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Beyoncé Honors Trayvon Martin After George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict! Watch HERE!

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beyonce moment of silence nashville trayvon martin

There were so many strong emotions coming out yesterday when the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case came out.

When George Zimmerman was pronounced not guilty, many celebrities and supporters of Trayvon were upset with the outcome.

Beyoncé was one of many celebrities to react to the verdict because she honored Trayvon during her Nashville concert last night.

During her performance of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Beyoncé said:

"I'd like to have a moment of silence for Trayvon."

The stage then went dark with just a few lights on. She started to sing the chorus of I Will Always Love You before leading into her song Halo.

Ch-ch-check out the tribute (below)!

[Image via WENN.]

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62 comments to “Beyoncé Honors Trayvon Martin After George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict! Watch HERE!”

  1. 1

    Oh for God's sake!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!

  2. MichJB says – reply to this


    I see all the celebrities jumping on the "Say A Prayer For Trayvon" bandwagon. You never hear a word about the hundreds of other black teens dying every week, but all these stars take time to honor the one that will get them press for mentioning his name. Hypocrites.

  3. 3

    Oh brother….really?
    This is just sad, why dont "they" declare in a saint….stupid people with a voice.

  4. 4

    this case was about the right to bear arms, always has been. fits with the pos in the wh agenda.

  5. Lauren says – reply to this


    Beyonce is RACIST

  6. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Re: Lauren – BITCH SHUTUP! she has friends of every race.
    you're fucking racist!

  7. Ree says – reply to this


    Come peeps.. I respected what Beyonce did. It's very thoughtful…and no one knows whether or not she means it but come on stop judging people and don't say anything if it is gonna make you seem as a complete moran.. ##BeyHive>>>#

  8. mikal says – reply to this


    Poor Zimmerman got a bum rap. Hopefully there will be a benefit concert for him to help pay for his legal costs and he gets restitution for this race baiting trial. Martin was a thug. Sad he died but he shouldn't be beating on someone. Oh and by the way, I'm not white. So chew on that.

  9. jackwad says – reply to this


    I'm white, I voted for Obama just to let you know that I am NOT racist, HOWEVER, this is wayyyyyyyyyy over the top with this one death. What about all the horrible other deaths going on that are unaccounted for. I'm tired of everything that isn't to do with race being made out to be about race. BTW, probably a lot of the people who were elated with the UN-just ruling over acquitting OJ Simpson are now upset ted by the legal system unfairness. Tit for tat I guess and life isn't fair!

  10. eww says – reply to this


    how completely self-serving…

  11. Arrora says – reply to this


    Re: jackwad – Agreed! Even after rewatching the case, it is a very CLEAR case of self defense. Watch the case stop jumping on the bandwagon

  12. Dan says – reply to this


    Celebrities would do well to keep their mouths shut when they don't know the facts. They come off looking stupid. None of use know what really happened. The jury heard what was presented and gave a verdict.

  13. Rosie OH says – reply to this


    What an insult to all the black men who have been murdered on the streets of Chicago,
    are their lives any less valuable than Trayvon's
    Or is it that their lives wouldn't get the publicity seeking skank any coverage ?

  14. 14

    Truth be told, he is just the flavor of the month and will be forgotten in less than 6 months. Every celebrity sees him as a step to further their career and keep their name in the press. It happens every time like clockwork.

  15. SHUTUP says – reply to this


    Gee that's how I felt when OJ got off for killing Nicole! Please shut up Beyoncé just remember we all know there is cream in that coffee so pipe down with your proud Black woman crap

  16. 16

    Did she also have a MOS for Cory as well?

  17. lauren says – reply to this


    Re: MizzBooBoo – She wouldn't have dedicated a song to him if he wasn't black! She wouldn't give a damn, bitch!

  18. 18

    Gee, a black artist claiming that Trayvon Martin was a victim. How predictable.

  19. 19

    BTW is there any point to the post voting system here since you can't see which were voted up or down?

  20. Peace of I says – reply to this


    I am surprised Illuminati Beyonce is even involved in this???? She had her own private agenda to go "way overboard" on this! Seems to be another diversion from the Matrix Realty Illuminati is trying to create. Bless y'all for opening my eyes to see your true self!

  21. skyblu says – reply to this


    So many hateful jealous people. Black Women Scare You. Especially when they are intelligent and Multi talented. Black males terrify you. That's why you see no problem with an teenager being killed as he walked home. No matter what you write and say you can not hide from Your SCARED LOWLIFE SELVES.

