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Justin Bieber Tardier Than EVER To His Iowa Concert!

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justin bieber iowa concert late

Naughty, naughty Justin Bieber!

The reckless pop star made 13,000 Des Moines, Iowa fans wait more than a WHOLE three hours for him to show up to his own concert on Sunday.

Someone get this boy a watch!

Considering JB has shown up late to his shows in London, Germany, and Dubai, we can't say we're surprised that Bieby thought his scheduled 7 p.m. concert's call time at Wells Fargo Arena was optional.

Even though venue officials insist the show was meant to officially start at 9:30 p.m.— making him only 30 minutes late — we don't think there is ANY excuse for making loyal, paying fans wait around.

If it was an opportunity to swoon on-again GF Selena Gomez, we're sure Biebs would make sure to be on time.

Bieby better shape up or else his Beliebers are going to become Disbeliebers! HA!

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86 comments to “Justin Bieber Tardier Than EVER To His Iowa Concert!”

  1. sarah says – reply to this


    i was there they explained the show wasn't meant to start till 9:30 and they were having technically issues..not that big of a deal he was there on time waiting for them to fix him up to go and perform..and why is this a big deal when rihanna was like 3hours late for her concert nobody complained ..fyi beliebers enjoyed the show..he was so nice he gave out food and free tickets to people who didn't have and where standing out side so just give him a break

  2. Maria says – reply to this


    I was at his concert here at staples center. It was said to start at seven, but he didnt perform until 920 =/

  3. elceibeno08 says – reply to this


    Who does he think he is? What makes him think that he can get away making his fans (who paid for a ticket) wait three hours? He a selfish, conceited, disrespectful, full-of-himself little twerp. It is just a matter of time before another teen idol emerges to replace him. What is he going to do then?

  4. elceibeno08 says – reply to this


    Re: sarah – Point taken Sarah, but this is not the first time he is late to perform at his concerts. The same principle applies to every artist in my opinion. What lack of professionalism!

  5. liam says – reply to this


    like he is the first to start a concert late..i attended a rihanna concert and she was so late..and she didn't even do much..since they said he wasn't meant to go on then so like him alone not that big of a deal..people keep wishing for him and his fans to go away but it is not happening they are just increasing by size..perez get a life and stop been one sided .complain about rihanna to not just him.i am sick and tired of all this b.s.leave this kid alone

  6. ashley says – reply to this


    it wasn't up to 3hours perez wtf.and you think everybody would wait if he was 3hours later use your brain perez..smh

  7. Michele says – reply to this


    Really?!?!?! I was there and he was there several hours outside at his tour bus. Yes tickets say 7pm all concert txts do. That's when the opening acts go on and the headliner always. Always goes on between 9-9:30!!!!! This is not new. Wtf u guys just reaching for shit to stir up!!!

  8. 8

    Re: sarah – So everyone showed up at 7 and then were told it wasn't meant to start until 9:30? How does that work? What time did it say on the ticket?

  9. not even a belieber says – reply to this


    Re: elceibeno08 – for this fool calling him selfish ..but yet he was giving out free tickets yesterday when he got to the arena,that is not his job to give free thing you want to see him buy the fucking ticket. selfish but he was giving people food yesterday..fan saw him eating and they asked for some and he gave them his whole stuff so that is not called selfish..he wasn't 3hours late it was just 30minutes and it wasn't his fault his team wasn't ready technical difficulties..i am not even a fan but my friends got free ticket and food from justin last night they called me and they were so happy.so don't judge a person by what you read it is just wrong..he does so much good but yet all people want to see is his bad.smh grow up guys

  10. sandraa says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – they showed up at 7 the show started at 7 he had opening acts mike posner and hot chelle rae are on tour with him.so don't mind perez this dude wasn't 3hours late he was 30 mins late.

  11. danjanka04 says – reply to this


    the opening acts starts at 7pm not justin lol

  12. JustinsOLLG says – reply to this


    just give the boy a break if someone was a real belieber they would NEVER turn against Justin. They should be grateful he gave more tour dates out to o to other countries and places again. I'm a belieber and wouldn't care if Justin was 100 hours late because I know he thinks about his fans A LOT! Give him some slack.

