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14 comments to “Amanda Bynes Broke Her Nose?! More Plastic Surgery Woes!”

  1. yvette says – reply to this


    lol she is sort of fat! I didn't know she was THAT big. Holy crap! She must have gained loads of weight recently?

  2. 2

    here I'll later see line after line of hate comments FOR Perez, ex: "you PIG", "LEAVE HER ALONE PEREZ!" "You're such a BULLY" "u DONT deserve to be a dad you sick F@ck!". u know what?U all should practice what u preach & quit visiting this site instead of being a broken record threatening it & being a hypocrite for bullying & writing trash as well. Ppl , leave a comment about the said SUBJECT and move it along. Perez's job is reporting CELEB gossip…it's how and WHY u all started coming here, correct? So why WOULDN'T he report on Amanda Bynes or any other topic you seem to think he is "cruel" for? His attitude of reporting on his blog is why we all visited, caught on. rows of comments i see criticizing him come from familiar profile names & avatars I've seen on here since day 1. U are not any better because of your bashing. You actively search & click on the "news" and keep returning. Well guess what? All of ur whining and complaining is old, look how long you've carried on whining for and HE STILL HASN'T TAKEN YOUR ADVICE. so please do us all a favor and SHOVE A CORK UP UR @SS!

  3. Jak says – reply to this


    Is she lying about all this surgery cause her nose sure as hell don't look broke. And it's extremely common for the surgeon to break the nose when operating on it. In fact, whenever they shave the bone, they have to break it so it seals back together. However she's got to be lying as surgeons refuse to operate so frequently. They give it a BARE MINIMUM of 6 months (most commonly a year) til they even touch the nose again to reduce chances of scarring.

  4. Office Drone says – reply to this


    No way is she fat. She looks fine weight wise, sheesh. I'm 110 and 5'8" and constantly am told by people how i should eat more. Can't we all just not comment on other women's weight? What does it matter anyway?

  5. scc says – reply to this


    Are you in on the joke? You know she didn't JUST have surgery yesterday. Nor did she have 4 or 5 this month. She's delusional!!

  6. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    Re: yvette – are you an idiot, or just a troll? She is not fat, and who cares about her size? It's irrelevant, and she has bigger issues to deal with.

  7. WHA? says – reply to this


    FYI. Amanda u can not…CAN NOT… Wear glasses after a nose job. Nothing on ur bridge!! Also Jak.. Common to break the nose if they shave the bone?? Not always. First, she'd have a cast on the bridge AT LEAST a week. And that goes for broken or not broken. However that does depend on the doc. But they don't want u to mess it up!!

    Also…her nose was bruised. But her glasses covered most of it.

    Amanda take the glasses off!! Or maybe u want to eff lit up so u can get another one.

  8. 8

    This chick is a pathological liar. Where is her bruised broken nose? Where are the holes/scars from her cheek piercings? Those cheeks are smooth and unmarked.

  9. ElysiaValentine says – reply to this


    Re: blasting22 – WORD

  10. Tessagreen123 says – reply to this


    She's delusional I mean she's probs just addicted to plastic surgery now, what a pathetic excuse

  11. Rarrgarr says – reply to this


    People with scizophrenia have a "blind spot" that keeps them from being able to recognize that they are ill. You can look it up. It is one of the reasons schizophrenia is so hard to treat, even though effective medications exist. I work with schizophrenic patients and I see it every day. They also can seem very normal a lot of the time. She is not a bad person, just a sick person that needs capable individuals to recognize and treat what is happening to her.

  12. stacie says – reply to this


    Two years ago, I also had a rhinoplasty procedure by Dr. Jerome Edelstein but my surgeon didn't leave my nose broken. I don't understand why this happened to Amanda…Maybe, her doctor is not so experienced and professional. To achieve good results, a reputable and talented plastic surgeon is absolutely necessary. But I hope the surgery will work well for her.

  13. Pinkvag says – reply to this


    She's trolling all of you. She's not crazy nor mentally ill. She's normal and shes acting all weird and crazy for attention to jump start her dead career. All you guys read in the tabloids are sensationalised. The media makes money out of all these Amanda stories, everyone just buys into it cause it's not boring? A smart person wouldn't buy all these. They know it's exaggerated and lies. It's entertainment.

  14. James Nielsen says – reply to this


    Perhaps you should have not had such an "ugly" nose to begin with. Some people were born with the nose you want! Wow, you are so desperate!