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Lindsay Lohan Gets Nekked In The Canyons Trailer! Watch!

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Seksi time at the movies!!!

The official trailer for Lindsay Lohan's new film, The Canyons, has just been released and it's chock full of nearly nekked goodness!

We already know the movie is about doing the nasty AND involves a 4 way sex scene, but we're wondering if there's more to it!

It's from the same people who made the classics, Taxi Driver and American Gigolo, so fingers crossed?!

We're totes hoping all the on-set drama was worth it, LiLo!

This needs to be the beginning of your career resurrection!

[Image via IFC Films.]

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39 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Gets Nekked In The Canyons Trailer! Watch!”

  1. 1

    I do not think this will resurrect her career. Not only has she fried her brain to the point that she can no longer act, but she has messed with her face so much that it is as expressionless as her smoke-hoarsened voice. The only way Lindsay will be successful again is if she disappears for a few years and gets really healthy.

  2. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    She has no screen presence and her voice is without emotion or inflection, flat and dead, just like her career.

  3. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Lindsay I have not seen this movie yet but from the looks of it ,it seems Below you . You are so much Better than this

  4. To Taylor. says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – No, it is what she is. Look at what IS Taylor. Lindsay is a soft porn group sex actress. How can it be "beneath her" when it is what she is? Nice of you to judge Lindsays SOUL. Now you are trying to SHAME her into being a better Actress?

  5. What IS says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – This is all she has left. Lindsay didn't choose to do this crap for $100 days because she liked the films humanitarian message. This was the ONLY work she could get. This is what happens to pretty girls who want to become actresses in Hollywood who turn arrogant, nonprofessional and turn into junkies and/or criminals and NO ONE IN REAL HOLLYWOOD WILL HIRE THEM. This was the ONLY work Lindsay could find in The Industry. The porn industry is FULL of young woman who came to Hollywood to be REAL MOVE STARS, but their JUNKIE lifestyle PROHIBITS them from getting quality work in "family" entertainment media. This is the ONLY work Lindsay can get, and rumor has it real porn doesn't even want her because they are low budget and can't AFFORD her stupid diva meltdowns. Now maybe you understand why I am not thrilled with you pushing and pushing Lindsay to go back into acting. Her only OPTIONS are SMUT. Even if this movie was a BIG HIT, it would NOT help Lindsays reputation/career in REAL HOLLYWOOD. Porn stars do NOT cross over into FAMILY ENTERTAIMENT –or mainstream. Reputations matter. I have heard the Porno industry is full of METH. Apparenly it keeps the dudes hard, and the girls awake. Like Lindsay being a meth junkie porn star, is going to be fulfilling for her being an actress? This is all she has left as an OPTION in "acting" , Taylor.

  6. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: What IS – OMG I have not judged Lindsay's soul ! You take up what I say so wrong . Lindsay is far from a porn star . Sorry but that is horrible for you to say . JJF with all do respect You have admitted you have not seen any of LL s movies . How can you speak of LLs talent when you have not seen her movies . I will say it again Lindsay is Better than this !

  7. Taylor, says – reply to this


    Taylor, I know you are sincere, but I feel you really have some kind of severe memory issues because you don't remember shit. I have seen Georgia Rule, I have seen snippets of Mean Girls, I saw about 10 minutes of Liz and Dick. I have NO interest in seeing the Canyons, because Lindsay IS a porn star in that movie and I don't WANT to see a sick woman/child in bed with three guys for $100 day. How can you say she is better than that, when she is DOING THAT? How can say she isn't doing porn, when she is BUCK ASS NAKED IN BED WITH THREE NAKED GUYS DOING A LOOONG FOUR WAY SEX SCENE? And YOU ARE JUDGING SOULS when you say, "You are better than THAT". Hey, porn stars are people TOO and who the hell are you to say that YOU are better than a porn star of Lindsay is better than a porn star…. Lindsay IS what she is, and HOOKERS are what they are and Brain Surgeons are what they are, and dog trainers, and French fry scoopers are all what they are, and they are ALL PEOPLE. They ARE all GOD'S CHILDREN. Lindsay is BETTER than NOONE ELSE, and she IS a porn star, sister, if she is STARRING in a porn movie. Who are you to JUDGE who is better than anyone else, most importantly TELL A STRANGER THAT THEY "ARE BETTER THAN" WHAT THEY *****CHOOSE***** TO DO? Lindsay WANTED to do Canyons, Taylor, so you most certainly are JUDGING that she is "too good" to be HERSELF.