  13. anonymous says – reply to this


    I went to that concert and the concert started at 7 and some bands opened up for him which ended around 8-9 then we had a break and 30 minutes later he showed up. He was late because they were still setting up. We didnt wait that long.

  14. Debz says – reply to this


    After 4 rounds of booing he finally came on stage 1 1/2 hours after the last opening act which was hot chelle ray. The security guy below i talked to said they were warned that he likes to come on stage late & were told might be 11:30 or so till the concert ended. So i doubt there were technical difficulties if they were telling the staff up front. People were pissed. The little girl next to me was falling asleep. Just really unprofessional. He came on in omaha the night before on time. Still a great concert in des moines but if he was late just to be late thats pretty shitty.

  15. 1234 says – reply to this


    I was there. Not sure why people are saying 3 hours late since Mike Posner and Hot Chelle Rae had to perform first. But he was an hour and a half late. I hear about him being tardy in the news, but I didn't think it would actually happen to our concert. People were booing. Just because there have been other artists that have been late doesn't justify him to be late. Other concerts I've been to: Miley, Bon Jovi etc were on time. I saw fans around me who were SO excited at the beginning of the concert grow tired, annoyed and disgusted that we had to wait so long

  16. :p says – reply to this


    It WASENT justins fault that the show was late! They were having techinal problems! I'm sure justin wouldn't ever want to be late for a show! So next time please find out the truth before you post it all over he Internet!

  17. Wayne's Mommy says – reply to this


    fkn douche bag! that spoiled little brat doesn't give 3 shits about his beliebers except for how much they add to his bottom line and animal abusing ways! that fk tard needs a good ass kicking and he needs to crash his fkn car already. wreckless & talentless douche wad! and fuck all the jerks who claim they went to his concert! fucker started too damn late for me and you're just asses for continuing to follow after the little twat!

  18. Mike says – reply to this


    Lies, lies and more lies!!! Perez you gay fuck, get a real job!!

  19. 19

    Re: sandraa – Thanks for the clarification. Lots of conflicting reports here - people who were there say he was 90 min. late - others say he was only 30 min late. Isn't 2 hours a bit long for the warm-up acts?

  20. ivan says – reply to this


    This is the point. In a concert of that magnitude, things could go wrong and have to be fixed causing delays. Justin was late for about an hour and a half. He has been on time for most of his over 100 concerts so I doubt a security guard would say he likes to be late. Rihanna has been late to some 8 to 10 concerts by about 2 hours and the media ignores it. Those that booed were mostly parents or relatives of believers who are not fans anyway. They also included some fair weather fans.

  21. ivan says – reply to this


    Many pop artists have been late to concerts for good or poor reasons. The unforeseen can happen such as traffic delays, sickness,car breakdown, fans getting in the way of a quick entry into a stadium, special effects problems, sound equipment problems, problems with props, accidents, etc. Why does the media focus only on Bieber?; did he commit a crime?

  22. Sevvie says – reply to this


    Yes Iowa news also confirms that he kept his fans waiting over three hours. He also caused a mob scene at an Omaha Mall, saying he would be there when he had no plans to do so. A few of his fans were hurt because of the chaos. Not a nice thing to do to your fans. All those reporting here that they were at the concert are as big a liar as their douchebag idol. He's consistently late to his concerts, reportedly playing video games again on his bus and saying they can wait until he is ready to go on stage. A lot of his young fans did in fact leave as it was well past their bedtime. Defend him all you like, but his consistent lateness and behavior are proving the rumors that he seems to have a substance abuse problem. His fans should be insisting he get help, rather than defending him. Don't you want your idol clean and sober and on time? He is messing up his body with all the alcohol and drugs, and losing fans fast. He is the same age as Lindsay Lohan when she first showed signs of too much partying. It's a career killer, but more importantly it can kill him, and if he is driving under the influence he can kill others. If someone doesn't talk straight to him soon he is heading for some serious issues. Support your idol by pleading with him to straighten up his act, before he has no act to straight up.

