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Lindsay Lohan Overdosed On Cocaine At 18?! Michael Lohan Sure Thinks So!

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lindsay michael lohan od on cocaine age 18

Not too many people will be surprised to hear this!

But then again, sure, Lindsay Lohan has clearly had some issues, but a drug overdose?!

Michael Lohan is pleading the truth as he claims his daughter's substance abuse issues not only date back to her teenage years, but were insanely serious.

He recently came forward to talk about a time when she was 18 years old and supposedly overdosed on cocaine!

And when it apparently happened, shizz hit the fan! Michael revealed:

"Lindsay was filming in New Orleans and I got a call saying she had overdosed on cocaine. One of her assistants had given her the drug. I was so angry I got a gun from the house and planned to go to New Orleans to kill him. I couldn’t believe what had happened to my daughter. I was just so angry."

Yamma mamma!

We're not so sure what to believe here though considering LiLo recently commented that she first tried the drug when she was 21 years old.

But then again, can we really believe LiLo…

…or Michael for that fact?!

[Image via FayesVision/AIDEN PIX/WENN.]

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33 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Overdosed On Cocaine At 18?! Michael Lohan Sure Thinks So!”

  1. 1

    Why does the media pay this man any attention?

  2. 2

    This narcissistic ass has nothing new to say so he is digging up old crap just to get people to pay attention to him. I agree with Prince Charming - why does the media pay any attention?

  3. Bilbo says – reply to this


    Hi Michael: And I know you are reading this, because I am certain you do a 7am daily Google check for your name…Even at 18 your daughter is not a child. This is not her assistants fault. "Her Assistant gave her the drug". Your daughter did/does drugs on her own volition.
    And she thinks she's special, and so do you. And yes, I am sure she got her assistant to get the coke for her, but if the assistant didn't do it, do you think they would have still had a job? One of the main things that sickens me in all this bullshit drama your family feels the compulsion to come before us as an ENTIRE GLOBE to talk through/defend, whatever…is how you talk about your daughter like she's a little girl. Is there any way you can all go away? Notice no one is even saying "She's a gifted actress, we hope she bounces back" anymore. Please get the fuck out of our fucking field of vision. Just stop talking. And while you're at it, PLEASE do not take any more pictures of yourself in black mesh t shirts. Have a nice day, Michael. And hey, it's ok. You're a fool. You are just doing what fools do. We get it.

  4. 4

    Lindsay Lohan has had her share of troubles, many of them her own fault, but I think she can do without this POS going around blabbing about incidents that would probably be best left behind at this point. Poor girl hasnt even finished rehab and had a chance to relapse, and this douchebag just has to pile some more crap at her door. Terrible father.

  5. Devvie says – reply to this


    What a horrible father. He cheated and did drugs while married to their mother. He is making a career out of bashing his own daughter. The press needs to shut him up by not interviewing him anymore. He's evil, selfish and doesn't have the right to claim her as his daughter. It's worse than having enemies attack you, when your father is out there selling stories about you that aren't even true. He will make up anything for a buck so he can shove more coke up his own nose.

  6. AV says – reply to this


    I think dad you did the work of a dad there is no rules in the dad game. You did your best and look you produced 3 stars

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Well, isn't he just a feast of protective familial support. Is he short on cash again?
    How to sell out your kid. Again. Ehhole.

  8. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Ahhhh What a story to tell the Media Michael ! If you were so Protective of Lindsay instead of grabbing a "gun" you could have grabbed Lindsay out of there . Why would you even say something like this ? It makes you look bad . What reason do you keep having to sell out your daughter . What is wrong with you !

  9. Check 4 Michael says – reply to this


    Times be hard, Michael needs a paycheck. Unreal how he sells out Lindsay. Something that happened 9 years ago is now being pushed in garbage media for a little paycheck. What is next, is Dad going to start selling Lindsay SEXUAL secrets? Re: TaylorTFair – Way to go Taylor! Finally! — Michael, you are too pathetic for words. No wonder Lindsay scrounges through social media looking for some tidbit of kindness and caring.

