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24 comments to “Amanda Bynes Claims Her Offensive Cancer-Related Tweet Was Missing A Colon, Obvi!”

  1. 1

    that’s actually kinda brilliant of her

  2. 2

    WTFever. What a bold faced lie. Forgot the colon my ass. Forgot to have tact is more like it. This girl was on fire, then someone pulled a wicked witch on her and she is smoking in a bad way now.

  3. Georgiana says – reply to this


    That, is possibly the most coherent she's sounded in a long time.

  4. 4

    OMG! do you honestly think she wrote that!. she does not and is not capable of writing like that! this is the girl who uses words like dope and sick, anyone that believes she wrote that is an idiot!!!.

  5. 5

    Wow who the hell wrote that tweet? Mandy?

  6. Dina says – reply to this


    Im not buying it… stupidest thing ive read so far.

  7. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Another reason not to like Vanity Fair. I used to buy them a lot, but now very seldom since Dominique Dunne passed away.

  8. heatherlouise says – reply to this


    Honestly what my family been through with my mum i never thought id see the day id end up reading something so disgusting made b some one i once thought was a talented actress. she digusting and disrespectful, she doesnt even get that theres evil and then theres her. which to me is far worse. I seriously hope someone sorts her out because for someone at my age who is a lot younger than her i can tell she needs help. mental help and to learn to respect others.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this



  10. jes says – reply to this


    Uhh, has anyone read "her" columns?
    Am I the only one that knows it is NOT her writing those?
    She has issues; did we forget?
    I honestly don't see her capably fit in the head to type such eloquent sentences with large, meaningful words…and using real, credible sources….
    this is just too much. haha.
    Someone is clearly using this to their advantage to have a good time making fun of her.

  11. 11

    c'mon, there is no way she wrote that. I can't believe people actually believe she wrote those emails to VF. she is not that intelligent and she is actually a disrespectful, inarticulate mean spirited bitch.

  12. Emma says – reply to this


    Heavily edited by her editor. Amanda cannot even make 140 characters sound coherent let alone an entire paragraph.

  13. first time commenting says – reply to this


    that crazy bitch is on to something

  14. 14

    Something tells me that this girl is nowhere near articulate enough to have written that…
    It's a huge stretch no matter who wrote it.

  15. 15

    Wow, she is reaching. Kudos to her, though, she found just about the only way she could have spun it.

  16. snow says – reply to this


    Can someone please clarify if Bynes is really posting those entries at Vanity Fair? If so, why are they seemingly encouraging, and obviously using someone with mental issues to get readers? This is insane. It's irresponsible! If that is really her writing for VF, she is crazier than we all thought. Her entries are nonsensical.

  17. shann623 says – reply to this


    Uh, I was born under the "Cancer" sign and I have to say I am not a patient person…. Get over yourself AMANDA and grow the hell up! Stop with all your stupid antics and become that beautiful woman that you could've been all this time otherwise, step out of the limelight and let it shine on someone who we all like.

  18. 18

    I've actually read several of her "columns" in VF :::ashamed::: and I honestly thought it was satire.

  19. 19

    Oh Amanda, you insensitive psycho, do you really think losing our hair is what we worry about when we have cancer? Come spend a week being me, see what someone fighting for their life deals with while they're being pumped full of poison, and then tell me your hair matters that much to you. I wouldn't wish this fight upon my worst enemy.

  20. Sloths says – reply to this


    Are you dumb?! THIS IS SATIRE!!!! HELLLOOO!!! She did not write this! C'mon Perez, you should have realized this.

  21. amaranthine says – reply to this


    If you look at the section that article is from, it's in the "Comedy" section. That wasn't actually written by Amanda Bynes. It was a joke.

  22. chachixo says – reply to this


    Haha some one was quite inventive, but now i wonder how much of that column she writes herself or at least how hands on the editor is. You would think she would bring some of that punctuation and capitalization to the interwebz.

  23. 23

    I have cancer and I'm honestly not the least bit offended by this. Yup, I'm bald.. I can see how also being bald would remind you of chemo. There is a lot more to cancer than hair loss but I don't think she was being nasty. She's insulting herself here.

  24. nonameforyou says – reply to this


    No, I don't believe that… it's pretty obvious that she was talking about an actual cancer patient, since she had her head shaved bald first off… such a logical tweet…