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Ian Somerhalder Gets Close To Anomaly Co-Star Alexis Knapp!

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Ooh la la!

The Vampire Diaries is officially back in production as of Wednesday. But while fans mourned Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s breakup during the show’s hiatus, it seems the Salvatore brother in question kept himself busy filming his upcoming movie The Anomaly!

And we have proof!

Caught cozying up to co-star Alexis Knapp, Ian looks like he got up to some good fun during the film’s production — he made some new friends!

Just look at that broody stare!

Le sigh and swoon.

Lookin’ too good, Smolderhalder. As usual, of course.

[Image via Instagram.]

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279 comments to “Ian Somerhalder Gets Close To Anomaly Co-Star Alexis Knapp!”

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  1. john says – reply to this


    ian is a playboy….dude are you blind,you are dating a slut.

  2. Maya says – reply to this



  3. Shut up stupid hater says – reply to this


    Re: iqra – there is no picture of them together at the AirPort! Stop lying. And even if there was…they are Co Stars and Friends! Stop your fucking hate and DONT JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS for gods sake! Calling him a cheater is so low…you should be ashamed. This is an insult to both, Ian AND Nina! So stop it :/

  4. SoTrue says – reply to this


    Ian and Nina were seen together on pics through years but never ever their behavior was exclusive towards each other, some stupid fans created fairytail and named it Nian, which was used by CW for the best sales. Fans wanted Nian, Nian posed for them
    we never saw them in Atl together, to many fans saw them ALWAYS fighting and living in separate room during their con trips but those fans wre trashed by those who now trash Ian for daring ruin their fairy tail
    Fans were so happy creating a story where i guy leave everything behind and lives just for his girl wishes. Nian = Delena. And now that guy has his own opinion, his own wishes and moved on from mary Sue image of Nina which is far away from how stuck up idiot she is in real life.
    How dare he not fulfill fans dreams. Bad Ian
    i Say - GO IAN!

  5. SoTrue says – reply to this


    Re: Shut up stupid hater
    insult to ian and nina when those two broke up IF THEY EVER DATED in the first place!!
    and why when Nina was flying with Ian as a co star kids like u- screamed "love is in the air" from the top of you lungs and didn't care that it is disrespect for ian who was telling you in each of his interviews how much he loves his ex Meghan. But if the girl is not Nina then it might be only co starts. Grow up.

  6. Love says – reply to this


    I love Ian and I wish him all the best in Life. He's so wonderful and sweet. I'm proud to call him my Idol.
    And about nian, maybe they had a fling but thats it,imo.

  7. love says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – I say: you are pathetic as Ian

  8. CONCLUSION says – reply to this



  9. . says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – And ian is a liar, plays the saint, but he is just a male whore, cheater, he and alexis knapp are good for each other. ps:HIS FOUNDATION IS A BIG FAT LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MONEY NEVER GOES TO ANIMALS.

  10. SoTrue says – reply to this


    Oh and just for a minute, lets assume that Alexis is as bad as haters make her to look here. Then i have a question what kind of nightmare of a woman Nina is in reality that ian run away from her to a chick as Alexis, that Ian didn't care who is Alexis and the only care of his was to run to somebody no matter whom just fast and as much far away as possible
    before u trash Alexis remember that she possible is his next choice, ergo better then Nina ergo what kind of trash Nina is if Alexis is that bad.

  11. fact says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – and least she is not a slut like mister ian, the dude would never have a serious thing with a woman because he always cheat on them.

  12. love says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – you're saying a bunch of crap. the fact that Ian is going on between the legs of Alexi has nothing to do with Nina, Ian simply can not keep it in his pants. Alexis better than Nina? ahaha Please! Who says that just because Ian fuck her is a good choice? because he is a saint? ahahah

  13. SoTrue says – reply to this


    Re: factRe: fact
    No Nina is just a famewhore who rided ian's fame and if you look at her pics from free time before TVD you would see her jumping on boys while she was in relationships, being a party animal, a drinker and smoker and a stuck up snob
    so thatk god ian get rid of her. Anyone is better than Nina

  14. WTF says – reply to this


    fuck ian and alexis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. SoTrue says – reply to this


    Nina's stans are really pathetic
    thank god Ian get rid of that famewhore who ride his fame to get noticed
    and before Ian..omg look at her pics in age 17-19 party animal, jumping on boys bones while she lived with her boyfriend. No shame she has.
    Anyone is better than she

  16. ha ha says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – AND IAN IS SOME BRAD PITT? HAS THAT BOX OFFICE MOVIES, WON SOME OSCAR AND HE IS SOOOOO FAMOUS AND GOOODDDD ACTOR? HA HA at acting he sucks so hard that even TVD doesn't give him some decent material. nina doesn't need this dude. he fucked all his costars and cheat on them. he can keep alexis. she is his soulmate.

