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Cory Monteith Faced Glee Intervention Months Before Death

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glee cory monteith faced cast intervention months before death

Back in March, the signs of Cory Monteith's heroin relapse reportedly became very clear to the cast and crew of Glee.

They knew he needed help facing his demons, so they grouped together for a caring intervention — an intervention they hoped would be the first step to fighting Cory's battle for good.

One source close to the situation reveals how he reacted:

"It wasn't met with resistance. He was always so grateful and aware of how fortunate he was. The decision was to best help our friend. The needs of the show fell second to his well-being."

And as you know, the intervention worked as Cory would soon enter a 30-day stint at rehab. Unfortunately, the help he received wasn't enough to assist his on-going struggle. One of the kindest actors in Hollywood died last weekend, due to a lethal combination of alcohol and heroin.

We're still in shock, and we feel like we'll always be in mourning. We love and miss you, Cory. You were always such a bright, shining ray of strength, and you shall continue to be that for everyone who ever learns of your beautiful efforts to make a positive impact.

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12 comments to “Cory Monteith Faced Glee Intervention Months Before Death”

  1. Chad says – reply to this


    You are a disgusting ugly ass monkey for keeping all of these reports coming. You will get what is coming to you. These should of could have stories are pathetic. He needs to be remembered in a good way. No matter what you post about him, he will still be remembered better than you will be when your time comes.

  2. Sketchy says – reply to this


    Yeah I remember when he got out of rehab I thought 30 days was kind of short, but since everyone acted like he didn't have a problem and was just 'renewing his vows' I thought it would be ok. :( Poor guy

  3. Jeff says – reply to this


    Anyone who knows someone or are themselves an opiate addict. Knows that opiates steal your soul. I've known some of the best people get hurt, get put on pain medication and turn into completely different people. It's sad!

  4. Elle Lowe says – reply to this


    Re: Chad – Perez has been nothing but nice. He may still be reporting on Cory's death, but that's his job. And he's said extremely kind things about Cory. You're a creep dude.

  5. Jengdss says – reply to this


    Re: Chad – If you have ever kept up with Perez you would see and know he is HUGE Glee fan. Ever since the beginning of the show he has posted Videos of the nights performances. He has not been negative about Cory's passing. However painful it is for Perez he is doing his job and reporting the news or anything "Breaking news" about the situation. #RIPCoryMonteith <3

  6. Julie says – reply to this


    Re: Chad – Chad, get your head out of your ass! Perez has been nothing but respectful in his reports and as others have said - it's his job, dumb-ass!

  7. WorldCenter says – reply to this


    This is not a judgement. But I just wanna say…

    You were EFFING so stupid, Cory!!! Why should you consume that effing demonic things?!

    I really love watching Glee. I even can't decide whose my favorite character after Kurt! All of them are inspirations. Keeping me sane to my effing boring life. Okay, I know they are not real person. Fictions. They have another lives outside the screen. BUT I just…

    Okay, I can't describe my real feeling right now in words. Actually I'm sad and… disappointed and sorry for this kind of ending for someone as great as good like Cory Monteith. His role in Glee really touched my heart so deeply. And his death is the first celebrity's death that makes me feel like wanna crying. And hope this is just a bad dream. (I used to be the kind of a person that not giving any damn about celebrity's death.) AND I HOPE HE'S NOT THIS STUPID!!! :( ( :( ( :( ((((

    RIP, Cory. Hope you have a good spot in Heaven with God. And my condolence for Lea and all family Cory's left.

    PS: Sorry if this comment bothers you, readers. I just need a spot to spit out my thought.

  8. 8

    30 days is far from enough for someone who has been battling addictions for as long as he was. It was like a tiny temporary boo boo bandaid on a large gaping wound. It is just so unfortunalte he was not able to fight hrd enough for himself and that it appears people ("friends") around him in Canada did not help him stay on his sober path.

  9. 9

    Re: WorldCenter – It IS a judgment if you say Monteith was "effing stupid" for consuming that demonic thing. Sure, I get this upsets you. But it IS a judgment. Apparently you are fortunate in your "effing boring life" (as you put it yourself) to not have to deal with any kind of addiction. I have lost friends to addicitons and I see people around me dealing with it with people in their family. Heroine is a life stealer. It gets you and does not let go. I would bet he did not plan for his life to end up this way. He just was not able to find the strenght to fight it before it was too late. So sad.

  10. 10

    Re: kabuki girl – You cant save and help everyone. It a lot easier said then done especially with an Adult. I don't think playing the blame game is going to help
    matters any. I myself think they did all they could for him in the end. My Friend was
    found dead. I did everything I could do to get him to get some help and did no good.
    But I know I at least Tried.

  11. 11

    Re: Chad – Everyone is entitled to mourn this is a big shock and it not like he died a year a go. It hard to be positive with this. When it dies down some people then
    should remember him as he was. He may have died from Drugs but that don't mean he
    was a bad Guy. It demons then it hard to get rid of it.

  12. 12

    I am not a fan of the show never watched one episode but it still horrifying all the same. I know he was candid about his Drug problems. People should not play the Blame Game. You Cannot Save Everyone and people have to want to help themselves. It easier said then done. I know the Glee Cast did the best they could to get him the help he needed but some things are easier said then done especially when your dealing with an Adult. It is really hard and it really hard to shake Drugs. It A Shame what happened to him. I think he never realized how much he was loved.