  23. Allen says – reply to this


    Once again all these stupid people believe what Perez blogs! Seriously get a fuckin new career! Your nothing but a gay bully! booooooooooooo Perez suck ass!!

  24. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – Who cares what you think. You will hate him no matter what he does or says as typical hater do. His true fans know what kind of guy he is so your hateful comments are not of no consequence.

  25. 25

    wait wait wait, so people actually go to his concerts?

  26. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – I'm a JB fan!!! Perez makes up too much shit!! Your response mean nothing to me!!! And your right I HATE PEREZ!!

  27. f*ck off says – reply to this


    GOD. HE HAS OPENING ACTS. HE IS SUPPOSED TO COME ON AROUND 9:20. FREAKING LOOK IT UP. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. but seriously. he wasnt that late. look at a show program.

  28. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: sarah – I was there and NO explanation was given. So either u got up and went and asked or u r just making it up. A general announcement over the loudspeaker would have been appropriate. Besides- if ur call time was really at 9:30- y would your opening act end at 8:30?? either way people still would have been sitting in silence for an hour anyway! Totally unprofressional!

  29. victor says – reply to this


    Re: PhilipPreston – Yes idiot, they go and he sells out his tickets in less then 1 hour. Go fuck yourself. He has opening acts, something could go wrong just like in many concerts , what is the big deal ? He gave food and free tickets to people who didn't have it and were standing outside the arena, nobody reported that ? Suckers. Of course they will only focus on the bad his haters buy it rather than good about him, idiots.

  30. Venus says – reply to this


    Re: Sevvie – Shut the fuck up kid. Your pointless rant full of shit won't affect his career or anything, go back doing your homework. He never said he will be in that mall you moron, he tweeted he will do a remix of his SONG Omaha Mall but his fans thought he will be there, he said he will do a remix of the song dumbass. What a rant man, you took your time to write all that shit and you hate Bieber ? He is a douche to his fans ? He gave food and free tickets to fans who waited in front of the arena and greeted them.

  31. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Allen – A lot of what you are saying is completely untrue. Most reports say he was late for one and a half hours not 3 hours. Your reference to his being always late to concerts and taking drugs is bull crap. Some misunderstood his tweet on the mall so they expected him there. He is not to blame for their not understanding what he meant. I could say much more but it probably won's do any good.

  32. LillyAnn says – reply to this


    Justin Bieber has opening acts before he shows up you dumb morons, he has 2 or 3 opening acts, starting at 7 he never shows up before 9:30, that's his time maybe you dickheads get informed before trashing him ? He might be late then about for only 30 minutes, which is still bad since he is late but maybe did you ever think maybe he had technical issues ? That's what happens at tours it's a normal thing that something can go wrong how uneducated you people are when it comes to Bieber ? Rihanna is late almost every show because she is hangover no one gives a shit ? Only report Bieber's late ? Pathetic.

  33. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Didn't he have opening bands? The concert I went to was scheduled for 7:00, but there were two opening bands, so Justin actually started closer to 9:30. If there weren't any opening bands, then it would be weird for the show to not start until 10:00. Maybe they were the ones that didn't show up? I can't imagine that Justin wouldn't have someone opening for him.

  34. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Kelly – some people are so inpatient that if he were five minutes late, they would complain[they are not fans]. It's like people waiting in line at the post office or bank that complain while they are on line for five minutes. Most of those that booed were companions or relatives of fans who are kids.

  35. Xander66 says – reply to this


    People never check their facts before talking shit to JB. He has 2 opening acts starting at 7pm, he shows up around 9.30 pm, maybe check it out before talking shit like always ? He might be late then for 1 hour or less, not 3 hours you dumb shit (Perez)… I am sure they had technical problems, that happens at major tours, he has done over 200+ shows in his career by far and is late for 4 concerts in total you do the math. Other 'singers' are late all the time, they show up drunk or cancel the show because they're drunk no one reports it, why is Bieber only trashed for it? Please people, lay off this kid already and check the facts before speaking !!

