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Johnny Depp & The Lone Ranger A Box Office Bust? Despicable Me 2 Would Say So!

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lone ranger doodle

Well, that settles it. People love pirates more than they love cowboys.

After all, when Johnny Depp dressed up as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean it scored HUGE with audiences, making more than 3.5 BILLION dollars around the world!

But throw a crow on his head and call him Tonto in The Lone Ranger and it seems people don't exactly run to the theaters. Johnny's latest flick has failed to crack even $10 million at the box office so far!

But the weekend is still upon us, kemosabe! And we think there's still hope for Johnny and Armie Hammer's ol' fashioned western.

They'll need all the help they can get from their fans if they want to even come close to making as much as Despicable Me 2. The animated sequel is sitting pretty at $34 million after just two days.

What movie are YOU planning on seeing this weekend???

[Image via Walt Disney.]

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44 comments to “Johnny Depp & The Lone Ranger A Box Office Bust? Despicable Me 2 Would Say So!”

  1. fid says – reply to this


    I have 0 interest to see this movie, it looks god awful. What happened to Johnny Depp? He used to be so selective about how he picked his projects. But since the Pirates franchise he seems to just do a bunch of super crappy movies all for the sake of cash.

  2. 2

    I miss the Johnny Depp of Chocolate and Gilbert Grape. Jack Sparrow ruined him in my opinion. Lone Ranger looks awful. They should have gotten a native actor to play Tonto, and someone, anyone, other than that creepy Armie Hammer. Every time he opened his mouth in an interview he sounded like a moron. It deserves to tank.

  3. Lady says – reply to this


    The critics have destroyed the possibilities of this movie.
    And some people claim that it's very unfair the hate it has received, because at least on the ratings from people who have seen the movie is doing quite well 73% on Rotten Tomatoes and B+ in fandango.
    Anyway, it doesn't matter what happens in America, the worldwide box office going to save the money for Disney as many experts think. Westerns aren't popular at the oversea markets but Johnny Depp is a huge star

  4. 4

    Re: billyk – Agree with you about everything you said.

  5. val says – reply to this


    I don't even like Depp anyymore .. ok .. how he dumped the mother of his children and ran off with a bi sexual skank didn't help. He looks dirty all the time and dressed up he's a mess. Nah, he's not anyone I want to see and maybe never again. Loved when he was a good dad and a pirate. Love real indians and not pretend Depp who looks grosss in the film and is a little guy without their good looks. Nothing about this film is appealling starting with Depp and I have a huge fan … forgetta bout him .. he's over and out

  6. val says – reply to this


    DEPP is finished as star and a man. Indians are handome and much larger men of which he is none of these. Depp has not only dumped his loyal loving mom of his kids and his children too .. trading them for a skank .. he is now dumped by us, the fans who used to love him. We won't be seeing his films again ..

  7. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Sorry I love westerns and wish they would make even a mild comeback. But the clips I saw of this just looked awful. I grew up with the TV series (yes I am old) and cannot conceive of another Lone Ranger than the one I knew.

  8. NoMoreDepp says – reply to this


    Depp $old out!

    No one wants to see R-rated violence and questionable race messages with their children.

    We know Depp makes decisions like: Joking on Kimmel about "hooking up" Harry Styles to come home with the rest of 1D to spend time with his 14 year old LiRo. The Entertainment for Jack's 10 year old birthday party was Marilyn Manson and the Stones, without inviting the child's own mother.

    Once we realized we bought Amber Heard's horse, while Johnny kicked Vanessa to the curb, my family and friends decided we will no longer line Depp's pockets buying the POTC franchise with our children and the indie films on date night.

    We are "voting" for family values with our dollars at the box office!

    Now we hear in Depp's interviews to promote TLR about his empathy for Vanessa, acceptance by his children, and see the homewrecker on his arm.

    Disney should have known better.

  9. no way says – reply to this


    Since Hollywood is sexist and run by men AND women expire at 40 (not at all actually), I think men like Depp and Pitt have expired…they look old and NO one wants to see them…his acting is flat…I care more about Amber Heard and why she is dating him (she likes women) instead of having ladies…afterall Johnny- you cannot do what women can do….too bad.

  10. tega says – reply to this


    DON'T LISTEN TO NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!!! This movie was fantastic. I saw it twice and loved it just as much each time. Anyone who is on the fence regardless of whatever is keeping you there I strongly suggest you go and judge for yourselves and not be brainwashed into not going to see it. If you don't like it then at least you went and left ith your opinion. I left with the rest of the audience both times and nobody was complaining. It is a very enjoyable and entertaining. Johnny was great Tonto and the chemistry between him and Armie Hammer was awesome. Beautiful scenery, effects, adventure and comedy and a great getaway for a few hours.

