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Girlfriend put that new house to good use! Where better to ring in the 4th of July than a gorgeous mansion in Rhode Island overlooking the water?? Wel… Read more…

33 comments to “Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Red, White, & Blue Bikini Blowout For The 4th! See The Pics HERE!”

  1. ponte says – reply to this


    she's beautiful

  2. jamayle says – reply to this


    lookalike a blast

  3. daniela says – reply to this


    Amazing pictures

  4. o-o says – reply to this


    this is so fucking adorable oh god

  5. jay says – reply to this


    taylor looks so cute and hot

  6. dacas says – reply to this


    taylor looks the best boss ever

  7. ts12 says – reply to this


    who gave taylor the right to be so damn pretty life is unfair bye I'm outta here

  8. dani says – reply to this



  9. matt says – reply to this


    She is so beautiful it hurts. It looks like they had a ton of fun too. So jealous of that dancer that gets to hold her legs every show lol.

  10. pghi says – reply to this


    this girl is absolutely stunning

  11. Alexa Sey says – reply to this


    Matthew Gray Gubler was also at that party, who can you not talk about it? He tweeted some pics and then delete them. He was there for sure and he hide at any photo. How about a romance? Taylor Swift and Matthew Gray Gubler?

  12. pp says – reply to this


    Alexa Sey, Taylor has guy friends too.

  13. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    She is such an immature slut.

  14. 14

    Ms famewhore USA in action for all the world to see. To borrow a word from Perez: Barf!

  15. john says – reply to this


    Taylor should post more pics with the black bikini, it isnt high waist. she looks great

  16. Yolpa says – reply to this


    Re: pp – If they are friends why do they hide it? Because he hide from pics but we know he was there…. but I hope that's true.

  17. Yolpa says – reply to this


    Hey PP, If they are friends why do they hide it? Because he hide from pics but we know he was there…. but I hope that's true.

  18. pp says – reply to this


    Yolpa, we all know if media see taylor with a guy they always say they are a couple. even perez post a pic of taylor and her brother with the title "taylor with a mysterious man" implying that they are a couple.

  19. Yolpa says – reply to this


    Re: pp – Yeah but the thing is, They have no photos together. He was at her house and took photos of himself and then her friends took photos at the same spot. Then he deleted the ones he tweeted. Why does he hide from the photos if they're just friends? He usually doesn't hide, why now? hmm

  20. pp says – reply to this


    Yolpa, even they were just friends, media will say they're a couple. and ashley was there. he is friend with her. taylor didnt post pics with her mom and she was there too. is she trying to hide her own mom? (sorry my english, i'm japanese)

  21. Yolpa says – reply to this


    Re: pp – I'm not saying she's hiding, I'm saying HE is. And there's now a new photo of them two being "cozy"! So yeah, I think something's happening. Still hope they're just friends.

  22. pp says – reply to this


    Yolpa- We know he was there and they arent being cozy. there's a person between them. i'm pretty sure they are just friends

  23. Yolpa says – reply to this


    Re: pp – About that "person between them", Glubler fans also thought he had a gf and he's not, so… yeah. Let's wait to see ;)

  24. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Looks like a fun time, how about some food pics (I'm hungry).

  25. pp says – reply to this


    Yolpa- I said a person between them, literally. you can see a girl between them. they arent cozy

  26. Yolpa says – reply to this


    Re: pp – Maybe we're talking about different photos.

  27. pp says – reply to this


    Yolpa- the pic where taylor is laughing

  28. pp says – reply to this


    Yolpa- the pis has low quality but yoiu can see one person between them

  29. Yolpa says – reply to this


    Re: pp – Oh, that one. I don't see a person, I see her shadow on him. But ok anyway..

  30. Don Ake says – reply to this


    Taylor dumped me! -

  31. LEGs says – reply to this


    Damn!!! Those Legs :O

  32. Swiftiee says – reply to this


    Re: Fred1259 – yeah? and your an immature hater so get out of your mom's basement and get a hobby shit head. :)

  33. rb says – reply to this


    Re: LEGs – Yea, get between them will really make her sing!! Perhaps come out with love music