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Winona Ryder Dyes Hair White & Disses Gwyneth Paltrow Because Of… Johnny Depp?

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winona ryder angry hermit gwyneth paltrow johnny depp dyed white hair national enquirer

Skeptics beware, because this story is one tough sell!!!

When she's not stealing everything in sight — and it's been a few years now, c'mon — Winona Ryder is usually one of the planet's sweetest souls!

The National Enquirer begs to differ! They say the 41-year-old actress recently turned into an absolute MONSTER!

Apparently the Reality Bites star is biting into Gwyneth Patlrow's good name!!

They say Ms. Ryder is angry because Gwyn supposedly talked trash about her in an online blog, which only added insult to injury over the fact that Winona didn't land the role 1998's Shakespeare in Love!!!

What has her the MOST enraged, however, is watching her ex-lover Johnny Depp play yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum with a much younger Amber Heard.

Amber, for the record, was four when Edward Scissorhands hit theaters.

They say Winona is so pissed off that she dyed her hair white and refuses to leave the house!!!!

The Enquirer's source reports:

“She’s alienating so many people it’s no wonder she’s turning into a hermit. It’s really sad she’s become so vindictive. She rarely leaves the house be­cause she hates being around people so much. And she makes sure her housekeepers don’t speak English because that way they are less likely to know who she is."

Hmm, Winona seems lovely to us!

Like week old sushi rotting in the sun, this story smells FISHY!

We aren't sure we buy it!

[Image via Twenthieth Century Fox.]

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16 comments to “Winona Ryder Dyes Hair White & Disses Gwyneth Paltrow Because Of… Johnny Depp?”

  1. Connor says – reply to this


    Uhm, Winona was photographed at the premiere of Drunk History. No white hair. Outside of the house. National enquirer should get a creative writing major to work for them.

  2. Maria says – reply to this


    This story is bullshit! It's from the National Inquirer for heavens sake. If you believe this story you are a moron. And yeah I just saw the photos of her at the Drunk History premiere and her hair is dark not bright white! The tabloids need to stop spinning this feud between Winona and Gwyneth. It's getting old. And if she did call out Johnny Depp then good for her! It's not like everyone else isn't thinking the same thing.

  3. 3

    I really doubt this is true. I just recently saw her at an event (after this story first appeared on another site, mind you) and her hair was not white. She was very nice and doesn't seem like she has a vindictive bone in her body. She has a reputation for being very kind. The info supposedly comes from someone who is a "friend" of hers, if that's the case, I can see why she may want to not leave her house, with friends like that you don't need enemies. As far as the Gwyneth and Johnny comments go, who hasn't said stuff about someone who has stabbed them in the back or someone they once dated, if someone else brings them up? I really can't see her going around talking about either of them. The National Enquirer is just trying to stir up drama where there isn't any, because she's back in the spotlight once again.

  4. victoria says – reply to this


    I call major bullshit on this!

  5. Winona better actress says – reply to this


    Hell no this is definitely bull shit and even if it was true Gwyne deserve it stop talking shit .you get respect when you earn and if it was true fuck Gwyneth and about the Johnny depp she ain't saying nothing but true .Amber is a racist fame whore not a real actress never be as good as Winona. She does nothing memorable movie unlike the sex kitten .

  6. 6

    she had a Boyfriend this april, and of two years. this article also suggests timing conflicts 4 movies. still entertaining though. hope its not true in the least-doesnt sound like her. definitely fishy

  7. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Winona better actress – Doesn't "whore" mean sleeps around with lots of people???? Amber has never been known to be with more than one person at a time and by the way.. have never been arrested for shoplifting. Just b/c you thing Winona is a better actress doesn't make her better person.

  8. Yo mama says – reply to this


    Really?? Hey douche - nice jab at the beginning saying "when she's not stealing everything n sight" and then saying she is usually one of the planets sweetest souls - not a story to report and you are a giant fucktard turd - making money off of shit talking - one day your son will see your lifetime of work and see you as the talentless leach you are

  9. Vince says – reply to this


    The story is BS. I just met her last week in L.A., and she is shy for the obvious reasons. But once she opens up her beautiful and gentle soul shines bright. And her hair is perfectly brunette.

  10. 10

    id beleive it from the way she dissed mel bitch seems to want payback

  11. 11

    Debunked by Gossip cop hours ago.

  12. April says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Every time someone makes a commet about Amber that isn't nice you seem to always defend her. You aren't one of Amber's friends I hear about that goes online defending her are you? btw what does Winona's shop lifting thing have to do with this? You brought that up before on a different board. Everyone makes mistakes get over it.

  13. Fret says – reply to this


    Uhm…yeah…that story came from The National Enquirer so if you believe anything that rag prints, then I guess you're a/an ____________(fill in the blank).

    Also, Winona was just at the DRUNK HISTORY premiere and she's all smiles and has brown hair.

    And get over the whole Gwyneth Frenemy thing. They were friends and then they weren't. It happens to the best of us.

    I don't have a comment about Johnny Depp, except I have no desire to see The Lone Ranger.

  14. tkg says – reply to this


    I'm going to vomit in my mouth you just said she was 4 when Edward Scissorhands came out. I pray JD gets his head out of his ass soon. Leave Winona alone!!!!

  15. Amanda says – reply to this


    IF Winona has "white" hair, it is NOT dyed. She is a natural blonde, actually. She dyes her hair dark

  16. Jimmie says – reply to this


    I don't care. I still love her