  10. GUNS, Coke, & Luv? says – reply to this


    TO BILBO, VERY WELL PUT. In addition, how WEIRD is it that M LOHAN thinks it's somehow a good idea that he go public with HIS INSANE REACTION to hearing Lindsay ODed on coke? The dude does NOTHING to help her, but saves this juicy tidbit for 9 YEARS LATER, so that he can sell a story about her when she is in REBAB? What kind of person thinks it's a good idea to go public with the fact they reacted to hearing that their kid OD by GETTING A GUN and PLANNING A MURDER? Oh, yeah, people just going want to line up to hire Lindsay when her lunatic parents are part of the deal, and NOW they know, if they do something "wrong" by Michael Lohan's Holy Rules of Conduct… they can expect Michael Lohan to get a gun and come after them for their part in Lindsays PERSONAL CHOICES? Lindsay parent's are so fucked-up. And now Michael GOES TO THE MEDIA to get a story about him PLANNING TO SHOOT one of Lindsays assistance for A CHOICE LINDSAY MADE FOR HERSELF? Yeah, killing Lindsays assistance probably would have turned Lindsays life around…. If only Michael wouldn't have been pulled over for DUI with a gun. If only he would have been able to shoot Lindsays assistance, Lindsay life would be on track now, right?

  11. Ooops... says – reply to this


    Re: GUNS, Coke, & Luv? – That should have read, "Lindsay's ASSISTANT" not Lindsay's assistance. This situation is sickening. This pic of Michael walking around looking like a Liberace fan, with the dollar bills in his hand. …Someone take this photo of Michael Lohan coming out of T*Z's accounting office?

  12. Somethings missing... says – reply to this


    Have my eyes burned out in their abilities to read the word LUKENS, it seems missing from this story. What is the point of this story? There is no meaning to it, like is Michael Lohan announcing he will be speaking at High Schools about the dangers of 18 years olds using coke? This, as presented, is nothing more than a tattle-tell-tale on a humiliating incident in Lindsay's life, and is UNUSUAL in it's extraneous information …that FOR SOME REASON Michael Lohans WANTS to alert the media that he has previously gotten wasted, gotten a phone call, got a gun, got into a powerful machine and drove high/drunk with the intention of MURDERING his daughter assistant. That is the way Mr. Lohan believes is the way to solve problems? Thanks for alerting the media Mr. Lohan that should you get wasted & go after someone else to MURDER them, because they didn't do right by stopping Lindsay from what Lindsay wanted to do. …Well, thanks for letting American know it's best we all kiss Lindsays ass when she gets out of "rehab" and goes home to live with her mother, or your might get your gun, and teach us all a lesson. Brilliant, you fucking IDIOT! MS. HOLLEY: RESTRAINING ORDER PLEASE!!!!!!!

  13. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Somethings missing… – This is a disgrace . Michael you want to talk to 18yr old's about coke use . How are you going to teach them anything when you tired it yourself . Would someone talking to you have stopped you ?
    Why would you waste your energy when your energy should be used to Help Lindsay !
    Lindsay beat the odds with her childhood . For that fact Lindsay's childhood was taken from her in part for your LACK of responsibility . If you want to help Start with helping your Daughter it's the least you owe her ! You are Humiliating Lindsay !

  14. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Oops, you misunderstood my post. I was NOT saying that ML was going to talk to 18yrs old about coke. I was asking …in sarcasm. However, it's nice to finally see some real emotion out of you towards the real source of Lindsays media problems. Nevertheless, Taylor, Michael and Dina DO NOT KNOW HOW TO HELP LINDSAY. I also think that they have given up on Lindsay getting better and have decided to exploit her downfall instead of just being quiet about it. I think the reason is they know that in 3-6 months, they wont be able to sell any stories about Lindsay anymore, so they are using up the only opportunity they have left to make money off of her. Her parents CAN NOT HELP HER; and what's pathetic is — they have NO GENUINE DESIRE TO HELP HER. They aren't even in counseling themselves. It they were, this exploitation of Lindsay would STOP. It is soooo WRONG Taylor, it so HARMFUL & DISRESPECTFUL to LIndsay.

