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They are the real deal, Perezcious readers! Apologies to anyone crushing on either hottie, but Kaley Cuoco clearly isn't releasing her superhuman grip on… Read more…

55 comments to “Kaley Cuoco Keeps A Super Grip On Her Superman Luvah Henry Cavill While Doing 4th Of July Prep!”

  1. 1

    I don't get this couple, he seems way out of her league. and he looks uncomfortable here.

  2. guest says – reply to this


    weird weird weird and I like her and all. They both look awkward. Is this guy trying to tank himself?

  3. 3

    They don't look a good fit. Weird. Plus she looks clingy in that photo. lol.

  4. Mommy of Two says – reply to this


    I thought the opposite.. that she is out of his league. He seems much more sophisticated and more educated than she is. She is pretty in a cute way but he is much more attractive.

  5. 5

    Re: Mommy of Two – No, we mean the same thing. He's in the higher league…

  6. leanne says – reply to this


    leave them alone if there happy then so be it besides I think there cute together

  7. Ariadne says – reply to this


    UMMM they seem uncofortable in THIS picture.Every other picture i saw they were really cute.Anyway,i think she is pretty and a great person.I'm not the one who dates her…so why bother?If he is happy,that's what matters.And nnery prooved that for him is not just looks.Get a grip people.

  8. Barbara says – reply to this


    She needs to back off a little…clingy clingy

  9. 9

    Man Of Steel and The Big Bang Theory are Warner Bros properties and they’re both represented by the same publicity firm. All of this is happening fast, just saying!

  10. 10

    she looks clingy and way too plain for him. mayeb she takes it up the ass..

  11. sarah says – reply to this


    Oh Hush haters! These two are definitely adorable

  12. Lol says – reply to this


    Funny how all the nasty comments are from women. There is no such thing as out of his league. Everybody has different taste. Go back to tour empty lives you wish you had him

  13. 13

    Odd pairing, but whatever floats his boat…

  14. leroy says – reply to this


    It's like Brad and Jennifer again, he makes her look less attractive

  15. 15

    that fact that he is a beautiful man and she gets to call him hers just makes me go crazy.. she is one lucky women! loveeee him he is a God

  16. john Bell says – reply to this


    Oh Please!!!! This is a typical Hollywood cover up. He's as gay as a 2 dollar bill. I'm surprised she agreed to be his beard. What would John Ritter say?????? Just saying.

  17. Stella says – reply to this


    Oh Please!!!! This is a typical Hollywood cover up. He's as gay as a 2 dollar bill. I'm surprised she agreed to be his beard. What would John Ritter say?????? Just saying.

  18. 18

    It's Ellen Paige and Skarsgard all over again…

  19. Beverly says – reply to this


    "I thought the opposite.. that she is out of his league. He seems much more sophisticated and more educated than she is. She is pretty in a cute way but he is much more attractive".

    I completely Agree. He seems so sophisticated and elegant and she looks the EXACT Opposite. Weird couple but I bet this girl ain't stupid and if they last longer than a month I'm sure she'll do all she can to have the guys kid. Watch!! "I'm so private" BS. They knew the paps would be there.

  20. Janice says – reply to this


    Re: leanne

    OMG like for sure. and BTW it's their not There.

  21. Beverly says – reply to this


    Re: sarah

    Yeah sure! Ever heard of differences of opinion. Why is it that if a person claims NOT to find them attractive together you zealous Idiotic fans call them haters! Get a fucking life.

  22. AsiaM says – reply to this


    he is sooo hot… first i thought it was a joke hahaa

  23. 23

    It will be interesting to see how it ends. She is his type by the looks of it (compared to his other girlfriends) so in this department there is no surprise. And if she is nothing like in this silly show "Big Bang Theory" (Penny?) then perhaps there is some future for those two. Good luck, guys!

  24. Janie says – reply to this


    Perez the moron as usual. Your post are those of a teen girl.

  25. Dan says – reply to this


    Who is this girl? I thought he was dating some girl named Gina like last week. What happened to her? Did this blond chick come between them? Or did he destroy her with his X-ray vision?

  26. 26

    you would too, if you had him for a BF

  27. funkyblast29 says – reply to this


    ugh she looks too clingy, his face says it all. or maybe her vagina is itching for another round and she wants it bad but he's not quite ready yet again.

  28. Rose Bucio says – reply to this


    WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! Wth? Didn't he just escort Gina Carano to the Fast and Furious 6 premier??? What happened to them?

  29. Arrora says – reply to this


    Re: Lol – sorry wrong, he is way our of her league. She is so boring yuck, dont like this couple at all.

