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Should Charlie Sheen Pay For His Ex-Wife's Rehab???

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Should it be his financial burden that his babymomma has serious drug issues???

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35 comments to “Should Charlie Sheen Pay For His Ex-Wife's Rehab???”

  1. Hell NO says – reply to this


    AGAIN?? how many times does he need to pay for her?? My lord… Maybe if there is no free ride she would clean up her act.

  2. Carol says – reply to this


    Yes he should. Sheen is a disgusting pig that use his money to escape prosecution. This man has abused women so many times and got away with it.

  3. Carrie says – reply to this


    He rather pay to bash his ex than help her. I feel sorry for those little boys they probably will grow up to abuse women to.

  4. 4

    Brooke needs to get her ass down to LA's SKID ROW, check into the Union Rescue Mission, and do EVERYTHING THEY TELL HER to do!

  5. 5

    nom he will go broke paying for all those trips!

  6. 6

    NO! I think his money is fueling her addiction but he was the idiot that got her pregnant in the first place too. Not like she suddenly became an addict when we all know she's always been a druggie. Rehab will only substitute her addiction with pills. If she truly wanted to change she would've grown the fuck up a long time ago.

  7. Flashdancer says – reply to this


    god ur ugly!! you look like a flying monkey from the wizzard of oz

  8. cincy says – reply to this


    No! I'm not a Charley Sheen fan but this is beyond the call of duty. Why doesn't Charley have custody of the children? As drunk or messed up as he usually appears, the children would be safer with him. Thank God the other ex-wife is taking care of them..she should be getting the child support for all of those little children.

    What a waste…and sad situation for the children.

  9. The Truth says – reply to this


    X-Wife… should be the hint here. Not wife, not girlfriend but X-wife, that should say it all.

    He is not responsible for her or her actions.

    His kids, yes, he is 100% responsible for them.

    The Truth Hurts

  10. meiamnay says – reply to this


    Yes. She is the mother of two of his kids. She need helps and he should be her friend be there for her and help her. Not many of us have rich ex husbands to assist. He love her may not be in love with her she needs help she is the mother of his kids. Just my opinion:)

  11. 11

    No - part of her substance dependence is Charlie dependence. If she wants to heal she has to find a way to sort it out with her own means. People with less resources than her do it. I think that's part of the reality check involved in taking responsibility for herself.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    If it weren't for all that money, it's also possible that she wouldn't be able to afford her addictions along with twenty odd alleged visits to rehab. The rubber never meets the road with all that dough coming in. I could see financing rehab so the boys could have their mom back, with a caveat that it's the last time financing rehab will ever happen, and that one more time and it's game over. It looks like he's reached that already. Nothing saying that Denise won't give those kids back if Brooke is clean for a long time, as Denise tends to want do the right thing, which would be getting Brooke's kids back to her should she do the work, is and remains healthy.

  13. val says – reply to this


    NO .. she is never going to clean up and blows his money on drugs, not their sons. She is a freak who got lucky. Give her the boot .. throw her in prison and throw the key away .. shes the worst scum and skank of all.

  14. Pjammie says – reply to this


    Charlie most definitely should NOT be paying her a thing more. Just because he has money doesn't mean he should be the cash cow. Whatever negative impressions we have of him. He's been working a long time and has earned his money. Brooke has done nothing except become a "professional junkie". He gives her $660,000 a YEAR for those boys, her drugging is more important than her parenting. If she isn't caring for the children cut her off. Maybe she should stop being so selfish. Put Your KiDS first!!!!

  15. CumdumpsterLIlo says – reply to this


    YES, he fathered her children, their children, and he did basically cause/add to her addiction with his addictions and lifestyle so YES. YES. YES. He shouldnt have had babies with an addict. But he did, and now he has to help his ex, YET Mother of his Spawn.

  16. Miacumdumpster says – reply to this


    Re: The Truth – You OBVIOUSLY dont have kids. So you cant think correctly about this. If these children dont have their mother back ASAP, then how will they make it? Foster home? Cause Denise wont take care of these kids forever. Had he not had kids with Brooke, then i would have a different opinion. But he did. So he has to help her, forever. He shouldve known she was a nut. But too late, now.

  17. Heavy Drinkers Note says – reply to this


    Abusing woman is coool.



  18. Beavis says – reply to this

  19. Butthead says – reply to this

  20. Heavy Drinker says – reply to this


    women too, lol


  21. Joey Buttohfungo says – reply to this


    women too, lol


  22. Lis says – reply to this


    Hell no! She's his EX. She can find some other poor sucker to marry and foot the bills.

  23. 23

    Pay for her rehab. Completely stop child support payments. Do not return children to her unless she is sober for 6 months, otherwise find a new and permanent home for these two poor boys, who have drug addicts for both parents. Without Charlie's money and fame, authorities would have taken these kids years ago from their unhealthy home. Shame.

  24. tracy pohlabel says – reply to this


    though it is unfortunte that his ex is in rehab, this was HER choice to do the drugs…not his. Her choice to continue…she knew what the consequences could be and here they are. Should he have to pay? no.. .even though Charlie Sheen is far from perfect in his own right, he should not be held responsible for her actions. The only ones he needs to worry about is he children. Right now they are in the best place possible, and if Denise doens't want to take the money, put it in the bank for them every month..People need to get off his back about Brooke…she made her own choices…

  25. Becky says – reply to this


    Doesn't insurance pay for rehab? Do these celebrities have insurance?

  26. 26

    Re: Becky – Insurance does not pay for ULTRA LUXURIOUS MALIBU "DETOX & SPA by the Sea ".

  27. 27

    Re: CarolRe: Carrie – Oh bullshit; you two are stupid, greedy bitches who hate men because you're too hideous to snag one. Don't blame the men, blame yourselves. Sheen pays his druggie whore of an ex $55K per month for their sons, and she uses it on herself. He has no financial obligation to fund her drug have and/or her rehab, you dumb whores. You two would probably be THRILLED if Sheen "abused" you the way he's "abused" Mueller. You too would be crying your crocodile tears all the way to the bank. STFU.

  28. 28

    At what age do you start taking responsibility for your own life? He has been paying her $55k A MONTH for Christ sakes. So we are to believe she has spent it all? Time to cut her off. Like him or not, Charlie has done plenty for her and now she needs to do for herself.

  29. Um What. says – reply to this


    Thought to ponder… Why is everyone but Charlie Sheen taking care of these kids? They are his right….weird.

  30. 30

    NOT again!!! He's been there, done that.

  31. Haas says – reply to this


    Charlie is lowlife scum. He is willing to pay women for sex, pay for his load of drugs and liquor but will not help his boys? To help their mother is to help his boys. He is too strung out on drugs and liquor and sex to take care of his own kids or see that their mother gets clean for them. Why are rich people allowed to get away with horrible behavior. Sheen is in just as bad of shape as Brooke but he get away with it because he has money.

  32. Sal says – reply to this


    I find it hard to believe that she is serious about getting well this time either. Her children should be taken away. Charlie should not have to pay her child support or for her treatment any more. Make her parents pay for her rehab! Enough is enough!!!

  33. 33

    ummm no!

  34. amber21 says – reply to this


    absolutely not! she needs to get her shit together they are divorced and she isn't his problem

  35. It doesn't effect me says – reply to this


    No because she's grown and she should know right from wrong she probably use it for more drugs wait its Charlie sheen yes and he could do some drugs too.