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Lindsay Lohan Trashes Her Own Movie!

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lindsay lohan i know who killed me stripper gif

I Know Who Killed Me knows who killed it- Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay responded frankly — and frankly HIGHlariously — when a fan tweeted her about the movie!

She tweeted:

Boom! Maybe rehab is really taking this time, and LiLo is sober and looking starkly at the movies she's made over the past few years!

Isn't making amends for bad movie choices one of the 12 steps? LOLz! It is in Malibu!

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23 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Trashes Her Own Movie!”

  1. Seriously? says – reply to this


    Perez, are you getting so damn lazy you would rather build a story out of an alleged tweet from Lindsay in rehab, than get on the phone and find out something sorta interesting about a real celebrity? My God, how old is this movie and why in the world are you scrapping the bottom the of barrel on this? Seriously. This is just too much. Please, like Amanda, maybe best NOT to reward them for unwanted tweets. And to pull up some old video footage and build a story about it around a tweet that probably did NOT even come from Lindsay? Oh, Lord, how low can you go? Who would win one of those dance contest where they keep lowering the pole? You know, between you and Team Lohan? HOW LOW CAN YOU GO, PEREZ? Hey, it's your blog, Perez, but sometimes, son, I truly feel EMBARRASSED FOR YOU. You do know — you and your choices are part of my book too, don't ya? Not like ya aint been warned.

  2. Elle says – reply to this


    Yuck she look like a nasty crack whore.

  3. I see it differntly... says – reply to this


    Re: Elle – I think she looks like a PRETTY and YOUNG crack whore. And wasn't that the part?

  4. Ungrateful or what? says – reply to this


    Just like fking Lindsay Lohan to trash things that include a lot of other people who gave her an opportunity to do another movie when she wasn't doing so hot. Trash the movie, Lindsay. Trash the director for making you look like a stripper in a movie where you were hired to look like a stripper. Call the entire movie a piece of crap, and all the people involved, just go public with your contempt for a movie you wanted to be in. This is why, Miss Lilo, Hollywood wants nothing to do with you, and can't imagine you ever getting another opportunity in quality commercial media with the way you treat people. Regardless that you had talent, charm and cuteness as a child, you have not been acceptable as a Hollywood actress in your adult years and adult attempts at being a Hollywood A-List actress. Your constant back-lashing against others who are somehow vaguely attached to your failures, embarrassments and personal shame are a vital reason why you are not employable in the entertainment industry. You treat your associates, your directors, your "fans", people on the set, WHO WORK HARD AND EFFICENTLY AND PROUDLY FOR THEIR PAYCHECKS like SHIT! If you are shamed by a movie you were the STAR in, please focus on YOUR performance, and leave the artist and tech people involved out of your public shame …by BLAMING THEM FOR IT!

  5. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    I actually liked this movie, and the rest of hers. I thought she was a good actress. I think she brought more comedy to Liz and Dick, than drama. I'm not so sure drama's her thing. Although she seemed to be involved in it in her real life in the past.

  6. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Ungrateful or what? – hi JJF what did I miss here ? I did not think Lindsay was bashing the crew ? What makes you think that ? Happy 4th Sista !

  7. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Well, that's the thing, L does NOT take into consideration how what she TAKES TO MEDIA to "say", how it affects other people. She didn't have to say, "You should never watch this directors work again" or even "The screenwriter for the movie was a drunken idiot with perverted ideas." In Team Lohan's attempt to be "self-deprecating" what LL tweet really did was TRASH the whole movie, et al. And, this is Team Lohans' PUBLIC RESPONSE to a "FAN" that was writing in TO COMPLIMENT LINDSAY. Well, how do you think you will feel if you liked Tom Cruise and you wrote something like, 'Watched Mission Impossible twice this weekend", & Tom tweets back a flippant response that is nothing more than calling the "fan" a friggin moron for COMPLIMENTING him by mentioning his work. LLs attempts at "self-deprecation" don't ever REALLY WORK. They aren't FUNNY (ABOUT her), that wasn't "self-depreciation" -that was an example of how low her standards are for herself that she will ALLOW other people to mock her, mock her life situation for $$$. In this case, she TRASHED the entire movie; insinuating that the whole movie, & everyone involved was crappy. You wrote that Amanada S. shouldn't comment on another actresses talent. Well L shouldn't TRASH a WHOLE MOVIE because it didn't flatter HER. The point is: SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. Don't TRASH other professional who worked w/you - in your ACCEPTANCE of PUBLICALLY TRASHING YOURSELF.