  15. Into Da UglyZone says – reply to this


    Hi Taylor, just wanted to thank you for writing back to me today. Today has been a very upsetting day for me in the Lindsay situation. I don't know why this story upset me as much as it did but I had a very disturbed day after seeing this all in print, and it just make me feel like the whole situation is hopeless. Lindsays parents are truly NOT in her corner. And then I remembered that Shawn Holley has saved Lindsay butt. (I am still disturbed by how easily you came to believe that Shawn Holley told Lindsay to plead no contest and take the rap for the necklace, but, we shant go there except for me to repeat myself in my position that I do NOT believe Ms. Holley has ever been unethical (as a lawyer) in representing Lindsay.) Nevertheless, it's getting close to count down time on Lindsay moving onto the next step. I wonder WHO you think is the appropriate person to be genuinely HELPFUL to Lindsay, & WHAT you think Lindsay should do next, as far as where should she go to live, & WHO should she hang out with? Girl needs some ideas, …let's think of some, because moving to Dina's will result in Lindsay ODing or going to prison.

  16. Cb12398 says – reply to this


    Let her be and heal. She has and still has great potential, as an actress and more importantly a better human being. Stop bringing up the past!

  17. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    How do we know it was cocaine? Has Michael been recorded saying this? It could've been ecstasy or something. Just bc the media says so, doesn't make it true. They could've taken Michael's quote and used it to refer to something, he may not have been talking about. Also, this man needs to stop talking to the press. I can see why Lindsay gets mad @ him. This is personal stuff. It shouldn't be made public.

  18. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Into Da UglyZone – AHHH JJF First if Lindsay comes out with nothing to do or keep her attention she will be bored which leads to LL seeking ( not good ) If LL goes back home it would be important for LL and Dina to go to therapy to deal with the origins of why this happens and help to deal or stop it . If Lindsay had sincere and sober friends I don't think she would be in this place to begin with . Im not sure what an influence her Grandmom is . even if LL would hang out with Ali that is still around an industry with parties galore . Then there is her brother Michael who seems to be a stable guy and she could hang with . The problem is if you do not give LL something productive to do she will bore easily . It's hard for Celb's to hear the work No . Lindsay needs someone to care about her enough to tell her " hey not a good idea " If only I could challenge Dina with a no money wanted deal !

  19. Aloha Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – What does "if only I could challenge Dina with a no money wanted deal" mean? I am hoping that Lindsay will take the advice of her treatment team, which will undoubtedly encourage her to CONTUNUE in residential treatment until she has some real time and STRENGTH in her sobriety. If Dina (and Dad) were SERIOUS about being helpful to Lindsay they would ALREADY be in counseling. Lindsay life with Dina has been very weird because it appears that Dina put her Manager Job ahead of her Parenting Job. Point being Lindsay & Dina's "issues" are long-term issues, you know, like, Dina started screwing Lindsays up and over about the age 3. I just hope she doesn't go back to Dina's. I can not image she would be ok for 3 weeks. There is no way for Lindsay to stay sober, if Dina is going to continue to drink. IF Dina brings booze into the house, Lindsay will NOT be able to stay sober. ONE POSTIVE DRUG TEST and they'll be dragging Lindsay off to a long term jail sentence. As far as the rest of Lindsays family, they too need counseling if they hope to help Lindsay. Al-Anon meetings are free & the people are nice, and it helps people to learn how to STOP BEING AN ENABLER and go on with their own lives, regardless of what the addict chooses to do. If Lindsays family was CAPABLE of helping her, things would have NEVER gotten this far gone.

