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It's on! It's freaking on! We've been speculating plenty about Justin Bieber being back on with Selena Gomez what with the inneresting 4th of July vid… Read more…

65 comments to “Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Back In Action On Instagram! See Their Reunion Pic HERE!”

  1. ont says – reply to this


    this two love attention.

  2. oel says – reply to this


    selena is fake as fuck and justin is an idiot

  3. who cares? says – reply to this


    who cares about these two? perez, your blog looks like a disney blog

  4. pail says – reply to this


    selena looks like a slut here.

  5. Atasi says – reply to this


    Woah ah hahahahahahaha just so loving it buddy!!!

  6. victor says – reply to this


    What a publicity stunt is here being pulled off, can't believe JB is falling for this bitches games, she has a new album coming out, why the hell would he hashtag heartbreaker at all ? What a publicity stunt I lost respect for JB thought he ain't bout that business and bitch used him and he figured it out guess he fell for her shit again and now is in the game back on, remember bro she made you cry once and made a joke about it and will do it again, watch out jb ;)

  7. joe says – reply to this


    poor justin…

  8. WTfF!! says – reply to this


    Look at his Teeth WTF?!?!?

  9. memememe says – reply to this


    Re: WTfF!! – that's what I said!!!! LOL

  10. sheryll says – reply to this


    SHe is using him as always. Every time she falls off the radar, she gets back with JB for attention.

  11. Leslie says – reply to this


    When she runs out of ways to get attention for being "sexy sexy sexy" she makes sure everyone knows she and the Bieber are back on. She's awfully young to be such a fame whore.

  12. Maria says – reply to this


    Yeah it's call damage control.

  13. Sanne says – reply to this


    Justin has been asking his beliebers to look for clues about his new song/album heartbreaker, so I think he hastagged #heartbreaker under the picture because the song is about her or their relationship! Maybe they just are friends even.

  14. sara says – reply to this


    Just can't seem to sell that music huh Selena. Have to release another fake photo. Pathetic she needs this douche to help her.

  15. 15

    She just released a teaser for one of her songs.
    What a coiencidence! Love attention don't they

  16. Coed says – reply to this


    I don't like Justin Bieber anyway. GO USE HIM SELENA GOMEZ. USE THIS TOOLBAG DOUCHE!

  17. nicki says – reply to this


    1. for those freaking out about his teeth.There GRILLZ
    2. people hating on Bieber/Gomez, no one knows the truth except them.
    3. this may be a clue for heartbreaker.. maybe shes featured on it (oh god)
    4. its sad how obsessive people are over them. its their personal lives, not YOURS

  18. rb says – reply to this


    Yes!!! Now all you negative assholes out there, leave them alone!! Go screw up your own relationship!!

  19. ale says – reply to this


    he will just get hurt again sel sux

  20. Really though? says – reply to this


    Justin posts the pic yet Selena is the fame whore and searching for attention, yall are all crazy lol

  21. nononox says – reply to this


    Re: Really though? – She keeps coming back to him right before she has something coming out or needs promo, she comes back to him of course he will be happy and post it and announce it since he loves her but then she dumps his ass and he deletes it lmao she is the one firstly dumping him and running back to him multiple times and shading him on tv for attention that's the point, if she is so over him and good without him then fucking leave him alone

  22. susan says – reply to this


    cute lesbian couple :) warms my heart.

  23. Ruth says – reply to this


    Oh yeah Jelena FOREVER!!! Since he is in Texas I think..? nah

  24. Whitney says – reply to this


    This little slut will do anything to sale a record, huh?

  25. Myrna says – reply to this


    This is exactly what they want.Everytime either of them have a single coming through they decide to link it to their releases. Also its so obvious that Selenas birthday is coming up.Someone needs to be spoiled! Shes not as innocent or sweet as most think she is. Childish games that drives everyone nuts! Stop reporting about it…

  26. Office Drone says – reply to this


    Imagine a world where everything you do is a publicity stunt for your career, which by the way, is completely void of any type of intellectual requirements. That's the world these attention-seeking celebrities live in.

  27. DazedandConfused says – reply to this


    Re: nononox – but think of it this way, I'm sure he sees the hate they get, sees his fans calling her a famewhore. So why in good sense would he post a pic that he KNOWS will just bring more drama, so close to her "promo needs" He is 19 years old he isn't dumb, he is constantly accosted by his fans by how much she uses him, so he can't be that oblivious to how they think. He also uses her for promo you know the caption supports that, just like with Nothing Like Us, and after all his London/paparazzi drama and the pics he posted after Norway. We would never know if they were together or not if he never posted the pics. I am also in awe that you have insider information on who broke up with who in their relationship, you must be really close to them to know such information.

  28. ivan says – reply to this


    Yes, according to some of you he's dumb. Well, he's so dumb that he lives in a mansion, has a net worth of about 120 million, writes music[contrary to what some think], travels all over the world and is know everywhere and so on. All this in 5 years after coming out of poverty without welfare, or food stamps. By his own musical talents. What can you critics show to compare?