  36. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – His concerts have been one of the hottest out there. He attracted 150,000 in Africa in two concerts there

  37. Mary says – reply to this


    Well I don't blame him!!! Mostly everyone was booing him, so I yelled at them! If you don't know what really happened dont judge him, he could of had voice issues or been sick. He was at his venue early, I have a video to prove it!

  38. buckhead daddy says – reply to this


    The little douchebag twink was too getting s sucked o ff and r
    Rimmed by some married guy he met of m4m section on craigslist

  39. belieber2000 says – reply to this


    I love justin bieber buutt for him to be tardy to.a concert thats not right but then again it was suppose to start at 9:30 so techinelcly he wasnt tardy everyone else was justsimply earlier so dont blame gim for you guys being early ~{^.^}~

  40. Vanezza says – reply to this


    I'm so happy to see his Iowa fans defend him. u guys were there and know what happened Perez just trying to create drama

  41. MamaBear says – reply to this


    Yes he was late. I was there with my daughter. The second opening act finished at 8:30pm. JB did not take stage until 10:05. There was no announcement, there were no technical difficulties, he just didn't take the stage, and when he did he did not offer any apologies. He was an hour late to meet & greet & when finally appeared he looked/acted high as a kite! We overheard security talking and saying they wouldn't let him take stage because he was too high and had to come down first.

  42. 1234 says – reply to this


    Re: Elizabeth – Yes there was Mike Posner and Hot Chelle Rae and they both finished by 8:30 or so. And then we kept waiting… and waiting and then he finally came out at 10:05. There was no announcement that there were technical difficulties or he was sick. I'm not mad… I enjoyed the concert, I just think he was really rude

  43. K. says – reply to this


    I was at this concert, and he didn't come on stage until exactly 10 o'clock. Rumors are that he was playing video games. I love him to death and he's my #1 inspiration, but he didn't even apologize or anything for being late.. I don't know, it was kind of rude, but he still put on an amazing show.

  44. Amanda says – reply to this


    I was there, and it really wasn't as horrible as the local news stations and pissed off moms are making it sound. He wasn't three hours late, he was about an hour late. The news failed to mention there were two opening acts prior to his performance, and if you've ever been to a concert you should know that you need to allow a decent amount of time for the headliner to set up. That being said, a security guard did tell us he was 45 minutes behind the time he was supposed to perform. Yeah it was annoying, but it was a good show, and I'm not even a die hard JB fan, just went for something to do.

  45. angie says – reply to this


    I was at the concert with my daughter last night in Des Moines…show started at 7 there are always performers before…but justin did not go on until 10:02 if you want to be exact…yes his show was great but he was really late!! I am still a fan tho

  46. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: angie – His concert was to start at 9:30; he was not that late as the media and some think. As I said some would be upset if it was 15 minutes.

  47. Belle says – reply to this


    Wait…you mean you sit through two and a half hours of opening acts???? How long is the person you are actually paying to see perform? He's supposed to be this 19 year old stud, running around taking off his shirt to show everyone what great shape he is in, and he only performs for two hours??????

  48. bi bo says – reply to this


    take it easy mad moms hes just a kid and c'mon he done 100s of shows and maybe having some troubles its just cuz mums had to wait and the ones who booed are just not beliebers (reall ones) if you really love him youll forgive him stop the hate perez

  49. April says – reply to this


    I was at the concert last night. There were a LOT of disappointed fans, mostly early teens and below!! I'm glad Mike Posner and Hot Chelle Rae put on a good show. HCR ended at about 8 and JB didn't come out until around 10:15. Fans were starting to boo. The worst part was we didn't get any explanation whatsoever for why he was so late, and he didn't apologize.

  50. Emily says – reply to this


    I was there as well. There were no "technical issues". He was dicking around backstage on a Segway, posting selfies on Instagram and playing xbox. The two openers finished their sets and then we sat….and sat….and sat…..for 1 hour and 45 minutes until he started his show. It was appalling. There was no set change that took up anytime whatsoever. He could have walked out 5 minutes after the 2nd band finished. He chose not to do so. It's fine….people in Iowa won't forget it though.