  8. Taylor, says – reply to this


    For the records, I also saw Freaky Friday many, many years ago. I did not know who Lindsay Lohan even was until 3 years ago. So, I did see Freaky Friday and the movie was Ok, as I remember it, but I do remember a few years ago learning that Lindsay was in Freaky Friday and my response to that was "what part?" So, I had seen her but she LEFT ZERO impression on me. I didn't think she was bad, but she didn't stand out as anything special when I couldn't even remember ANYTHING about the LEAD teenager in the movie. Her ACTING talent is NOT IMPORTANT at this time in her life when her WHOLE WORLD is going to shit. She could go to prison for the IRS issues, she has numerous lawsuits, probation, community service and therapy. SHE IS HOMELESS and doesn't have any QUAILITY friends she can turn to. And you think her most important issue is getting in touch with you, so she can save her CAREER? You have delusions, memory problems and you don't understand what you read when you COULD read what you are responding to BEFORE you write something in public that makes you look like a fricking MORON. How COULD Lindsay TRUST in you, when you can't keep the information in one post straight in your head long enough to RESPOND to it ACCURATELY? I wouldn't let you babysit a HAMSTER, let alone guide someone who is VERY ILL and VERY CONFUSED. Are you that crazy Nicole poster from T#Z? You are deeply out of touch with how EDUCATED minds in this country WORK WITH EACH OTHER.

  9. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    I have also seen L on Ugly Betty. I actually has a hard time at first telling the difference between her & the red head that was Bettys boyfriends knocked up ex-girlfriend. I have no idea if they were even on the show at anywhere near the same time. My fluff TV is what I watch when I am bored & tired, not ready for bed, but too tired to read. Anyway, I thought she was pretty, she came across as immature, I don't remember what age she was or was playing, but I thought she was plenty adequate & she was above average in being "pretty". However, I have recently been informed that she was originally scheduled to have either 6 or 8 episodes but she got "into it" with the Big Star Betty(LOVE HER!!!) and Lindsay got the ax after, I think it was 4 episodes. So point being I have seen Lindsay work ENOUGH to have a CONSUMER OPINION of if I find her something really, really, special that lights up the scene. Well, I don't. Selma Hyack on Ugly Betty however, could almost keep me in my chair if the house was burning down the same time she walks into an Ugly Betty Scene in something revealing. Now, that… ssssmokes. But, it's OPINONS Taylor. Some like chocolate; some vanilla. It isn't WRONG to like Lindsays acting or NOT like it. That isn't the biggest PROBLEM: She can't be hired for any movie until she is OFF probation. 2 yrs. Lets back-burner her Movie Star career, and deal with what's really at ISSUE ..in CRITICAL WAYS, in her REAL LIFE.

  10. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: Taylor, – Hold on Girl , Who the hell are you to tell me how to think and what to say ! Get real PLASSEEEZZZEEEE Lindsay is no "porn star" The Canyons is not being billed as a porn . I have every right in the world to tell LL she is better than this because Lindsay is Better than this ! YOU can tell LL what you think also no one is stopping you . I don't think like you ( Thank God) I don't want to think like you and I will say what I like because I believe Lindsay is better than this ! opinions are opinions .

  11. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    If L is "better than this" -then she would be ACTING better than this. - She is NAKED in bed w/3 other men. The movie is all about naked sex scenes. Also, I have NEVER told you HOW to think or WHAT to think. I have only ever commented how your thinking/your 'position' CHANGES from 1 post to the next & that you BLACK OUT when you rip into people w/VICIOUSNESS & horrible accusations; slinging shit & LIES at people when what people have written you IS RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES. ASK urself, WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING? How many REAL FRIENDS do you have in your life that ADMIRE you? I do not wish to be cruel T, but you are totally full of shit. You can't even read a post on these boards & keep what was written in your head long enough to respond ACCURATELY. You have called me horrible things & MISQUOTED me DOZENS OF TIMES. You come across as VERY IMPARIED; your thinking/memory & abilities to comprehend what you read. You read something & MAKE SHIT UP that was NEVER there. I do NOT believe you are some kind of gifted healer/career savior when you can NOT even correspond w/someone without getting the info WRONG about 92% of the time. You are NOT a healthy adult. You are an intellectual/emotional MESS on these boards. You DON'T MAKE SENSE. And it's ok, but you are in NO position to try to HELP L. So please, until you can READ accurately, don't give advice to really confused people.

