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Jay-Z & Beyoncé Are On The Run Again! Listen To Part II HERE!

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They're at it again…and it's gooood!

We've been waiting to hear more from Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and here it is!

The two collaborated again on his Magna Carta Holy Grail album for Part II (On The Run), and it has us wishing we were on the run with them.

The song has us getting what seems to be a sneak peek into their lives since we last visited Bonnie & Clyde through song in 2003, and from what we hear, they are for realz the best couple out there!

There might be haters trying to get them down, but their love seriously conquers all!

Queen Bey sounds like a dream on the song, and Jay-Z is, well, he's Jay-freakin'-Z!

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

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13 comments to “Jay-Z & Beyoncé Are On The Run Again! Listen To Part II HERE!”

  1. 1

    sounds redundant.

  2. jnp says – reply to this


    Meh, Part 1 was memorable. This one though, will fade into oblivion in 2 weeks

  3. 3

    Perez, stop using your child in order to get attention and take better care of his privacy.

  4. omar says – reply to this


    hey jay! f yourself!

  5. omar says – reply to this


    hey why dont have sex wth your beautiful make music. you gay or somethin'

  6. 6

    *uck jazee and beasshole

  7. zzzzzzzzzzzz says – reply to this


    f*cking boring as hell this music nothing new and tired of this same old shit…move on music world we need new sound

  8. p says – reply to this


    Manga carta?? -.-

  9. Dadonroman says – reply to this


    Too much lames typing irrelevant post on the comment section. This is music at it's finest. Real Hip Hop.

  10. 10

    Celebrity culture is a tool of oppression. a weapon of controlling and distracting a dumbed down generation. So you are black and you are famous so I should like you? You win an Oscar and got a prize for your book and I should like you? You got out of prison and run the country into the ground and I should call you hero? You sing sweet and snort coke all night and I should cry for you? These empty-headed capitalist celebrities. Why do you think they are so famous? For being Pan-African? For being moral and role models? Did you give Alicia, Beyonce and Rihanna a record contract, do you distribute their material? Do you own the radio stations that play them? The MTV base that pumps their noise into our children's ears? So how are they our celebrities just because they share the same skin hue as us?

  11. 11

    Some believe they are “successful”, Oh did you know P-Diddy has a champagne business? Did they know P-Diddy does not own one share in that company he is employed as a brand ambassador—and nothing else? For every penny the like of Rihanna and Jay-Z make in their so-called “business”, the real power brokers are just riding their names (perfume, clothing lines, etc) for high returns. These circus performers are the distractions to give the sheeple the sense of false pride in a people with low morals and low intellectual capacity. Sure they are rich, as Chris Rock said, but they are not wealthy.

    Between extravagant immoral lifestyles, they are a celebration of everything odious in the world of capitalism. Some may point to their charities, but the rule of 9/10 applies here as well: doing 9 things wrong and 1 thing right does not make you honorable. Worse far more White celebrities, like Anglia Jolie seem more interested in social causes than these black icons created as another tool of distraction and destruction. Some say "they are entertainers not icons," That type of argument is an idealistic world-view which disregards reality, because regardless of what they 'are" they are in lieu of real role models, the role models African youth are engineered to embrace.

  12. 12


  13. marcellas says – reply to this


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