  17. paul fan says – reply to this


    Ian somerhalder the biggest douchebag!!!!!!!!!! paul is a way better actor.

  18. zara says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – ian goes at cons and tell sthem how he fucks women at 20 in italy. greate attitude somerhalder!!!!!! whore attention. Paul and Nina are way better actors, Ian is the week part, the candy male of tvd.

  19. zara says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – she is way better than whore knapp. she didn't make a baby and then she didn't know who is the father. Dear Alexis can keep Ian. They are like twin flames!

  20. ..... says – reply to this


    Re: CONCLUSION – Ahmed, Iqra or whatever your Name is …go and find yourself a Hobby instead of hating on a celebrity you don't know.

  21. love says – reply to this


    instead thinking about how behaves Nina thinks about how behaves your idol.. drunk in club to fuck Russian ballerinas and flirts with all those who breathe. Ian marrying type? ahah luckily that Nina has freed him, not the other way! Ian does not know what respect

  22. K says – reply to this


    Don't even bother with that hater guys…ITS ALWAYS THE SAME PATHETIC PERSON! He/she obviously has no Life.

  23. love says – reply to this


    instead thinking about how behaves Nina thinks about how it behaves your idol .. drunk in the club to fuck the Russian ballerinas and flirts with all those who breathe. Ian type of marrige? please! luckily that Nina has freed him, not the other way. He don't know respect

  24. love says – reply to this


    Re: K – so even those who defend Ian is ALWAYS THE SAME PATHETIC PERSON? :)

  25. ....... says – reply to this


    Nina is Re: paul fan – Paul who?

  26. SoTrue says – reply to this


    Re: love
    HE IS A SINGLE MAN! he can F!@#%^ck all the way fom USA to Russia, he has no obligation in front of anyone. And those ballerinas - oh famous russian beauties, whcih man wouldn't want those legs wrapped around him? he is single and hot, so why not?
    Nina loss if she let him run away from her!

    and when he was in his 20s he f!#$cked a girl in Italy. Well he has a past. Nina used to f!@$#%ck hal ROX club in TO so what?
    and newflash

    i guess girls are envy that Ian wen to posh russian models and other actresses not them at cons to bed!

  27. Pet says – reply to this


    To those who call Ian a cheater….does this mean nina bored him to Death? She's bad in bed, she probably stalked him and begged him to go out with her. Poor Guy

  28. SoTrue says – reply to this


    Re: Pet
    u rock buudy!
    If Nina would be enough for him he wouldn't go for other girls
    if fans claim that he f!@#$%cked half russia imagine HOW hungry he was for a woman touch
    as i said if ian run away from Nina then it means that she is a nightmare

  29. love says – reply to this


    yeah, I'm really envious of not being cheated by a man with no respect and fake you are really pathetic

  30. queen says – reply to this


    Re: Pet – he is just a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. love says – reply to this


    "If Nina would be enough for him he wouldn't go for other girls"? I hope that your boyfriends or husbands cheated you, then we'll talk

  32. nadia says – reply to this


    i don't know if he is a cheater but a MAN SLUT, he is for sure! From what i read Alexis Knapp is a "good girl" no problem! For real now, he went in italy with her, she left her baby, wasn't even at her bday. bad mother!!!!

  33. opinion says – reply to this


    i dislike ian is there a problem!?!

  34. love says – reply to this


    the fact that Ian is a traitor has nothing to do with Nina, Ian simply can not keep it in his pants.

  35. Nian says – reply to this


    Which Girl in their right mind wouldn't wanna fuck Ian. He's super hot and has the most amazing eyes I've ever seen. He's a free Man and is entitled to do whatever he wants. He doesn't own you anything. Same goes for Nina, she's a free Girl, she can hang out with all these Boys if she wants to. You People have no right to jugdes them.

    Btw, they were both seen together yesterday, going to an appointment. They are on good terms. I'm sure nothing bad happened between them. So you can stop the 'blaming Game' already. Its getting ridiculous

  36. SoTrue says – reply to this


    Re: nadia
    actually she returned for her daughter BDay and even pictured it and posted on tweeter
    so she is FINE mother and good mother!

    and PS
    a man wont go for other woman if his woman is enough
    they are to lazy to do changes in their lives if everything works for them
    So IF Ian run from Nina she is awful gf

  37. end says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – no she didn't! her girl was in sua. was never in london. so shut up. knapp is slut and ian deserve her.

