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Obviously, the ruling in the George Zimmerman case is bringing out a lot of heated reactions from celebrities. Similarly, Solange Knowles led a protest r… Read more…

17 comments to “Solange Knowles Holds Sign Quoting Malcolm X In The Middle Of A Zimmerman Protest!”

  1. texasannie says – reply to this


    liar. if she was for truth, she'd understand and agree the verdict was just. emotions have taken over in this farce. oh and those of you so damn concerned 'a black kid' dying? what about the thousands that die every year. oh wait, that's black on black violence. Doesn't count apparently unless its a hispanic dude. oh wait, white hispanic. just like obama is a white black. bullshit hollywood racist idiots. This guy gets it.

  2. generae says – reply to this


    Obviously she doesn't even believe in what her sign says, " I believe in justice no matter who it's for or against".

  3. 3

    She's just as stupid as her sister and brother in-law. Jumping right on board of the racist train. You are all the true racists!!! Do you really think that if it was a white kid in a hood George Zimmerman would have just let him beat his ass on the concrete? Would have been the same outcome. Punks with a punk ass attitude think they can act however they want. The jury made their decision based on "facts" which none of these celebrities seem to understand. They are being completely irresponsible.

  4. Heather says – reply to this


    Finally people who see the truth! Trayvon was not shot because he was black. Its that simple, point blank, period. Its sad, a tragedy that shouldnt of happened but its not all George's fault. I agree with the verdict as I see George acted in self defense. The only reason this case got the media attention it did was because a white latino killed a black kid (even though it was self defense) Its sad he died, it truly is but no amount of protesting or crying or claiming bullshit will bring him back. George has to live with this the rest of his life. Let the family mourn and get on with their life, let George try and live again. He was found Not Guilty, get over it. Pick up your signs, hoodies, skittles and Arizona teas and move on

  5. M says – reply to this


    I live right by where the shooting occurred and the trial took place. Let me just set the record straight by saying that George Zimmerman did NOT shoot Trayvon due to his skin color. Did you know that Zimmerman tutored two African-American students for free? Did you know that he also protested the unlawful trial of an African-American man in 2011? Based on scientific evidence, the way the gun powder was on Trayvon's shirt meant that he had to be on top of a struggling Zimmerman. A series of breakins in which womens jewelry had been stolen was occurring in the neighborhood which was why Zimmerman was suspicious of Trayvon. In fact, on Trayvon's person was a burglary tool followed by a bag of miscellaneous womens jewelry. Even ZImmerman's tae-kwan-do instructor said that there was absolutely no way this man could have caused bodily harm with his fists to Trayvon Martin.
    Living right next to where this has happened has given insight to all different kinds of information that has not reached the public as of yet. I am currently in a government class in my college and this has been a huge part of our curriculum to discuss and research.
    People need to stop basing this as a hate crime and start facing the facts.

  6. UglyMichelle says – reply to this


    The problem is listening to ill informed celebrities, especially those who are not talented and just ride their sister's untalented coattails. Did they listen to the trial? Do they know Trayvon jumped Zimmerman? I don't like the outcome either but why did the DOJ go after Murder 2, any dummy (exc Solange) could see this wasn't premeditated. If Trayvon and Zimmerman had conversed like normal people this prob wouldn't have happened. But people don't do that anymore-everyone has to be a punk. Zimmerman's neighborhood had been broken into 8 times and while I think he should have just gone inside. He did not. However, when he was jumped, anyone knows if 1 guy has a gun that guy will probably live. If Zimmerman did not have a gun he'd probably be dead (and that would be okay for Solange I'm sure). She should help our community where a decent black man working at Family Dollar was killed yesterday by a black guy. There is far more black on black crime than white on black. Watch 48 Hours, it's sad. All the drugs, guns and out of wedlock babies. It's an epidemic and noone wants to say anything. They should. Let's have that discussion. Bill Cosby tried and the black community turned on him.