  12. ANSWER THIS: says – reply to this


    TAYLOR: Do tell me, WHEN & HOW I have EVER told you HOW TO THINK or WHAT TO SAY? I have tried very hard to be tolerate of your lies, accusations, your black outs, SHITTY THINGS you have PUBLISHED about ME in MEDIA. All your flagrant misinformation, you BLAMING a quality, highly-respected attorney for FORCING L to PLEAD to CRIMES that VIOLATED her probation & resulted in CRIMINAL THEFT CHARGES GOING ON LS PERMANANT CRIMINAL RECORD — that YOU SAY L was INNOCENT of, but Shawn Holley MADE LINDSAY PLEAD NO CONTEST –because, according to you, Ms. Holley is more concerned with her "stats" than she is her clients INNOCENCE. I have asked you numerous times to print out these threads where you go bozo on me & ask A FRIEND, A PRIEST or a TEACHER in your life, to read the threads & give YOU FEEDBACK as to YOUR OWN CLARITY. Did you? Have you EVER SHOWN anyone what you write here & asked them for their perception of what they read, when they read YOUR CONFUSING, INCONSISTANT, EMOTIONAL FLIP OUTS against STRANGERS on blogs? Have you EVER asked ANYONE'S OPINIONS OF HOW YOU PRESENT YOURSELF HERE ON THESE BOARDS? QUIT WRITING TO ME THAT I AM THE PROBLEM because I do GET FEEDBACK and T, this much I can tell you, LOTS & LOTS of REALLY SMART & HIGHLEY EDUCATED PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ THESE THREADS ALL - YES,- THEY ALL THINK YOU ARE REALLY DISTURBED & IMPAIRED. Please TELL ME, What do YOUR PEOPLE say about what you write here?

  13. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – Wow JJF I expected so much more from you . I don't care what you believe about me . This whole post of yours is Pure Projection ! So sad you are and it shows

  14. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: ANSWER THIS: – JJF take some time to read you own insulting post to me and others . I have shown you post to professionals who think you are a disturbed wanna be scientist or very bored house wife . I don't need to go on because I do not enjoy hurting people's feelings . You take pleasure in insulting people which is a Sick state of mind to live in . Ask other posters how you come across to them . I have no argument with you I just think it would be nice if you came off your high horse and speak to people without insult . Think about it

  15. PRETEND REALITY says – reply to this



  16. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – Taylor, IT IS YOU THAT NAME CALL, ACCUSE PEOPLE of hideous ACTS and your post don't make sense from one arugment to the next. I do ot enjoy INSULTING people. I have EXPLAINED IN GREAT DETAIL WHAT AN INSULT IS, and you still think that people who don't sugar-coat reality are people who are negative and are into insulting others. You have virtually NO MEMORY of what you write here, that is NOT an insult, it is what I notice, when you say something that you and I have addressed before and you have NO MEMORY OF IT. NONE. That is not an INSULT, that is a dangerous situation. What do you do for a living Taylor? I am not a wanna be anything, and I was divorced almost 25 years ago, so….. I have many very high end professional people ASK ME FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE, SO BULLSHIT ON YOUR PEOPLE THINK I AM A WANNA BE. What in the hell would a wanna be scientist be doing on PEREZ HILTONS site?