  51. April says – reply to this


    Also it was reported by staff at Wells Fargo that he was riding around in the back on his segway, ordering Dominoes pizza and fell asleep on his bus. THAT is inexcusable if you ask me!

  52. emily says – reply to this


    OH! And the best part? He performed for ONE HOUR. People waited for 3 and a half hours for him to play for ONE hour. Such a joke.

  53. Spoiled Performers says – reply to this


    Maybe he wasn't late, maybe he was - wasn't there. However, if performers are intentionally late, and we know who they are, maybe fans should be a day late to buy tickets for future shows (meaning don't buy one). Let them wait for the audience to show-up. That's when it will hurt them.

  54. ivan says – reply to this


    [re=6465315] He did ride on his Segway and order food for fans and gave away tickets to fans waiting outside before the entire concert began not during the concert. that's what staff people were apparently talking about.

  55. justfink says – reply to this


    Sorry, but some of you are lying and did not go to the concert. Just Boober is now getting used to his fans/ex-fans booing his tardy behavior. His reputation is already in the dumps. It's hard for his fans to accept when their idol is turning into a drug and alcohol addicted douche bag. So they will defend him even if he is hurting himself. The should be demanding he get some therapy, take some time off, get out of the spotlight, and stop posting videos and pictures of himself and his "friends" stoned out of their minds. It's a shame that nobody wants to stand up to him because they don't want to lose their jobs. Well they will if he ends up overdosing.

  56. ivan says – reply to this


    Check out the facts on his lateness and other things here:

  57. Kieran Martin says – reply to this


    I don't care whether the show was to start at 7, or 9:30, either way, 10pm is way too late for a Justin Bieber show. Keep in mind most of the cheering fans were young girls. Wouldn't they have school or stuff in the morning?

  58. Shana Lair says – reply to this


    I had 6 girls at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IA. 3 older ones chaperoning 3 12/13 yr olds. It was literally the dream of a lifetime for two of the girls. A first concert for the two of the 12 yr olds. One of ours even broke out in tears when told that we got tickets. This was COMPLETE disrespect to his fans and definitely not someone I want my kids to be looking up to. They came out and gave EXCUSES after the sold out arena BOOd him big time. When your target demographic is an average of age 9, it is an absolute jerk move to not even grace them w your presence until after 10 pm. A dead stage for an hour and half with little ones in $100 seats? What a stand up guy. Kids fell asleep waiting. How should the parents have entertained their young people for 2 hours while they waited for him when you're wedged shoulder to shoulder. Then, for many of us, it was a 3 hour ride home that had to start about 1145 p.m. When you make a sold out venue wait longer than the time you even performed, you need to get yourself a reality check. RUDE!

  59. ty says – reply to this


    Re: sarah

    thats a joke…considering his fan base cant even drive to the concert…no excuse was made so you obviously didnt go…my lil sister was pretty much asleep when he finally decided to grace everyone with an appearance…dude is a joke….not gonna last…he tries so hard to make himself look like a thug…

  60. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: justfink – You are making libelous accusations without proof. You are assuming drug and alcohol problems on his part based on innuendo, associations, and unsubstantiated gossip. There is no undisputed evidence he has an alcohol or drug problem. He does drink on occasion and did smoke pot in the past as millions of people do just in this country.

  61. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: ty – He is not a Disney star who wants to appeal to 1-12 year old fans only. They are very fickle and dependent on parents who may not like him. His more loyal fans are older teens and young adults which are the ones becoming fans more often. Those were the ones that remained and without complaining enjoyed the show as videos show.After all, he might not visit that city in a long time if ever.

  62. kendra says – reply to this


    Re: bi bo – "only' that is 2 hours worth of songs!!!! one sond is like less than 5mins so imagine all the dance moves he learned for each sond and each time he had to reherse that song, goodness he is on a TOUR meaning he is going to sooo many places missing his family and friends and he is also coming out with new singles, an album,a perfume and a movie so 2 hoursis far more than enough!

