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James Cameron Sued For Stealing Idea For Avatar AGAIN?!

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Sue me once, shame on you. Sue me twice, stop suing me. Sue me three times, I said stop!! Sue me four times, WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP SUING ME???

James Cameron is being sued now for the fourth time, this time by someone claiming that he stole the idea of Avatar from Pocahontas Fern Gully images he created as an artist.

Artist William Roger Dean has filed a 17 page complaint against the Avatar director and Fox, saying that the aesthetic world of Pandora was largely ripped off from his work, and is claiming copyright infringement, breach of implied contact, unfair competition, and unjust enrichment. Oh, and a small 50 MILLION DOLLAHS! THAT'S A LOTTA UNOBTANIUM!

Not only that, William is asking the court for an injunction, a full accounting, and a court order to be posted on the web and beyond that the defendants stole his ideas. And not just for the first Avatar, but the sequels as well, and the Disney theme park.

James has one more lawsuit still pending, but has actually won 2 other lawsuits claiming that he somehow stole or plagiarized Avatar (one of them from a guy who claimed Avatar was taken from his book and scripts Bats and Butterflies! Haaaaaa!). We'll see how this all pans out for James who's been sued so many times, the only people who haven't taken him to court for stealing ideas are the Winklevoss twins.

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8 comments to “James Cameron Sued For Stealing Idea For Avatar AGAIN?!”

  1. fid says – reply to this


    Oh yes, biggest grossing film ever that was released 3 years ago and this "artist" never realized that the images were familiar until now? Oh and yes a 50 million dollar settlement sounds perfectly fair. Here's hoping that James Cameron sues this guy back for defamation of character. America is too sue happy because there are no repercussions.

  2. Yes Fan says – reply to this


    When I first saw Avatar, I saw Roger Dean's work all over it. It was blatant! I, and other prog rock fans, who really know Dean's work, always knew Cameron stole Dean's work. We all wondered why he never sued from the get-go. The tree, the floating islands and more - all Roger Dean! Go check out his work and it is obvious!

  3. JCsux says – reply to this


    James Cameron is a Shait bag - I wouldn't doubt he plagiarized. He's been proven to purposely mislead and outright lie to his audience for his documentaries.

  4. Colin Rutheford says – reply to this


    Re: fid – Well, of course he knew immediately. The web was replete with comments to the effect. All by people who actually know Roger Dean's work. I suggest you actually take a look at Dean's output - - much of it dating back to the early 70's and see the blatancy of the appropriation for yourself. By now we know just how much the film and ancillary products have made. All the better to justify a figure. Does anyone ever expect to realize the numbers in a filing? That would be no. Pandodra was beautifully realized, but Roger Dean created the basic designs and execution over forty years ago.

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: fid – This was a topic long ago, but the wheels of justice turn slowly.

  6. Risktaker53 says – reply to this


    Back in the early '70s, I was a huge Yes fan, and a huge fan of the artist who produced their album covers. They were some of the most iconic images from those psychadelic times. The artist was absolutely ripped off!! My wife and I sat down and watched Avatar for the first time two nights ago (we've been busy, lol)…and from the first scenes I was telling my wife that Roger Dean's name will be in the credits. At the end of the movie, I was shocked to find that was not the case. If there was ever a clear cut case of theft of another artist's ideas…this is it! Pay up, Cameron! What the artist is asking is a mere pittance compared to the money you made from his creation!!

  7. Bishops Gait says – reply to this


    It's important that you people don't take that whole american dream stuff too seriously. Especially considering the ratio of perverts to phone tappers in the corporate structure. What you thought was yours soon turns out to be theirs. The legal system has no intention of revealing just how much of a fraud Avatar actually is. Evidence -

  8. Chuck E Cheeze says – reply to this


    Terminator? Ripped off from 2 Outer Limits episodes written by Harlan Elison, who sued Cameron and won.
    Titanic? Bits and pieces ripped off from a dozen other movies. Don't think so? Watch "Ship of Fools" and ask 'does that young, young George Segal character, who sits on the deck scketching people seem vaugely familiar?'
    Avatar? When I watched it I lost count of how many "Yes" album covers he ripped off. "Hey there's 'Fragile" and there: The inside booklet from Fragile and some of "Close to the Edge"! And the cover to Roger Dean's book/compilation… it's ripped off too (Magnetic Storm)! $50 million isn't enough punishment. There should be a prison for plagiarists.