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The View Tackles The Trayvon Martin Trial & Verdict; Watch HERE!

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It’s no secret that the Zimmerman trial’s verdict has caused some serious uproar.

From riots to public denouncements — including a statement from President Obama — everyone has something to say about the jury’s decision.

Even the women of The View. The ABC show’s co-hosts invited George Zimmerman’s attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West for an interview on Monday, helmed by none other than Barbara Walters, and didn’t hold back!

Watch the ladies, particularly Whoopi Goldberg, grill these defense layers (above) and …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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77 comments to “The View Tackles The Trayvon Martin Trial & Verdict; Watch HERE!”

  1. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Year after year I have seen the news changed from unbiased reporting to something evil and manipulative.

  2. 2

    You mean the Single View lol That's pretty much what the show has turned into.

  3. share says – reply to this


    Let-It-Go!! As even requested by our President. If you thoroughly watched the trial and understand the law, then all these protests should not be continuing.

  4. xcberyery546 says – reply to this


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  5. mr pete says – reply to this


    Should have talked about GAY BASHING
    The girl Rachel, who was on the phone with Treyvon said, he thought Zimmermann was GAY, and would RAPE him, and if he followed him home, Zimmermann would RAPE his little brother
    Why this never came up at trial, but only later on national TV ?
    Zimmermann has the victim, doesn't work as well for the Liberals

  6. richsp says – reply to this


    They ALL have ALL these stupid ???'s but they NEVER watched one second of the trial.. But they are ALL saying he is guilty of killing an innocent little boy!! But NO NOTHING of the case!! Just amazing!! How come he didnt punch him!! Why doesnt she ask her own black people why they kill each other EVERYDAY!! Bunch of fools who dont understand the LAW or listen for one second but find him GUILTY killing a BLACKMAN!!! Hope BW was just playing dumb, would thin k she is much smarter then these Racist Black women..Country is doomed!!!

  7. Stopstupidity says – reply to this


    Just because the kid was black doesn't mean he was being targeted. The kid was up to no good and the case proved it. I feel bad for Zimmerman in a way as he will need to live in fear for the rest of his life.

  8. richsp says – reply to this


    Hopefully she will teach her little hood rat to not attack somebody if asked a question. They always say"" Never know when you will meet someone a little crazier then you or someone with a gun!!!

    Its will ALWAYS be racist when any other race kills a negro!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  9. Mary Armstrong says – reply to this


    Trayvon's mom is a BIG woman, and she couldn't handle him
    that's how he ended up staying with his father, who was staying with his girlfriend
    Trayvon had problems at school, had drug problems, had been known as a trouble maker
    He was not who the media wanted him to be, he was not who Al Sharpton wants you to think he was

  10. richsp says – reply to this


    When U people see the picture of the young Trevor and NOT the picture as he would look today!! You are being manipulated!! WAKE UP!! Zim killed a 6'3 kid,speaks fluent Ebonics, kicked out of school, pictures holding guns,dealing & smoking weed!! This is not the LITTLE KID picture!! This kid would scare the shit out of most people in the dark!!!

  11. 11

    The greatest example of the press trolling people in the history of media

  12. 12

    Re: GHOST OF TRAYVON – You are a despicable and bigoted human being to make that your screen name and to refer to a dead child as an animal. George Zimmerman had no right to walk up to Trayvon Martin in the first place. If you fear for your life like people are saying Zimmerman did, then tell me why you would go up to the person you "fear" and question him?? The outcome was not what it should have been, but the fact that George Zimmerman cannot go back to his normal life is only half the punishment he should have received.

  13. richsp says – reply to this


    Open up the Chicago Times!! I just did, and there was at least 12 shootings!! Where are the Celebs, the News, The PRESIDENT?????
    Here is one on the front page!!

    Joseph Brewer Jr. was taking a Sunday stroll to the home of his 5-month-old daughter, friends said, when gunfire broke out and killed the 16-year-old resident of the Trumbull Park neighborhood.

