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Taylor Lautner Caught In A Patriotic Lip Lock!!!

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taylor lautner kiss

Kissing for the country?!

Taylor Lautner was caught canoodling at Hudson Terrace in NYC with a pretty brunette on Independence Day!

So who was the brown-haired hottie?

We hear she looked a lot like Marie Avgeropoulos, Tay's co-star in the upcoming movie, Tracers. A source revealed:

“He was very affectionate with his dark-haired young lady friend. They were kissing, dancing and hugging in their private cabana area. They stayed the majority of the night, enjoying drinks and dancing till about 2 a.m..”

We reported the duo looking super seXXXy coupled together when the movie first started filming, so we really hope their steamy on-screen chemistry is real life romance!

Taylor was reportedly dating blonde actress, Maika Monroe, so this brunette, whoever she may be, could cause some serious trouble in the Twi-hottie's love life!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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26 comments to “Taylor Lautner Caught In A Patriotic Lip Lock!!!”

  1. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Bye, bye Maika.

  2. ??? says – reply to this


    I'm sorry, but I still think Taylor is a closet homosexual (I'm not saying that negatively). Every time I see the way he speaks and carries himself, it would not surprise me if later on he came out saying he was gay. He seems like a nice good looking kid, so either way good luck to him.

  3. tara says – reply to this


    Taylor has chemistry with a lot of people, so not surprised that he and Marie are getting along really well offscreen. Tay doesn't seem the type to go from person to person too quickly, so I'm sure he and Maika are just fine. Lucky girl.

  4. lara says – reply to this


    well tara I can tell I was at the Hudson july 4 and taylor was all over marie , rubbing her thigh kissing her holding hands etc. so I guess we will see

  5. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Re: lara – If you were there and what you are saying is true (no pics?) then Taylor is treating this woman like a meaningless on-set jump off, and she's allowing it.

  6. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Re: tara – You have bought into Taylor's all-American boy image, a non-threatening guy teen girls want to date and their parents would approve. Tell me this: if he were your boyfriend and was doing this with a female co-worker would you be ok with this? I doubt it. And I bet if Maika is reading these stories she doesn't feel so "lucky" right now. She may be giving him an earful over this, and I don't blame her.

  7. tara says – reply to this


    I personally do not have the pleasure of actually knowing Taylor Launter. I thinks he's beautiful, talented and from what I hear a nice guy. Is he actually into guys, I don't know. Is he dating Maika and trying to get side action from Marie. I don't know. Is he secretly married. I have no idea. Just like the rest of you, I saw a story that interested me and responded with a comment. I'm a fan of Taylor's, no matter what and am always wishing him all the best.

  8. Emily says – reply to this


    Re: ??? – the way someone carries them self or acts doesnt define there sexuality

  9. feather says – reply to this


    I like Taylor and Maika together. Maybe this story is not true. Hope not.

  10. feather says – reply to this


    Re: ??? – Your opinion but until Taylor says otherwise. I'll take him at his word. He's too cute . Everyone wants a piece.

  11. RJ says – reply to this


    Re: tara
    Guess what - I can confirm this because I saw Taylor with the same girl the day after dining
    at Peter Lugers in Brooklyn !

  12. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Re: RJ – Are you saying you saw Taylor with this girl the next day (7/5)? If what you say is true, it looks like he is making a fool out of Maika. This story has been out for a while and so far no denials from Taylor and his people. They have shut down cheating allegations before and quickly when they're not true. It's either two things: Taylor's cheating or he dumped Maika before he got with this girl. Doesn't look good either way.

  13. ester says – reply to this


    Taylor Lautner estar com quem afinal Maika Monroe ou Marie Avgeropoulos

  14. Narissa says – reply to this


    Oh noo!! I want Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift reunite at the Teen Choice Award! Because Taylor Swift is gonna present for choice hottie, and Taylor Lautner was nominated for that award! I want Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift be together again… Please, they were perfect! He was the one who ever treated her right, whenever they go out, they always seem so happy, I just want them back.. Please Taylor!! Accept her apologize. And I hope this news is not true…

  15. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Re: Narissa – Taylor Squared will "never, never, ever get back together". She cheated on him with John Mayer. Male pride rules here, the same as it did when Robert Pattinson couldn't forgive Kristen Stewart for her cheating. Lautner will keep things civil, but don't expect a reconciliation. Swift's treatment of him may be part of the reason he looks like he's dogging around. I'm not saying it's an excuse (it's not), just a theory.

  16. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Emily – To be honest you can often tell if people are gay by the way they talk, dress and act.

  17. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Madame Verseau – When have they ever denied rumours?

  18. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Madame Verseau – Taylor Swift never cheated on Taylor Lautner. Where did you get that from? She dated Taylor in 2009 and John in 2010. Taylor Swift didn't see what she had in front of her. Once she broke up with him she realised what she had and felt bad for breaking his heart for no reason when she really had feelings for him. In Back to December she writes:
    'And then the cold came, the dark days when fear crept into my mind
    You gave me all your love and all I gave you was goodbye.'

    It was just the fact that she broke up with him and was careless.

  19. andrea says – reply to this


    I think he got a shot of the good stuff from someone when he turned 21 and now he's test driving a lot of models. Wrap it up dude or get ready for some serious child support.

  20. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – When he was dating Lily Collins (another co-star) he was accused of cyber-cheating with an American Idol contestant. The denial came within 24 hrs. in the form of a pap stroll with Lily from a dinner date. The press also stated Swift was sniffing around John Mayer while with Lautner (they were collaborating on a song) and she gave Taylor his walking papers. "Back to December" was a money-making tactic of hers to publicly shame him into taking her back, but it backfired.

  21. Madame Verseau says – reply to this


    Re: andrea – Yes, wrap it up to make sure he's doesn't come up burning too. STDs affect every socio-economic demographics.

  22. simran says – reply to this


    ME TOO. I LOVE TAY SQUARED.WISH they started dating again.They look perfect.

  23. 23

    WHO CARES THERE YOUNG as long as they are not lying to anyone else (there's nothing wrong with it)

  24. rae says – reply to this


    Re: Emily – Thank you! I totally agree.

  25. rae says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – No actually, you can't.

  26. jessie says – reply to this


    Re: tara – Tara I agree with you! I'm also a fan of Taylor! And I think him and Marie are a good couple together! I wish him all the best, and stuff……. <3