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Cory Monteith 'Tried So Hard' To Conquer His 'Demons' & 'Addiction'! Read His Friends' Words HERE!

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We now know what killed Cory Monteith so prematurely, but all the information in the world isn't making this tragedy any easier to accept.

Now many friends of the Glee star are coming forward and speaking publicly about the "demons" Cory just couldn't vanquish and, we must warn you, their insights are heartbreaking.

One friend swears the 31-year-old actor tried to stop being so destructive, but "just couldn't."

The friend revealed:

"Cory fought his demons and the demons won. Cory wasn't going out and doing these things to have fun. He couldn't stop. He tried. He just couldn't."

Ugh!!! He attended AA meetings just a few days ago, and even that couldn't save him!!

His autopsy showed traces of heroin and alochol, but another friend says Cory abused other substances, too.

That friend admitted:

"He was shooting up heroin and crystal meth. It was very scary. [There were] major track marks [on his skin]… His detox was very long."

Ugh! It's all just so sad!

According to one source, Cory even knew every relapse might be his last.

That source said:

"[Cory] was super committed to getting sober. He would often say, 'This my last chance.'"

Sadly, he was right.

While the horrible way he left us will always be a footnote to his fabulous legacy, it's important to remember how wonderful of a man he was.

All of his friends agree that he was just a super decent human being.

One of them said:

"Cory wasn't a bad guy. He tried so hard to beat this. He didn't want to use. But he had a disease. He was an addict. There's nothing nice about it, but that didn't make him a bad guy."

We miss you so much already, Cory! Rest in peace!

[Image via WENN.]

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32 comments to “Cory Monteith 'Tried So Hard' To Conquer His 'Demons' & 'Addiction'! Read His Friends' Words HERE!”

  1. Whitney says – reply to this


    Too bad he had a girlfriend who thought nothing of drinking with him.

  2. 2

    heroin kills it doesnt matter who ur are how rich u are it kills whether u die slow and ugly or fast ull die … DONT TAKE IT EVER…

  3. 3

    Perez, you don't even know him. STFU!

  4. Rob says – reply to this


    Can someone please tell me how this guy is famous??? not Cory i mean PEREZ HILTON, i actually dispise you

  5. Sarah says – reply to this


    Okay, how do you know that Perez didn't know him? That's right, you don't. And he didn't even say anything bad about him, this is all true, so why are you Ben getting mad bro? And if you "dispise" (it's spelt "despise" btw) Perez so much then why are you on his website, reading his articles and leaving comments? I mean honestly. Anyway, it's really sad that Cory had to go so early, especially when he was apparently such a great and talented guy, and I feel so sorry for Lea. At least he didnt just do these bad things to do it, and he tried to get better. Prayers for Lea and his family and friends.

  6. Don't blame Perez! says – reply to this


    This make me sooo sad! He doesn't even look an addict person. Heroin is a very big deal, once you tried is very hard to get away from it… But still, Cory's family is right, we have to remember him for all the good he did, not because of this.

    Don't blame, Perez! He is just informing! Nothing bad about it! I knew the whole thing about Cory, thanks to Perez… and the i'd search in ABC, CNN and all stuff.

    RIP Cory.

  7. xcbreyrey says – reply to this


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  8. 8

    I love all of the Perez haters on here. Um. Leave? Or is someone threatening your life if you're not here? Speaking of addictions you can't seem to conquer and all…

  9. 9

    Good! Now let them all set an example and stay away from the crap and get involved in programs that prevent drug use and awareness. It's sad but they all seem to say the same thing when one of them dies yet they continue to turn a blind eye and even use themselves. Actions speak louder than empty words.

  10. 10

    This has broken my heart

  11. 11

    It's crazy how he did not look like a druggie at all. Lindsay Lohan, definitely. Him, I don't see it.

  12. Marvin says – reply to this


    Re: Rob – well… you are reading HIS SITE, aren't you? that answers the question how he got famous.

  13. UPSET I AM says – reply to this


    I can't believe he would risk loosing EVERYTHING for drugs! SAD SAD SAD
    He needed a sponsor!!!!!

