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Selena Gomez Talks Relationship With Justin Bieber And Keeping Certain Things "Super Private"!!!

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selea gomez privacy

Could Selly be opening up about the troubles of on-again, off-again dating the Biebs?!


Selena Gomez is revealing her relationship strugs in a brand new interview, chatting about the difficulties of dating someone in the public eye!

The starlet explains she knew people would talk about her and Justin Bieber, but adapted the YOLO mentality:

"Sure, I knew people would talk about it, but I can’t be afraid to live my life."

Good for you, girl!


The Come And Get It Singer also said there are certain things that need to be kept to yourself:

I had my first ‘boyfriend’ [Nick Jonas], which wasn’t really a boyfriend, at 14, 15. You’re young and you don’t know how to be. You don’t think: ‘Now I have a boyfriend – let’s keep it super-private and low key,’ because that’s not what you’re thinking about. You’re thinking about: ‘Oh my God, we’re holding hands!’…Everybody falls in love and you would never want to hide something you’re so happy about. But I’ve learned a lot. You keep the things that are super-private to yourself. I definitely want to do that now. But it’s so hard.”

What an amaze way to deal with the scrutiny that comes with being JB's girlfyyy!

Although she never mentions Justin's name specifically, we all know that's who she's talking about!

Next time, keep the so-called "private" a little less obvious, Selena.

But we're totes happy you're working on it!


[Image via PGlg7/LUIS GUERRA/Ramey Pix.]

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23 comments to “Selena Gomez Talks Relationship With Justin Bieber And Keeping Certain Things "Super Private"!!!”

  1. pail says – reply to this


    she wants privacy? whay she didnt tell her dog to stop post pics of them. this girl is a famewhore. she love this attention

  2. joelana says – reply to this


    boring interview, one more time

  3. pon says – reply to this


    perez, why you post so many article about this little annoying girl?

  4. jsid says – reply to this


    eh i used to care but she is minor now

  5. hollywoodcomeback says – reply to this


    i agree. perez stop reporting over this annoying girl with a huge head. srsly. like…there's no reason to bc she's so incredibly boring and overrated. Feroooosh huh.

  6. ugh says – reply to this


    1 shes not a famewhore
    2 even if she did tell him to stop what makes u think he would he likes showing off his girl there nothing wrong wit that
    3 it wasnt supposed to be an exciting interview it was a serious one dubass
    4 perez can write about whoever he wants to if u dont want to read an article about her the dont click on her name its that simple
    5 shes not annoying shes just a 20yr old girl living her life and dream all u fuckin haters are annoying and played out youll are all scum got nothing better to do youll lifes are boring and pathetic so who come down on thoughs who have a life and a career wow and u got the nerve to talkanbout her aleast she doing something wit her life n not sittin around on a computer throwin hate at people she dont even no all u haters r disgusting ugh

  7. maddie says – reply to this


    lolololol at all the haters. this was meant to be a serious interview you twats. And she's not a famewhore for living her life? What a bunch of stupid, jealous bitches here. Either way, she's the one making the money so have fun hating you idiots. She can't live her life and do what she wants like every other normal person without being called a famewhore just cuz some idiot papz just to invade into everything????

  8. rb says – reply to this


    Let's cut the "famewhore", Justin had all the opportunity in the world to find another girlfriend, and now that they are back as a couple, there's nothing wrong with them using each other for their ambitions.

  9. BetterRecognize! says – reply to this


    Re: pon – Because the crowd lover her, you fuckard. You're stupider than shit if you couldn't figure that out. Along with the other fucktards on here bitchin, like they got better things to do. Pshh yeah, y'all are just fucking losers who ain't worth a damn.

  10. Venus says – reply to this


    I didn't know keeping it private is dissing him like a immature little bitch on tv shows and talking about him, making dance videos and telling her friends to shade him lol writing suddenly songs about him and then letting him post pictures of them together ? Stop lying Selenita, you love what attention you got for only going out with JB and he gave her a career boost.Such an untalented little girl shouldn't get all the credit because she is a failed Disney product, her little fans have to accept it.

  11. 11

    This girl is unbelievable "i want to keep things private" goes and talks about Justin.