    WTF!!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU AND ALL THE BLACKS!!!!! Open up a NEWSPAPER!! Woopi you piece of shit who gets paid for her STUPIDITY!! Didnt know NOTHING about the Zimmerman case like SO MANY OTHERS!!! PEREZ!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

  14. 14

    Sad that there are so many stupid people in America. No wonder the world laughs at us. No one protests Chris Brown beating the crap of Rihanna….or Casey Anthony murdering her baby and walking away yet we have a media that either has no understanding or regard for the LAW. We also have a lot of overnight attorneys who have no comprehension of the law but can categorically say this was a travesty of justice or worse, racism. Under the law as it stands now, he was not guilty of manslaughter or murder. If you're upset, WORK TO CHANGE THE LAW. I can't watch the View any more. The Single View is right.

  15. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: designdesign23 – He was protecting his hood, something you wouldnt have the balls to do and let someone watch over you & your family!! The hood had a bunch of break inns!! Imagine that when Trevor happen to move in a little while back from being suspended from school!

  16. 16

    Re: designdesign23

    He had every legal right to do what he did. Trayvon , did not have the right to attack him. You are a perfect example of a ignorant person , unaware of the facts and manipulated by the media. The press knows there are a lot of people like you that just refuse to pay attention. Spend 30 minutes and watch the video " the truth about George Zimmerman and trayvon Martin". Of course you probably dont want to be educated and dont have the attention span to do so.

  17. richsp says – reply to this


    A store clerk was attacked by a man with a baseball bat this morning after being told the store did not carry the size of tank top shirts he requested, police said.

    Where is Whoopi and all the Celebs??????? Last nights Chicago paper!!! Why didnt the guy sucker punch him"" Whoppi Trevor!!

  18. Dayme says – reply to this


    Trayvon Lives! This case had no winners. It was simply a sad day for all with a human heart. I created a video to carry on the legacy of the Trayvon's of the world. Please take a minute to watch it and leave comments for Trayvon's family. Thank you..

  19. 19

    Re: Dayme

    Make sure you drink some purple dank, pull out the gat , commit theft and get into street fights to honor his memory

  20. richsp says – reply to this


    Crime reports in Belmont Cragin, June 6 - July 6, 20131

    violent crimes
    Robbery - 9
    Battery - 6
    Assault - 3
    Homicide - 1
    Criminal sexual assault

    reports property crimes
    Theft - 84
    Burglary - 23
    Motor vehicle theft - 31
    Arson - 3
    quality-of-life crimes
    Criminal damage - 66
    Narcotics - 32
    Prostitution - 0

    30days one County. It has charts to show you everyday in Chicago the crimes in COUNTY'S… We are talking one country!!! Where is the TV coverage???

  21. crystal smith says – reply to this


    first off i dont care who u are or what is going on if someone is beating on u and u have a gun an can use it u will.. come on.. what about if u could fire a gun u could hit him.. thats stupid go ask all the nasty ass bloods and cripps hay u gang banggers stop killing and stealing , and rapping , and shit u could just get a job and act like humans what it the tables were turned .. i for one dont think all came out but i know if it was the other way around no star would be *** saleing and yes saleing shirts and shit** come on its so sad.. i feel for him and his family trust me i do.. but all this crap let the boy rest only god can judge now … i mean come on u let OJ go didnt u.. omg .. and u know he done it he wrote a book about it lolol omg .. get over it.. the race card is done.. the only card here is the decent one.. and neither played it zimmerman or the dead they were both in the wrong .. and it happens … rest in peace prayers for ur loved ones . i just pray u were a christain sweet boy amen… god bless

  22. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: Dayme – Dont forget your GOLD TEETH!! Coon bye ya!!!! You fucking wack jobs! There is more innocent killings to sing about and this one inspired you!! Fucken Amazing and pathetic….

  23. Dayme says – reply to this


    Trayvon Lives… I created a video a while before the trial… Know if we lose our ability to feel, we will basically lose our humanity. You cand see on youtube, Dayme - Rock The Hoodie

  24. 24

    Is perez a " white Hispanic"

  25. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: crystal smith – just pray u were a christain sweet boy amen… Thats a funny one!!! Keep dreaming!!