  22. All about the fame says – reply to this


    Please she a celebrity she just using this to boost her fans she could careless Trayvon .She should could give his family money or something it a suggestion since she care.

  23. What ever says – reply to this


    Re: skyblu – not about race it the principle you say .She can give Trayvon family some money instead. Please they are lot other black powerful women like Oprah .She doesn't have to give him just a moment.

  24. tma says – reply to this


    Zimmerman is guilty of manslaugter. We do not want people to think it is okay to follow you. Regardless of who started the fight, Zimmerman was the agressor. The agressor should not be allowed to claim self defense after following someone and then killing them. I would be terrified if someone was following me.

  25. People Are Crazy! says – reply to this


    The comments from white folk & self hating blacks on here are insane! Self Defense!? George Zimmerman followed a unarmed teenager with a loaded gun for no other reason than the color of his skin and his clothing! If a strange man followed you in a car, then jumped out and came after you… Wouldn't you be defensive? Wouldn't YOU whoop his arse and defend yourself? If you follow me at night, I'm gonna bear your arse too! Zimmermans life was not in danger! He picked a fight and got beat up and shot him cause he's was a trigger happy pig! None of this is Trayvons fault! None of it.

  26. jackwad says – reply to this


    And sorry but hoodies pulled over your head DO make you look like a hoodlum, do make you appear to be hiding something, just like someone walking around wearing a ski mask would incite more suspicion. Maybe just maybe Trayvon wasn't 100% INNOCENT in this case. Think about all the people who are killed/murdered innocently and completely randomly all the time in this country, without the benefit of all of this “fanfare”, so therefore what makes this case so special?.. Ironically, I AM on the side of Trayvon, however I find it unjust observing this over-reaction to one case that was fairly tried in front of a jury, and how this is all about race AGAIN is getting to be annoying and has an element of bias to it.

  27. 27

    Re: MizzBooBoo – You shut the F up , Im tired of your Ratchete Beyonce wanna be ass ….. That bitch is fake as F@$k , your just to blind and ignorant to see ….. I will pray for your slavation …

  28. Ris says – reply to this


    Overrated, would she have done this if a Hispanic, Asian, or Caucasian 17 year old boy had died? George Zimmerman acted in self defense, the only people making this a race issue are celebrities. A loss of life is always a tragedy, however, George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers. I believe the system worked and an innocent man was set free, two people made a choice that night, George Zimmerman and Trayvonne, lets not pretend Trayvonne is pure as the driven snow.

  29. 29

    Cut the sh^^ -

  30. *** says – reply to this


    Re: mikal
    You don't think Zimmeran's legal costs were already funded heavily? There were already people talking about donating to his legal fund long before the trial began. There's a lot of rich, conservative folk in FL and elsewhere who are lauding him a hero. I doubt he's bad off right now financially.

  31. G says – reply to this


    Everyone should just shut up they are making it all about them and their life and who cares that Trayvon is dead, right? Oh no let's not talk about the 17 year old boy who was killed let's talk about how this affects the NAACP and celebrities with stupid t-shirts and protesters who didn't even know him. And let's make this all about how Trayvon is a symbol to the entire black community. What about Trayvon? And his life and who he was no one talks about him like he's a real person they only talk about him in order to forward their agenda. Am just tired of it all!

  32. 32

    Beyonce and Jay Z are two morons. Beyonce can't speak in complete sentences, and Jay Z speaks in half sentences and leaves his mouth open, for the people around him to finish his sentences! And these are two huge moguls? We have to raise our standards!

  33. XCVSETGEW45 says – reply to this


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  34. 34

    Re: mikal – uuuuuh stfu.'I'm not white… oh…. blah'. So? And!? Neither is Zimmerman. The law told this man not to follow that boy . THE MOTHER F◇◆♧ING LAW! ANDTHIS EXCUSE OF A MAN DISOBEYED IT! If you're in an environment where you know they judge, are following you and may attack you, what would you do? Goerge was aggressive enough in his pursuit for Trayvon to tell a friend over the phone that he was being followed. Trayvon did the right thing in trying to get this aggressive thug away from him. If Trayvon was following George, I would side with Zimmerman. If Trayvon had just committed a crime and George was playing hero, I would side with Zimmerman. Trayvon was going home to his dad and this motherfucker shot him for no reason. If you enter a neighbourhood to visit a loved one, and some random person starts following you, wouldn't you at least turn around to find out why? With all these crazies running around? I'm not getting shot in the back. Both men should be home with their families. ZIMMERMAN DONE F¤¤KED UP.