  17. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – Taylor, IT IS YOU THAT NAME CALL, ACCUSE PEOPLE of hideous ACTS and your post don't make sense from one arugment to the next. I do NOT enjoy INSULTING people. I have EXPLAINED IN GREAT DETAIL WHAT AN INSULT IS, and you still think that people who don't sugar-coat reality are people who are negative and are into insulting others. You have virtually NO MEMORY of what you write here, that is NOT an insult, it is what I notice, when you say something that you and I have addressed before and you have NO MEMORY OF IT. NONE. That is not an INSULT, that is a dangerous situation. What do you do for a living Taylor? I am not a wanna be anything, and I was divorced almost 25 years ago, so….. I have many very high end professional people ASK ME FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE, SO BULLSHIT ON YOUR PEOPLE THINK I AM A WANNA BE. What in the hell would a wanna be scientist be doing on PEREZ HILTONS site?

  18. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – I only respond with names when people like You so freely insult me . One can only take so much . Oh Yes I sure did show your post to a professional .
    Say what you feel you must about me but Iam very well known for NOT being Liar . That is not how I chose to live my live . If you ask about me people will tell you Iam honest to a fault. I told you I do not like hurting people's feelings . Very sad I liked bantering with you

  19. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    I do NOT think you are AWARE that you LIE. I don't think you remember what you do & what you write 5 minutes after you write something IN PUBLIC. I do NOT think you are a MALICIOUS LIAR. You are just wildly inconsistent in your own philosophies & you are truly unaware that you say things that you WISH were true; what you WANT to believe and they simply are NOT FACTUAL. So, I do not think of you as a BIG LIAR, although I KNOW you are LYING when you say that professional people read our conversations on these boards & these PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE have decided I AM THE ONE WHO IS OFF. I can understand if your friends, who never got an education past high school think I am nuts, but PSYCHIARTIST do NOT think I am nuts. They ASK ME for professional advice/work at times, so YOUR friends opinions of me means ZILCH. as do the opins of me given on these boards from young & uneducated minds that can't even spell/use common words appropriately. You do not even TYPE appropriately along w/your numerous misspellings. I can UNDERSTAND what you write, so I don't nit-pick about your lack of education. You are UNAWARE of how & WHAT you communicate with OTHERS.

  20. Typo correction says – reply to this


    That would be PSYCHIATRIST.

  21. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – I will not play your game of insulting each other . EVERYTHING you think of me is so off base and so wrong . I don't question your education so try not to speak of things you know Nothing about . Funny you should mention about psychiatrist a few of them are friends of mine from school days . 2 of them read your post and that is what they had to say amongst other opinions . Hey don't kill the messenger btw I never said Iam the best typist . For the record what I say about Lindsay are facts You are the one who distorts LLs actions like saying multiple dui's hitting pedestrians , their which was Never proved

  22. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – Those psychiatrist would be your friends from Medical School. Ok. What ever you say Taylor.

  23. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – People can TELL the level of your education by INTERACTING WITH YOU. I have taught college, Taylor; It is CLEAR, you are NOT educated.

  24. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – Is not TWO DUIs MULTIPLE DUIs? And those were the ones she was CHARGED with. Sorry Taylor, but I know people in the area where Lindsay use to DUI a lot and wasn't caught, or her friends ended up pulling her out of the drivers seat and driving her home. Was she NOT charged with hitting a pedestrian, or sued or something? I am aware she hit at least one PARKED car, and the baby-stroller incident is NOT acceptable whether of not she had contact with a human body. The information I was given was that Lindsay has been ACCUSED with JUST CAUSE of hitting pedestrians. I can not SWEAR it, I never said she was FOUND GUILTY of such things, but I do believe her hitting pedestrians HAS BEEN AN ISSUE in her troubles. And how you consider TWO DUIS on different DAYS a SINGULAR CHARGE, DO PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW 2 DUIS ARE A SINGULAR EXPERIENCE? And how the FACT that she reeked of booze on the scene where she totaled a Porsche is somehow NOT RELEVANT as a DUI concern — simply because she LIED that she wasn't driving -so she wasn't TESTED. Did you know her scam to have her assistant take the fall for that particular fuck up could have resulted in her assistant being sent to PRISON for INSURANCE FRAUD?