  26. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: richsp – That is one COUNTY…

  27. richsp says – reply to this


    Re: MVPnis – Nappy Headed Hispanic!! LOL!! WTF is up with the hair!! Cant cover up that face!! Dude stop trying…

  28. 28

    Re: richsp – Bulls*** if he wanted to protect his "hood" he should have called the police. He made an incorrect assumption and it cost a teenager his life.

  29. 29

    Re: MVPnis – He should not have approached him. He should have minded his own business and not assumed that just because there was a teenager walking with his hood on because it was raining, was a thief. I watched the trail you are the ignorant one and it is obvious by your picture.

  30. 30

    Re: designdesign23

    actually trayvon made the mistake and attacked him….shhhh…dont tell anybody, you wouldnt want to be educated about the case

  31. 31

    Re: designdesign23

    he didnt approach him, he was looking for the signs on the street , JUST LIKE THE LAST CALL HE MADE WEEKS EARLIER…and trayvon attacked him…see the facts of the case, stop being manipulated by race baiting media that created the term " white hispanic"

  32. skinnykimmy says – reply to this


    Enough with putting TM and his behavior before that night on trial. the trial was about if Zimm shot TM in self defense or not. stop bashing TM. so tired of the same comments about TM smoking weed (who doesnt?), his decorative gold teeth (my grandma has some cause in certain countries thats how they do teeth-GOLD!), the media using his younger picture (like zimm was so zoftig during the shooting, no he was fit and strong).

    and for chist sake, Zimm side of the story, is just Zimm side of the story, I dont understand why people take his words to be as absolute truth.

    and for that juror on anderson cooper who kept saying "zimm said this and that" (actually he didnt say anything, he didnt testify at all, maybe if he did things would of be different, and i mean different verdict (guilty or not guilty on different charges).

  33. JayMc says – reply to this


    I guess Whoopi thinks that Zimmerman should have just taken his beating and called it a day. Whether he would have survived it or not that would just be his problem. What an idiot she is. If I'm being beaten in the dark with a guy on top of me and I have a gun on me I'm not going to be thinking of my kidney punching options. I'm damn well going to shoot the guy.

  34. 34

    All trayvon supporters have one thing in common… they know nothing about the facts of the case

  35. JayMc says – reply to this


    @skinnykimmy The verdict wouldn't have been different if Zimmerman would have testified. They had the transcript from his interview and deposition as well as witness'. Legally not guilty was the ONLY proper verdict.

  36. JayMc says – reply to this


    Re: designdesign23 – Who said he approached Martin? Even if he did it was Martin that attacked him. Zimmerman was well within his rights to shoot Martin if he feared for his life.

  37. skinnykimmy says – reply to this


    Re: JayMc

    i have served as a juror on a stabbing case, and the testimonials and transcrpts were slightly different from both parties and sent defense and prosecutor into a frenzy. new things emerged, some thing were forgotten. it was an interesting process to go through. oh and we were told not to judge the case on defenders and victims past but strictly on the evidence which is somehow didnt happen on this case.

  38. 38

    TM was raised by his stepmother not the parents that we saw…also his bilogical parents already settle a million dollar lawsuit with the home owner association…these 2 bilogical parents are just in it for the MONEY…TM was nothing but a thug wannabe…i do not share any tears that he DEAD…GOD BLESS GEORGE ZIMMERMAN

  39. skinnykimmy says – reply to this


    Re: JayMc

    why do people insist that only Zimm feared for his life?

    i am sure zimm at one point had no fear, feeling superior and powerful knowing he has a gun by his side.

  40. 40

    Whoopi can make all the excuses she wants as to why Trayvon was followed or why Zimmerman didn't hit him back instead of shooting. The truth is, Trayvon has a lot to blame too and lets face it, he was beating the shit out of Zimmerman. Both people in this case are wrong, nobody wins, and for that I have to respect the verdict.

