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Beyonce Is Hella Smart!

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That was the right thing to do, B!

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21 comments to “Beyonce Is Hella Smart!”

  1. 1

    Dumb dumb needs to go back to school

  2. 2

    it's great that your commending Beyonce for this, but didn't say Mariah Carey was in trouble a few weeks ago for doing the exact same thing ….

  3. 3

    Agreed! The problem is that Beyonce is boring so her songs are boring. Rihanna is crazy so her songs are crazy. Beyonce needs to just completely follow someone else's artistic direction and she'll have a hit.

    And no, don't follow Jay Z. Jay Z isn't hip or creative anyone either. His last song that was a hit was a duet w/ Kanye. I can't remember a single good song of his.

  4. 4

    I agree 110%.

  5. dontgetstung says – reply to this


    Re: booboo1492 – and thats why rihanna is not a respected artist anymore because she is crazy she has no class or dignity. beyonce has class and dignity. she has 17 grammys and counting and how much does rihanna have 6. so beyonce must be doing something right and rihanna is only doing good cuz of chris brown and the drama that is her life and people like drama.

  6. 6

    Re: dontgetstung – I'm a college graduate, thriving job, successful & I LOVE RIHANNA. Doesn't mean other people who don't respect her means I should be disrespected for liking her music and LOVING HER. Do I agree with some of the things she does in public? NO. But, I don't get to know her just by media/Press because alot is BS. I am responsible with "making judgements" and choose to get to know someone before I slam them. I know her on a different level by reading what she has to say about things, and I LOVE HER! You can't believe everything in the press. Doesn't mean she doesn't have a great heart just because she shows her ass.

  7. lulu says – reply to this


    You mean Beyonce's people.

  8. hay says – reply to this


    This is so true. Listen, I'm a college graduate, work a successful job, etc etc..respectable young woman, but I LOVE Rihanna's music. Rihanna however, is not as good of a live performer as beyonce. I went to Rihanna's concert for her current tour in april and it was pretty bad, she just doesn't bring it Like Beyoncé or Pink. Needless to say, every song on Rihanna's record is catchy, beyonce on the other hand has a lot of songs that are overly wordy, trying too hard to be deep and artistic and just don't get me going. I like some beyonce songs, but her last album was BORING.

  9. XCVSETGEW45 says – reply to this


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  10. Mark says – reply to this


    Beyonce is done. "Single Ladies" and the B-Day era was a fluke.

    "Girls" and her latest album were a huge flop. She couldn't even get ONE top ten single. Beyonce has NO IDEA how to transition into this new sound of music and she never will, her sound is so outdated, her look is outdated, her dance routines are outdated, every thing about her is outdated and she's not versatile enough to do anything that will be a HIT today.

    Gaga, Britney, Katy, Rihanna - they're all releasing albums. Beyonce is smart to back off. Those women always get their guaranteed #1 singles.

  11. dumbness says – reply to this


    First of all reporting sucks nowadays. It's sad. Diplo cleared it up that she didn't scrap the entire album. When he said record he was discussing a song not the entire album. Diplo has cleared this up. Beyonce is past the point in her career in which she is trying to get #1 hits. No one respects these number 1 hit songs that no one remembers 2 days later. Beyonce wants recognition. Yea Run The World didn't chart well but when she performs it her fans react and thats what she wants, and if a song happens to be a #1 hit thats a bonus. Beyonce's is not going to go EDM to get a #1 hit

  12. mb says – reply to this


    Rihanna is trash. Change the station every time she comes on. She can grab her Crotch and stick her tongue out her lips half way up her face and tweet gazillion ass shots! Classy!!!!!!

  13. Parker F says – reply to this


    Well…..this is absolutely the perfect thing for her to do…… Her error is not over. The time that you guys are taking to bash her, is the same time she is using to collect more millions. Say what you all must, however anyone person on this comment section that can show more success than her will have the right to say whatever they want….. IF you do not like her then keep your close minded and ignorant comments to yourself…….the only reason people comment negatively on these blogs are because of jealousy….. Just watch her continue to grow, and not ever know who any of you haters are…… get a damn life

  14. Parker F says – reply to this


    Re: WHITE POWER – your MOTHER is a brillo head jig and the stupidest bitch in America for giving birth to such an ignorant, pathetic sap of shit like yourself…… Please find the nearest chair and be seated.

  15. Adam says – reply to this


    BS Perez, Mariah is in Trouble but Beyonce is smart? Don't flip flop just to have something to write about! I love both of those artists, but what you say can seriously mess with record sales and public perception, so how about using a little bit of wisdom before you open your mouth???

  16. curl jones says – reply to this


    does this greasy creep in the striped shirt have aids and a speech impediment. he talks like he has cotton stuck in his jaws… what a gross creep this dude is. and beyonce is nothing but a poser. she sucks. she does not sing no where as well as the goat singer rihanna and I don't care for any of their music but if i had to pick, i'd pick the giant forehead over the buckwheat grin everytime. screech on beyawnce!

  17. joey says – reply to this


    Re: Mark – Thats all Rihanna and Katy will be are #1 single artist. Bey's 4 might've not been her BEST album, but it was still number 1 and she will always be number one. Regardless if she's in top 10. Sold out concerts is what she has to show for it. Highest grossing tours is what she has to show for it. I wonder how does an "outdated" artist gross on tour higher than the #1 single (for a while) maker Rihanna?

  18. Buck.stallion says – reply to this


    Rhi is getting tired. Mari is doing anything? Bey is long gone. and if one.more white girl madonna wanna be steps up with a changed up regurgitation of express yourself im gonna become a chauvantist…

  19. BeyonccK says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton we know you love beyonce but you dont know her enough because u put bey down when you said she didnt have a top 20th hit….she had two!!!!!!!! on the HOT 100 ,, Run the World was 19th and Best thing i never had reached 16th….it wasn't a huge commerical success but run the world was 1 on the dance charts and it did great as an r&B ablum because it had 3 1's song on the r&B charts …PARTY….Love on Top and dance for u

  20. mya says – reply to this


    It's really hard to believe Beyonce's last Top 10 hit was 5 years ago. Wow, she really needs to get it back.

  21. musicman121 says – reply to this


    We all know who Beyonce is and we all know she is incredibly talented. She doesn't have to produce number one hits. There are very few pop and mainstream recording artists that I admire and appreciate, and Beyonce is one of them. Like Perez said, 4 was critically acclaimed, but not commercial. Who cares? Beyonce really went out of her way to produce an album that really brought a mix between modern pop music with a real R&B/Soul flavor and it's my favorite album by her. I definitely love it more than all her other albums. I never would expect a song like Love on Top to come out in today's pop music world. It's about the talent and the music. Beyonce's doing her job and she's doing it pretty damn well.