  25. TAYLOR:STEP UP, mouth! says – reply to this


    Well, I sent in a post & it appears to have been lost. So here's the deal: I am calling your bluff. I would like GENUINE INFORMATION on these psychiatrist friends of your that have PROFESSIONALLY EVALUATED our correspondence & deemed me a "wanna be scientist' or 'bored housewife.' I AM CALLING YOUR BLUFF. Back it up! How do I reach these friends of urs for a REPORT on their evaluation of my commentary on these board? I am employed as an high-end person. If there are board-certified psychiatrist out there that are CONVINCED that I am a FAKE, I would LIKE to COMMUNICATE w/them in regards to their evaluation of me. Maybe I have gone insane; maybe the vog from our active volcano has made every person on this island is totally delusional & incapable of being able to tell the difference between a bored housewife & someone w/TONS OF FORMAL EDUCATION, & RESPECT. How can I reach these M.D. friends of urs T, so that I might COMPARE what MY TEAM of psychiatric/Ph.D. affiliates/friends have to say against YOUR people who tell you I am nuts? I am calling your bluff. What medical school/residency program did your friends ATTEND? What YR did they become BOARD CERTIFIED in PSYCHIATRY? I AM INTERESTED IN LEARNING WHAT OTHER PROFESSIONALS HAVE TO SAY. How can I reach them? Would they be kind enough to write me here, or should I send you an email address where THEY CAN REACH ME?

  26. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – I said 2 DUI's is not Multible it is 2 what is it you do not understand . No I never went to Med school or claimed to you know what they say about ASSuming right . Let take some time to explain to you I don't give a rats arse what you think of my education ! You speak out of line on things you know Nothing about . You could have been polite and asked me but no that is not your style . Do you really think so highly of yourself that you must speak down to people ? You have Nerve to talk about Lindsay's ego ! Try not to take your Bitterness out on people . It's not very becoming

  27. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLOR:STEP UP, mouth! – "Can't you read" ? Are you not remembering post ? No where in my post did it ever say you are nuts ? Are you so uneducated you are reading words that are not there ? I remember asking how to contact you long ago to no avail … Do you really think I would give you information about my psychiatrist friends to a STRANGER ? Do you want me to drop them off to your house ? Really JJF what is it you want ? FYI the classes I attended had many high end intellectuals
    Not to brilliant of you to think I would publish doctors names on a gossip board then again according to you I may misspell or not type in the names right . Isn't that so JJF ? Btw my "high end" friends did a profile also . You want my info you can give up your contact info Why would I trust a Stranger

  28. To Taylor says – reply to this


    You have this thing you do that you MIMIC me. If I use certain words/make a point on something to you, you turn around & throw the same word/idea back at me a couple of post later. This just shows that you don't have a lot of original thoughts in your own head, & that words/concepts that hit you in a big way, you turn around & use towards me. Quite interesting that you have been in communication with me for 3 months & you consider me a stranger, but you have all these FANTASIES in your head that you & L "believe the same thing", you write that you KNOW what she went through as a child.You KNOW "WITHOUT A DOUBT" what she needs and how to make her a star. The point in my post to you was really to see how you REACTED to it. You did NOT try to answer ANY QUESTIONS, you DEFENDED YOURSELF & give excuses. I use the words nuts because it's a general statement. You making a big ISSUE out of the fact that you didn't use the word nuts,& make an issue that can't I READ? You have made close to 70 big mistakes in our communications over 3 months. T, so your in a class with psychiatristS? That's at least 2 of your friends are psychiatrist & evelauated my work. Exactly WHICH THREADS did you show them AND, you never told me what your psychiatrist FRIENDS had to say about YOU. Cut the shit Taylor. If you were told by a MD that I was a bored housewife, someone was trying to APPEASE you and get you to bugger off.

  29. To Taylor says – reply to this


    AS for the 2 duis isn't multiple DUIS? 2 is not multiple? There is singular, there is multiple; should we call her DUI's a DUECE? TWINS? L WAS "reeking of alcohol" on the scene of her crash, so whether she weaseled out of that one by LYING or not, I consider that a DUI. I have NO INTEREST in being BECOMING. I have more people in my life than I WANT, so I tend to just be HONEST and who falls away … Oh, well! I HAVE NO NEED TO ASK YOU about your education because IT SHOWS ON YOU. I do NOT believe someone has to be FORMALLY EDUCATION in order to be bright, smart & learned. Ben Franklin had only 2 years of formal education. You seem to believe that it is very important to BE POLITE, at the EXPENSE of telling the truth. You don't get where I have gotten without BRUTAL HONESTLY. You have to live an HONORABLE life if you want to work in some fields. You write that you EXPECTED more from me. Why you would have ANY EXPECTATIONS of me at all, is YOUR pathology. You have previously written that you don't QUESTION my intelligence. YOU NEED TO QUESTION THE INTELLIGENCE OF PEOPLE YOU ARE INTERACTING WITH. This is a challenging/competitive world. Your education/your intelligence are HUGE factors in life & lack of education & intelligence WILL KEEP YOU IN THE UNEMPLOYEMENT LINE. You seem to believe the most important thing is life is "never say anything bad about anyone". But then, that's not always true because you had NO PROBLEM talking SHIT about SHAWN HOLLEY.