  8. luis says – reply to this


    no destruyas tu trabajo sea bueno o malo lo intentaste diste tiempo esfuerzo a veces salen las cosas siempre la gente habla bien o mal hay tan diferentes gustos generos que es algo que la humanidad le guste lo mismo ni todo el planeta estuvo de acuerdo con dios no dejes entre lo negativo a tu corazon siempre hay que ver hacia delante dejar atras lo del pasado.

  9. DINA IS STUPID, again. says – reply to this


    Re: luis – I don't know what this post means. BUT, DEAR TEAM LOHAN: BEFORE YOU SHOOT OFF ANOTHER HUMILIATING TWEET ON LINDSAY'S BEHALF; know THIS: TEAM LOHAN really pointed out how DELUSIONAL they are when that tweet came in on LL's birthday in Spanish ….Dina did NOT even make AN EFFORT to have the short message interpreted before she took to MEDIA to say, 'I'm sure it's something sweet." ???? What a maroon you are Dina. Why would people be tweeting SWEET things to Lindz? Why in the hell would you ASSUME in MEDIA that a message in a language you can't understand is something FLATTERING for Lindsay when 96% of REALITY can NOT find ANYTHING to say/write that is FLATTERING about Lindsay at this time. SO ANYWAY, you stupid ass, HOW hard can it be to find someone who can read Spanish before you write back, "I'm too stupid to find a way to get your sincere post to my daughter deciphered, but I am sure it was a really SWEET message." Really Dina, you live on the mainland in USA, isn't hard to get a tweet interpreted. If you don't CARE about the Latino vote in the US, what they have to say about Lindz, and you are going to ASSUME that the Latino's always vote "sweet" for pretty faces. …call Romney-Ryan and ASK them how MEANINGLESS what the Latinos think & vote IS — How did R-R's disregard & presumptions about minorities actually work out for them as far as overall PUBLIC APPEAL ISSUES?

  10. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    I hope you got my point. & I hope you get the point about the tweet that came in yesterday in Spanish, that did NOT flatter L ,but that Dina responded to without taking the time to even have someone tell her what it means. Spanish/English can be translated using the internet; if she would have spent a few minutes, or called someone she knew that went to college. Dina made a HUGE ass out of Lindsay yesterday, AGAIN, with her PR attempts to try to whip up a "MAKE IT TREND WORLDWIDE" hoopla; then the Orphans, The Queen, The people who call Lindsay their ROLE MODEL? T, WHAT would ANYONE want to ROLE MODEL about L and how she has ruined her career, her looks, her social networking w/people who are influential? Damn, I am sooo mad at Dina for TEACHING Lindsay that NUMBERS on the INTERNET are VERY IMPORTANT; But, REAL human beings in the real world, and their feelings DON'T MATTER, –as long as Lindsay gets what Lindsay wants. Lindsay is RUDE AS SHIT, to about EVERYONE. Lindsay DISREGARDS & DISMISSAL OF PEOPLE WHO DON"T KISS HER ASS …and Lindz EXPECTS EVERYONE TO DO WHAT SHE WANTS THEM TO DO… NONSENSE STUFF LIKE, "Make it TREND worldwide." Can't you SEE ON THE INTERNET, right before you, that Team Lohan is TOTALLY INSANE?