  29. ivan says – reply to this


    I bet you guys criticizing would like to look between his legs too besides his teeth. What is this obsession on hating on this kid and everything he shows, does, or says?

  30. 30

    Nice to see that they're back together for the 50th time… I'm so excited for their breakup next week, and then their slushy gushy reunion the week after… *insert sarcasm*

  31. 31

    Both these two are attention starved

  32. Gds says – reply to this


    That's not actually Selena Gomez. It's a look a like actress for his new video heartbreaker

  33. betty says – reply to this


    looks like another Rihanna copycat just like Miley

  34. 34

    Well she's about as dumb as they get. Back with the lil boy…uggg

  35. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Well, maybe she can teach him to pull up his pants. If she can accomplish that, one good thing will have come out of this relationship.

  36. Melissa says – reply to this


    OMG she is such an attention-seeking idiot. They've been on and off over 20 times and they're adults!! Get a life and move on please.

  37. OMGWHOTHEHELLCARES says – reply to this


    good. maybe now he can stop acting like a spoiled child acting out for attention (aka- a douchebag), and stop being in the news every 4 seconds. I, for one, would appreciate that. So thank you, Selena Gomez, for that contribution to society.

  38. Soo.... says – reply to this


    So much for Taylor Swift keeping her away from him?

  39. karri says – reply to this


    wow.. Selena must have really low self-esteem.. I hope that she can grow into a woman with confidence and realize a great relationship has its hard times, but very little drama, and who wants a boyfriend that almost every step now days is a mis-step..

  40. Lucrecia McKenzie says – reply to this


    why they keep on gives us hint while they just on and off on their relationship.
    i just never ship their relationship, but just tired about their relationship.
    can' they just stop, move on, and grown up?
    selena is 21 and justin 19 … it's older enough to make diccision right?
    but whatever… it's just like disney drama here lol

  41. guets says – reply to this


    Why does this kid always look confused when he takes a picture?

  42. Natalia says – reply to this


    Dude. These two break up and get back together like every week. How is this top news?

  43. Skank says – reply to this


    Strange how it's always so un-convincing. So, they're having a relationship in the shadows for what reason? Stupid.

  44. Dave says – reply to this


    It stinks of lies to me

  45. Dave says – reply to this


    Cops need to be watching these two bonnie and Clyde wanna bes

  46. kpark says – reply to this


    wtf is in bieber's teeth? isnt it WAAAY TO LATE for GRILLZ?lol

  47. Dave says – reply to this



  48. Truth says – reply to this


    It's always him putting this crap out.. why is that? she don't ever even acknowledge his presence. Most girls are pretty good about showing their affection, unless they're a hoe.. if that's the case, you're sharing the wrong pictures.. Biebs

  49. ok_then says – reply to this


    Perhaps an old picture? This could mean anything… They may just be letting people know they remained friends after breaking up. Some people do still stay friends with their exes and remain on friendly terms. Let's see if they show up arm and arm in public before we deem them back to together.

  50. 50

    Those two are just friends with benefits and will always be in order to sell more records and remain in the spotlight.

  51. Pinkbubble says – reply to this


    They remind me of Rhianna and Chris…minus the beating

  52. rachy says – reply to this


    I like both of them, as singers, artists, role models & people in general. But Selena is the one who turns out looking like a big IDIOT because she was the one bad mouthing him to the media constantly while he just sat back and said nothing. She looks like the one who got absolutely heartbroken, but keeps going back for more. Either they're not good together or they are, CHOOSE!!!

  53. stupid says – reply to this


    Is it just me or does his teeth look yellow as fuck?

  54. emma says – reply to this


    it's funny how everybody knows what's going on and still selena's team think they're doing a good job. So sad justin is blind, but God sees everything. Remember Selena life is just an audition for heaven.

  55. lexi says – reply to this


    Re: sara – jackass he posted this pic for all you know it couls be old

  56. Daniel says – reply to this


    Comments are always more entertaining than the shit your writers post, Perez.

  57. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: stupid – That is just lighting, notice both of their skin tones are also yellow. Bad lighting makes them look like they both have yellow jaundice. It's not like any one of us has never taken a picture and the lighting turned out to be terrible. I personally don't think they are back together as an item, but have remained friends.

  58. NS SW▲GGIE™ says – reply to this


    Re: pail – then you shouldn't be here at the first place.

  59. 83jennifer says – reply to this


    ole said ”selena is fake as fuck and justin is an idiot” - i agree;; oh my god;;

  60. 60

    i love jelena forever justin is not imature he just likes parties he is hot and she is hot 2 they are the perfet couple

  61. genet destaw says – reply to this


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  63. tweetthat says – reply to this


    Re: victor – well your an idiot! why would selena need him to publicise herself she was famouse before him so stop running your mouth

  64. Amzz says – reply to this


    1) Its possibly a look.a.like for the video.
    2) It could be an old photo and showing that the song is about Selena
    - Which its blatantly obs that its about SelG
    3) Selena is out doing her own thing, she has made it pretty obvs that she is not thinking bout Biebs.
    P.S there is always a possibility for things but this, pretty sure there will be no more Jelena

  65. 65

    my god Justin looks like a complete tool