    Who gave him the Heroin????? I want to kick some ASS!

    Get that shit off the streets! Please somebody crush the drug pushers and suppliers.

    R.I.P Cory… sorry you couldn't kick it. Shame on those who were a bad influence! Make them accountable for sure!

  14. FLORENCIA says – reply to this



  15. dasdasd@gmail.com says – reply to this


    You sir are the scum of the earth. These 'sources' you claim tell you these things are all fabricated in your sick head. The fact you make up quotes in order to get media attention is sickening in its own. Trying to profit off a horrible accident like this is so disturbing. You have to live with yourself so I am not going to waste anymore time explaining how sick you are..

  16. lacey says – reply to this


    Awww, this is just the saddest thing to me. I wonder what triggered his relapse after almost 10 years of being sober. Something triggered this backslide. It's just so tragic and depressing to me. The poor guy just couldn't conquer this illness. I agree with his friend. This doesn't make Cory a bad person. You could tell he was super sweet and genuine. I feel so bad for his family and friends. :(

  17. gone too soon says – reply to this


    So sad and heart breaking. I know first hand,as I'm sure many of you do what's it's like to have an addiction or you know someone who has one. It does not in anyway make them a bad person. Addiction IS a disease and there are people who want more than anything to beat it. Cory seemed like an amazing person with such an immense talent. It is so sad and still surreal to know he is gone. I obv did not know him personally, but he seemed like the type of guy who would do anything for anyone, a real genuine gentleman. You will never be forgotten Cory, your life in music, movies and of course Glee will live on forever. May u finally be at peace and may your loved ones know u will always be with them. RIP xoxo

  18. 18

    This has hit me so close to home because I had to leave my husband of 10 years after realizing that he just would never kick his drug addiction. He was in and out of rehab, AA, and tried every program out there in the hopes that it could help him stop. He just couldn't. A brilliant handsome charismatic man just like Cory, who couldn't stop using drugs no matter how hard he tried. It's been several years and when I look at pictures of my ex now I can't believe it's the same man. He looks like he's aged decades, he lost his professional license and is practically homeless.

    I didn't want to end up like Lea Michele and so I left. My heart breaks for her. I know what it's like to do everything in your power to try and help the man you love save himself, and nothing works.

  19. 19

    Re: lacey – He wasn't sober 10 years … he went into rehab earlier this year. He's been using on and off since he was 13 … mostly "on."

    Who knows what triggers it. I remember sitting in the backyard with my ex-husband's mother and telling her "I think this is really it … I think he's really quit drugs for good … I feel so good and positive about his recovery" and his dad coming out just then and telling us my husband had just been arrested at work for shooting up on the job. (he was a doctor. not anymore.)

    Even the people closest to an addict have no way of being able to predict when the demon takes over. Some people just can't quit no matter what.

  20. lacey says – reply to this


    Re: LilMissDina – Wow. I didn't know that. I thought he had went into rehab at 19 and stayed sober until very recently, when he went back to rehab. Either way, it's such a sad story. May he rest in peace.

  21. Please Read says – reply to this


    I appreciate and respect everyone's opinion on here, as it's essentially based on your respective life experiences. Having said that, I'm an incredibly open-minded individual, who opts not be be completely stubborn and stuck in my ways, but open to realizing that perhaps…just MAYBE, I haven't experienced everything, and can therefore not JUDGE based on what life has thrown me thus far (when dealing with situations that are completely foreign to me). I am an alcoholic. You would absolutely not know that I was upon meeting me, whether I was actively using or not. I am intelligent, put together, attractive, my youth is still preserved, I have a great job, and I care for my family deeply, which is manifested in my actions. I have been in incredibly dark places, and have had to consume a disgusting (absolutely by your standards) amount of alcohol to even function…no, it never really affected my job/relationships…perhaps slightly, but no more than a "normie" with regular issues…all of you who are judging do not realize how many addicts you encounter on a daily basis. I read these blogs, and chuckle to myself when the author characterizes someone as "doing really well", and "in an incredibly happy place". I'm sure it's been previously mentioned, but we most certainly appear to be happy when we're using…and sometimes not…and perhaps it's inconsistent…get my drift? Try as you might, but you will never nail the patterns of an addict.