  41. 41

    sorry for this crap. but wow. living in Alberta Canada. never hear of this shit. My mom is from America, so I am not bring down Americans. but something needs to change in your country. just don't come to Canada

  42. Racist Whoopi says – reply to this


    Wow these videos are hard to watch, Whoopi was reallllly getting on my nerves. Clearly Whoopi has a race issue! Whoopi is the racist person here. Clearly Trayvon being black and Zimmermann not being black is allll the evidence she needs to make her decision.
    The BOTTOM LINE here is that Trayvon was brutally beating Zimmermann, something that trayvon DID NOT have to do (he could have just ran away or raised his hands in the air and said I don't want any trouble). BUT instead he beat zimmermann, which resulted in zimm. fearing for his life (and rightfully so, his head was being bashed off concrete!!!) and in zimm. shooting trayvon. Its a tragedy that could have easily been avoided but zimm. was within his rights. What if he hadn't shot him, continued to get his head bashed off the concrete and died????
    My response to Whoopi's question "why didn't zimm. just punch him instead of shooting?" Well Whoopi maybe Zimm. wasn't thinking too clearly considering his head was being bashed off concrete?????? Maybe all he was thinking was 'holy shit this is painful and I don't want to die tonight'.

  43. racialhoax says – reply to this


    Some black people can be very ignorant they want to be treated the same and when they are they complain that its racism they're the only race that i know that uses the fucking race card to their advantage and it makes educated blacks look like shit my girl is black and even she agreed this was a fair trial and shes a strongheaded woman only because she actually paid attention to it unlike you fuckers that cant think for themselves so when the law to defend yourself is taken away and you go straight to jail dont complain make sure to thank treyvon,his family,Jessie Jackson,and al sharpton for all of this

  44. Maria says – reply to this


    Deep down he ended a life, the ruling was terrible, they should have at least given himinvoluntary manslaughter. He was directed by cops on phone don't follow him, he doesn't need to do that. If so he said he feared for his life, he won't follow him and wait for cops.

  45. 45

    Re: Michmasterflex – Oh, like Canada doesn't have miscarriages of justice. Karla Homolka ring a bell?

  46. chey says – reply to this


    first they let baby killer go now this, omg when will florida get it right……i have zero faith in out jury system……the jury person who is speaking out is a jerk, she sounds so ignorant and stupid…insults Trayvons friend…..says zimm was too aggressive yet lets him walk…..makes me sick to my stomach…….if zimm stayed in his car i would not even be commenting on this horrible horrible story…… he was told to stand back!!!!!

  47. chey says – reply to this


    Re: richsp – good live in fear feel what Trayvon felt that night being followed by a man who never spoke up and said i am neighborhood watch guy…. makes me sick, wanna be cop………..a-hole……….

  48. chey says – reply to this


    Re: xcberyery546 – i grew up as teenager in the 70's, my schools was always mixed, with all people….. still is…….zimm had no right following Trayvon, he should have spoken up if he insisted on following him, say i am neighborhood watch…..this was a horrible case, they let another killer go just like baby killer casey…

  49. 49

    A person doesn't have to be armed in order for someone to shoot to kill in self defense making it a justified homicide. The media purposely tried creating a race war and everything else. They only showed Treyvon as an innocent 14 year old kid in every single picture posted of him, but they never showed any pictures taken of him recently, as in being 6'3” with jailhouse looking tats all over his body. Doesn't matter if he's a "kid", a 6'3” kid can seriously harm an adult male. The public tried and convicted Zimmerman in their eyes he was already guilty without any evidence even being leaked. The ballistics alone would have proven where he was standing where he shot. If the bullet angle was from bottom to top it would suggest he was either on the ground or hunched over in some defensive position. The way the public reacted sending out death threats, and lynch mobs was disgusting.

  50. 50

    The stand your ground law is legit, but does indeed have some grey areas. For instance, if I have a gun, I start talking crap to an obviously physically superior guy, he pushes me, or punches me I can pull out my gun and shoot him and cry self defense. This shouldn't be allowed. Unless he is literally endangering me with a weapon or is choking me out then sure.

