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Bethenny Frankel's Divorce Battle Rages On With Baby Bryn Caught In The Crossfire!

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bethenny frankel jason hoppy divorce

Bethenny Frankel's divorce dramz is starting to make Real Housewives look like a day on the playground!

The Skinnygirl mogul and soon-to-be ex-hubby Jason Hoppy are at a serious stalemate when it comes to their financial and custody agreement — and we all know Bethenny doesn't react well when she doesn't get what she wants.

In fact, the former reality TV star is so furious that her estranged hubby won't settle that she lashed out in front of their precious daughter, Bryn — at one point even calling him "trash."

An insider dished:

“Bethenny then became enraged and called him trash in front of their daughter. She also said Jason was lazy and stupid."

Ok, we get her frustration, but that is NO WAY to speak about your baby daddy, especially in front of the baby.

Not to mention, Jason is only holding out on settling because he is fighting what he thinks is best for his little girl, but it could be at the expense of Bethenny's career.

Jason is doing whatever he can to make sure the tot will be out of the public eye which is why his lawyer has filed documents to block their girl from appearing on his wife's new talk show.

The insider explained:

“He doesn’t want Bryn in the audience, or doing pre-taped segments for the show. He just doesn’t feel their daughter should be on display. Jason has always been very, very careful to never say anything negative about Bethenny [and] believes Bethenny does not play by the same rules."

We can't say we disagree with Jason! We've definitely seen the negative effects of kids thrown in the spotlight.

If Bethenny REALLY wanted to put the whole mess behind her then she would compromise for the sake of Bryn's well being. Right??!

After all, lil' Bryn is just as much Jason's kid as she is hers!

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17 comments to “Bethenny Frankel's Divorce Battle Rages On With Baby Bryn Caught In The Crossfire!”

  1. 1

    She's such a cold, high-strung bitch! Also, her jaw is gross!

  2. 2

    Im sure Bethenny is dying to pimp out Bryn, use her as a tool to make Bethenny appear likable.
    I stopped buying any her products and I wont be watching…sorry Ellen. I wish you'd stop putting her on your show to try to make us like her.

  3. 3

    "We've definitely seen the negative effects of kids thrown in the spotlight." Which is why Perez should keep HIS kid off his gossip site.

  4. Joanne says – reply to this


    Shame on Bethenny, I have lost all respect for her! She is spoiled and so used to getting her own way that she cannot accept Jason putting his foot down. Good for him! At least Brynn h as one level headed parent. Bethenny lost the best guy she ever had because her balls were bigger than his -she was so miserable to him and his parents on the show - I can't imagine what went on when the cameras weren't rolling!

  5. Connor says – reply to this


    Losing respect for Bethenny FAST. Wow. I've come to really dislike her since she's begun to fight for SOLE custody of Bryn. That is a heartless, bloodless, disgusting, ego-driven thing to do. Hoppy isn't a danger to his daughter, he's not reckless….doesn't she remember loving him at all? I hope her show fails.

  6. LA GIRL says – reply to this


    I use to like Bethenny.. now I just think she is rich snob who thinks her shit doesn't stink. Let me tell you Bethenny it does and you are one cold hearten bitch. You will most likely be single the rest of your life. Jason is such a nice family guy with great family values which she never respected. She always treated his parents like crap and they seem the most genuine nicest people. Her show will FLOP!!! Who wants to watch her? If Anderson gets cancelled I know she won't make it. Poor Bryn having to grow up with a monster oh I mean mother like that.. Thank goodness for Jason.

  7. Theresa says – reply to this


    Jason knew who Bethenny was when he married her. He made a baby with a reality TV star and now he's worried about his child being on TV? He IS stupid…

  8. Linda says – reply to this


    So Jason allowed his daughter to be pimped for three seasons of her reality TV show, but now that he is not in the picture, he suddenly has scruples about his daughter being on TV, please. Jason is a gold digger who is using his own daughter to play hard ball in the divorce process. He is acting like an asshole refusing top move out of the apartment that her hard work bought, just can't imagine what he would have done if they didn't have a pre-nup, instead of working harder and being successful in his own right, he is just sitting on his hands and hoping to get the most money from the divorce to bank roll the rest of his life.

