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27 comments to “twitter-there-are-so-many-ugly-people-in”

  1. Cee says – reply to this


    "Other" - as in "Insignificant"?

  2. prayliptonbuteatCambel says – reply to this


    Ugly could also mean: evil, fake person?

  3. 3

    Oh, admit it perez you are just thrilled to have your name in print, good, or bad you don't care, must be why you like the kartrashians so much, besides getting paid by them.

  4. 4

    Lmfao that's hilarious. Whoever decided to publish that lil graph needs a raise hah. Amanda is very very very insecure.

  5. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: onefinn – Totally. Go Amanda.

  6. Jason says – reply to this


    LMFAO at the photo they used of you. Amanda got that so right, you're ugly as fuck!

  7. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: Cee – LOL exactly!

  8. Fifi says – reply to this


    Yep, Perez, you are UGLY ! When she called you ugly, I heard no lies.

  9. MrsLambert says – reply to this


    Self promotion on the shoulders of a crazy woman.

  10. 10

    Sad thing is that Perez probably kept this for his "See, I really am famous. They like me" collection.

  11. 11

    She's bona fide MENTAL. And you have no empathy. Over and over again you demonstrate that you are ONE SICK FUCK taking pleasure in someone's torment. Have a nice day douche.

  12. Dan says – reply to this


    Well she's right about Perez, ugly inside and out.

  13. 13

    and it's not that you're ugly. (not that you're not.) You are fucking gross, disgusting, repulsive. You belong right along side the KKK KUNTSHITVAGian PIMP MOTHER. I need more synonyms for MAKING ME SICK.

  14. Dan says – reply to this


    She is the ugly one.

  15. whatever says – reply to this


    You're only doing this to make yourself feel better about being called ugly. It doesn't hurt as much if you make jokes about it. Stop throwing stones at glass houses. I remember when you called Adam Sandler's daughter ugly and she was only 2 years old at that time. Maybe you should publicly say how wrong you were for that and other instances of you calling someone "ugly" and then you can make posts like this without being labeled a hypocrite.

  16. dreamssweetly says – reply to this


    Re: whatever – I don't disagree, but he wasn't wrong about that little girl. Now he's calling a bunch of ugly kids 'cute' though.

  17. Danielle says – reply to this


    I'm kind of confused as to why people come on here and bad mouth Perez.. If you don't like him or his website then don't come on here.. pretty simple! No one is forcing you to read what he writes

  18. kristin231 says – reply to this


    I'm still about 20x uglier than all of these individuals COMBINED.

  19. 19

    Seriously, WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT AMANDA BYNES!?! With that being said… she is right! Every single one she has named IS ugly except Jenny McCarthy (and Dr. Drew gets a pass too)! I actually think she is being nice by calling Jay-Z and Rihanna ugly - let's face it, those two have been bitch slapped with the ugly stick about 30 times over.

  20. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: Danielle – you sound confused, ugly and delusional.

  21. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: American4397 – I kind of find McCarthy ugly. She's like a fishermans wife. Crude, loud, vulgar. But to each their own.

  22. Simon P says – reply to this


    Other LMAO. Also known as completely irrelevant. You look retarded as well as ugly in that photo.

  23. 23

    Re: Danielle – Don't be confused you stupid fuckhead. That's exactly WHY we come here

  24. 24

    Again, why do you keep baiting her? She has mental problems and doing things like this just makes you look like a huge giant a**hole. It's quite cruel and insensitive on your part. Is that really the type of example you want to set for your child?

  25. PEREZISANUGLYFUCK says – reply to this


    Perez … you called yourself ugly … as well as a 2 year old … remember? How quickly you forget.

  26. beach says – reply to this


    You're a disgusting hypocrit. have some class and leave her alone would ya? Grade School nonsense and you think you have the right to judge others? You are worse; you don't even realize how pathetic you are.

  27. 27

    Re: PEREZISANUGLYFUCK – You're right! Wasn't it Adam Sandler's little 2 yr old girl the one Perez use to always say was so hideous looking? Or is there ANOTHER child? But that was "the old Perez!" Now he is changed and everyone should forget how he was and follow suit… oh wait… Perez currently bashes Paula Deen for something she said 30 yrs ago so he can't possibly expect anyone to do that then!