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One Direction Get Personal About Bullying For Office Depot! Watch What They Have To Say HERE!

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It's hard to imagine being bullied when you're in the biggest boy band in the world!

One Direction's Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik, have teamed up with Office Depot to release their very own brand of school supplies that will help spread the word in the fight against bullying.

Can these guys get any more AH-mazing?!?

You've seen the crazy adorable vid and we're sure you've scoured through the countless notebooks, pens, nail polish, and "office buddies" on the Office Depot website, but now we're giving you their individual, and rather eye-opening, personal experience with bullying.

In fact, Liam himself has been very open about his obstacles with being bullied as a kid and how he had to learn to defend himself as a wee lad.

Poor guy! We just want to give him Puppy Payne hugs all night long!

Watch Harry's take on bullying (above) and check out the rest of the lads' inspirational vids AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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14 comments to “One Direction Get Personal About Bullying For Office Depot! Watch What They Have To Say HERE!”

  1. KILO says – reply to this



  2. ml says – reply to this


    read my blog

  3. Racheln2017 says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – you're being a hypocrite yourself. You're bullying them, when all they want is to help bullying and prevent it. They've all been open about being bullied in the past. And they wouldn't be saying "like___like" or "uhm" and have it not cut. What they were saying was obviously from the heart. If it wasn't it would so much more clean cut. It doesn't matter who says it, it matters that somebody (Office Depot and One Direction) are trying to help take a stand against it. You also are bullying their fans by calling them "clueless morons." and exposure? They are the biggest band in the world at the moment, and so I don't think they need any more exposure. I've been bullied online and in schools and like they said, not everybody takes it well. I've learned to take it better, but before I was too scared to confront somebody, afraid of being made fun of for telling somebody. It doesn't help that schools don't do anything about it until the schools image is at stake. I posted a video online and the principal saw it, and wanted me to take it down to make sure it didn't hurt the image of the school. Point is, this campaign is needed, and being such a famous band, it will get around. Think before you speak about celebrities you don't know anything about.

  4. Linnéa says – reply to this


    I can´t believe the nerve you people, who commented before me, have. Your comments prove the point 1D is making. Speaking like that about people you don´t know…disgusting! It´s ok to have an opinion, but you need to voice it with respect of other human beings. I think that this campaign is great, using the popularity and success of these guys to do some good. And clearly, just look at the comments on this video, bullying on the internet is a fact. Just because you are behind a computer you can´t speak how you want, it will hurt people. Great job guys! (and no, I´m not a clueless moron/crazy teenage fan, like someone wrote, I´m 23 and I still like these guys)

  5. Linnéa says – reply to this


    Re: Racheln2017 – Exactly. I have never been bullied and I have never accepted it when it have happened infront of me. We have to stand up for eachother and treat everybody equally. Good for you, that you are getting the hang of how to deal with it and that you are talking to people about it. I HOPE you didn´t take down the video, it was really insensitive and rude of him to ask you to do that.

  6. antonio aniello says – reply to this


    Honestly, as a victim of bullying myself I find this article rather sickening! 1 direction care not for people who are bullied this is all for pr spin doctoring to increase their profile as celebrities. These tards know nothing of bullying and the damage it can do! 'Yeah Whatever Assole' is sooooo right about this! 1 Direction are making money from this project and their fan base of dilinquent 10 year ol school girls will lap this all up just like when Justin Bieber was made to see a school girl with cancer that one time they do it not because they care but because their pr teams want them to have exposure! The fact is bullying will never be bolished nor dealt with by the schools because any word of it in their local communities will damage the integrity and image of the school if anything the school will punish the victim even more or they'll simply ignore them and in some cases will defend the 'image' of the scool by going to local press to lie about what hasn't happened, what they haven't done. Nothing will be done about it becasue the ONLY person who can help is yourself! And I've been through everything, head shoved down toilets, puched, kicked (repeatedly), sworn (raged/flamed) at, teachers losing ranks on me, regular false accusations made against me, expelled from school several times, just regular and frequent abuse both physically and verbally from almost everyone at my secondary school plus extra.

