time.. you deserve the best Ian :)

  28. Ianforgrey says – reply to this


    Re: sahara – Where the F**ck do you get your sources from lady! First of all show me some pics to back up your story! RUMORS!! All that you said is pure BS! Cut the bull and mind your business! Ian And Nina are no longer together he can do what ever he pleases! Nina Dobrev was caught cuddling with some guy on her vacation and there's proof of that. Pics all over the net! Silly people with their silly comments!!

  29. Ianforgrey says – reply to this


    Re: CC – You said it!!

  30. Ianforgrey says – reply to this


    Re: ahmad – You seriously need to take your meds! Not a joke!! Like hurry and take them ASAP!

  31. NINA WHO? says – reply to this


    Nina Dobrev Gets Flirty With a Mystery Man on Vacation (PHOTOS)

    Now here are the pics of her caught with some guy! Not work related or doing a comercial with. But flaunting herself with some dude. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!!


  32. Ohgosh says – reply to this


    Re: ahmad

    LMAO I needed that laugh Ahmad and Amna one and the same. Coming into an Ian article calling him a MF and attacking him, smart! What part of splitting up around April did you not get? Or maybe you aren't familiar with the Nina Dobrev hooking up around the world tour. It's public knowledge.
    Why shouldn't Ian date Alexis if he wants to? Him and Nina were over months ago. Just because the fans are in unaccepting denial doesn't mean it's not over. I'm sure some expect Ian to live a life of lonely misery, maybe join a nunnery, or throw himself with a lead weight in Lake Como because THEY only ever want to see him with Nina. Grow up and stop being childish hypocrites.
    Nina didn't want him the first time. People change, it didn't work out. Why would he hang around for a second slap in the face? "Um Ian, I know we've been together for 6 years now, but stuff you, I want to experience new things and I just can't do that with you by my side again"…lol

  33. Nina who? says – reply to this


    Re: Ohgosh – AGREE 100% !!!

  34. kam says – reply to this


    shame on you. this was for an ad campaign. tsk. get a life.

  35. Sophia says – reply to this


    Ian is one incredible male specimen. What a beautiful man! The YouTube video of this shoot is amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product. Good choice in using these two beautiful, talented people, Azzaro. And can I just say that everything about Ian says perfect actor to portray Christian Grey. *fans self*

  36. me says – reply to this


    he is a MAN SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. queen says – reply to this



  38. janet says – reply to this


    Re: Ohgosh – oh and the real IAN is what??????? whore attention. and she can do what she wants.

  39. nadia says – reply to this


    Re: poppyseeds – PLEASE. THAT KNAPP IS A BITCH. and she has a kid.

  40. angel says – reply to this


    i don't like him anymore.

  41. .... says – reply to this


    Re: Kdavis – bitch alexis has 23 and a 2 years old baby girl. you call her what?

  42. ......... says – reply to this


    Re: sahara – alexis is more settled? is a joke. she just fucks older men. gets pregnant and then back to older men.

  43. gisseke says – reply to this


    ian pleaseeeeee. you are a C-actor dude

  44. veea says – reply to this


    so glad nina got rid of him. he is a cheater

  45. sasha says – reply to this


    Nina deserve a better man

  46. hellena says – reply to this


    somerhalder is always screaming for attention and Grey? ha ha he has 27 in the books and this dude 35. the producers would never cast an actors that at the 3 movie has 40!!!!!!!! and his acting suckssss. i hear he cheated on nina many times.

  47. snoop says – reply to this


    Alexis knapp tries to crawl her way up she screams for attention you can tell just look at her instagram shes like proud to put she was in project x which was a stupid movie by the way and she was bragging that ryan phillipe was her baby dad which i see no resemblance it seemed to me like she even forced his last name to be her kids middle name bitch cant even get a check with her ratchet ass shes just a screw and if she was spending time with ian she sure wanted it to be known her instagram location said it all and she didnt even go see her kid on her b-day the slut was still in europe spending time with ian if the rumors are true shea nasty and not even pretty her eyes are the only attractive thing on her at least nina had an ass and kind of some thighs going there she was just a jizz rag you guys ian will fuck anything he has relationship issues any dummy can see it if a 30 some year old man has nothing but more dating history than his own life something is clearly wrong with them emotionally and mentally

  48. marieme says – reply to this


    omg dont u people read its for a commercial plus u guys have no right to judge him he wanted to be with nina and marry her but she was being a little bitch saying shes too young tp get married and would understand him if he wants to settle down hes 35 so stfu he has the right to move on

  49. maraa says – reply to this


    the dude doesn't want marriage he is just a man slut. cheater. poor girl.

  50. child support says – reply to this


    That alex girl is disgusting she really is you can even tell she fuked ryan which of course was a fling even if they were in a relationship the guy just got a divorce who wouldn't enjoy eazees then and for him to have second thoughts of it being his says a whole lot then there was the fling with the creator of family guy while she was pregnant says even more about her so dont worry ladies ian just needed some loving hes only a guy and cheap comes at a better price she has easy written all over her dont matter if she is a mom or not

  51. lucy says – reply to this


    okay, people are making a mole out of the mountain. they are shooting a perfume ad and that too in italy. they are supposed to show the camera that they are in love because you can't exactly show brothers and sisters in a sexy perfume ad. get over it guys, the man is just doing his job and by looking at the picture i can say that he is doing a mighty fine job!

  52. pressdaroad says – reply to this


    alexis knapp and ian somerhalder?? I heard its true he is dating alexis but we will find out this month since ian is schedule to appear in comicon and also alexis Can't Wait to see the pictures It will be a worldwide trend!!!! :D :D

  53. pressdaroad says – reply to this


    Re: Paula – can't wait to see reaction of media when they found out of this ian and alexis pairing EXCITED!!! :D :D :D