  11. 11

    You can't always trust the critics. I saw The Lone Ranger on opening day and LOVED it! Please go see it yourself and make your own judgement, instead of relying on poor reviews to tell you if you'll like the film or not. You might be surprised!

  12. Tuttastic says – reply to this


    Totally agree with pinksodagirl. I went into TLR thinking it would be awful, but since I love Depp, I made the sacrifice. With the way the critics were talking, I was prepared for a craptastic film. It was actually really entertaining and very good. My husband and I went with a friend (a super picky, critic-reading friend), and we all loved it, as did the audience. People left smiling and entertained. That's half the battle, right?! Go see the movie, you'll have a great time! The trailer didn't do it justice.

  13. ok_then says – reply to this


    Part of the problem with this hot mess is that Johnny Depp looks like a frigging zombie in that garish white make up. What were they thinking? Seriously ! I don't think I would pay to see this movie, would reconsider if someone payed for my ticket though.

  14. chrys333 says – reply to this


    Loved the movie. Was just as fun as I thought it would be.

  15. missmoonlight13 says – reply to this


    TLR is SO BAD. SO BAD, people!!!! Chock full of glaring historical inaccuracies, the Civil War apparently ended in or before 1863, a meandering, poorly detailed plot, and flat, one dimensional characters. This movie was a waste of two and a half hours! Who decided it was a good idea to cast Johnny Depp, who is definitely not Native American, as Tonto and Arnie Hammer, who oozes creepiness, as the Lone Ranger? This movie is a mess, don't go see it!!

  16. mai says – reply to this


    I didn't think i would actually enjoy the movie, but i did. It was FANTASTIC!! I don't judge a movie on an actor's personal life which is frankly non of our business. People break up, so GET OVER IT!! SUCH IS LIFE. He is only human after all like the rest of us and none of us is perfect. So stop judging. (And am not even a fan of Johnny. neither do i care about his personal life). I was very skeptical about the movie because of the critics' bashing. But my oh my, i really enjoyed it. In fact am going to see it again with my entire large family. Don't listen to critics, go and see it yourself and make your own opinion/judgement. Peace!!

  17. safon says – reply to this


    Re: NoMoreDepp – Bravo!!! You are totally right!

  18. Joe says – reply to this


    Re: val – Johnny depp is a great actor and he's. 50 he looks. Amazing like he's. 30. I wish I can look like that when I'm 50. and about him leaving his girl friend grow up and mind your buissiness. His job is as an actor he suppose to entertain you he's. not a puppet he a person. He not. Living your life or telling you what to do with it . So get a life

  19. tega says – reply to this


    Re: NoMoreDepp – You have no idea what happened in Johnny's relationship. All we know is that it was in trouble for a long time and Johnny was the one who made the announcement but they had already been separated for some time before that. Not going to see a great movie just because of someone's personal life is ridiculous but that's your choice. You and the rest you are not taking are missing out on a great entertaining film. Your loss.

  20. tannenj says – reply to this


    My husband and I and some friends saw this movie on July 5. We found it to be wonderfully entertaining. so did the rest of the audience in the theater that night. Lots of laughter, because it is hilarious. We did not read any reviews before seeing it.Why the unfairness and just plain viciousness. Someone manages to put together a thought and his/her opinion is accepted as wisdom! Social media at its' worst. Read the reviews of this or any film after you see it. Make your own choices based on what you think you would like.

  21. yees more depp says – reply to this


    Johnny depp is an amazing actor compare to the new actors now a days that play the. Same story line making me sleep zzzzzzzz. He's. 50 years old dam he's. Look s
    Young. People hating because of his personal life his girlfriend. Dam I didn't know you and Johnny were that close. Where were you on there dates every part of this mans life your a creeper. PLEASE YOU DONT KNOW a Dam thing worry about his life worry about the actors craft Johnny you rock just do you and keep me entertain . YOUR LIFE IS

  22. Marc says – reply to this


    Since Amber is part of life of Johnny his works aren't going well. She is very jinx.
    But Johnny is a fuc***g actor and the movie is fuc***g great. Go watch it, guys!

  23. Mts. Momoa says – reply to this


    No interest in seeing Johnny play a full blooded Indian when we have plenty of good looking ….good actors…who should have gotten this role. I personally was insulted by the casting of Johnny as Tonto. Not to mention the sneak peeks looked awful.i'm glad I didn't go see it and I'm glad no one else did either.

  24. katalina says – reply to this


    I saw TLR. It was great!! I am part native American and loved Depp's Tonto. People I thought nowadays were more open mined and intelligent but Noooo, so many excuses for not seeing the movie seems to me like a lot of spoiled brats instead of movie goers. If you are intelligent and can take some entertaining, intelligent, awesome comical scenes, then you will like it. Maybe even love it. I'm seeing it again. It's very intriguing as well.

  25. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mts. Momoa – Then don't go. You're only depriving yourself of an enjoyable film and do you RELLLY think anyone would go to the theatre to see a nobody "good looking' native American??????