  20. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    The thing you wrote about Lindsay being bored … Boredom is a part of life. The fact that L seeks out things that end up getting her into big trouble is a sign of her IMMATURITY to accept life for what it IS. T, how many people in the world do you think would GO TO WORK if they didn't have to go? How many people would go to work if they got their paychecks mailed to them regardless of whether they showed up for work? Part of L's issues are due to her REFUSAL to grow up. A few months ago Lindsay was still writing "she's young, let her have her fun" to posters on another site & she seemed to genuinely believe she is still YOUNG; & more oddly, she seems to be under the impression that her life is "FUN" - when the last 4 yrs of L's life has shown her life differently. L doesn't seem to understand that part of adult life is BEING RESPONSIBLE, BEING BORED, BEING DISAPOINTED and being UNHAPPY. It's all part of life. Lindsay would not be bored if she took an INTEREST in life & how it works; if she were INTERESTED in OTHER people or perhaps a humanitarian cause. If Lindsay CARED about life & about other people, she wouldn't struggle with boredom. Managing RESPONSIBILITY, BOREDOM & DISSAPOINTMENTS in life is what BECOMING an ADULT IS ALL ABOUT. When you are totally self-absorbed, that makes YOU BORING … So, yeah, life is then BORING. When one becomes interested in LIFE, one's life is no longer boring.

  21. "GIVE" Unto Lindsay? says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Your post is sticking out with the, "if YOU do not GIVE LL something productive to do she will bore easily." The problem with your logic in this statement (for me) is that you write "If YOU do not give LL something .." You are putting the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of Lindsays happiness & stability on someone OTHER THAN LINDSAY! You write that SOMEONE ELSE has to GIVE Lindsay something "PRODUCTIVE TO DO." Taylor, Charlie Sheen GAVE Lindsay something productive to do & gave L ..what will probably end up being her LAST CHANCE in Hollywood. He gave her a chance after all that DIVA stuff came out about her, her legal troubles, after she was arrested for assault. ..all these things made about EVERYONE else in Hollywood say, "NO MORE CHANCES, Lohan. No more." But Charlie gave her a chance. AND SHE BLEW IT. She did well the 1st day, but when she got rewards —for BASICALLY JUST DOING THE DAMN SMALL JOB SHE WAS HIRED FOR …. she then seemed to pop back into evil-LL and be a bitch, a mess, and a thief. It ended with she was (allegedly) applauded by cast/crew …FOR LEAVING THE SET. So, anyway, don't you think it is LINDSAYS RESPONSIBLILTY TO FIND SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE TO DO? Is it not LL's RESPONSIBILTY TO ACTUALLY **BE PRODUCTIVE** in those PERSONAL CHOICES of hers? Please tell me what you think she NEEDS.

  22. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – JJF what I am saying is being in rehab Lindsay is learning the tools she may need to keep her sober . Just as these people are teaching LL how to stay sober someone needs to teach LL about being bored and how it can lead to bad choices . LL has been in the fast lane for a long time , to just put on the breaks without knowing what turn you should make can lead to disaster . Yes Charlie gave LL a chance but that was before rehab .
    If Lindsay is getting help she needs total help when she is out of rehab and support .

  23. taylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Aloha Taylor, – JJF I have to say you are right Lindsay needs a no booze place to be . LL also needs to resolve those old issues .
    My No money challenge to Dina means I challenge Dina to let me work with LL on her acting and her life free of charge . I have the know how and seek Nothing but for LL to be what I believe she can become . LL has the talent and I know how to work with it without a doubt .
    What does Dina have to lose ? I know it sounds crazy but nothing else has worked so give someone a chance that is not using LL for anything . I have done this before with others and can do this again without a doubt .

  24. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    I wrote you back, but I don't see it. Anyway, I don't know if you think that Lindsay needs to come over to your house or what, but if you want to REACH Lindsay, all you have to do is what you are doing, WRITE HERE. Lindsay reads this stuff when she is permitted to do so. She didn't put off checking into Morningside so she could go get an IPAD for NO REASON. If you want to help Lindsay, start writing your advice to her here. It's what I do, and I tend to know that she gets my messages. Lindsay is MORE INCLINED to respond to your written word than she would ever be if she were to meet you in person. Lindsays most "real" relationships are what she gets out of her internet connections. If you want to help her, NOTHING IS STOPPING YOU FROM WRITING LINDSAY HERE AND SHARING YOUR CONCERNS AND ADVICE. If you are under the impression that you need to talk to her in person, you don't KNOW her well enough to be any real assistance. If you want to HELP her, WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. This site is WATCHED ..constantly by Team Lohan, and the FIRST THING Lindsay will do when she gets the chance is GET ON THE INTERNET AND READ THESE SITES. NOTHING IS STOPPING YOU FROM TRYING.

