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And now she doesn't even have the chance of talking to him on the set of the next Twilight film! What's a girl to do when she gets her heart broken by he… Read more…

11 comments to “Kristen Stewart Hanging Tough During Split, But The Silence From Robert Pattinson Weakens Her?!”

  1. 1

    This happens to men/women all over the world ALL the time. Not like she is anything special to be exempt from some breakup sadness!

  2. Wat says – reply to this


    Thanks Perez for doing a great amazing article about K-stew :) You're a great man.

  3. conniecappadonia says – reply to this


    Ng games with kristen she's hurt and he's hurt so rob go back to her you love herand she lovesyouRob should stop playi

  4. mls8662 says – reply to this


    What source? You should know by now we don't believe you have any legitimate source. The only people who know what's going on with them are Kristen and Rob. Kristen and Rob are the only ones who know how they really feel. Neither one of them are ever going to talk to you. This is between Kristen and Rob. Their families, friends, agents and managers should all butt out. They are both adults and can make their own decisions.

  5. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Another vampire movie, geez I was hoping this trend was almost played out.

  6. 6

    This is just pathetic. There is no news, no gossip, nothing about any of these two, so everyone just makes crap up. I've been reading lots of articles on this site and the contradictions from day to day are just too big. They are together, they are not. They got married, they didn't get married. They broke up, they didn't brake up, and so on and so forth. One person could not have written all this. Not one person with an ounce of reality to their credit, anyway. There must be a group of people working for Perez and they simply don't give a crap about what the other "found out" or made up. It's the only explanation for this shit. It's all too hectic, too unreal even for gossip. I think maybe Perez has set his sites on some new "career" and just doesn't give a damn anymore. Sad. I liked it here so far. It was fun.

  7. Kyle McMerson says – reply to this


    Let's face it, in 5 or 6 years Rob will be a distant memory, flipping burgers somewhere and dating some tweaker losing her teeth. Kristin is so much better off without him. She is the one with talent and fans. She's doing the right think playing it cool, taking it as it comes and not getting involved with another loser actor.

    Rob will fade, on the way down he'll get dumped by Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes. He blow his millions, has his house foreclosed and is lucky to end up mopping floors at the Los Angeles Mission for a few bucks and a place to flop.

    Kristin will become the most sought after actor in the world. She will be honored internationally and playing men like cat with mice. One Thanksgiving she will be donating her time serving street people turkey at the LA Mission. When Rob comes through the line she won't recognize him.

    Latter in life:
    Kristin's will have 5 children, win six Oscars, a Noble Peace prize, write 15 novels, all of which will be made into movies, become a world renown poet, win a presidential medal, and so much more. She will even help Justin Bieber rehab. Justin will become a Southern Baptist Bishop and fight for Kristin to become a saint.

    Rob will still be mopping floors at the LA Mission

  8. shar says – reply to this


    Now that Kris chose him to play Edward, and made him famous, he's too high & mighty to forgive her. I've seen his movies–he's not THAT great. Sorry!

  9. nena says – reply to this


    Gostei desses 2 comentários de KIler e Shar,pois é igual ao q eu penso.Kristen sempre será"A ATRIZ",p/ mim ela terá muito sucesso,será famosa;sempre linda e maravilhosa.

  10. Jessie says – reply to this


    Sure she is sad right now but it will get better. The worse thing she could do is get back with him. She needs new friends and a new guy, because what kind of friend hangs out with your ex-boyfriend innocently or not.

  11. geneva says – reply to this


    Re: Kyle McMerson – If with talent, you mean the lip biting and one-note expression, then yay! Oscars and Nobel Prizes for Kristen!