  7. Tara says – reply to this


    If she truly beleives what she's holding, then it's quite inappropriate for her to be holding it at a Zimmerman protest. What an idiot.

  8. Tara says – reply to this


    Re: UglyMichelle – Excellent point. If people like Jay-Z and Al Sharpton would use their infulence to help these black communities try and improve themselves, rather than coordinate rallies, things might actually improve for them. Sadly, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  9. Are you for real says – reply to this


    Solange is full of shit the verdict was out this is not about race . If they were smart enough they would know Zimmerman isn't white like they claim .. Stop using this case for popularity Beyonce and Solange you look pathetic it not about race it was an unfortunate event so sad you need to reevaluate yourselves . I think you and your sister and brother in law are the racist .you should be ashamed of your self it was self defense.

  10. shawn says – reply to this


    You racist ass people commenting are really pathetic. Solange, beyonce and jayz are racist? Lol do you white people listen to the shit that comes outta your mouths? Lol the irony of you commenters supposedly being against racism, but having your comments being filled with racist remarks.smdh And to you texasannie why is it that white people who dont give a shit about black people always comment on blk on blk crime, when they are trying to shut us up?

  11. shawn says – reply to this


    @uglymichelle zimmerman would have been dead? Lol you cant be that stupid. And if you are the only misinformed person is you!

  12. The facts says – reply to this


    Re: shawn – funny not all people commenting is white so who the racist now .it was self defense Zimmerman isn't white .he also use to tutor other African American kids . He shouldn't got out of the car ? is my but he did so he should have gotten beat to death? Then it would be okay it no longer racism . Come on man did you even listen to the case.

  13. Leon K says – reply to this


    Re: The facts – Lol.. why is that that anything that isn't completely white considered white?? But anything with black is black or hispanic (blah blah) Zimmerman is a descendant of whites and hispanics.. so it's fair game to call him white. Just like you all call Obama black (his mother's white :-O ) You're right, he shouldn't haven't gotten out the car.. but that isn't why he got his ass beat.. he got his ass beat because he challenged Trayvon. He OBVIOUSLY wasn't getting beat to death, the injuries tell that. You're hopping on the Zimmerman bandwagon now. You can't shoot someone because they kicking your ass (especially if you provoked it.) that's a bitch move.. He can beat his ex ass, but can't fight a guy. Coward. For all you people that assume Trayvon is a criminal, let me ask; IF your 17yr old daughter is getting followed by a grown ass 28 year old man, would you not expect her to defend herself? Why is this diff? Zimmerman looks like a suspect to me lol

  14. shawn says – reply to this


    @leonk thank you so much. Although you might not see this comment, im glad somebody with sense is on this site. Once again thank you.

  15. eelie says – reply to this


    it's amazing how racist White people are- still. Zimmerman brought a gun to a fist fight. A fight that he instigated. Unlucky Trayvon brought skittles and juice- oops. If it was night, and some weirdo were stalking you, would you try and punch him out? Maybe not. But Trayvon wasn't crazy for trying to do that. Zimmerman is a coward, and so are y'all white racists. shame on you and your fake "justice" system.

  16. annoyedwiththeworld says – reply to this


    You know what really REALLY disgusts me with this world?

    NONE of this was done after the Casey Anthony verdict. There was no question that child was innocent and there was little to no reasonable doubt she did it. Yet, here we are with actual possibility of it and because this kid was black, justice is demanded.

    Fuck all of you.

  17. Bruce Sosa says – reply to this


    Re: generae – you know i really hate websites sometimes because cowards like you get to hide behind your fucking computer screen nobody is ok with kids dying in Chicago or philly the naacp has events and rallys all the time to bring awareness to the subject of gun viloence but IGNORANT WHITES like you dont pay attention and this verdict wasnt just I hope and pray that it dosent happen to you or you're kids i wonder if you think it will be justice then SMH SHOOT THE CREEPY ASS CRACKER!