  11. To Taylor says – reply to this


    I am just wondering if you (&Dina) are getting a clue to how ridiculous Team Lohan PR crapola is, & hoping that L's parents will LOOK at the FEEDBACK of what is going on around The Lilo's PR stories & JUST BACK OFF of making their $$$ off of trying to exploit Lindz's name in ways that just HUMILATE HER. T, the reason L doesn't have REAL PR people is because PR jobs are about P(ublic) R(elations). At some point real PR have to leave, because there is nothing they can "do" with how horrible a PR situation they have on their hands. If L had real PR people most of the "hate" in media about L –WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN THERE. It is Ls parents who keep selling crap that makes Lindz look like a piggy-idiot-junkie-ho. Dina thinks people on the internet will mindlessly believe her lies & hype -that ALL press is GOOD press, & it's Dina that MAKES L a "media target". Ls responsible too, but, Dina GLORIFIES L's antics. Spins DISGUSTING BEHAVIORS into some kind of commercial for Lindz, thinking that these stupid stories will end up getting The Lilo A JOB. You keep writing that you believe that LL is a MEDIA TARGET -have you come to an understanding that it is DINA that puts L's picture right on the bulleyes-dart board & INVITES PEOPLE to take a shot at Lindz? Please try to quit fighting WORDS strangers write T, & start looking at the REAL SOURCE OF 'WHO STARTED IT" when it comes to the Media making Lindsay a target.

  12. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    There is a disturbance in The Force. I am getting big vibes that Lindsay is really agitated and maybe throwing a big tissy fit, to put it mildly. Well, I just want to mention right now; 7/6/13 1:08pm pdt because the last time I had vibes this hopping saying it had something to do with Lindsay was the Sunday the drug incident went down at Betty Ford, and that was hit on my esp chart. So, anyway, getting a strong vibe something big be going down in Lohan Town, could be mom and dad, hope it is their issues and not Lindsay getting ready to be transferred again for making disturbances in rehab that will not be tolerated because her behaviors are 'out of line' for her environment. Hope I'm wrong. But, I think something is "going down" . Next week we will know. Hope I'm wrong, but just thought I'd share. Maybe if you ever NOTICED that what I say about Lindsay turns out to be about 98% accurate, you would be inclined to actually CONSIDER what I write you, instead of being resistant to anything I say, before you even think about it. Anyway, just SHARING with you. There IS a DISTURBANCE in The Force.

  13. Say say say, Taaaylor, says – reply to this


    …come out and play with me …. and bring your dollies, three …. climb up my mango tree …… run in my rainforest … and through my cedar doors …and we'll be jolly friends… for ever more…… missing ya. jjf

  14. to Taylor 7/7 says – reply to this


    Hi Taylor. Glad to see Perez isn't carrying the Dad Lohan says LL first OD'd at 18. (yet? please NO perez!) Taylor, please tell me you are **ABSORBING** that this trashy press on Lindz COMES FROM HER PARENTS!!!! ?? The people who write trashy things about Lindz wouldn't even be THINKING ANY THOUGHTS OF LINDZ if her PARENTS would STOP calling the media to talk shit about: LINDSAY! And this shit that Dina gets herself another paycheck by calling media to announce Lindsay is going to go live at her moms house when she gets out? Like if that isn't the WORST choice Lindsay could make? She would have better chances alone in the Australian Outback. And, WHY announce where Lindsay is GOING TO LIVE? Isn't that STUPID if L wants PRIVACY, for Dina to call up media & paps TO INFORM THEM OF WHERE LL is going to be living after rehab? HOW can you believe Lindsay is a victim of the MEDIA, when HER PARENTS do this to her, NOW, GIVE OUT HER DAMN ADDRESS WHEN SHE GETS OUT OF REHAB? Please TELL ME how this could possibly make sense to you, and how you think it is the MEDIA that makes Lindsay "A Target", when her parents KEEP SENDING IN STORIES –60 something days after she has been in custody????

