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Demi Lovato Served Up Serious Shade Toward Justin Bieber During X Factor Auditions?!

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demi lovato justin bieber disses during x factor auditions

Someone's feeling feisty!

And we kind of like it!

Demi Lovato is most def a sweetheart, but it's kind of nice to see a little spice come out of her from time to time.

And apparently she was serving up some serious spice during this week's El Lay X Factor auditions at USC, and Justin Bieber was the target!

DemDem supposedly made it pretty damn clear that she's no Belieber during one contestant's performance of the Biebs' song As Long As You Love Me.

Our Simon Cowell-in-training allegedly remarked during critiques:

"Well finally someone can sing the song the way it was meant to be sung."


But that's not ALL!

The shade kept a'coming after one contestant allegedly gave off a bad attitude toward the judges. We hear DemDem quickly put that person in their place by saying the industry already has too many musicians with bad attitudes as well as:

"We don't need another little punk running the streets."

Ooh, okay, that might not be as obvious, but we know how to read between the lines. And that shiz between the lines says Justin Bieber!

We're not sure where the beef stems from, but we have a pretty good idea considering DemDem has been honest about trying to be an AH-Mazing role model for young fans and the Biebs…

…well, his actions might not live up to her standards.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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68 comments to “Demi Lovato Served Up Serious Shade Toward Justin Bieber During X Factor Auditions?!”

  1. 1

    She needs to cut back on her servings….

  2. Calvin says – reply to this


    Why are you once again trying to create drama out of nothing? Her first comment ('finally someone sings it as its meant to be sung') was probably throwing shade at OTHER CONTESTANTS who have covered the song badly, not Justin Bieber as he's the original singer of that song; his version is how it's supposed to be sung, DUHHH.

  3. 3

    You know how to read between the lines, Perez.
    You picked up that story from another site. THEY are the ones that can. Not you.

  4. 4

    She may be right about Bieber, but considering the fact that she's pretty much a professional whiner, she doesn't have much credibility. She uses her endless, made-up victimizations for attention the way Bieber uses his bad behavior for thug validation. Both are morons.

  5. sixela39 says – reply to this


    Who does she think she is? ”Little punk”? She's merely 2 years older than him and FAR from being more mature. Girl, just sit down already…

  6. Chris says – reply to this


    For Heaven's sakes, how "We don't need another little punk running the streets" leads you to think that he's referring to Justin Bieber? Don't make things up and then try to sell them as if they were real, that is so unethical, I mean I get that this is not a professional site or anything like that, but c'mon you're trying to make people think that what you're saying is true and real when it's just a bunch of opinions. As Calvin said, Demi was probably talking about other contestants when she made the first comment (if she ever did…), so don't create drama where there is no any.

    You said you were not mean anymore, well sweetie, the posts you publish(well, you and the people working for you) or the crap you throw above troubled people who were once your friend as Amanda Bynes says otherwise.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater, I come to this place because sometimes you publish nice stuff, as in Britney's case, but injustices beat the crap outta me and I think this is a good example (don't wanna start talking about Lady GaGa, once you two were BFFs and now you never say anything nice about her, not even when she has been sick for months or now that she's announcing ARTPOP…)

  7. princess says – reply to this


    She sounds like a real bitch if you ask me. Justin Bieber is a young man who is still learning and he is a better role model than a lot of men his age so she needs to back off. It doesn't really matter because it is not going to make us beliebers love him any less. BTW her hair style looks real beat up and trashy her. I seen JB in concert here in Chicago last week and he did an awesome job. We all loved it and he sounded amazing when he sang "As long as you love me" She's just a jealous hatin Beeeyotch

  8. ashley says – reply to this


    she has been in this business longer but he has more than she has she needs to shut the fuck up i dont like bieber but she should be ashamed of her self fat slob men i hate her taylor selena

  9. Kali says – reply to this


    OMG …. I'm Selenator …and now Selenator + Lovatic

  10. ivan says – reply to this


    She's a friend of Selena, so I am not surprised[Tayler Swift anyone?] What's with these celebrities including Drake Bell again dissing Bieber? Who made them moral superiors to be publicaly dissing a fellow artist? don't they realize they will lose fans who like both Justin and them?