  30. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor – No JJF I used your words to show you a point , The same things you say to me apply to you . More of a Practice what your preach !

  31. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor – I Never trashed Shawn Holly at all ! All I said was Lawyers are there to give advice and options . You seem to not be able to process anything I say not to scientific of you there . Check your ego at the door . Am I the first one to tell you you are not always right ? If Iam well surprise then . As for how many post I have showed try ALL OF THEM ….. Speaking of what shows your holier than thou attitude shows . Yes being Polite is a lost art in todays society . You can not express much of anything without tossing in insults if that is how you chose to live that is really your problem

  32. Check it, Taylor, says – reply to this


    YOU ARE BLACKING OUT WHAT YOU WROTE. You got into it with me one day & INSISTED over & OVER again that SHAWN HOLLEY FORCED LINDSAY TO PLEA NO CONTEST. Many, many exchanges between us where I EXPLAINED an attorney is your EMPLOYEE - that Shawn Holley COULD NOT FORCE LINDSAY TO DO ANYTHING. I also explained that your PERSISTANT accusations that Shawn Holley FORCED LINDSAY TO PLEAD NO CONTEST to something Lindsay DID NOT DO, would be UNETHICAL. So yes, MANY TIMES you wrote in media of accusation against Holley FROM YOU, that Holley FORCED Lindsay to PLEA to something she DIDNT DO. You made issue that the video tape was never played through, that the video tape repression resulted in Lindsay not being PROVEN INNOCENT, when according to you, L was innocent. Well, the burden of proof is on THE STATE to PROVE HER GUILT, not that L had to prove she was INNOCENT. I wrote you that Holley HAS A COPY OF THE TAPE; you still insisted, that L was innocent & Holley was THE REASON Lindsay has a theft charge on her record. You most certainly have accused Shawn Holley, many times, of professional behaviors that would be UNETHICAL and MALPRACTICE. You most certainly DID.

  33. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – You are such a LIAR. I have prints outs of these threads for the last 3 months & there are HUNDREDS of pages. You are a HUGE liar. No two causal friends of yours that are DOCTORS, psychiatristS, are going to spend 14 hours EACH, (or more) reading Perez Hiltons gossip blogs AND PROFESSIONALLY CONTEMPLATE & EVALUATE THE PSYCHIARTIC IMPLICATIONS. You just don't even CARE if what you say adds up to something that could even MAKE SENSE. My print outs over 3 months are about 9" high. Shrinks get about $200 hr. You might as well insist that Elvis told you so. And why didn't you mention this until I asked you for the 3rd/4th time? You had this BIG evaluation from your MD friends, but you didn't mention it, until I pointed out that you NEVER DID IT? Oh, then you did. & your people READ ABOUT ONE THOUSAND PAGES OF PEREZ SITE, and they didn't INSIST to YOU that get IMMEDIATE psych care? The only reason I KNOW you are LYING, is because ANYONE can be scientist. To be a scientist, all you have to be is be eager & involved in seeking the TRUTH of a situation. Every kid in the Science Club at school IS ALREADY A SCIENTIST. A REAL education person, a psychologist, a MD. would NEVER, EVER refer to ANYONE as a "wanna be scientist". Never. And they would UNDERSTAND why I use the word "scientist" to describe myself instead of putting up my EARNED CREDITIALS.

