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Amber Heard (Kind Of) Confirms Johnny Depp's Romantic, Private Island Present To Her!

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johnny depp amber heard private island rum diary bar

When we heard Johnny Depp built a bar based on the one in The Rum Diary especially for Amber Heard, we totes swooned!

And it wasn't just because of the rum! Since the film set was where the couple first met, we thought it was super romantic!

So what does Amber think about her own private watering hole on her own beach? She doesn't want to talk about it!

When asked in an interview, Amber reportedly made the ixnay "thumb-knife to the neck" signal and said:

"The island… is my private life."

If we had our own private bar, we wouldn't stop talking about it! But that def wasn't a denial of the place's existence! It sounds like Amber just doesn't want to lower her bar- and we can certainly understand that.

But at least now we know why the rum is always gone! LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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120 comments to “Amber Heard (Kind Of) Confirms Johnny Depp's Romantic, Private Island Present To Her!”

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  1. Nicole says – reply to this


    The island was a gift from Johnny to himself, Vanessa and their kids.
    There is a huge difference between Vanessa and Amber. When Johnny needed more help Vanessa saved him and now that Johnny also needed help Amber is destroying him with her ​​selfishness.

  2. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Ok, but he has his life and we have ours, here is definitely a grand difference. What I mean is that I don't find absolutely respectful, said that he has never loved anyone in his life, because it is "one soul", for me is absurd. That said, everyone is free to think or to say what they want, but you can not forget the respect for others and especially for yourself. Peace

  3. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – ok, but he has his life and we have ours, here is definitely a big difference. What I mean is that I don't find absolutely respectful, said that he has never loved anyone in his life, because he is "one soul", for me, this is absurd. That said, everyone is free to think or to say what they want, but you can not forget the respect for others and especially for yourself. Nobody says stupidity here. People who do not think like you, they are not stupid they are just different from you. On the world does not exist only your point of view. I did not say that the things that you wrote are stupid or just said that he and Vanessa were loved, and now they are going ahead with their lives. I don't need to offend others to express my opinions. Relax Peace

  4. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Ok, good for you. Bye

  5. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – Amber is a wonderful distraction, He wants to have fun, and she is the perfect woman for this. we can only wish to him, not to make too much trouble!! LOL

  6. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: jamina

    I didn't say you said what I said was stupid. I just reacted to your comment, questioning what you meant. And I did not say anything that gave off the idea of "only my opinion matters and no one else's." You said I was confusing fantasy with reality and replied no I was not. That "cluelessness" remark was about the replies stating insignificant reasons of why I am talking. I called it cluelessness because that's what it is; lack of understanding, not a name-call. I cleared up the misunderstanding by explaining. It had nothing to do with calling people stupid or people agreeing with me. I'm very much aware that everyone does not think like me …a lesson brought up because? I pointed out irrelevancy, being called 'confused' and a 'hater', and that somehow linked you to saying I don't see beyond my point of view… This is exactly what I was talking about. All I did was discern what my comments were based on, harsh truth and care. How you fine that as offensive is beyond me.-

  7. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -And what I said about Johnny. I said I believe he's the type that would have remained single until he found his perfect match 'if' he knew himself. That statement was based on 'if'. However that did not happen and thus we saw the many times he fell in love. That's the same as saying, scenario, if Johnny followed his heart and became a farmer, he would have never been an actor. But we see he is an actor. Me bringing up my sensing that he would have been a farmer does not cancel the fact that he is an actor …Get me? Yes, we all have our lives. But remember, bringing up somebody else's life, or speaking of an opinionated 'what could have been, does not define lack of awareness in the contrast of a regular life and a movie star life, nor does it mean disrespect for who is being spoken of or for the person who is speaking off it; I respect myself just fine. It simply means having a discussion …that's all.

  8. Ramish says – reply to this


    for an artist nothing is a secret, his/or her life is an open book to everyone. Amber tell us about your private island.

  9. Hope says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Out of personal curiousity, what made you think that Johnny would of became a farmer? I never got that about him expect he likes to garden.

  10. 110

    Re: tega – I agree I was a big Amber and Tasya fan but they are finished, Tasya needs to move on from Amber.

  11. 111

    Re: Nicole – Amber can not destroy Johnny, th only person who is destroying Johnny is himself.

  12. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Hope X) That was just a scenario, to get what I was saying.

  13. Hope says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Ahhh… I was almost like what the hell dude a farmer?! Hahaha

  14. tega says – reply to this


    I just saw pictures of Johnny at the airport in Japan this morning. Amber (and this is DEFINATELY Amber b/c these are clear pictures) and both his kids are with him, along with other kids and assistants. I saw them on a website…it was either or Russian or Israli. Johnnytim.com.

  15. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Thus with the pictures of them and they are (clearly) to realize the haters!
    They're serious, while the children included the relationship, and good luck: p

  16. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Photos are wonderful and cute.
    In All Respect to them and the children involved.
    These images then (clearly) out that this relationship.
    Useless to hammered and turn that (supposedly) something towrong with these
    in Figures! I look forward to that if someone comes to that Amber does not not care about love Johnny
    or vice versa. hahaha they will be disappointed :)

  17. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    I seen those pics early this morning. Now I'm gonna say what I said somewhere else. This has nothing to do with ‘me’ or ‘anyone’ not liking them together. Without my or anyone’s opinion on it, you cannot deny that the way this all fell together is twisted. There’s definitely something going on with Johnny that none of us see. Today looks like it’s all good. That’s how he is. He goes with the flow. This is his life now. Pretty on the outside, but that doesn’t mean what I, anyone or you said is wrong. Don’t let this wholesome outing fool you. People said what you said for a reason. I said what I for a reason. That doesn’t mean being negative or "not accepting this relationship"(non-related whatsoever). That has nothing to do with why anyone has said what they said about them. Don’t confuse commonsense with hatred or being negative. Calling a duck ‘a duck’ means it is what it is, on the water or in the sky.

  18. anne says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I also accompany the career of Johnny for a long time and I he is just trying to make it work

  19. elsa says – reply to this


    Re: tega – of course the tabloids are going to say that. nothing new there. my guess…his ex is right: she's a gold digger. if you read any other posts about her elsewhere, she has worse rep then kim kardashian and that's not good.

  20. jenny says – reply to this


    Amber's greed is so boring. She is an awful actress and Johnny is losing alot of fans over this classless girl. This is a disaster for her because she is and will only be known as the home wrecking whore that she is and riding Johnny's coattails. And johnny is alienating all of his female fans who believed his B.S. about how he was such a family man and not a part of the Hollywood scene. Well Johnny is just that now, a Hollywood cliche`. An old Hollywood man who dumps the mother of his children for a 20 something year old that is young enough to be his daughter. it is a disaster.

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