  38. Respect please says – reply to this


    Re: love – Do you really think Nina is that dumb to be with a cheater for 3 YEARS?? are you kidding me…You have absolute no respect…not for Ian and not for Nina.

  39. love says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – "a man wont go for other woman if his woman is enough"….is what has happened to you, right? poor girl

  40. Enough says – reply to this


    Re: end – and I know who you are. So be careful

  41. Eva says – reply to this


    Ian in Russia did not fuck anyone. The girls from the club just made beautiful photos with it. Girls said that he was very cool and positive. Fans often kiss the yen. When women see Jena, they say they want to kiss him. He did nothing wrong, the girl from the club kissed him on the cheek. She said that it was such a beautiful and positive that she really wanted to kiss him. There was nothing else.

  42. Eww says – reply to this


    Re: love – YOU AND YOUR 10 names are getting on my nerves…you clearly need help!

  43. SoTrue says – reply to this


    Re: love
    No that is obviously what happened to Nina, Ian prefered a girl whom ppl here tend to call names, even her is better than Nina obviously

    Re: end
    check ur facts
    there is photgraphic evidence that on daughters BDay Alexis was eith her

    Re: Respect please
    so if Nina wouldb't be with Ian for 3 years…hmm i guess u agree that it is all PR showmance to feed crazy fans!

  44. Pet says – reply to this


    Have you guys seen the pics of Nina, being drunk as fuck, Smoking shisha, posing between Boys like a whore, piggyback on that dude…and you dare to call Alexis a slut?! Lmao

  45. Thanks says – reply to this


    Re: Eva – we all know that, but thanks for clarify this for the haters.

  46. love says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – her is better than Nina? she did not know who is the father of her daughter ahahah

  47. love says – reply to this


    Re: Pet – if Nina is whore Ian what is? or is it only for women? you are a woman? this thought scares me. poor girl, pathetic

  48. Peace says – reply to this


    Re: love – you have no idea who Alexis is. Don't tell me you know anything about her, cuz you don't. But she is a Human with Feelings, i think its Time for you to show some manners,leave this Site and Ian and Alexis alone. Would you like to read stuff like that ABOUT YOU? That you are a whore? Or a bad mother? A cheater? Esp if there is no proof? Think about it. Seriously :/

  49. love says – reply to this


    Re: Pet – at least Nina don't do a daughter did not know who the father was. I understand why you think Alexis is perfect for Ian

  50. PET says – reply to this


    Re: love – I've seen the pictures with drunk Nina and all those Men etc. Show me 1 pic with Ian and Alexis together, OFF SET. Just 1…and hurry cuz I have better things to do.

  51. PET says – reply to this


    Re: love – I didn't say Alexis is perfect for Ian…WTF! Damn dude are you on drugs or what?

  52. love says – reply to this


    there is a picture while walking hand in hand on the street in London. you saw pic of Nina drunk? if one has a glass in hand is drunk? really? then Ian in Russia where clearly saw that he had been drinking was really drunk. good :)

  53. HMM says – reply to this



  54. Mimi says – reply to this


    I usually don't comment on Sites like this but I had to. Nina Dobrev is not a Saint. Shes doing everything for Fame. She kept flirting with Ian while she was still dating the one Guy from Degrassi…remember her Interview "I would never date a co Star?" Yeah sure Nina! ugh :( she dumped him for Ian!!!!!! And now that she is famous she dumped Ian too. Who's next? Oh Derek Hough! Good luck dude

  55. .......... says – reply to this


    Re: HMM – who are you? His friend or Brother? Do you have a SEX Tape? Unless you have no proof stop talking shit and get a life!

    Do you even know how pathetic you are? You are obsessed with the Ian fucked Alexis thing…its SCARY!!

  56. wendy says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi – she never dated ben. so shut up. famewhore is somerhalder and pathetic.

  57. so trueeeee says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi – your forgot who is the BIG FAME WHORE? Even isf is for publicity so pleaseeeee.

  58. question says – reply to this



  59. paul fan says – reply to this


    Re: question – of course.

  60. come one says – reply to this


    alexis ex of Ryan is with Ian? Ridiculous.No way.

  61. mandy says – reply to this


    I'm not getting this Ian hate. Nina is NOT INTERESTED in Ian, that is as obvious as the nose on your face for the past two and a half months. Therefore they are broken up, no longer together. Therefore Ian is SINGLE and can spend time with whoever he wants. It's as simple as that.

  62. Vessy says – reply to this


    Re: SoTrue – You are so pathetic. Feel sorry for you!People like you make the world sad and miserable!