  30. 30

    She seems way too low rent

  31. Marcus says – reply to this


    I don't know how she got him to unzip his pants for her. Blackmail maybe? This has to be a setup… Anyways, lucky her. She gets Superman to bang her for a little while.

  32. baby1 says – reply to this


    Kaley has a history of showing affection in public, look her man doesnt even touch her.

  33. thin lizzy says – reply to this


    He said hes a very private person. Kaley also said that too. In fact when her engagement was called off that was the only time we knew she was engaged. Then he broke off with his ex last may only. Now, pda with a new girl? Seems a little wrong from what they both were saying about privacy before.

  34. Elle says – reply to this



  35. azi says – reply to this


    Re: Stella – I think you're right!

  36. Peter says – reply to this


    You people are idiots, so only equally beautiful people should date each other.

  37. Toshyness says – reply to this


    Soo not cute *belch* But yeah, if i were her, i would have myself wrapped all over him. I mean come on, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS COULD KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF THIS HUNK?

    She's just making the most of this moment, she knows as well as we do that they wouldn't last.

  38. CftxP says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but her out of his league or him out of her league? If you want to talk about looks, everyone knows she's gorgeous and now they know he is too. As for the comfort factor, they're probably just having some casual talk, they're probably pretty much used to the paparazzi so I doubt they really care enough for a smile.

  39. conned again says – reply to this


    Re: stupid_avatar – I am with you. Think this will back fire as his fandom is losing members faster than a speeding bullet. I think its another PR stunt. She acts like she is suppose to, and all we learn about him these last two so called relationships have seemed to be nothing more than keeping their names in the press. Are they not both being considered for 50 Shades, wasn't his last girlfriend being considered for wonder woman? Just saying what some of you are thinking. I have nothing against her either I love Big Bang and her in it.

  40. nessi says – reply to this


    I can already imagine all the Man of Steel references and jokes that will be on the Big Bang Theory.

  41. Kristin says – reply to this


    Re: Mommy of Two – she is so clingy and needy. This seems forced.

  42. 42

    I think they are a great couple. She's hilarious and down to earth and he's super hot but apparently a down to earth nice dude! cuteshmute cute cute!

  43. peekachu says – reply to this


    you guys are all haters…..they're awesome together!!! ;) I hope they last

  44. Tezza says – reply to this


    Wow, you are on the payroll Perez seeing as though you were one of the people who thought he was gay by making up lies of him on Graham Norton outing himself YEARS ago even though he'd never been on the show before now. Douche!

  45. marie says – reply to this


    Re: peekachu. Yes like he lasted with Gina. Hahaha.

  46. 46

    I think Henry and Gina made a much better couple. JMO

  47. 47

    She's desperately hanging on and he doesn't seem impressed…

  48. Jamie says – reply to this


    Yeah, they're sort of a weird coupling and it seems a bit PR driven but who cares. It's not like all these haters have a shot with the guy anyway. So good luck with that girl. He's hot like real HOT. I don't think he's gay just a closet dork who lets his PR peeps run the show. That said, this looks too awkward to be fake. These two are probably banging. Can't blame the girl. If I had a guy like that who likes to play video games instead of hangin at the Chateau Marmont trying to pick up cheap, LA famewhores, I be climbing him like a tree too!

  49. lili says – reply to this


    Re: guest – i agree with u..she is pretty but not in his league and she seems like she is holding on to him for dear life and he looks like he is ready to leave her side..maybe a bad shot..i wish them good luck in their new realtionship

  50. Nite says – reply to this


    Re: Stella – Actors actually do hook up for real. It is not the 1950s and he is not Rock Hudson.

  51. Jene says – reply to this


    Ok, I love them both, but I really think they make a super odd couple.

  52. Robert says – reply to this


    WTF? Gina Carano was/is gorgeous….like smokin hot. This chick is cute but is nothing to write home about. Maybe she is a nice person.

  53. Nicole says – reply to this


    He is so hot and she has such a weird face. Not a good couple.

  54. annabelle says – reply to this


    nothing but a pathetic publicity stunt cooked up by their mutual PR firm to keep Henry's name in the press since he doesn't have a movie coming out until 2014 & for Kaley to try & break into films (MOS 2).
    It's really sad that everyone involved actually thinks that any of us are buying this "relationship". All it is doing is making Henry look bad, & Kaley is mooching off his success/fame by being touted as "Superman's Girlfriend".
    Henry deserves MUCH better, & he needs to fire his publicist ASAP.

  55. whatever says – reply to this


    He is too good for her. He just want to bang her not dating her but she missed understood thought he was really into her…lol
    And those of you that think Henry is gay, he is not. Just because he likes to clean himself up that doesnt't mean he's gay. All ladies likes nice clean cut guy.