  25. 2Tayor:SAY WHAT GURL ? says – reply to this


    Re: taylorTFair – I believe you are sincere, so I am going to address points in your post that I think are very important things to consider: 1) You write, "I challenge Dina to let me work with LL" . I do not understand why you think that DINA's permission is required for Linds to do anything in life. Lindz is now 27yrs old. Why do you feel a need to "challenge" Dina. Please explain to me. This mind-set that Dina is Lindsay's "boss" or something is what I believe is part of LL's problem. Specifically that Linds thinks she's still 14 and she "has to do" what her mother tells her. So, could you give me some insight into why you think "Dina's permission" is REQUIRED for you to be a part of Lindsay's life or that Dina being in approval of you somehow is REQUIRED to in order for you to be helpful, or necessary for you to be a friend to Lindsay on the internet? Dina HATES my fucking guts! Danced w/her insanity. ..Oooh, yeah, DINA DON"T APPROVE OF THE HILLBILLY! But, ya know what, Taylor, Lindsay LISTENS to me ANYWAY. & she writes to me, and sometimes she follows my advice to a "T". I KNOW why Dina hates my ass, cause Lindsay LISTENS to me, (& once she wrote me I was her BFF & I could tell, in the moment, she meant it.) So, what does DINA have to do with your relationship with Lindsay? That Bitch don't stop me!

  26. Query #2 & #3 says – reply to this


    #2) You wrote," I have done this before with others & can do this again without a doubt". I do not believe even God makes such arrogant claims. I would ask you to question YOURSELF as to WHAT OTHERS you have DONE SOMETHING TO. Specifically, L has LONG TERM PSYCH MED ABUSE/ADDICTION. With all due respect, you do NOT come across as having much GENUINE EXPERIENCE in rehab issues regarding PSYCH PATIENTS/DRUG ADDICTS/ALCOHOLIC/OCD . Do you have experiences in helping hard core addicts & delusional women who have just ruined their careers? Have you somehow pulled people out of their decade-old bad behaviors & crimes? I don't understand the GRANDIOSITY of your claims, or why you would believe that you can do anything with L, "without a doubt." Dear sista, you can not KNOW anything "WITHOUT A DOUBT". Science doesn't KNOW the sun will rise tomorrow, or where rain will pour down. I wonder why you think you have the ABILITIES/qualifications to be some kind of HEALER & TALENT COACH to Lindz. Have YOU overcome addictions, delusional thinking, multiple crimes & rehab stints? I am SINCERE in asking WHAT makes you believe that you are so SMART & POWERFUL that you could bring L into some state of life where, according to YOUR words, " for LL to be what I believe she can become." #3) Shouldn't Lindsay BECOME what LINDSAY wants; was born to BECOME … not what YOU believe she can become?

  27. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: 2Tayor:SAY WHAT GURL ? – Well I figured Dina is still Lindsay's manager

  28. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Query #2 & #3 – Hi Sista JJF I can see where you may think this to be arrogant claims . What I believe and what Lindsay believes are one in the same . Lindsay wants to be an acclaimed actress . I also believe LL can be . Iam not the type to pat myself on the shoulder or boast of my accomplishments but Yes I have pulled many people out of their dark holes . I do not use typical methods that statistics prove do not work yet are still used . I tend to reach them different than most . Trail and error has taught me more than any book . There will always be someone you cannot help but I don't think Lindsay is one of those people . Nothing has worked for LL so far . If I fail I have no problem admitting it .BUT what if I do not fail ? I seek no fame I don't even want people to know Iam there or my name . No Money , no credit , Nothing but to see Lindsay out of trouble and happy . Unknown to the world there are people like this out there . Try me JJF

