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Brandi Glanville Reportedly Loses It At Dinner Run-In With LeAnn Rimes & Ex Eddie Cibrian!

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brandi glanville leann rimes drama same restaurant

Aaaaand the drama continues, Perezcious readers!

Apparently, Real Housewife Brandi Glanville just can’t seem to get over the fact that Eddie Cibrian left her for LeAnn Rimes.

While the couple dined with some friends at Nobu in Malibu on Saturday night, it seems Brandi had plans to head to the same restaurant with her boys Mason and Jake, too!

According to onlookers, the resulting encounter didn’t go so smoothly! One witness revealed that “you could have cut the tension with a knife.” The Real Housewife reportedly couldn't even keep from yelling at her ex:

“Is that a hi or a bye?"

Another source said:

“It was so obnoxious that other people at the restaurant turned their heads to see what all the commotion was about… [Brandi] appeared to cause quite the scene.”

Yet, Brandi took to her Twitter to dispel rumors about her alleged tantrum, posting:

Meanwhile, LeAnn posted the following:

Sounds like things didn’t get too out of hand!

Let’s hope so, for the boys’ sake!

[Image via Ryan/Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

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31 comments to “Brandi Glanville Reportedly Loses It At Dinner Run-In With LeAnn Rimes & Ex Eddie Cibrian!”

  1. 1

    Things went perfectly well according to real news sites.

    Perez likes to print lies and fake stories.

  2. Kim says – reply to this


    Helllooooo Perez.. Public HATES leann… Why are you all up her butt lately? She suuuxxxxxxx

  3. Leslie says – reply to this


    Another fake story from LeAnn who knew Brandi was going to the restaurant and planned this so she could create another fake story to keep herself relevant. Since "Shitfire" bombed, what else can she do. LeAnn is soon going to be out of money if she keeps paying the tabloids to publish stories like this.

  4. 4

    Re: Leslie – Oh and you this for a fact ? Where are your reliable sources ?

  5. Ivy says – reply to this


    Do Leamann and Ediot ever go out by themselves ?? Its seems like they are always double dating with another couple. This is really cool to do every now and again but all the time?? I guess he can not stand her either. Actions speak louder then words.

  6. Ivy says – reply to this


    Do Leamann and Ediot ever go on a date alone ?? They seem to always couples date. Couple date is usually done when you have been in a relationship for a long time or if its a couples first date. Actions speak louder than words.

  7. Ivy says – reply to this


    Oh and also Perez you know all too well that eddie did not leave Brandi for leamann. He wanted to stay with Brandi and begged her back but she said no. He did not want the stalker he has to court around now look at his eyes. I do not think ever ever in any sane world a man would leave the gorgeous Brandi for woof woof ..He is there by default and he knows it. The eyes say it all.

  8. Opal says – reply to this


    You are such a kiss ass joke Perez. Public doesn't buy into Rimes BS. Find yourself a new gravy train & earn some respect. You would be better off defending Jodi Arias than Leann Rimes. Both are lying pieces of crap.

  9. Ivy says – reply to this


    Re: Opal – Best post ever….Perez will go down the drain with her if he keeps it up.

  10. excuses says – reply to this


    Leann is the source. The negative article is to keep blogs from posting about how her album tanked. How many times does this has to happen before someone stands up against Leann?

  11. 11

    A fake story. Everything went well. What a douche you are.

  12. betty says – reply to this


    Hilton sure is all in Leann butt lately. Fueling the BS call Brandi kids Leann etc. Did she pay to to write nice things about her. Regardless it won't help her image nor sell her album. It is as dead as her career. The people that were there said this is a BS article., like yours.

  13. nicci says – reply to this


    Grow up !!!

  14. nicci says – reply to this


    Re: Kim – Probably getting a kick back !

  15. excuses says – reply to this


    Why does Leann stalk Brandi's tweets? Brandi tweeted to this site about boxing and then just a few minutes later, Leann starts tweeting about boxing. She didn't just make one tweet about it, she went on and on and on. Even set up a staged photo-op so that she could get photographed boxing. Leann is unstable. She plays the victim and then acts like everything that happens to her is Brandi's fault. Why isn't someone writing about Leann stalking Brandi's tweets? Eddie's cheating must have escalated because Leann has gotten worse since July 4.

  16. jnyjny says – reply to this


    She is so pathethic! Get over it

  17. jujubee says – reply to this


    At one point, Leann and Dean, and Eddie and Brandi double dated. Remember Leann spilling chocolate or something on her boobs and asking Eddie if he wanted to lick it off? Well, NOW Leann and Eddie are double dating. I wonder if she worries if the other female will pull all the stunts on Eddie that Leann did! She says she trusts Eddie implicitly. Maybe, but there has got to be a corner of her mind that wonders if he is cheating on her….

  18. jujubee says – reply to this


    Leann tweeted that she had a romantic dinner at Nobu's. How exactly do you do that while you're double dating? Was she sucking his face the whole time? Probably.

  19. lola says – reply to this


    Brandi just seems to get more pathetic with age! Her loyal minions can spin in anyway they want but the fact is……Brandi's 15 minutes is just about up!

  20. JodiM says – reply to this


    Re: Kim – Speak for yourself. I am a Leann fan! I would never be a fan of a trampy, POS like Glanville.

  21. Janele says – reply to this


    Re: betty – Oh SHUSH BETTY! IT's OK when he is trashing Leann! Get your head out of Brandis backside and realize she is a crazed lunatic who needs to move on and get a life!

  22. brandi'sbumions says – reply to this


    Re: thelmalouise – And you know this how??? Brandi is a trainwreck and I believe EVERWORD of it!!!

  23. DEBS says – reply to this



  24. YoJoLo says – reply to this


    WTH is wrong with you Perez? Why are you printing lies when we can get what really happened between Brandi and Leanne from other news sources. You keep defending that scuzz Leann and I (along with many others) aren't going to click on your stories anymore. Can't stand the grinch smiling, ugly Leann so stop printing stories about her!

  25. 25

    Brandi WHO?

  26. Debbie says – reply to this


    I find it hilarious that when something negative is written about Leann, Brandi's nutjobs support the article 100% as gospel. When it is TRUE and negative about Brandi, they call it BS! LOL. EVERY article is telling the SAME story about Brandi making a fool of herself. Every witness had the same story and Brandi needs to grow up and start setting a better example for her children. She is WAY TOO OLD to be acting like a dumped teenager!

  27. babs says – reply to this


    Re: YoJoLo – Then don't, if the truth hurts :)

  28. Hollywood Insider says – reply to this


    Re: Ivy – HAHAHA! BRANDI Is the on going down the drain! Do you REALLY think anyone in Hollywood gives a CRAP about Brandi??? She is a joke.

  29. Linda C says – reply to this


    Re: Kim – You better check again, Brandi is DONE. She showed her true colors and they ain't pretty. She should have not benn such a lying bitch, Karma is a BEOTCH:)

  30. TRUTH says – reply to this


    Re: Opal – Good job Perez!!! You nailed it! The public finally got to see the TRUE BRANDI…the middle aged, falling down drunk she really is! Everyone is starting to come forward now and tell the truth about Brandi's mean streak and drinking problem,,,,(which has been going on for a looong time). I hope Bravo FIRES her lying behind for being such a drunk, two faced hypocrite!!!

  31. @v@ says – reply to this


    Rimes is a knife twister tweeter.