  11. Mikasa says – reply to this


    all you guys are frat boys… all stupid and need a life. just came on here to tell you that. swiggity swag you're all are morons. get off online if you can't take insults that not even referring to you guys. okay senpais. she not talking to you uneducated morons she is talking to justin bieber. mind your own business. if you don't then a titan is going to eat your heads. sayonara bitches. (ง •_•́)ง

  12. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: D-INCARNATION – well luckily if a titan came and ate everyone she will still be alive because she's healthy and strong. justin will be eaten because he is weak and scrawny.

  13. Ivan says – reply to this


    It may be we are misunderstanding her contrary to what I said[she may have been speaking in general not bieber] She did say in an interview a short time ago that she is still there for him although they don't talk much. I doubt she would publically say such a nasty thing about Justin that would invite a lot of hostility toward her from his fans of which I am one.

  14. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: Mikasa – Don't have a clue about what you are saying, translation please?

  15. jenn says – reply to this


    funny because demi just tweeted "ain't got nothing but love for @justinbieber and his beliebers :) <3". cut the bullshit perez

  16. Natta says – reply to this


    Well perez she just served you and everyone else some correction. Hope you read it and correct this store because you just look a little bit to far of this last week with your stories about her. haha thats why I follow her fans and not gossip sites. I already knew she didnt shade him cause of the fan tweets correcting it 2 DAYS AGO. And I also know she likes his music and wont even throw shade on amanda bynes so why him haha.

  17. RecklessWanderer says – reply to this


    haha tons of bull shit "Btw - no shade thrown at Justin. So many people audition with his songs.. Finally someone sang it the way it was meant to be sung. Meaning, finally someone sang it the way JUSTIN sang it. Ain't got nothin' but love for @justinbieber and his beliebers." - Demi Lovato

  18. 18

    Treatment has done absolutely nothing for her except make her MORE INSANE, MORE ADDICTED, and FATTER THAN EVER!

  19. 19

    Is she still Wilmer's mattress pad?

  20. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – okay i'll translate for you because your just dumb . let me tell you step by step. first off i said you guys need to worry about your selves and stop being immature. and this part i said " get off online if you can't take insults that's not even referring to you guys" meant if she isn't your name and insulting you don't worry about it.. hey! let me use you as an example for all the dumb people like you who don't understand this! Ivan if she isn't saying keep " Ivan the punk out of the streets!" then don't worry about it , senpai.. and the other part is from an anime called attack on titans that's why i kept referring to a titan. oh and if you don't know Japanese " SENPAI" means teacher. Baka (stupid).

  21. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    Are you guys really that low? She didn't mean it in offense, Perez copied the story and than edited it, you morons. Stfu, stop offending something that isn't true, it proves you guys are that low, honestly, are your reading skills that low? Do you need a tutor?

  22. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: TheTruthKid – your right :)

  23. Mikasa says – reply to this



  24. Mikasa says – reply to this



  25. ivan says – reply to this


    Re: TheTruthKid – And you are a condescending bitch Who spews forth gobbledygook.
    I do believe now she did not mean to insult Justin. She was speaking, in general ,of punks in the street. Still rather harsh language to use of a contestant.

  26. Mikasa says – reply to this


    *LIKE **********I *****PLANNED.*** HATE MY KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Titans need to come and just end the world already. well i will survive because i know what to do. hehehehehehehe hahahahahahahaha

  27. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: ivan – do you still want a piece of this Japanese trash talking tai kwon do fighter, BITCH!!! KNOW YOUR FACTS IVAN.. MY FAITH IN HUMANITY IS LOW NOW.. THANKS TO YOU, SENPAI. (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

  28. Maia says – reply to this



  29. Mikasa says – reply to this


    i will have to finish this battle with the last of my chikara. wait why are all of these people on Perez making stupid comments about demi, and justin. YOU GUYS SHOULD BE FIGHTING TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE OF MARIA, ROSE , AND SINA FROM THE TITANS WHO'S DIET IS EATING HUMANS. STAR FIGHTING YOU COWARDS.

  30. Princess Jasmine says – reply to this


    I don't blame her. Justin Bieber IS a punk.

  31. james says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – Except for the fact that Justin Bieber hasn't made any new music for over a year now. As far as no credibility goes, this business isn't built on “Credibility” it's built on exposure. Which you are giving her plenty of. So congrats to you idiot. You just fed into her PR machine. Moron.