  29. To Talyor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Well, I don't know what you mean by "try me JJF". You have just as much room on the internet here to reach out to Lindsay and write to her as anyone else in the world. I am confused by your statement, "What I believe and Lindsay believes are one in the same". Well, life is full of all kinds of beliefs and if you and Lindsay both believe in things that aren't real, your shared beliefs won't help much. So to what belief do you speak? Also, I do so wonder why you believe that you KNOW what Lindsay beliefs are at all. What is it that you want to help her with -because neither you or Lindsay CAN address her emotional, mental, spiritual, health, career, tax issues and lawsuits all at the same time. You do NOT need Dina's permission or MY allowing you to TRY -or anything of the sort. Just start writing what you want to say, when she gets back on the internet, she'll read what you write EVERYDAY. So, what EXACTLY is it that you want to DO? and, how many of the people you have helped before were people with LONG STANDING, aka HUGE drug issues & psych problems; like compulsive stealing, lying and delusions? Where would you even BEGIN in trying to help Lindsay?

  30. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Talyor, – I speak of Lindsay wanting to be an acclaimed actress . I also believe LL can be . Does LL have work to do to get there Yes . Can LL do the work ? Why not ?
    Many actors have made come backs . Look at Robert D Jr etc . Addressing LL's troubles are not the problem , fixing them is but just as a bad domino effect can happen so can a good one .
    Lindsay got caught up in the nature of the business game a Very easy thing to do as so many before LL have . LL is just lost right now and with good reason . It is an impossible task to help LL on these boards . Without input and output advice will not cut it . It is a hard process to pull someone up . Yes I have helped many but would Never sell them out to mar my soul for any amount of money its just not worth it . I have to look at myself in the mirror no one else . JJF Lindsay is not washed up as others may think . Society gives up on people too easy

  31. Ugly Tunes says – reply to this


    In the last 10 yrs, she hasn't made any real efforts or had any respect for the chances she has had to become an acclaimed actresses. This reminds me of when my son was 15 and he worshipped Jimi Hendrix and he was "just dying" to get a guitar. So I take him to the music store & he falls in love with an expensive guitar & amp, etc. and it's a big investment when the kid has never shown any real interest in LEARNING a musical instrument, so I tell him, I'll think about it. And he continues in the next few weeks to show REAL ENTHUSIAM about playing the guitar. SO I go drop a load of money & surprise him with the whole big get up. He played WITH the guitar, but efused to take lessons (apparently Jimi Hendrix never took lessons) & I never heard MUCH come out of his room. In 2 months he still thought the guitar was "cool" but he had no interesting in LEARNING HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR. My son WANTED TO BE A GREAT GUITARIST, but he wanted to BE a guitarist, he didn't want to LEARN HOW to be a guitar PLAYER. LL wants to be A BIG STAR, she wants the frills, the respect & the money from being a Movie Star. But she doesn't WANT to do the WORK & she does not have RESPECT for others in the industry OR any SELF RESPECT or SELF-DISCIPLINE. Now, people are TIRED of GIVING her expensive guitars, when she has no interest in BEING a REAL PLAYER; only looking like one & it's getting it's perks.

  32. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Ugly Tunes – Ahhhh But you speak of before rehab . Lets see how Lindsay does now

  33. We shall see... says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – Yes. Let's just see what happens. Nobody knows and other peoples wishes don't change anything. It's all up to Lindsay to make a new life when she gets out. Team Lohan will undoubtedly be selling little Lindsay does, Lindsay says stories into gossip media and if Lindsay breaks a law, then CNN will pick up any CRIMES she commits. You don't understand that CRIMES are public information and that media doesn't go out and MAKE Lindsay commit a crime so they can write about it. You don't seem to have any RESPECT for the difference between CRIMES and mistakes. Nor do you seem to know the difference between NEWS JOURNALISM and gossip blogs. Do you NOT understand that a persons CRIMINAL RECORD and a persons PERSONAL REPUTATION actually TELL YOU A LOT ABOUT WHO SOMEONE IS????