    Now, when morons preach crap like "abolish the law" they aren't realizing how many women/children and legitimate people have had to use this law in self defense. Burglars have been able to successfully sue the homeowner after getting injured on their property attempting to break in..Go figure. So what, is a woman just supposed to sit there and take getting beat on with some type of blunt object and not be allowed to use deadly force in self defense?

    This law is open to exploitation, but then against most are. This is just one of the very small, tragic cases where it could have ended differently.

  51. chey says – reply to this


    Re: richsp – good live in fear he killed a kid for walking in the rain with his hoodie on!!!! i do that all the time in the rain, walking home to watch sports….. zimm never said i am such and such, if he would have acted like a neighborhood watch….key word watch!!!! stayed in his car and called for help, help for what????? a kid walkin in the rain……this is a cruel cruel world we live in………

  52. 52

    300% of white people shooting blacks is justified homicides? Funny how they always forget to mention statistics like, blacks have the highest welfare rates per capita, blacks have the highest illiteracy rates per capita, blacks have the highest number of incarcerations per capita..I mean, things like that are never mentioned…

  53. 53

    whoopie banging on with her stupid point. when youre in the heat of the moment youdont have time to weigh up all the options exactly you go with your instincts. if he'd tried to use his fist it may have been ineffective as not everybody can punch or with any strength. he had a weapon and went for that as more effective choice. plus you need room to land a good punch and get a good swing. he didnt have room to swing held down! Also, if that lwyers wife is considered to be in danger why is her face being shown on TV? we dont even need to see her but she smiling away happy to have camera on her!!

  54. 54

    a white thug in a hoody acting suspiciously like that would also have been followed. stupid to say otherwise. but yeah, blacks are considered more likely to be crims coz THEY ARE STATISTICALLY PROVEN TO BE SO. Lets get real here so much BS around this case.

  55. 55

    Re: chey – people like you so fckin dumb. he wasnt just walking home in the rain he was HANGIN AROUND ACTING SUSPICIOSLY. Big difference. Go look at the time frame thers a whole bunch of time he was hanging around not walking home. with many burglaries in the area the neighborhood watch guy had every right to be suspicious and watch him. thats his job!

  56. carina says – reply to this


    Seriously can not watch this show because Whoopie Goldberg became a mean loud mouth bigot. She won't let anyone have a opinion or say on any subject. She seemed so nice years ago???

  57. 57

    Re: Love Lilly Pu – Oooh don't worry we do! But we don't wear guns like people in the US do so we don't have as many situations you all do up in your neck of the wood…and I must say I hope it stays that way

  58. guest says – reply to this


    "What do I tell my son now if someone is following him?" That you run and scream for help, get on the phone with 911 if you can. Just run and don't look back. Simple as that. The guy is 100% correct, it's a tragedy because a 17 year old did die, but the law was 100% on Zimmerman's side. Not because he is hispanic or what people like to point out, white, but because there was more proof to prove self defense than him being the aggressor.

  59. guest says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – But he wasn't told by a cop that he doesn't need to follow him. He was told by a non emergency dispatcher that they did not need him to do that. Crazy enough, following someone is not illegal unless he becomes aggressive. They could not use that in court because they cannot prove that Zimmerman was aggressive. The verdict was true to what the law will allow them to do. What people don't seem to get is that they cannot convict someone of a charge that the prosecution did not prove just because there is a cry for it by the general public.

  60. 60

    this is crap the bottom line is Zimmerman saw an opportunity to (to play cop) even if Zimmerman was out the car or in the car he is still as a crime stopper and they only (OBSERVE AND REPORT)!!!! regardless if Zimmerman was in the car or out the car 911 said( do not)!!! persue the kid. he should of never had the gun on him yes it was his personal gun that means keep in the house for your protection from a robber or leave it in the car (NOT ON YOUR BODY) (Again crime stoppers are not cops) crime stoppers don't carry weapons (SHOW ME A NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME WATCH PERSON THAT HAS A GUN ON THEM) ( BULLSHIT) your right we don't know what happened but I do know if he had done what the 911 said (DONT) again (DO NOT) means DO NOT regardless in the car or out the car

  61. 61

    Re: richsp – shut the f up nobody knows who attacked who but its obvious Zimmerman tried the kid and got his ass wooped so he shot the kid

  62. guest says – reply to this


    Re: 2bizz4ru – He had a concealed weapons permit, which means he can carry the gun.