  15. More Lies, Taylor, says – reply to this


    Shit be going down in Lohan Town. Dad is making a total ass out of himself in public, by doing exactly what YOU DO, TAYLOR. Now Dad, who contacted media in the UK,(because Perez, R.O. & T#Z aren't INTERESTED in paying Dad Lohans BILLS?) so Dad turns to the UK to release a story, now he is back-peddling & blaming The Media for, -(ooh good, yet another ML story!) blaming MEDIA, just like YOU DO, for unflattering comments & stories about Lindsay in MEDIA. THAT WERE PLANTED BY THE LOHAN(S). You DISMISS Lindz's family's repulsive, sooo NEEDY media ploys ….it's all so ICKY how the WHOLE LOHAN family NEEDS society sooooo much to CONFIRM they are alive. Your dad is a fucking moron, ali, & your mom is a pimp who would rather trick Lindsay out for a final $50 bill than call a doctor for her dying kid. I am SICK of THE LOHANS manipulating media with these set-ups where YOU GUYS are RESPONSIBLE for the TRASH THROWN AT LINDSAY. Then, you all drink & live in delusions & call media to promote illusions. Almost everything you do here Taylor is write SPAM like cheers for Lindsay. You don't address real issues & you disappear when you don't like questions –whose answers are always: THE LOHANS DID IT. Ali Taylor, they are going to destroy YOU too, if you don't get the hell out of the house, & find a way to COMMUNICATE with REAL HUMAN BEINGS about REAL LIFE –without calling them "haters" or witch hunters because they don't tell you what you NEED to hear.

  16. Better Now, T. says – reply to this


    Well, my anger has passed and changed into just generic disgust at the whole Lohan family. Seriously Taylor, I have spent months being attacked by you with hateful post that I am a Lindsay back-stabber and stupid shit like you accuse me of because I write about TRUTHS about Lindsay and you flight back with hideous names & allegations and insist I am somehow JEALOUSY of Lindsay; that I can't handle that she is an amazing actress & star –or whatever shit you wrote…. and this new information on Michael coming in, I am just about to short out with how FUCKING SICK your whole family is. What is wrong with you, Taylor, that you keep IGNORNING/DISREGARDING what happens before you & you continue to BLAME strangers, BLAME MEDIA for what your own parents are doing to Lindsay for chump change? You better hope to God you are not successful as a fashion model, or your folk will leech into your life & $$$ too. & I sure hope to God that you listen to MORE THAN YOUR OWN PARENTS when it comes to your EXPECTATIONS of your modeling career. I do NOT think you are ugly in anyway, but honestly, if you have been modeling for years & still haven't hit it - you are unlikely to make any real money, much less enough money to set you up for life, through this modeling stint that your mother put you up to. Go to school, Ali. Your ignorance isn't any more appealing that Lindsay's is. This façade of you alls, including Kates, is UP.

  17. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Better Now, T. – JJF what is going on here ? I know I missed a few days but what happened ? Sista get the vibe Im not Ali . Ali has kept her nose clean Kudos for her and Lindsay loves her . I think Ali is old enough to help Lindsay get through

  18. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Well, I am not convinced you are ali, but you do come across as someone who could be ali. The fact that Ali's middle name is taylor, and you are confused about many things, but do write about what Lindsay witnessed as a child, makes your identity rather suspicious. But, I actually do not CARE who you "really are". I wrote those last two post yesterday when I was PISSED OFF, after I got information that Michael sold a story about Lindsay OD at 18. I strongly believe in peoples MEDICAL/PSYCHIARTRIC issues being a PRIVATE MATTER. It just sickened me to get the info about Michael putting out this story. GLAD to see you finally addressed Michael.