  9. Diane C says – reply to this


    Jason is the stable parent with a level head. Bethenny is all over the place. She IMO will never be happy. Always to her something is wrong and IF she doesn't get her way she FLIPS out!!! I pray the judge sees the difference. Bryn needs them both just small, tiny does of her Mom. BTW she acts like her mother whom she despises.

  10. ragdoll821 says – reply to this


    It is a "he said she said". But what I am not understanding is why the judge doesn't stop it. The judge should give his parents temporary custody with the stringent warning that they both must cease this behavior immediately. The child would be more stable with his folks. How awful for the child.

  11. Kathy says – reply to this


    Re: Linda – You are kidding right. She is a cold hearted, selfish, sorry excuse for a mother. She thinks only of herself, nobody else. Jason is a loving father and is fighting to remain in Bryn's life. Every photo I have seen of Bryn with her father she is happy and smiling….with her mother, not so much.

  12. Tatine says – reply to this


    She is everything she said her mother was and more!!!! It's easy to raise a child when you have a nanny and staff to take care of the child. That is unless the cameras are out then she becomes mother of the year!!! The only place for that child not to end up like her mother is having a relationship with her father and his family.. I don't blame him for going after what he can get….He honestly supported her and she dishonestly loved him for her own good….

  13. DrewinPA says – reply to this


    Let's keep this real. First of all Perez, history shows that you've never been a fan of Betheney and have taken every opportunity to criticize her and her life. Before the "new and improved Perez Hilton" you had no qualms in being a bitch-bully towards here. Your recent posting pretty much does the same - but just doesn't have all the mean words you've used before. Though you may think you're being subtle in your hatred for Betheny - it's still there between the lines. And "hello black kettle!" - if you really care about "the negative effects of kids thrown in the spotlight", then walk the walk and talk the talk and stop putting pics and posts of your son. In fact, if you REALLY are worried about kids being thrown into the spotlight then you simply should not post any stories about anyone's child - be it a celebrity or your own.

  14. Scout says – reply to this


    Hoppy the Hypocrite - its funny that U are not telling the whole story. 1st of all Jason will not leave the Apt.(in 1 of the last episodes he calls it "her Apt", which is causing even more stress 4 Bryn. 2nd he only works partime(while she has written at least 4 books & goes on speaking tours not 2 mention her success with Skinny girl which he wanted no part of-HE IS LAZY-so U can imagine going home to an ex who contributes nothing but watching sports most of the day.3rd he apeared in her talkshow audience with Bryn"so he was fine with that".& when bethenny had her bravo show he told her just smile & cash the check. Get your facts straight. Watch her shows be4 you make comments like that. She is a single working mother who is trying to be positive while her husband has always tried to make her feel less than…..SHAME on U-Hilton…I thought U changed!

  15. normalmomof3 says – reply to this


    I also, have lost respect for this prima donna named Frankel. As a neutral spectator at first, I now hope that Bryn's dad gets the best of this divorce. Shame on Bethany F. for speaking in such way about the father of her child…..in front of her child. Shame on you B. Frankel!!!

  16. Diane62 says – reply to this


    Jason cannot move out of residence or else looks like abandonment of minor to courts & he doesn't want to lose his daughter & you can't blame him for that. To have to share apt. with Bethenny must be hell to him now but he has strong family values & now divorcing does not want to lose his daughter too! I would stay put too! Bethenny deserves to be alone as she has always treated him like he was a failure to her success. I also heard daughter was on their show at Bethenny's insistence. Now maybe she will be kept out of divorce itself & be allowed to be a child. Not moved away from ones who love her the most to california or taken out of U.S. to travel with Bethenny especially at holidays as Bethenny has nobody to spend christmas with but Brynn. Jason- please only fight for your daughter! She is the only thing of importance left from your short marriage.

  17. charlie says – reply to this


    U are my girl I love this woman! she is beautiful, strong. She will tell it like it is.So that makes her a bitch well that is the best complement u can ever get. stay strong !