  63. maria says – reply to this


    Re: tom – lol, Paul can't act for nothing with his one facial expression for every Scene. Ian has to carry all the Dialogue in the Scenes, while paul usually is useless and stands or sits around with a stupid look on his face. He even had the same expression on his face when he was tearing people apart, but a realy like Paul on a personal Level. Ian is a beautifull Man inside and out, that has made Damon, one of the most complex characters, in to the best Character on TV ever, and that is because of the brilliant portrayal of the character, by Ian Somerhalder

  64. Respect says – reply to this


    Re: question – NO HE DIDN'T. Nian is no more, they are over! And Alexis and Ian are just Friends and Co workers.

    You haters are pathetic, LET IAN LIVE HIS LIFE and stop bullying and assuming things! Go and support your Idols cuz you'll never know what will happen tomorrow!! They are humans after all…SHOW RESPECT!!

  65. Mimi says – reply to this


    Re: so trueeeee – you are a heartless ugly Person. Thats all.

  66. M says – reply to this


    Re: wendy – yes she did, there is proof. She is the famewhore. But you guys are blind, you don't wanna see it! She showed her true colers during this hiatus, no wonder she lost tons of Fans. Oh and there's another Fan conventions this Weekend, everyone from the cast is there except Nina the diva Dobrev. She attends red carpets Events non stop but for her Fans? She can't even go to ONE CON, just one! Really sad. Cuz of her behavior you dobrevics will never meet her! She doesn't wanna waste her Time with you guys. Ha

    And now have a nice Day

  67. The End says – reply to this


    It pisses me off when people jump to conclusions. Ian and Nina are not your puppets. We don't know anything about their private Life and its sure as hell not your relationship, go live your own Life and let them live theirs. And leave Alexis alone, they poor Girl has done nothing to deserve your hateful comments -.-

    STOP hating on someone else's idol, just stop it! Support and appreciate YOUR Idol as long as you can. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone esp People you don't know!

  68. bella says – reply to this


    yes ian is a slut male, what's the problem? he always pose semi naked to get attention, at cons talks about how he had sex in italy, disgusting, etc

  69. kath says – reply to this


    Paul is worst actor he one expression only the face ,Ian is actor better than him better expressions during in show. !! much more surrounding actor.!!fact yours millions that fans to continue by WORLD!!
    Ian is the best!!! Sorry.

  70. detective says – reply to this


    Ian was with olga fonda in italy she's russian and a new cast member on tvd
    And what did the fans describe the girl he was with? She even spoke russian
    I actually have no problem with this girl
    A better fit than alexis of course

  71. marieme says – reply to this


    you people are horrible how is ian a man whore when all he wanted was to settle down and nina was being a little bratty bitch talking about she wants to have fun!!!lshe has been seen whoring around and u guys have nothing to say about that just stfu and let me fuck whoever the fuck he wants to fuck

  72. maryann says – reply to this


    Re: marieme – he wanted was to settle down???? please!!!Ian just wants to have fun, stop make he saint!

  73. amanda says – reply to this


    Re: marieme – he is a fucker and a cheater!!!!!! he and alexis= pathetic

  74. Kim says – reply to this


    Re: Shelley – YES, I absolutely agree. Ian has the right to bang any chick he wants. Nina dumped him, what was he supposed to do go cry in a corner forever. These nina fans need to get real. Nina was the one acting like a little slut constantly tweeting half naked bikini pics of her with other guys, how high school was that. I hope he is with Alexis now. Nina needs to grow the **** up.

  75. metball says – reply to this


    Re: Kim – you are pathetic as Ian and Alexis.

  76. 276

    Wooooo!! Go ian!! ړײ happy 4 u dude! ♔

  77. veronica says – reply to this


    Re: queeeen – Have you even watched TVD? Ian is a great actor. He emotes incredibly, as does Paul. So take your hate and go choke on a bag of dicks. If you guys don't like Ian, that's your choice. I don't know him but love all the work he does for his foundation and other charities, and he has a huge heart for animals, and no, not with a HUGE BS brand like HSUS. Suck it guys, Ian is too good for you.

  78. emily says – reply to this


    You guys are really pathetic. So let me get this straight, it's fine for Ian to be all flirty and bang chicks but it's wrong for Nina to have fun with her friends? So all she should do is spend her summer crying in the corner. What's wrong with you people? it looks they both moved on and we should be happy and not make judgments about what they're doing. Anyway, whatever they do is none of your damn business so please stop

  79. maria says – reply to this


    Re: Fahmida Siddyqua – lol paul is better, like cheating on tori with his co star, lying to his fans saying i tell tori everything i love you, and then 2 weeks later is caught kissing phoebe tonkin and filing divorce papers. and when it comes to acting with his same one facial expression all the time, He can't hold a Candle to Ian.

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