  26. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mts. Momoa – As of July 5 the domestic gross was $30,160,000 and climbing. So obviously that doesn't show "nobody" went to see it.

  27. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I went to with my husband watching a film. The theater was full, and people here in Finland a lot of fun. Buy your own movie, and sale o when will be do I get take a look at its 1000 times. I recommend Disney for fans of: p

  28. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I went to with my husband watching a film. The theater was full, and people here in Finland a lot of fun.I Buy own movie, and sale o when will be do I get take a look at its 1000 times. I recommend Disney for fans of: p

  29. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I went to with my husband watching a film. The theater was full, and people here in Finland a lot of fun.i Buy own movie, and sale o when will be do I get take a look at its 1000 times. I recommend Disney for fans of: p

  30. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Sorry. Became the many times the, the same. I've got something wrong with this site.

  31. Chirs says – reply to this


    Yeah Amber is very jinx and she is very very stupid, as she claims to be obsessed with Ayn Rand during the period of promotion of The Lone Ranger???
    Despite the stupidity of Amber, Johnny is not like her he embraced the Native American culture, now he is a Comanche. The movie is a wonderful movie and all the actors are perfect. I indicate the film. I loved it.

  32. Cookie says – reply to this


    Does someone really know if Amber will go to some of the upcoming premieres with Johnny? Because we don't know if there will be a premiere in China,so I'm thinking of going to one of the premieres or London or Berlim. Despite I respect the personal life of Johnny and I wish all the best for him, but I don't like Amber and I don't want to see her there. But I'd like to go to support the film and Johnny. Thanks

  33. Carol Anne says – reply to this


    he got what he deserves.That happens by behaving so badly with the mother of his children,for he became involved with a woman of questionable sexuality and reputacion,for he's a bad example for children and he makes bad movies like this only for money.

  34. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Carol Anne – Bullshit. If this movie was so bad then why did 70% of the audience on Rotten Tomatoes like it vs. the 24% of the critics. It had NOTHING to do with his personal life. Those critics are idiots and anybody who bases their opinion on theirs are idiots too. People should go and see the movie for themselves and make their own opinion before listening to stupid liked this and comments from the critics. Many people loved this movie and went second and third times with friends and family members and they loved the movie also. Judging a movie just b/c of someone's personal life is ridiculous and sad these people are missing out on a very entertaining film. It's their loss and pure ignorance.

  35. Cookie says – reply to this


    Although I don't like Amber, Johnny is a very good actor and friends who live in the U.S. are loving the movie. Johnny and Armie are great together

  36. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: fid – Don't lie the movie is AWESOME,I saw it and at the end of the movie PEOPLE CLAPPED WITH JOY! I telling you the true,and Johnny is awesome but the critics hate Johnny that's why they destroy the movie..and the worst is people believe in them..IT'S JUST UNFAIR!

  37. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: Cookie – Yes,go and suport Johnny please..they don't deserves all this hate because he is a good person..but nobody cares about that today..

  38. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: no way – What are you talking about? And don't compare Johnny with Pitt,there is no comparison,Johnny is better by far!! And about the movie ..it's was GREAT,so funny and all those bad critics are UNFAIR!! By the way…Johnny Depp is still a hot guy and still looks YOUNG!

  39. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: missmoonlight13 – NO WAY..Shut up idiot! You are so WRONG!

  40. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: Lady – I hope your words come true!

  41. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: NoMoreDepp – NoMoreDepp..NO WAY to you and to your name too!! LONG LIFE TO JOHNNY DEPP..I'll love him until the end of time!! He deserves the best!

  42. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: val – Depp is NOT finished ..no way!!! I saw his premiere in Disney and THOUSAND OF FANS was there to suport him and when he goes to a TV SHOW ..people go to see him and ask him for photos and autographos too..so don't say nonsense!!!

  43. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Cookie – As far as I know Amber was in Russia but was not seen at anytime during the premiere. Someone here did post they had inside info she would be there, however, the only pictures I know of are from them walking into the restaurant. There were also pictures of them on the rooftop with other people but a lot of websites have removed them. I did read today however, that he will not be at the premiere in Paris, which I think is the last one but he will be at the others before that and that China has not yet set a release date which is why they don't have a premiere date yet.

  44. Despicable me rule says – reply to this


    For get Johnny and racist hoe Amber . Despicable me rule we are #1 . Go minions go go go.minions . Can't wait for despicable 3 could careless for Lone Ranger 2 . Sorry Johnny even an animation beat you. Maybe you should stop letting racist Amber comment on how she loves Ayn Rand who hates Native American wait? isn't Johnny movie about a Native American hum oh well . Go go minions go go Despicable me rules at a theater near you. If you don't believe Despicable me rule see it for yourself or look at the box office.