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10 comments to “facebook-the-catholic-church-continues-to-breed-hatred”

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    Have you read it? Labeling as Anti-gay is a little dramatic. It discusses and focuses the union of a man and a woman. It isn't an encyclical of a same sex couples. There is absolutely nothing anti-gay about it is just doesn't mention gay unions, it actually does nothing to slam or procure hatred. That's like saying every article written about gay marriage is anti-heterosexual because it doesn't directly discuss heterosexuality. Seriously do some reading before YOU Slam people.

  2. 2

    Re: CaliLife – Agreed. I read the article and it didn't mention gay unions at all. That's not hatred or "anti-gay". They simply elaborated upon their view of marriage. They didn't say anything about gay marriage. Omission doesn't mean hatred or bigoted. The article also didn't mention caterpillars, my neighbor's dog, my Aunt Helen, umbrellas, bubble gum or curtain rods so by Perez's logic, Catholics hate all of these things too since they weren't mentioned in the article.

  3. 3

    bull shit! Fuck the pope and the Vatic-anus!

  4. Honestly.... says – reply to this


    Perez, Get over it. Some people are against same sex marriage and some are not. EACH are entitled to their opinions. You bashing the people against it is no better than them bashing you for it. GET over your damn self.

  5. petra says – reply to this


    What is sad, sad, sad is that you seem to lack any concern for the salvation of your soul.

  6. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    March march march, the pink shirts are coming to take away your civil rights.

  7. Tori says – reply to this


    Fuck the catholic church mafia. Time to get rid of that shit.

  8. Caroline says – reply to this


    We the Catholics do not hate anyone. We hate the sin. And we hate the sin because it goes against GOD, the one who created you. There is a reason why only a man and a woman can bare a child. If you believe in GOD then honor him. Don't stir your own hate towards people that love and obey GOD, it's wasted.

  9. 9

    Why doesn't the Pope (his Holyness) stick to getting out the pedos in the church body, n banish those that covered it up? I think that's way more important then two gay people getting married? I haven't heard yet of a child sitting in therapy talking about how Peter n Paul's marriage causes flashbacks.

  10. Tara says – reply to this


    Beleiving that gays should not marry, as per one's religious beleifs, does NOT mean that person is anti-gay. Thtat's like saying if you don't beleive in the death penalty you support killers. You can believe that killers shouldn't be put to death for their crimes but still despise the criminal just as you can you believe that gays shouldn't be allowed to marry but not have a problem with gays themselves.