  22. Please Read says – reply to this


    I can absolutely appreciate all of the skeptics out there who simply don't understand why this is even an issue…why even start? It's a choice, afterall…

    I am an educated, kind-hearted, loving, beautiful woman who has fortunately not lost her life, but perhaps should have (and will absolutely battle this disease every day for the rest of my life)…I wish I could somehow present something in words that could make the nay-sayers understand, but I cannot. Addiction is beyond explanation, but I assure you, is very real. It's not a choice. Doubt it all you want, I just wish all of you behind your computer screens could meet me, so that I could shed some light on the reality of the situation, and perhaps help you empathize and ultimately grow as a person. I can only hope information/answers are more accessible to the general population regarding addiction…it's so awful, completely consuming, and absolutely a disease…something that is so very close to my heart, and I wish I could aid in making people realize that this is REALLY NOT A CHOICE. Do you think when children first try a drink/drug, they are privy to all of the consequences?

  23. Please Read says – reply to this


    ABSOLUTELY NOT. I was never aware at a young age that alcohol withdrawal could kill you…the issue is, we're not privy to this information when we experiment at a young age, and once you're addicted, it truly is the most difficult thing to overcome…it comsumes you. I have accomplished more than I could ever hope…degrees, beautiful family, wonderful friends, inspiring and fulfilling job…but EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE…I deal with this disease. I know it's SO beyond the grasp of someone who is not an alcoholic or addict to understand, but THIS IS REAL. RIP Cory…I never watched Glee, but your death has affected me more than perhaps those who knew you inside and out (or at least thought they did). Much love to all of you. xxoxxo

  24. 24

    this seriously broke my heart right now. I am battling a addiction. and he sounds the same way as me. what people would say about my alcohol/cocaine addiction.

    "[Cory] was super committed to getting sober. He would often say, 'This my last chance.'"

    I say that all the time. have, been since I was 17, I am 25.

    his story made me get help right away so I don't loose my family, fiancé, puppy and kitty. house. anything.

    RIP CORY. you may have saved my life.

  25. MichJb says – reply to this


    So all his friends and family seemed to know that this guy was self destructing, yet none apparently did a thing to stop him? With friends like those…

  26. 26

    this makes me so sad. i'm so heart broken for him. i hate that the whole drug addiction news is overshadowing the good that he did. Prayers for his family and friends. My cousin was an alcoholic and passed away a month before his 30th birthday. The doctor told him either he had to stop drinking or he wouldn't see 30 and the doctor was right. He just couldn't stop and the people he lived with always had the fridge full of beer. their reasoning was that they didn't have to change who they were for him because "he'd have to get used to seeing alcohol everywhere". They saw that he would grab water bottles at home but when he would go somewhere the first thing he did was go to the corner store to buy alcohol. Just another example of someone who just couldn't stop. He wanted to..he had a son and wanted to see him grow up but he just couldn't stop as much as he tried.

  27. 27

    Re: Please ReadRe: Michmasterflex – Best of luck to both of you.

  28. FinnLover2013 says – reply to this


    Everyone just needs to stop talking down about his addiction. He had it and that's that. Didn't make him a bad person, Didn't make him the person he was. He was an amazing actor on Glee and could definitely tell he loved Lea. I feel so sorry for her right now. My prayers go out to her and his family at this tragic time. R.I.P. Cory Monteith you will be greatly missed :(

  29. 29

    My heart breaks. I loved his adorably awkward dance moves and his shy sweet demeanor.

  30. 30

    Re: MichJb – you really can't or don't read, do you?

  31. 31

    Re: Whitney – and you know this how? So quick to judge and make asinine comments.

  32. Naruter says – reply to this


    Re: sk8terboy1983 – He did know him, learn your facts please.