  63. For real says – reply to this


    [re=6474389]Re: designdesign23[/re he had no right to attack zimmerman words could of been used instead. Instead violence it started with violence ended with violence.

  64. Why violence ? says – reply to this


    Come on a white hispanic it not like he can join the kkk klan he hispanic look at him . So it not white on black crime . Secondly he tutor other African American in the past so doubt he's racist. Then he hit Zimmerman MAA style are you kidding me even if he would hit him he would of gotten his ass beat to death.Its funny whop pi don't know what MAA but she know the racist card I bet . I'm sorry but if I was getting attack MAA style or Martial Art style . The gun would of been the best option. It sad the kid pass away but everybody first state of mind is how do I survive? I wish It never happened but it did . Maybe people should start teaching kids how to communicate more then throw punishes at a stranger .This happen because kids especially teenagers think they are bad ass.

  65. Whatever says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – I doubt he fear for his life it wasn't until he got punch MAA style that he got freak out so it was self defense .If you read you will know this. No one said nothing when OJ got lose. It okay to kill a women

  66. 66

    Whoopi is trying really hard to rationalize..She's also using a poor argument.

  67. 67

    Re: racialhoax – shut the f up whoopi made a lot of good points you sound so stupid right know let me get off this page before I say something you will not like

  68. 68

    Re: For real – he had a registered gun for to protect your home you can not carry it on your body every where you go the weapon should of been left in the home or in the car what crime stopper you know with a gun you sound silly his job was only to observe and report

  69. 69

    Re: Lasqueesha – shut the fuck up rachett ass

  70. Guest says – reply to this


    Re: 2bizz4ru – Take this as loving advice, read a book. A concealed weapons permit means he can carry the gun on him and anywhere he goes. That is the law and that is the law in most states. Whoopi made points based on emotion and not based on law. The law says that if someone is being attacked and fears for their life, they are allowed to use deadly force to stop them and that is what happened. That definition of law trumps any scenario that Whoopi can come up with.

  71. Just sick and tired... says – reply to this


    Re: richsp – Really?

  72. 72

    Re: Just sick and tired… – Zimmerman was not fearing anything you don't know who attacked who first bottom line he took the law in his own hands after he was told to not follow the kid you sit down and read a book and whoopee had good points not from emotions.

  73. guest says – reply to this


    Re: 2bizz4ru – He was told that he did not need to follow him by a non emergency dispatcher at which point he said ok and that he turned around. The prosecution did not prove that he did not turn around, but the defense did prove that Trayvon was the aggressor. No, Woopie has no good points. They threw out statistics and what she thought could have happened based on no evidence. That does not warrant a guilty verdict. Now I ask again, read a book and perhaps actually watch the trial from beginning to end.

  74. ThaRealTruth says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – Where are you getting 6'3" from? Trayvon was 5'11" and weighed 158lb according to the autopsy report.

  75. ThaRealTruth says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – Here's an interesting fact: A recent study in 2012, showed that Hispanics and blacks receive considerably longer sentences for the same or lesser offenses per average than white offenders with equal or greater criminal records. Hmmm, sounds like there is bias in the justice system.

  76. ThaRealThruth says – reply to this


    Re: Lasqueesha – His responsibility (not his job since he was not getting paid) was to WATCH and REPORT not to PURSUE suspicious people in the neighborhood. Although, when GZ first spotted TM, he was walking which is not suspicious behavior.

  77. Anila Abhay says – reply to this


    Just google "White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it." It's an epidemic of black mob violence.