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Johnny Depp Is Going Mad For Alice In Wonderland 2!

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johnny depp mad hatter alice in wonderland

Johnny Depp is tired of being a mad bomber; he's going back to being a Mad Hatter!

After a couple big flops, the Lone Ranger star is going back to the well - or in this case, down the rabbit hole - for his next project.

Johnny is reportedly in final discussions with Disney to reprise his Alice In Wonderland role in an upcoming sequel.

Not a bad move considering the first one made a billion dollars worldwide!

Johnny's fave director Tim Burton has already been replaced by Muppets master James Bobin, but it seems the cash draw of the character is too strong to resist.

Between this and Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, it looks like the marriage of Depp and Disney is going to be around for a while.

Hey, When You Wish Upon A Star, why not make it Johnny Depp!

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14 comments to “Johnny Depp Is Going Mad For Alice In Wonderland 2!”

  1. 1

    "the tourist" deemed as some wonder movie because him and skeletal angelina jolie were in it the shower scene was DELETED apparently supposed some sexual tension there but u look at him he looks like hes unwashed and never got outta bed ..maybe that would fly on pirates 2-3 but jack sparrow isnt meant to be in 'the tourist" and bombbbbbbbbbed now what .. following amber heard around like a lost puppy and making another crappy movie .Maybe next time hell try something with actual acting .. my fav film of his was when he played 'gilbert grape ” now that was hilarious … the cake scene where his boss caught him 'priceless”' where the hell has johnny the beloved gone now we just got johnny the creep following around the sluterish amber…go home to ur family …

  2. Danielle says – reply to this


    Hated this character…

  3. Your Head is calling says – reply to this


    Sorry but Alice in wonderland 2 isn't he planning to do sequel of all his movies is he that brain dead he can't think of any thing new .I dont think it his break up with Vanessa that causeing him to make sucky movies i mean she wasnt his first ex . i think it the sexual tension with his girl toy that leaving him mind less.I mean he is thinking with head just the the wrong one the one in his pants so sad he soon is going to be a wash up actor soon. what a pitty he was a great actor that what happenes when you mess with a dirty hoe just be glad you dont get a std .wait maybe he can do Gilbert Grape all grown up now that's funny .

  4. Truth be told says – reply to this


    The mad hatter Johnny must be mad getting him a straight jacket. What wrong with Johnny now a days he definitely need to reevaluated him self . He was an amazing actor I love him now he is losing his touch. I hope Johnny can turn it around. Doing sequels of movie you already did suck do something new fresh .Come on Johnny we want a new character your an actor make believe your magician pull a new character out of your hat.A word of advice don't mix business with pleasure . I think your personal life affecting your career .

  5. 5

    Oh No! Why? Mr. Depp, please get a divorce from Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter!

  6. tega says – reply to this


    Firstly, AIW2 has been in the works even before Johnny hooked up with Amber. Secondly, I don't recall Amber ever being labeled a whore before she dated Johnny. It was only afterward that the ugly jealousy in people here came out with. Also people need to remember that nothing is definite. Johnny signs up for lots things that never happen or get postponed or whatever. Blaming someone else for his choices is ridiculous.

  7. tega says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – The Tourist scene was not deleted, it was never even filmed and many people, including myself loved the movie. Vanessa spends a lot of time in France with her work while here kids are in LA so let's just drop the "go back to your family" b/c she obviously wants to get on with her life in France and Johnny wants to get on with his. It's nobody's business who he chooses to do that with. Nobody will ever be good enough for him anyway. People are going to find fault with whoever he is with and will blame them for whatever decisions he makes. How sad that is.

  8. Avi says – reply to this


    He has "Transcendence", "Mortdecai", "Into the woods" and "Pirates 5" all before Alice 2, so i won't expect to see the movie any time soon…
    Anyway, he only wants to have fun with his crazy characters. He doesn't care what anybody think about his career…just like before, when everybody called him a mad man by refusing big roles in blockbusters like Titanic, Speed or "Interview with the Vampire", he didn't care then…and now, when he stick with Disney and sequels, he doesn't care!
    Let him be…
    Have fun Mr. Depp!!

  9. Conan The Barbarian says – reply to this


    I agree with all of you. Johnny isn't choosing the best for him lately. He only cares about having fun in movies and getting lots of money. He should stop to film all these sequels because he's ruining his career. Right now many people think that he isn't a good actor anymore and many people are done with his disney movies. A proof? The fact that The lone ranger is going to be a flop is proof enough so if he isn't worried about what fans think of him and if he doesn't care if they are disappointed then he's a dumb because it's us who give him money going to cinema and buying his movies… so what I want to say is that he should do something to make his fans happy if he wants to keep being rich because his future disney movies could be all flops and then they won't engage him anymore, so he won't be that rich anymore at some points. Fans are losing their interest in him as actor since he doesn't film a good quality movie since Public enemies. All these commercial movies are all the same, he should stop with them for a while at least, doing something else. I think he won't exist anymore as actor within the next 3 or 4 years if he keeps filming sequels and other commercial shit.

  10. 10

    I think Johnny is in mid life crisis and reliving his own childhood trauma of family breakup. He just hasn't found a way to deal with it all yet. Worrying more about pleasing his kids and how to keep Amber. He needs to concentrate on himself.
    I tired of trying to figure him out. I don't know him, none of us do. I know I just miss the old Johnny Depp. None of us have the right to judge him, not even me. God Bless you Johnny and hope you figure things out……

  11. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – You are so wrong. Johnny's die hard fans will be with him and will support him forever.

  12. Conan The Barbarian says – reply to this


    oRe: tega – Yeah, right, only Johnny's die hard fans will be with him and will support him forever and they aren't so many as you think. Once his disney movies bombed right away and used to make box offices rich, while now they're starting to fail and they have some difficulty to make box offices rich as once, so that's a proof that something isn't like it was before and that he's losing fame and many fans and that's not a irrelevant thing. Many fans are disappointed and are starting to get tired of his disney shit and you don't know how much these fans cared for him at the beginning, but doing often commercial sequels and disney movies can get anyone tired, sorry.

  13. zelpmid says – reply to this


    Re: Avi – I agree with you, Johnny Depp doesn't care what anybody thinks, he does crazy movies and that's just how he likes to act. He enjoys acting the characters he does, and that's good enough for him, then why should everyone else even matter? Many say "he isn't a good actor" but who actually is? what makes a good actor is that he loves acting and doesn't care about what may be half of the public not liking the movie, and Johnny doesn't want to get "rich". He's already thinking of retiring from acting for good, wants to settle down. You don't like his acting or movies? simple, don't watch them. and don't waste your money on something you'll watch and criticize.

  14. zelpmid says – reply to this


    Re: Conan The Barbarian – I'm a die hard fan of him, and haven't gotten tired of his "disney shit". Plus, he doesn't like fame, so i don't think he even cares about that.