  32. Jack Frost says – reply to this


    Re: sixela39
    Last I checked Demi Lovato didn't pee in a janitorial bucket nor did she deface one of the presidents of the united states of america. I don't care what she did. That trumps anything that Demi Lovato was accused of.

  33. James says – reply to this


    Re: princess
    1. Well no one is asking you anything. So kindly shut your trap. 2. No he's a pretty bad role model. If under age drinking and peeing in buckets is considered a good role model for you, then you're in trouble. 3. What does she have to be jealous of again? She actually hasn't had a lot of bad press as of late. Unlike your pathetic singer who's been a running gag as of late.

    Sorry JB's lack of talent is showing dear.

  34. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: James – you're right. most definitely right.

  35. 35

    She denied that she shaded Justin

  36. John says – reply to this


    I think Demi raises a lot of good points. The 1990s are long gone, and it clearly shows. Today, people who are breaking into the industry think they're better than everyone else when they can't sing for crap. That shit didn't happen in the 90s, and if it did, those people were forgotten. Having said that, Demi is far too young to be judging a singing competition. She's only 21 years old, not even a year younger than me. What would she know about what it takes to be a star when she's not much of a star herself? At least when American Idol was still good, younger viewers tuned in naturally because the younger contestants tried out and had relatability. with X Factor, young people only watch because of the judges name. It's not about Demi, the judge. It's about me, the contestant. I'm sorry, but I don't want to be on a show and work with someone who's younger than me and thinks they can judge me in singing. I want someone with experience who's lived and breathed the industry, and all the ups and downs that come with it. I'd rather have someone experienced, rather than someone who only got famous from Disney and has a mediocre pop career.

  37. Ugh Dumb says – reply to this


    Re: princess

    First off "Princess," if you really knew how to read, there is no real shade thrown from Demi toward your little "God." Second, how do people seriously keep condoning his behavior and believing he's a good role model. I swear this generation of tweens are the dumbest generation the country has faced in a long time. If you like him, so be it. But don't try to say he's a good role model. Who are you kidding? Stay in school, you clearly need the education. BTW, hope he pisses in your food at a restaurant you eat at. The way you Beliebers defend him is just ridiculous. How blind do you have to be?

  38. Michelle says – reply to this


    Hilary husband's ex girlfriend will you please stfu. Stop thinking talking trash about demi on every article about her is cool because its not. We all know you love demi. And why would anyone even want to be your ex girlfriend when your nasty inside and out (based on your profile pic)

  39. Michelle says – reply to this


    And I meant ex boyfriend for my last comment

  40. A person :) says – reply to this


    All you stupid 'beliebers' need stfu and go back to kindergarten to learn how to read cuz if you actuall read this stupid article demi did not throw any shade at Justin. Man beliebers are such morons

  41. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: John – you and i are one

  42. perezneedsalife says – reply to this


    You obviously didn't read the rest if her tweets that came after she tweeted that. her and justin are fine she is a big fan of his. get your shit straight before you start writing about anything

  43. lexi says – reply to this


    You guys are sooo stupid. Crazy beliebers …nobody threw shade at your so called "God". She was talking about the other contestants who sang the song badly. And about the punk thing she is right. Stop being defensive over stupid things. Just because he is your idol doesn't mean hes perfect. He is acting like a punk and he needs to grow up. Sorry truth hurts. -.-

  44. ok_then says – reply to this


    I didn't see or hear anywhere that Demi Lovato mentioned Justin Bieber's name at all. General comments that could apply to anybody and I took from her comment about that contestant signing Justin's song that his version was more like the way it should be sung and the only one to sing "As Long As You Love Me" was Justin Bieber. She gave him a compliment in my book comparing his version to Justin.

  45. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: James – He has talent, and is a self taught musician as well. Of course haters like you are obsessed with and fall for every B.S. story out there and take it as the gospel truth. More teenage boys would think pissing in a bucket would be hilarious especially when their buddies are egging them on like Justin's friends were doing. Teenage antics of a mega superstar and most of you haters are acting like he is the Anti- Christ for fucks sake!

  46. Daniel Serrano says – reply to this


    Bitches stop hatin on Demi cause she has a point cause she is a role model not some bad boy wanna be like Justin he just trying to act more manlyer than the old baby Justin!
    Demi is perfect t and just fuck off all haters!!!

  47. Team Demi says – reply to this


    Makes sense even if her comments were directed at him. She has been friends with Selena Gomez since they were little.