  35. Lameness says – reply to this


    What a dumbass bitch…anything for attention huh?…..yea I'm gonna play the race card…because if the kid who died was white….she wouldn't have EVER had a moment of silence or say a prayer….he was black..she's black….get off your fuckin high horse u worthless diva trash.

  36. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Divide and conquer. Forget NSA is spying on all of us, forget we are being destroyed. They are creating race wars. Don't fall for it. It doesn't matter if your black or white. Or green or purple. Power to the people. I don't believe in sheeple.

  37. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – You are absolutely right. They don't care about anything but disarming us. They could care less. We are all of us slaves to them. Black, white, American, or not. It's about disarming us. It's about the new world order. We don't own our ports. Our parks have u.n. plaques in them.

  38. Justice4Trayvon says – reply to this


    You people are ignorant & are the true definition of hypocrites. If Trayvon Martin was a white 17 yr old kid & George Zimmerman were black, you know he would be convicted. This is so screwed up. But hey that's what happens when the country's founding fathers are hypocrites. . Liberty.. Ha!

  39. bapqtpie2004 says – reply to this


    Re: Ree – agreed……it was a nice gesture, but i think this topic is just going to spark the hatred in people whether they agreed or disagreed with the verdict. I don't get it, people state their opinions all the time, but if a celebrity does it the celebrity gets sh*tted on.

  40. Lindani says – reply to this


    America has the ridiculous law of stand your ground, which gives people the right to kill other people in the event that they THINK their lives are in danger. This ridiculous law does every thing to protect people (Zimmerman) except those who are genuinely in danger(Treyvon). It is an entitlement for people who want to take the law into their own hands and are able to avoid danger. George Zimmerman took out his frustration on a teenager who was innocent against the advice of law enforcement when he could've easily avoided potential danger. But he chose to racially profile this child and make all sorts of judgements about his character without knowing him because he "looked" like a criminal.
    Modern racism has been incorporated into law and made to appear appropriate because it appeases the fears of white people. I find it awful that a person can go unpunished for murdering an armed 17 year old, and then America says its great? The systematic slaughter of black children by people who believe their lives are in danger because other people are a threat to them.
    Racism is alive and well in America, and the comments on this website are proof of it, racism also lives in the youth of America. African Americans better heed that Treyvon Martin is not the last black child to make a white person feel threatened and thus cause his own death. Zimmerman is White, his ethnicity is Hispanic.

  41. 41

    Re: LovesGossip – That's what God thinking, Guilty Man walking free for now. Divine justice will come.

  42. 42

    OJ not Guilty?

    GZ not Guilty??

    what comes around goes around. some call it Karma others call it divine justice. ask OJ

  43. cha' says – reply to this


    what happened to Trayvon is sad and unfair. Everyone has the right to give his opinion on the subject.

  44. curl jones says – reply to this


    sickening. this ahole poser. what a jerk this broad is. i'm so happy i have never one time EVER bought one single song of hers = because she sucks. why isn't she crying over all the innocent little black kids who get killed everyday by other blacks in oakland, chicago, detroit… why isn't she doing anything to help them? this faker is such a hyprocrite. i just can't stand her she is such a phony - does she think we can't see her?

  45. mike and mary says – reply to this


    it was horrible what poor george zimmerman was put through. where is her sympathy for him? his life is ruined!

  46. curl jones says – reply to this


    skyblu, nobody I know is afraid of black people. you just like to think we are - you would take care not to test your theory out.

  47. miek says – reply to this


    you morons who are saying that zim had no right to follow trayvon are beyond the stupidest people on the earth. ZIMMERMAN WAS AN APPOINTED AND VOTED IN NEIGHBORHOOD WATCHMAN. there were already several crimes by these black thug losers and so yea, who wouldn't be watching some black creep in the night walking around with his hoodie on… neither are a crime but zim had every right to keep an eye on this kid. and zim was the one who called 911. if martin was so worried about it and so innocent, why didn't he do the same, or knock on a neighbors door if he felt threatened. in florida we have EVERY RIGHT BY LAW to carry a loaded gun if you have a concealed weapons permit - which zimmerman did. you are all morons. travyon jumped the wrong dude. I'm sorry it happened but folks need to be careful who they decide to attack. I would have done the EXACT same thing if someone attacked me and especially if they were bashing my head into the concrete - what part about that would not make you feel your life was in danger. black people are racists - that's all this is. because just recently another black man came up to some people to rob them and antoher black man had a gun and shot him - he wasn't physically even touched but it was considered self defense. not a peep. where is the outrage? hyprocrites and liars - all of you.

