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Is Nicki Minaj Bisexual???

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Does she swing that way too???

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17 comments to “Is Nicki Minaj Bisexual???”

  1. Brendan says – reply to this


    Why should they be limited to bisexuality? Can't they be pansexual, or sexually fluid? Who's to say they could be anything under the sexuality spectrum? Smh Perez, you should know better.

  2. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    The real question should be is why do you keep posting this picture over and over again. I would suspect it is because you have no moral and wish to harden us into acceptance of this sordid type of sexual propaganda so you can begin displaying men and boys in the same animal presentation. No, lower than animals, animals are healthy to their sexual appetites, only man can be made sickened by over stimulation of itself.

  3. 3

    She said she was bi when she first hit the scene. Thought that was common knowledge O.o

  4. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: Brendan – Brothels in Germany are now offering animals as well. Perhaps you are more into children though?

  5. DaVinci says – reply to this


    sorry I had to step away from the computer to vomit after I saw that video of you talking. my god, don't you shower? you're so ugly I don't think a raging homosexual would touch you with another's ten foot pole. please go shower and wash your hair!

  6. oh says – reply to this


    Didn't know you had to be labeled in order to appreciate another woman's looks

  7. 7

    every pop artist is bisexual. -_- they like the attention

  8. jack says – reply to this


    girl is just desperate for attention…

  9. Derek says – reply to this


    This is Equal rights??? She's just being a "feminist"!…

  10. Azelean says – reply to this


    I doubt it Nicki claimed to be Bi when she first came out, then said she was asexual but now its rumors that she's married or engaged to her hypeman SB who people say she's been with since before she was famous. I'm pretty sure its just for attention, or to look cool.

  11. mayra says – reply to this


    no shes just a slut

  12. ..........:) says – reply to this


    Is she bi sexual? Or maybe she's try sexual she try any thing once.

  13. Adela says – reply to this


    If you know nicki so well, shes been bi sexual -_- its nothing new

  14. jsf says – reply to this


    lol this was at Perfections in Queens on sunday night! I was there so was Maino, Fab, Meek mill, Future, Cory gunz… the NYPD shut down 3 two lane streets just for Nicki's party bus to make an entrance, U would think it was the President coming or something lol it was insane

  15. k says – reply to this


    nicki is doing her thing and enjoying her self,stop reading in to everything,she said she was when she hit the seen i don't know if she still is are not,none of that matters to em thought,all i care about is her doing her thing musically are whatever else endevous,and this isn't the first time nicki did what she is doing in that pic..stop acting like this is new.

  16. Lishlikebitchnotleash says – reply to this


    I thought Perez knew everything about celeberties?! Nicki has always admited to being bi.
    She talks about eating bad bitches and stealing bitches in almost every song.
    Plus she turned boob signing into a sport. She has called her self
    Bi before she was even signed. I love you Perez just
    Can't believe her being bi was a question. It's pretty obv.

  17. blessing says – reply to this


    nicki i want 2be u friend'i love d way u rap nd sing pls can i be just a friend