  48. 48

    of course shes going to say it wasnt abt him, shed lose a lot of "fans" and gain a lot of hate..she haas ONE hit song and thinks shes bigtime, girl have several lines of coke and sit down…god forbid, we th e public say something then she'll me on all the stations with a new bullying story, shes so fake….bieber should say something back abt her weak voice and kelly clarkson rip offs….i bet her PR team is struggling to get her out of this,, over her

  49. guest says – reply to this


    Re: Mikasa – Just like she critisized him, we can critisize her, you moron !!!!!!

  50. Acacia says – reply to this


    Re: james – Justin has been on a world tour and he has been writing songs after nearly every concert. Have you ever made an album? It takes a LONG time to create one, NEVER say Justin hasn't been working, because he's been flat out! Demi did not shade him,she cleared that up today

  51. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    Re: princess – Beiber is a "better role model" for what? Spoiled brats behaving like entitled spoiled brats?

  52. Ben says – reply to this


    Bieber has his issues but Demi is worse. She tries to portray herself as very mature for her age yet she's made a name for herself through constant advertisement of her own personal problems. Real mature Lovato

  53. 53

    DL = jealous, talentless, overweight hack.

  54. just stop typing says – reply to this


    Oh wow smh …people that really hate Justin must really be doing their research

    "He's a moron for pissing in the mop bucket" okayyyy people pisses in alleys and the world don't complaint about it

    "He dissed the former president of america" Blah blah blah stfu who don't have negative shit to say about the president's. Its okay for you to voice your opinion about aperson but as soon as a celebrity such as justin bieber do yall wanna be internet thugs.. like the s*** he is doing is the s*** normal people do in every day life

  55. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: guest – You are obviously an obsessed belieber that will never get near justin bieber. you take everything seriously, go read a book or something. it's like reality, do you want to get in a fight with someone who is not even talking about you. no. because i think a person like you will be afraid to fight. BTW all of this is Bullshit. it's FAKE AND DUMB.( if you couldn't realize this , guest.) so go get common sense before you come back here plz, senpai.

  56. Mikasa says – reply to this


    if any of you know this is fake and dumb, you're smart.

  57. fortune says – reply to this


    to me justin bieber isn't a bad role model I believe he is easily influenced… before he was hanging with twizzy twist (or whatever his name) he was a down to earth person and never was portrayed as a bad role model but he doesn't cross me as a thug type I mean lets face it this boy looks like a shrimp (no offense to his fans). So demi couldn't be talking about him on the last comments

  58. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: just stop typing – people who does that in real life are dummies who don't have a life and doesn't have common sense. that's what justin bieber is portraying a low life, dummy who doesn't have common sense. i'm not saying justin bieber is low life loser who doesn't have common sense. he is just portraying it. he knows he can do better.

  59. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: fortune – you're right. he just went into peer pressure and started hanging out with wannabe gangsters who are stupid.( IMO they're are no real celebrity thugs they are only wannabes, thugs on the street are real thugs.)

  60. alex says – reply to this


    Wow she went to rehab and grew balls dfl and I think she was talking about the contestants not that bieber kid

  61. Mikasa says – reply to this


    Re: guest – Also don't help people you don't even know in real life.

  62. guest says – reply to this


    Re: Mikasa – what are you and that fortune b**** is getting out off this yall need to get a life and stop trying destroy other and I'm not obsessed with him he is a inspiration to me d***heads

  63. guest says – reply to this


    Re: Mikasa – don't go back and forth with people u don't know in real life

  64. molly bieber says – reply to this


    Re: alex – bieber is not a kid u a**hole

  65. harmony says – reply to this


    You can't judge others because nobodies perfect so stop ranting on about Justin life and fix the mistakes in your life.. I get that he is making bad decisions right now but that is what life is all about u learn from the mistakes you make. :) NO HATE OR DEBATE IM NOT POSTING THIS TO BE RUDE OR ANYTHING… ♥

  66. flexible says – reply to this


    Butt chin demi lmao

  67. lol says – reply to this



  68. guest says – reply to this


    Re: Oaktown357 – You're making an awful lot of assumptions there. Way too many to actually be taken seriously, but one thing..Demi would beat him in a singing contest any day. He's more of pop artist and she's less of one even though she tries to go the pop route because of her record label. She also has a very powerful voice and people who have worked with her will say the same thing.