  34. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – Have you lost your mind ? What I said about Shawn is that you pay lawyers for advice and if your lawyer advises you to make a plea you don't go against it . Btw the doctors are friends of mine strange for someone who is so uneducated to hang with such a clan . So one night hanging out we were having a fun discussion and they were reading what I showed them its really no big deal . Like I said they gave me a profile also

  35. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – But it is a BIG deal because you claimed you showed ALL the threads to your friends & "my people" print this stuff out and I am KNOW the BULK of it, the TIME involved in processing this crap, as I have spend HOURS & HOURS processing threads, & I haven't even gotten through 1/2 of them yet. Your claims that someone PROFESSIONALLY evaluated all the thread is a crock of shit, from someone who PROCESSESS A LOT OF INFORMATION FOR A LIVING. It like you are claiming you went to Disneyland and there were 55 million people there the same day. Believe what you want. I explained to you, in detail, over several post, that YOU CAN -AND PEOPLE DO GO AGAINST THEIR LAWYERS ADVICE. Further, for Holley to RECOMMEND that L plea NO CONTEST when there was VIDEO TAPE of L being in the store, that is BLANTANT MALPRACTICE & it IS AN ACCUSATION of YOURS that Holley has engaged in UNETHICAL legal practices. Enjoy your friends, T. I live in Hawaii & haven't worked on the mainland in 20 yrs. Maybe doctors are different there. Believe whatever you want to. I'm DONE trying to answer your ridiculousness. I VALUE my time.

  36. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR – For the record in closing our relationship. I think maybe you should know: I was married to/had children with an MD; - whom during the course of our marriage was THE CHIEF OF STAFF of a accredited HOSPITAL that included a 30 day IN-PATIENT REHAB. So, even 20 so yrs ago, the doctor I was married to, the docs I worked with — did NOT work/think like the way you claim your Dr. friends did on "evaluation & report" on allegedly ALL our threads. Also, my father is an MD, my father-in-law and grandfather in law MDs; my best friend for 31 years, how has flown wherever I AM to play with me, IS a board certified PSYCHIATRIST. Her husband is an MD in sports medicine. And, all I ever really have really dated in my life are doctors; lawyers & a couple of real estate investors. That is The Honest Truth. Take care Taylor. Keep talking to your psychiatrist friends, but know if they are billing your insurance or taking cash at the end of your visits together, they are NOT really your personal friends. Best of to luck you, I mean it.

  37. 2 Taylor, P.S. says – reply to this


    I would like to thank you for your correspondence with me these last 3 or so months. I have learned much from diving into this world of gossip media that I never even knew existed a few yrs ago. Anyway, I do not think it serves any purpose to continue in communications w/you, & I am hopeful that if L does hook up w/Oprah that O & her MANY RESOUCES could be useful to L & - TEACH L ADULT SKILLS & ACCOUNTABLITIY & SHOW LINDSAY WHAT HER REAL LIFE LOOKS LIKE ON FILM. If L "works" with O & her people, I am hopeful that will be the time for me to step out of this blogging game & let Lindsay carry on. I don't want to tell Lindsay HOW or WHAT to think. I just want her to DISCOVER THAT THINKING IS VERY USEFUL IN LIFE. If O gonna keep an eye on her, O's got sooooo many people. I don't think I will be needed, so I am looking forward to letting L go fly on her own. Well, WITH supervision, of course. So, point being, I hope to not be around much longer and at this point, I don't feel there is much I have to say. I sure hope not, anyway. I do enjoy teaching at times, but not when people resist & have no genuine interest in learning. Life teaches plenty, Taylor. Expect some ass-kickings. It happens to ALL of us. If you are NOT making MISTAKES IN LIFE; YOU ARE DEAD!

  38. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor, – Your reaction is ever so childish ! Peace , Hope and Happiness to you and all you do .

  39. tom7 says – reply to this



    It's about coming NBC "Hillary Clinton" miniseries.
    In 1996 I was recruited by CIA, the target was Bill Clinton, there was also spying on the White house and the US congress - bigger story than Snowden.
    We talked about Bill's "neutralization". In 2001 I've asked Senator Clinton to help me , but she refused I had to blackmail her saying that I've saved her husband's life by refusing to work for CIA. I had her letters. Finally, she helped me.
    I can send you the whole story.
    Mikhail Kryzhanovky,
    a former KGB and CIA "Filament", New York