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Oooh, la la!!! Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden were spotted smoochin' outside the Sunset Marquis hotel on Friday and we hope they wore fire retardant… Read more…

34 comments to “Courtney Stodden Allows Much Older Husband To Kiss Her Much Younger Cheek! See The Sexy Pic HERE!”

  1. 1

    her boobs look even bigger i know she got them done but they look like they are about to float out the top on their own…its prob all he gets to kiss

  2. Diane says – reply to this


    Shes crazier than amanda bynes…. Ewww

  3. WhoopyPie says – reply to this


    Some fame whore walking around on stilts flashing fake boobs and her p*ssy hanging out.

  4. Truth says – reply to this


    She JUST got her boobs done and they still have that torpedo shape to them. It must hurt for her to wear them without the surgical bra. Maybe she is on some serious pain meds to help with the consistent delirium of kissing a gross older man for fame. Perez, maybe you are taking bribe$ just like E! to write such complements without an lol or j/k at the end?

  5. MrsLambert says – reply to this


    Yet another day in the life of a poor grown up sexually abused child, and her creepy McCreepster husband.

  6. Perez sux says – reply to this


    Wow Perez really?…u post a line referencing. "Developing thermal cancer"?….idc what or how ur were using it as a reference..but ur a fucking douche bag pig..u need to watch ur fucking mouth..u offend so many ppl and ur a huge fuckin bully…DSS needs to take that child from u..he's gonna grow up to be hateful prick like u…cancer is not a joke and should be referenced…especially in a post about these two losers

  7. 7

    perez… someone has to be paying you for this. this is fucking up

  8. Victoria BC says – reply to this


    I look at this photo and wonder if this poor child was molested when she was younger. I can't imagine any other reason she is like this. Very sad to me to see this girl whom obviously has no self esteem or confidence. The only way she feels she can stand out is to over sextualize herself and dress in a manner she garners attention from freaky strange men…the same type of man who pays for a girl on the corner. Sad, very very sad.

  9. 9

    She has such lively, sparkling, glad-to-be-alive eyes!

  10. bubbles says – reply to this


    So what's wrong with all of you guys .She looks like a used up 40 old whore. She is supposed to be a teen bride ????? OMG what about this used up girl looks like a teen ???? Where was CPS and anyone with a conscience when this girl pimped out to be a rich guys whore. Now she just looks like a used up old prostitute…

  11. Kady says – reply to this


    Sorry Perez, I disagree with you this time. These aren't people who should be glorified. Especially with young girls reading articles you post like this. Getting married at 16 to a 51 year old, even if it is legal, is not necessarily right and not something I would want my kids (if I had kids…) to look up to. Though I do wish them the best. I do believe love can happen at all ages but they met when she was 15… To me that is just too young to even really know who you are. When I was 15 I was completely different than I am now. I just don't understand why you would sincerely post this… But to each their own, right?

  12. jackwad says – reply to this


    This girl wants to be a used little "lolita" ho and she does a great job being just that. So whatever the motives are for wanting to be this, she IS IT! Good job!

  13. 13

    Why Perez…WHY??

  14. Yikes says – reply to this


    Frankly, he's a child molester and she's an exploited 18 year old destined for the same fate as Anna Nicole Smith. This fantasy life style will end tragically as her thirst for attention grows greater. I feel sorry for her. What a confused child.

  15. boheme19 says – reply to this


    The cause of all this girl's problems is that she has a mother who couldn't rub 2 brain cells together if she had them. She has real issues and is trying to live vicariously through her daughter. I feel sorry for both of them if by some miracle they ever become enlightened and have to face what they've done to and with their lives. Truly, they need our prayers.

  16. Rey says – reply to this


    This is just sad, I saw pictures of her 'before' she was a natural, pretty girl. She must be damaged to do this to herself (she does look old and just yucky), and if he loved her at all (child bride or not, again, ew) he should not encourage or at least enable it. Don't give attention to it, may e she'll go away!

  17. HAHAHA says – reply to this


    @perez sux, it's a reference to Breaking Bad you loser. That's what the reference is. You know, the Chemistry teacher who gets cancer and starts making meth? It was a joke around the word chemistry in his last paragraph. Either get with pop culture or get off your high horse. Dumbass.

  18. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Was she raped or molested? That's a serious question. I think something illegal is going on here (besides their obvious sham "marriage").

  19. Rhazes says – reply to this


    She looks like a retired 45 year old hooker.

  20. Phil T says – reply to this


    Sounds like Perez has an18 yr old boyfriend and is trying to justify

  21. 21

    Flames of passion? LMAO
    She looks like she can barely tolerate his kiss on the cheek! And she's so caught up in passion that her eyes are looking towards the camera while the photo is being taken?

  22. 22

    I've got nothing nasty to say about this girl because its all been said already. But if she wants to obtain real notoriety, money and shame then she's going to have to pull a sex tape out of her ass like Farrah. Posing with her grandfather giving her a peck on the cheek is simply not going to cut it. Time to step up Courtney, or bend over..do something.

  23. 23

    Over TEN THOUSAND MEN are in PRISON with very long sentences for doing the EXACT SAME THINGS Doug Hutchison has done to Courtney Stodden while she was underage.

  24. UsetoLovePerez says – reply to this


    Perez, I'm deeply disturbed by you posting anything about this underage tween. It's disgusting.
    Can't believe you posted ANYTHING about Fame hungry, talentless Courtney. I used to love your Blog, UNTIL NOW.
    Soooooooooooo disappointing.

  25. 25

    It's like her boobs are in her face. How does she breathe? She looks ridiculous.

  26. aloha776 says – reply to this


    God she is so gross. I feel bad for her.

  27. 27

    No way she is still a teen. She looks every bit of 45. Those heels should be worn on a
    real woman not a kid!!! He looks like her grandfather. E

  28. Kay says – reply to this


    When did you get on their trash wagon Perez? This girl is a joke and looks like Frankenstein! Their age gap doesn't bother me in the slightest. Her behavior is disgusting and appalling. She is self absorbed and a bad influence to young girls. Not all girls want to look like out of work porn stars that have been rode hard before they are 20! This girl is pathetic but when your momma sells you to an old man I guess you have to make yourself feel good somehow.

  29. Shape it up says – reply to this


    Doug, before you got married, you were in shape. What the hell happen to you? It's time to go back to your old self and be healthy again. You don't have any medical issues, so you should be able to lose the pounds you put, God knows why. It's time to wake up and shape yourself up man!

  30. 30

    Those tits much hang down to her knees.

  31. 31

    does anyone want to tell me the difference between her and kim kardashian???

  32. Seppie says – reply to this


    This photo spells it all out, what a displaying show this all is. Of late, you always see Doug kissing her on the cheek for the photogs. What an insecure, little man. Trying to show the world that they really do love each other.. NOT! Probably the only time now he can kiss her. And she, never reciprocating, turning her head and always posing for the photographers. This is pathetically, disgustingly sad.

  33. Levon says – reply to this


    Courtney, these paparazzis that follow you are making tons of money and you probably are not making a dime. Not even getting job offers or opportunities. In fact, all this publicity is killing a potential future career you could be having. They just take advantage that you like to show off and are laughing and rolling at your expense. Time to get serious, girl! Open your eyes. Finish school, get a job. One day you'll be old and saggy and the paparazzis will be already after the next new meat on the market. Younger, tighter, prettier than you. So wake up and use your time wisely!

  34. Tina says – reply to this


    I was having dinner next to them the other day and she walked outside just to get her picture taken by one photographer… she was wearing sky scraper heals.. I commend her on her performance. it was terrifying to watch. & entertaining.