  63. jane says – reply to this


    Re: justfink – ummmm what the fuck??? he gave away 200 tickets to kinds effected in OK, he donated food and school supplies to needy kids, he owns a website based on charity and when he met fans waiting at his hotel he gave them his food and free TICKETS. And excuse me but when did he get "drunk" and yea he smoked some pot but he is 19 more than like half of american teens smoke pot and he is 19 and doing a hell of a job and is pretty fucking succesful far more succesful than most 19 year olds i think

  64. kendra says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – thank you, you are completely right so all of those pissed of moms need to go back to their knitting circles because he is under a lot of pressure and is still doing pretty well for 19

  65. jamie says – reply to this


    did you happen to consider the fact that he walked around the venue all day greeting fans, giving them food and handing out tickets to fans who didnt have them?

  66. Mary says – reply to this


    It's because he had over 200 meet and greets!

  67. alexis says – reply to this


    he do have opening acts and he not suppose to go on stage until 9:10 and it was girls at the meet and greet that said the meet and greet was running late and plus he was outside giving food and tickets to fans outside who waited

  68. alexis says – reply to this


    Re: PhilipPreston – sold out every show

  69. Freddy Hodges says – reply to this


    In his defense, The Stones showed up three hours late for a concert once. Oh, but that ended in a hate crime and hundreds of other people getting hurt… Yolo?

  70. 70

    I don't care. People pay hundreds of dollars to see these people perform and let me tell you the least the artist could do is show up on freaking time. It is so unbelievably rude, and the fact that he doesn't even apologize when he gets on stage is another thing. How hard is it to apologize?
    Don't play the opening acts card on me. When I saw Beyonce this year her opening act came out at 8 and he performed for about 45 minutes and we only had to wait about 15-20 minutes for her to start.

    Be a professional.

  71. 71

    Re: Shana Lair – I completely agree with you.

  72. Simone says – reply to this


    Re: Allen[/re]

    Are you stupid? Now you're the bully.. I'm a grown-up and I love Justin but lately he's been disrespectful.. Yeah, Rihanna's always late but her fans is at an older age. I mean it's kids out there who's been waiting for hours/days.

    I just don't understand his attitud change.

  73. ok_then says – reply to this


    Put the blame where it solely belongs and that is on the concert promoters who book the venue dates and start times. There are many, many reasons why concerts are late from security issues to technical issues such as lighting, pyro, sound,etc, and unfortunately it is Justin that takes the heat for situations beyond his control. A new concert promoter management team is badly needed, because these delays are increasing and is only adding to his woes. It is not Justin Bieber's fault or responsibility to make sure everything is ready for him to go on stage. There are more than a few individuals behind the scenes that need to be shown their walking papers.

  74. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Shana Lair – Don't blame Justin for these late starts. Put the blame on the incompetent concert promoters and technical crew who's job it is to make sure these concerts start on time! Hopefully his manager Scooter reads them the riot act, and demands better because these delays unfortunately puts Justin in a bad light, when there is nothing he can do until those behind the scenes give the o.k. to begin the concert. Considering the young ages of some fans, these delays are angering some parents and fans. For older fans, it might not be such a big deal to wait.

  75. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: ok_then – completely agree, he need people around him to do a better job to make sure things run smoothly. This is not the first time. In that concert where scooter attended where he fainted, he came on stage and explained what happened to the audience. Too bad Scooter was not at this concert.

  76. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: April – Justin's management and concert promoters get paid big money to handle situations like this and it is getting apparent that they are falling asleep at the wheel. Part of that job is to drag him on stage on time if necessary, not that I'm saying that is the case here or other times. I think it's time for Scooter to explain what is going on with these late delays because this is just bad PR. Maybe Island Records needs to get a more hands on approach and send some people in to see what is really going on.

  77. Belle says – reply to this


    His fans absolutely cannot keep blindly enabling him to continue the way he is headed. It is more than obvious he has a problem. If he continues this behavior, what parent is going to shell out that kind of money? He doesn't understand that his audience are not all fans. For most of his actual fans, there is also a parent or adult who had to purchase a ticket so their child could be there. If these parents and adults pull the money, he will not continue to sell the amount of tickets he currently does. Concert promoters know that as should his management. They are in no way looking at him as a long term concert draw or they would put an end to this behavior now. If he wants to be taken seriously, he better get his act together now. People don't forget behavior like this and second chances in something with this much money riding on it is rare. He is more than well paid to show up on time. Grow up now if you want to stay in the music business Justin.

