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Emma Roberts Arrested After Allegedly Beating Up Her Famous Boyfriend In Canada!

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emma roberts arrested alleged domestic violence evan peters actor montreal julia roberts

Ugh! More sad news from a Canadian hotel room!

Emma Roberts was arrested after allegedly bloodying up her boyfriend's nose in Montreal!!!

Niece of megastar Julia Roberts, and daughter to actor Eric Roberts, the 22-year-old actress was taken into custody earlier this month when cops were called to investigate what seems to have been a hotel room quarrel.

When police arrived, they apparently found her boyfriend, American Horror Story star Evan Peters, with a bloody nose and bite marks.

Emma was arrested on the spot, but soon released because apparently Evan had no intention of pressing charges.

The couple has apparently reconciled since then and, while sources close to them admit the fight turned physical, they deny Emma's involvement in the biting!!!

Wow!!! This is unbelievable!!!!

We can't wait to hear Auntie Julia's take!

[Image via WENN.]

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37 comments to “Emma Roberts Arrested After Allegedly Beating Up Her Famous Boyfriend In Canada!”

  1. Shhh says – reply to this


    Um, what. ._.

  2. Natron Means says – reply to this


    This story is awesome on so many levels!!

  3. 3

    uhhhh what? is right

  4. 4

    @ Natronmeans how is domestic violence awesome?

  5. huh? says – reply to this


    What is with the biting? well physical abuse all together but still. What is going on in hollywood. I thought this was a joke but I guess not.

  6. danielle says – reply to this



  7. pail says – reply to this


    Emma roberts, The New Chris Brown

  8. 8

    i can`t believe i wasn`t aware they where in my home city..

  9. Trisha says – reply to this


    This week just keeps on getting weirder and weirder..

  10. 10

    Hello left field, it's been a while.

  11. 11

    Domestic violence is never okay. It doesn't matter who the agressor or abuser is. Protecting your abuser is so wrong.

  12. Leslie says – reply to this


    Domestic violence.

  13. rav48 says – reply to this


    Amazing her is gonna get sleep under the rug and you and alot of people still judging Cris Brown it all about the color of your skin.

  14. 14

    Re: rav48 – this time it's more about what's between your legs

  15. 15

    I'm all for girl power and all, but there is no way I'm gonna raise my hand to my man. (Unless its self defense and I pray to God that never happens). Dump her dude.

  16. broohaha says – reply to this


    so he got angry and bit himself?

  17. 17

    Re: Shhh – My exact thoughts.

  18. dddff says – reply to this


    This story is crazy. What a nutty chick.

  19. Af says – reply to this


    Something is not right about this story. In Canada it is not up to the victim of an assault whether charges are pressed. If the Police see evidence of a domestic assault THEY press charges. It does not matter at all if the victim wants to or not. So if she was not charged it was for another reason not because her boyfriend didn't want her charged.

  20. 20

    so are u saying she turned into a werewolf boy i would beleid that

  21. M says – reply to this


    Maybe it was rough kinky sex gone wrong and that's why she was released and they're still all lovey

  22. kikikiwi says – reply to this


    His acting is AWESOME!!! LOVE HIS SHOW… wtf is he doing with HER????? P.S. wtf she's either crazy or high as hell on something bad…

  23. kikikiwi says – reply to this


    P.S. someone make this guy a Jack White biopic, cuz he's a dead ringer in the face.. and could act the shit out of that roll. <3 feel better Evan… and call me for hugz!

  24. ONIT says – reply to this


    Not surprised! When being with Chord Overstreet, I read several news articles she beat him too. Girl has some serious attitude problems.

  25. idiots says – reply to this


    Re: rav48 – oh no maybe you should give Jessie jackson, al sharpton, obama and Oprah a call so there can be more riots formed and more seperated diversities
    Newsflash its more brutal for a man to abuse a woman cuz were stronger ya fucken idiot!
    Another no justice for *black persons name* bullshit!
    Im well aware of people in africa,cuba,middle east, and other innocent children are getting murdered everyday but you dont see them in the news
    And im not white or racist let that be your first clue

  26. 26

    Re: kikikiwi – Agree 100%! Always thought he looks just like Jack White.

  27. 27

    and the winners for most toxic relationship…why would he stay with her if she did this to him? Why would she do something like that? What's happening? it makes me feel like the mayans were right…they were just a little bit off. Can we just erase this past week in news? Get out of there honey, there are plenty of not crazy girl fish in the sea.

  28. Jessica says – reply to this


    Obviously kinky sex stuff and they got caught. But still hilarious!

  29. e says – reply to this


    Wonder what the story is behind this one. Can't really say anything about it until I know.

  30. 30

    This is domestic violence and it makes me sick. I don't get why nobody cares. People are - rightfully - still shaming Chris Brown, but with Emma Roberts it's okay ’cause she's a woman? F**king double standards.

  31. haha says – reply to this


    Re: herpina – well idk maybe because chris brown really beat her ass this was no bloody nose and scratches type of case so its different OJ killed his wife he still walked and wrote a book about where was the justice then?

  32. Not about color says – reply to this


    Re: rav48 – no she be remember crazy chic beat man man a wussy.Everybody know that guys hit harder more about sex . So don't make it a racial issue it a sexiest issue.

  33. So different says – reply to this


    Re: herpina – HEY men hit harder. So yeah there a standard they can rearrange your face how that going to help if there's a missing report.

  34. mimi says – reply to this


    Ok Perez….you dog Chris Brown out all the time. Where is your outrage now?

  35. Ivan says – reply to this


    Bitch better leave that handsome men alone.

  36. Loyale1229 says – reply to this


    Re: haha – Emma Roberts left him with a bloody nose and and she bit him… who bites people???? O_o

  37. dominic says – reply to this


    advice for girls: when you beats your BF, don't let marks.