  7. antonio aniello says – reply to this


    To add further insult to injury its a fitting irony that this flop anti bullying campaign comes just moments before they are going to release a 3rd studio album and a new movie next month. Tis compaign stinks of exposure and exploiting a very sensitive issue that most victims of bullying would rather not talk about lol and aims too exploit also their ever easily deluded fanbase. And 'Linnea'! You clearly have no idea what is going on with this fail anti bullying campaign so just but out right, they are using the popualrity of their success and their fans to garner even more attention. This tactic is used almost every day by celebrities to make them relevant and likeable thereby keeping them in the public spotlight.

  8. 8

    Opinions are expressed here and it is a free country. However, the degree of vicious and demeaning comments are not necessary, once again proving that this site has no moderators. The campaign is about bullying, which is an important issue to bring attention to. One D are a group of 5 very famous people, whom many millions of males and females follow. So why the nasty comments about their doing this just to promote an album? This is not the first time a celebrity has endorsed a particular cause, so what is wrong with that? Say what you like, but getting this message out is what we should focus on. Have a nice day.

  9. jenna says – reply to this


    Re: antonio aniello – They know nothing about bullying? Liam Payne was bullied all throughout his years in school, it was so bad that no one even came to his sixteenth birthday party. It's a serious issue to him & the other members. So you're irrelevant and incorrect

  10. Lauren says – reply to this


    Wow! They can't do anything that will please people can they? Liam was bullied himself in school. He obviously knows what it's like to be bullied and wants to stop it from happening. People can't even leave nasty comments off an article about 1D's anti-bullying campaign. They are doing it not for publicity, but because they are genuine, kind people who want to use their fame as a platform to help people in the world.

  11. Linnéa says – reply to this


    Re: antonio aniello – You know, I don´t really know exactly what is going on with this campaign because right now I´m in Sweden where my parents live (I live in London normally) so I´m not really up to date with it. But how can you, who claim to have been bullied, say that talking about bullying is something bad? If it leads to one person feeling less alone, one parent to talk to their kid about bullying and it leads to them feeling less vulnerable, or maybe it leads to that their fans think before they speak. To watch what they say to other people. If it does any of that, then it has been a success. And, seriously, people need to stop saying these boys don´t care, because I know for a fact that they do. They put up with a lot of shit, so if they didn´t care, they would stop being One Direction as fast as they could, believe me. I´m great friends with one of Liams friends and let me tell you, these boys care. About everything they do!

  12. StopBullying says – reply to this


    Re: antonio aniello – Just by commenting that you've proved that bullying is a problem. Just because its celebs selling stop bullying products does not mean they are doing it for more fame or money. I love how you are saying your sickened by this yet you're being bullied. They're just try to help stop it and if you knew anything about them you'd know they've been subjected to bullying too.Yeah, it may not help you personally right away but in the future it will be stopped. There are so many stop bullying campaigns right now its bound to stop eventually. Okay, maybe your not the biggest one direction fan but if someone you idolized put out something to stop bullying wouldn't you want to help stand up for yourself and others. Theres no way anyone but the bullys can stop bullying, its impossible, But their just trying to get you to stand up for yourself.

  13. roriii says – reply to this


    bullying is known to us all in some way … these guys are so positive that everyone was jealous of them … just go ahead and heads up guys … and enjoy,,,ooo and I have 25 years and I love them.

  14. Jessica says – reply to this


    I have been bullied throughout my entire life. I never have the confidence to speak up, so it always gets worse. They tend to criticize everything about me and see me as the weak one. I am the prey. It will never get better, it's just that they will be intimidated, but then go back to it. They always seem to figure out how to crack my armor. Whether its about how i did my hair, or how i wear my clothes. They always find a way. One time i was actually punched by a guy. Another i was slapped and kicked in the stomach repeatedly by another girl. It will always be an issue. It needs to stop. Because of bullies, i have so much damage done. Mostly mentally, and those mental scars are like the physical, they dont fade. Bullying needs to stop. And it starts with you. Help stop bullying. These five videos gave me courage and inspired me. Thank you.