    "i want to keep things private but it's hard" yeah, we totally get your struggle to stay relevant and sell records without Justin Bieber it does sound hard.

    The is nothing Hard about shutting Up. Bieber does it, why can't your grown ass do so as well??
    Oh wait, it's hard to sell anything. Right?

  12. yep says – reply to this


    I agree the first comment and the one before mine. Shes not a child anymore you can tell shes a famewhore yes famewhore because she has no talent and no matter what she tries at her career starts failing so she runs back to her famous boyfriend and then posts pictures about it then breaks up and posts pictures about it and talks about it on talkshows and writes songs about it and repeats the process. Yes how hard it is to keep things private. She has no fashion sense and thinks shes some dancing queen and its insulting to all the better performers out there. Justin his losing his base to so wont be long until her tactic fails. Perhaps then then she'll cling on to taylor swift as last resort

  13. 13

    i love her to death but if she doesnt leave that self destructive codependant child hes going to ruin her career the way courtney loves was when kurt offed himself…his fans to this day blame her and worse…PS DONT BOTHER REPLYING ABT CL OR KC…just my comparison and opinion

  14. Anyway says – reply to this


    I think she's a lying slut

  15. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: Oaktown357 – To say you are over reacting here is putting it lightlly! Both Kurt & Courtney had a laundry list of problems for many years, including drug addiction, mental health issues and were adults much older than Justin & Selena. To compare a teenager which Justin is to a grown man with life struggles like Kurt Cobain is not only insulting but out of this world ridiculous. Get some mental help yourself before you make such horrible comparisons.

  16. Alyssa says – reply to this


    Honestly she is becoming irrelevant and she knows that , disney gave her talent and with out them she has none , so she just runs back to just to keep her 15 minutes going , which i hope will be up soon because i am soooooooo tired of these sites posting about her , she borning and old news

  17. Alyssa says – reply to this


    shes irrelevant and she knows that , thats why she keeps running back to that little boy she 21 and he just turned 19 but she knows hes the only thing that will keep her famous , Also perz im tired of looking at articles about her shes boring , and talentless

  18. 18

    Re: Alyssa – ok if you think her articles are "boring" and your tired of them them then why do you keep looking at them.dosent make sense at all! And she dosent need justin to become famous .her song come and it get it became #1 without justin :p! And selena your awesome!<3

  19. :'( says – reply to this


    why is she a famewhore?? y'all are so damn blind. she just saying how she wants to keep it private, how its hard and everyone falls in love. I don't see you having hundreds of paps everywhere you go to stick their nose in your business bc if they did you'd probably punch all of them…but no celebs go through that every day yet they manage to keep a smile on their face for their fans, u don't know anything..and she has #1's and 3 albums, over 400million grossing of her movies and she was the first to win and emmy, call me right back when you've done the same

  20. Loojjandlsj says – reply to this


    Re: pail – you're so stupid keep your fucked up comments to yourself

  21. broohaha says – reply to this


    after they broke up in January, she was all "I want to kiss Zayn Malik!"
    he joked about kissing her but of course it wasn't going to happen because he already had a girlfriend. but of course selena assumes every dude she meets wants to marry her and she doesn't get when people are being cheeky.
    then it continued to make a fool of itself in public and got back with justin to make itself shiny again.
    it broke up with justin again. it announces in a televised interview AGAIN that it wants to kiss Zayn Malik. Not only does he ignore her but gets Perrie Edwards tattooed on his arm as well.

    Now its back with Justin. Selenas little plan to insert herself into the crazy 1D spotlight failed dismally, but how pathetic to go chasing after another chicks boyfriend - in public even. Attention loving, entitlement and disrespect are three things she and swifty have in common. No wonder they get on so well.

    whenever her private life is brought up during interviews, she needs to tell the interviewer "I'm sorry. I'd rather not talk about that", and move on to the next topic. Easy. But when you secretly LOVE attention and think you are gods gift to mankind, you're hardly gonna force the issue.

  22. Jesse says – reply to this


    Do you like dating or singing better

  23. karina says – reply to this


    hey selena gomez needs some privacy why cant selena brack up with justin bieber and dont talk to each other