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Is Lindsay Lohan Worth This Much???

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That's a lot of money she's getting for that!!!

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12 comments to “Is Lindsay Lohan Worth This Much???”

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  2. If she'd dissapear! says – reply to this


    If Oprah would pay Lindsay 2 millions bucks to disappear and never show her face in public or on the internet ever again, that would be money well invested.

  3. 3

    shame on Oprah for giving this no talent mess all that money. what signal does that send out…fail at life and be rewarded? And who the fuck wants to hear her story anyways she's not even interesting. Oprah just stinks of desperation for her crappy TV channel. Why she wants lohan fans as viewers Im not sure. They lowclass and few of them :/

  4. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Lindsay is not a no talent mess at all . So LL got caught up in the biz made a few mistakes . Haven't we all at some time in our lives

  5. Karma Kri5 says – reply to this


    No perez..your actually worth $30 million (net worth)

  6. Stepping Out. says – reply to this


    Yes, T, we all make mistakes & I have few doubts that most of the world has made big mistakes in life & they are willing to forgive others (including Lindsay) for mistakes. The key to getting people to forgive you is you have to STOP MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES -when your mistakes are HARMFUL TO OTHERS that they then are considered CRIMES; AGAINST OTHERS .. well, you really have to STOP that shit if you want people to forgive you & like you again. They have to be able to trust that you: 1) won't hurt them again. 2) hit them with your fist or kick them. 3) steal from them again. 4) lie to them in ways that HURT them, or put them at risk for going to prison -like what L did with that Porsche drinking & driving event, trying to get her assistant to lie to cops & engage in insurance fraud. "IF" LL IS REALLY SINCERE in wanting to become a sane & sober member of society, & SHE MAKES AMENDS TO THOSE SHE HAS HARMED/OWES MONEY & APOLOGIGIES TO, people hearts will soften towards her if she is SINCERE in become more HUMAN. SHE HAS TO STOP BEING A LIAR, A FAKE & SHOWING CONSTANT DISRESPECT FOR SOCIETY & IT'S MEMBERS & SYSTEMS. If LL truly "get's her shit together" & loses her entitlement & arrogance complexes… If she is REAL about becoming REAL, the world will cheer her on. Everyone LOVES A MIRACLE. Regardless of whom it happens to. IF she can save her humanity; people will be thrilled & awed.

  7. One more thing, says – reply to this


    IF Oprahs $2 million CAN turn LL around, that would be a FABULOUS INVESTMENT, because ..you are RIGHT, that L went to Hollywood without adult supervision or guidance ….waaay too young & immature. Lindsay going to Hollywood young & not understanding the game, and all …. I don't disagree; but it doesn't TAKE AWAY what has happened. Whether or not this O thing is real, Lindz is the only one who can CARE enough to save her own ass; she is the ONLY one who HAS TO do the hard work, shed the tears, face her fears & GROW STRONGER & WISER for it all. IF L truly pulls out of her long spiral of abusing people, abusing herself w/drugs, alcohol & delusional thinking; antisocial behaviors -she could become a STAR for that alone; by SHARING her TRUE story of HOW SHE GOT OUT OF SUCH A HELL-HOLE & MESS. If LL gets HEALTHY, in mind, spirit & body –oh, the world would be so thrilled & INSPIRED. Lots of people are sick like her & if she can find away to bring herself back, the world will love it! But, T, if she comes out & pulls the same shit, lies & DUIS … The world WILL detest her. If you're going to live a shitty & dangerous life, it is important to do so in solitude. People are mad at L because she harms other people; takes risk w/their livelihoods, businesses & lives. If she DOESN'T change;but makes $2 mil TALKING LIES ABOUT HER CHANGING? .. EXPECT the world to detest her; & the media to rip her to shreds.

  8. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: One more thing, – I must say I Agree with you

  9. I oHopra It Works says – reply to this


    I do wish this endeavor, if true, leads to some kind of PROGRESS in HUMANATARIAN ways. It sickens me to think Oprah is exploiting Lindzs severe illness/incredible challenges for some sick show where Oprahs cameras catch Lindsay in her pathological lies, falling down drunk, showing her no-panties privates; what have you, FOR FUN. I am spooked by the possibly that O is paying $2 mil to make a sick-o fallen starlet exploitation show where Lindzs HOPELESSNESS & HELPLESSNESS in her struggles with drugs/alcohol/delusions is turned into a form 'Mocking the Mentals' ENTERTAINMENT. Showing the darker sides of life is IMPORTANT for us as people & as a culture; to process confusing ugliness before us .. make something out of it; BUT hopefully in a PROGRESSIVE WAY. But this LL stuff, it's too much garbage to process. I want Lindz to get better; but there's just too much bullshit involved. & now, this O thing. I want to wish you well Lindsay, I want so much for you to find your health, your mind, your soul, your spirit, your talents, your gifts and discover love, contentment & artistic success …..I want you to make it Lindsay; I swear I do. But I have to step back & not watch for a while. I think you are in the best hands you can be, with Miss Holley being there for you. Take Care Lindsay. It's all up to YOU to make your life come TRUE. –aloha, pot pies. *jjf* — blessings & healings to you!

  10. 10

    you bitches need to quit writing novels its not that serious. she's trash and oprahs desperate thats all you gotta say

  11. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Well since I do not get her channel it is a non-issue for me.

  12. teacups says – reply to this


    Oprah has either lost her mind or is very desperate.