  48. 48

    I hate Beyonce. Her 15 minutes of fame is OVER. She is an ugly woman in every sense of the word…UGLY.

  49. 49

    Re: miek – If you would do the same thing, then you're the stupidest moron! Okay, so it's your job to follow people. Follow him, call the cops, and let them handle it. The cops will come, realize he's just visiting his dad, maybe inform the watch about who Trayvon is so they know him. Everyone lives, no trial. That's it! It was that simple. I'm glad you posted this, it's stupid people like you who'll get murdered by your own race, because you'll never suspect them. Where I'm from, the white kids wear hoodies, they're the ones running out of Macy's with people's shit. YOU make it about race, but you better open up your eyes to the world we live in.

  50. 50

    Re: MichJB – ACTUALLY… I DID hear about ALOT of not only black, but teens in general, that have been the victims of violence. Where dafuq have you been… or were YOU not paying attention?

  51. 51

    Re: Lauren – So are your parents… AND YOU.

  52. 52

    Re: curl jones – DEVIL, please! K!ll yourself.

  53. lavina says – reply to this


    this is just BS come on the man killed this 17 teen year old boy he wanted to live life and now he is dead and now their is no justice for this wow

  54. Lisa says – reply to this


    I'm a black american woman and i saw the racial issues attached to the trayvon/zimmerman
    Tragedy. However for my black race i have to say if we can come together and fight for justice to defend our civil rights we should also come together and stop our kids from black on black crime. Let's start keeping our own children from killing each other!!!!!

  55. kelli says – reply to this


    Beyonce is a dumb bitch and Trayvon martin wasn't a sweet innocent victim like everyone is being led to believe…
    i'm happy zimmerman was found not guilty.. if i was on the jury, id have found him not guilty also.

  56. Nunya says – reply to this


    Re: trinigirl123 – yeah, hi dumbass…
    FYI, Zimmerman was no longer following Trayvon when Trayvon circled back around and confronted zimmerman. If Trayvon had just gone home, he'd still be alive.
    i'm so sick of the "poor trayvon" bullshit, he is just as much to blame for being a punk ass hoodrat. He put himself in a grown man situation by confronting zimmerman… so i dont want to hear the poor innocent unarmed 17 year old nonsense.
    this stand up guy was visiting his father because he was expelled from school… that doesn't sound like a sweet helpless 17 year old to me.
    half of the idiots who are for Trayvon, are only supporting him because they are black as well. forget the fact that they know NONE of the facts…..

  57. AJ says – reply to this


    Why does Beyonce continue to try and sing Whitney's songs? She has a alright voice, but she does not have the voice to sing anything that Whitney Houston sings or sung. Stop it Beyonce, when you try to sing songs that people with real voices sing it shows how talented
    you really aren't. Singing whitney's songs is for ladies like Mariah who can really sing, your just a fad and I hope its almost at the end. Have some songs written that fit that ok voice of yours, because you can't touch Whitney on your best concert tour.

  58. mangymutt says – reply to this


    Beyonce is an idiot. Promoting cuba and now this! She obviously doesn't do ONE ounce of investigating before she jumps on anything she thinks will get her publicity. YEAH let's go to Cuba and show everyone what a great place it is! Aside from the dictator who has ruined that country and treats it's people like crap. Now let's jump on the bandwagon of Martin who was shown to have attacked zimmerman and got shot in self defense. Would she have been doing any of this is it had been the other way around- A Black guy who shot and killed a white kid? NOPE!

  59. 59


  60. mikael is a loser says – reply to this


    Re: mikal – zimmerman was a pathetic loser, that couldn't be a police officer was a child molester, and a racist. So yea, this is clearly about race. He was a loser that saw a black kid walking in the rain with his hoodie up & decided to prey on him. Anyone would fight when some fat loser goon decides to follow you and doesnt even say a word. Choke on your shit ass clown.

  61. mikael is a loser says – reply to this


    Re: Nunya

    Actually you imbecile, its anyone that can clearly see how the situation is wrong that is standing up for him. All races…. black/white/brown/asian.

    Please flush your head in the toilet. Gutter diving bum.

  62. Hershey_03 says – reply to this


    Re: Nunya