  19. To Talyor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Ali maybe old enough to help Lindsay, but is she MATURE enough to help Lindsay. The problem is both L and her sister were raised by the same parents. When you grow up in a house that TEACHES pathological interactions with SOCIETY as a NORMAL state of affairs… well, even though Ali isn't selling trashy Lindsay stories to media like her parents do, Ali still has been TRAINED to THINK in unhealthy ways. I would love to see Ali and Lindsay join together as a FORCE against their parents. Maybe not go after their parents, but these two ladies might be able to WALK AWAY from their parent's dysfunctional way of living and DISCOVER a way to lead a normal and healthy life for themselves. It's just sick to watch Dina and Michael HARM Lindsay, USE Lindsay and her name to gain some kind of "fame" for themselves. It seem totally unimportant to either Dina or Michael WHAT the press is, as long as it is press. The only chance Lindsay has to get a healthy mind, is to STAY AWAY FROM POSIONIOUS minds. How CONFUSING for Lindsay to have her parents tell her they love her, and then see what both Dina and Michael DO TO LINDSAY, in the name of LOVE? There is NO EXCUSE for that Michael Lohan story about Lindsay OD at 18. What is the point of it, T? How can that type of shit, FROM HER PARENTS, HELP ANYTHING?

  20. To Taylor says – reply to this


    I am so frustrated today. Today, I just feel like it's really over for L. That she doesn't even have a chance because of her PARENTS being so financially dependent on her, and their relentless & starving need for media attention. Dina & M don't even seem to think that Lindsay is a REAL HUMAN BEING. This latest story of ML's - L's alleged over-dose, it's TOO MUCH, TAYLOR! What was the point of selling that story to media? & Dad admits that he GOT A GUN and DUI'd when he went on a REVENGE MISSION, to MURDER Lindsay's assistant? The assistant didn't tie her ass down and inject it into her. It was a CHOICE of L's to do coke. But the Lohan's do NOTHING to try to help Lindsay GET BETTER, they ALLOW & ENCOURAGE her to get herself into situations that HARM HER, then they take to the media to make some kind of story out of it; FOR NO PURPOSE other than for some check, that they spend on crap.. then they do it again. Taylor, Lindsay has NO REAL SUPPORT IN HER LIFE. And it's worse than that, she is HOMELESS. Where the hell is she going to go when serving her in-custody sentence is UP? WHO is she going to be around when they let her out? Please respond.

  21. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor – JJF Something went so wrong in LL's house . I have no idea about the back rounds of Lindsay's parents but Whoaaaa it's like fighting for the spot light with the 2 of them . Dina I understand life goes on but not in the best taste to attend a drinking social while LL is in rehab Come on Dina you are her Mother . I understand Dina has had her share of heart ache but Lindsay needs you to help and set an example PLEASE .
    if LL comes home to NY you have to give her a healthy environment . Lindsay is a strong but sensitive girl who has given so much to her family TIME TO GIVE BACK PLEASE !

  22. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – The biggest problem may be that regardless of what Dina wants for Lindsay, Dina is incapable of PROVIDING it. Taylor, women who have spent their entire adult lives being addicted to drugs, alcohol and lies, can NOT just change things one day; because, they do NOT know what to do differently. If L goes back to Dina's house, I feel 100% confident that L will receive a dirty drug test, or some other probation violation that will send Lindsay to JAIL. If she screws up again, there is NO REHAB OPTION. She has to be a "good girl" for 2 YEARS Taylor! What in the world would Lindz DO in Merrick anyway? NY is a theater town; there is no way that anyone is going to give L work in the theater because L is VERY UNRELIABLE and LATE almost everywhere she goes. Broadway will not wait, while Lindsay is 2 hrs or 6 hours late for a performance. Since you care a lot about her, please tell me what you think would be the best thing for L to do when she gets set free? Where do you think she go? Do you think she has any REAL SOBER friends that will HELP her to stay out of trouble? Dina DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO HELP Lindsay, she will only try to push Lindsay to earn money, because Dina doesn't have a real job.

  23. J says – reply to this


    I wish you the best I hope you recover you are great actress