  78. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Belle – I think one problem is the endless concert schedule he has. He has been performing almost non stop in about 200 concerts since 2012 aside from performances in awards shows, etc. He also has been in the studio recording constanly-he needs a good break as well as better supervision. Wake him up if he”s taking a nap before a concert, for example. He is a very good kid but needs a little direction. Won't you agree?

  79. Billy says – reply to this


    PLEASE. Justin was meeting FANS! No one ever covers the positive sides of his news stories. Like, he was meeting fans, trying to be the best he can be. Who cares if he's late for the concert? The people are still getting a concert. If the worst thing that happens to you is your concert starts late, then God Bless, you've had an amazing day. Get over it. Justin was trying to make peoples' days better by meeting them. Some people (like myself) idolize Justin and he was just trying to make their dreams come true by getting to see them. So what if he started late?

  80. Chandler says – reply to this


    Reading these comments, I feel so bad for his fans! They act like he cares about them for anything more than the MONEY he takes from them (or rather, their parents). Yes, he loves you just like he loved his pet monkey that he abandoned.

    If he cared, he would start on time. This is like his 15th time doing this, so there really is no excuse. Justin doesn't know how to be professional. All of the children making excuses for this boy are just hurting him, because he isn't respected and he will never be as long as the excuses continue.

    (and yes, to be a bieber fan you HAVE to be a child because only a 10 year old would think that little boy is hot or that his music is any good).

  81. jahkia says – reply to this


    shut up its not his falt back upp and stop starting stuff I love u justin

  82. Belle says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – I agree the amount of touring he is doing is insane. I don't think anyone wants to see Justin Bieber turn into the next tragic young star. It is obvious he is being pushed to make as much money as possible now because teen singers are disposable to most of the public and record companies. They are not into allowing young talent to develop. It is about the money here and now. He seems too young to understand the big picture….and too old to be told what to do. His behavior is not helping his reputation. It's sad to think no one will hold him accountable.

  83. Natalie says – reply to this


    his show DOES start at 9:30 and the opening acts and set up starts at 7. I would know, I`ve been to the show. And I don`t get why everyone is being rude about it..every one has been late to work (or school) before. maybe it was because of technical difficulties or BECAUSE HE WAS OUTSIDE GIVING FREE TICKETS OUT TO FANS WHO COULDN`T GET IN! Other artist like Rihanna and One Direction go late to concerts but no one cares but when it is Justin, everyone suddenly cares about punctuality.

  84. Molly says – reply to this


    Re: violethill – I saw Beyonce last week & she was over 30 min late with no opening act…just a DJ that played about 30 min. When we asked the venue worker what time the concert would be over he explained late bc she was late coming on stage. I've been to TWO Justin Bieber concerts…one in Oct & one last week & he came out at 9:30 both times…on time. I've been to many concerts (in my 30's) & the headlining acts always have opening acts & then an intermission before they come on. Fact check people. Also, speaking of facts, his target demographic is not small children.

  85. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Billy – Meet and greets before his concerts were also reasons why Justin's concerts started late. Better management of these meet and greets is also needed so that perhaps they can start earlier giving him time to rest and get ready for his concerts. These late starts are not Justin's fault, but the fault of those who book the times for his meet and greets. He is also not responsible to make sure all technical aspects are ready for him to go on stage, that falls on the technical crew. People behind the scenes are failing Justin and as a fan it is truly sad to see him get all the blame when those responsible are not being held accountable apparently.

  86. 86

    well i guess just ask the fans if they want to go again and wait 3 hrs or 1 1/2 hrs to see him…

    i waited 2 hrs to see keanu reeves but it wasnt a matter of what time to start they just let us in there early to the bar area and didnt let us into the concert area for awhile then they had a band before hand who blew up the pa system.. so keanus band sounded shit…he gave out free drinks ..to everyone for the scew up…noone cared they were just happy to see him..