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NY Daily News Makes Its Own Trayvon Martin Protest; Fill In The Blank

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trayvon martin george zimmerman verdict new york daily news

Opinions on the George Zimmerman verdict broke out of editorial pages and onto the streets this week. This one found its way onto the front page.

The New York Daily News equating Trayvon Martin's death with those of Emmet Till and James Chaney is _______________.

[Image via New York Daily News.]

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23 comments to “NY Daily News Makes Its Own Trayvon Martin Protest; Fill In The Blank”

  1. tempe says – reply to this


    Stop "baiting" readers into heated discussions in the name of "hits" This site WAS about celebrity news now it's baby pics, Perez pics and bandwagon controversial subjects. I hope readers don't bite.

  2. keeyth says – reply to this


    Re: tempe – I fully agree. I wish the sponsors of him would take a second look at what he posts.

  3. nationalenqurer says – reply to this


    Perez reminds me of someone who would laugh all the way to the bank but as Johnny Cash sang "what is done in the dark will be brought to the light". I really don't know how he sleeps at night but I'm sure it's alone.

  4. 4

    Whatever. I don't see any of these liberal assholes wanting to discuss how many white children have been killed by darkies. You, homo, will take any controversial topic and harp on it to death because it's all you have in your shallow, empty life; that kid you bought is a mere prop for attention, as is everything else in your life. Because no one cares about your pet issues, you have to grab onto a neeggah thug like Trayvon Martin to get the controversy and activity you crave so badly. Where once you had thousands of posts per day, now you have but a trickle. You're a pathetic scumbag.

  5. Peggy Wings (@peggyzh) says – reply to this


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  6. 6

    So here is the deal for all of you idiots who didn't watch the case or listen to the real facts. George did get out of his car yes, but that is not illegal. You know what is illegal beating someone, punching them in the face and slamming them on the ground. This whole thing could have been stopped had a handfull of things occured that night. 1. Zimmerman said "screw the saftey of my neighborhood Im just gonna go to the store and let someone else deal with these punks that are breaking into my neighbors houses on a nightly basis" 2. treyvon had gone home that night 3. Treyvon hadn't doubled back to confront Zimmerman 4. Treyvon had said "Why are you following me I live right over there at my dads house. 5. Treyvon stopped punching zimmerman when the man told him to.

    The fact is that this case is racially charged. It is racially charged black against white, Treyvon called Zimmerman a racial slur, Zimmerman never said anything racail about Treyvon. Treyvon confronted Zimmerman, and instead of using logic and reasoning and his words he attacked Zimmerman. This lead to his death. Stop making this a racial issue. It is not! He got a fair trial. More fair than Zimmerman concidering that they would not allow many things pertinent to this case on Treyvon's side. Treyvon unfortunetly caused his own death. The media needs to stop pitting people against each other! This is not a black white issue this is a stand your ground/ self defense issue.

  7. fid says – reply to this


    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – Is your nickname a slogan you say to yourself while looking in the mirror? The use of the word "darkies" just solidifies the fact that you are a grade A moron.

  8. trina says – reply to this


    wow "darkie" thats as prejudice as it comes but watch out u might need a darkie to save ur life one day we are doctors,lawyers,President, etc. wow u live in 2013 grow up its dum and i hope ur daughter and son marry a black person probaly already got one banging there backs out LOL LOL

  9. 9

    Re: jessie248 – Yea!!! I never thought I'd see someone post the actual facts. jessie248 states exactly what was testified to in court, not only by Georges witnesses but by Trayon witnesses too.

  10. 10

    Emmet TIll is NO comparison to Trayvon Martin!!!! What an insult to have his name on the same page as Emmett Till!!! Till was a TRUE case of southern racism - an innocent kid being a kid. Trayvon was NOT by ANY means an innocent kid - not just in this instance, but overall.

  11. 11

    Trayvons mom had recently asked him to move to his dads, because she couldn't handle him anymore, he was a wanna be thug. If his own mother couldn't handle him well ….there you have it. Teach your children well.

  12. 12

    Re: kabuki girl – Not the same at all. In all those cases, they killed those men, because they were black. George did not go out looking for a black man, to kill. Those headlines are irresponsible and seem like they are meant to incite unrest.

  13. 13

    OJ SIMPSON found not guilty with MURDER. The justice system works. And no riots, backlash, hate speeches…etc GEORGE Zimmerman found not guilty, the system works.

  14. 14

    Re: Wow Are You An Idiot – Trayvon Martin a thug ?
    À 17 year old that went out to buy candy in a convenience store. Never had any run ins with the justice. He was just walking in white man territory. White man saw dark boy. White man shot unarmed dark boy. Same old story. God (that doesn't exist) save America.

  15. 15

    Re: jessie248 – Treyvon unfortunetly caused his own death????
    You're crasy.
    Zimmerman was out for blood.
    Zimmerman had only very light bruises.
    If roles be reversed : the white lords would have linched the killer.

  16. 16

    Does the truth matter? A very sad situation for the parents. This is when you do stuff mano a mano. Zimerman is a killer.

  17. hewilliams says – reply to this


    The case of James Byrd Jr. was horrific…Trayvon Martin's is not at all the same.

    I do not belive this was in any way a hate crime. I do feel for the Martin's and their loss. George Zimmerman has suffered as well, his life will never be the same.

    What Jessie 248 said!

  18. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – Either you’re purposefully trolling or clueless. Trayvon Martin was by no means the innocent little boy pictured all over the media. He was a 17-year-old young man recently relocated to live with his father because his mother couldn’t handle him and all of his problems (truancy, destruction of property, firearms-related issues, drug use, theft, among other things). He bought Skittles and Arizona tea (2 of the 3 components to make LEAN) and didn’t go straight home and drew attention to himself by his behavior. You seem to think there would be a different outcome if the rolls were reversed? OJ Simpson never got lynched, did he? Now, stop believing everything the race bating media wants you to.

  19. cy says – reply to this


    This could be Mario III,

  20. Default Setteen says – reply to this


    Re: jessie248 – Very concise Jessie. Good job. The controlled media is mind controlling the behavior of the viewing audience. They are trying to make it illegal to defend ourselves, like good little sheeple.

  21. 21

    I plan on pulling the trigger hopefully before my head hits the cement.

  22. The facts says – reply to this


    Stop enough this is not about race it may seem it is because a lot of uneducated people don't read nor listen to facts .This was an sad unfortunate event which happened to a teenager . Zimmerman not white but hispanic since when can white hispanic join the kkk klan . He's not racist since they investigated he use to tutor African Americans . He was in the neighbor hood watch . Yeah he stupid for not letting the cop deal with it but we all know cops show up when the home is empty but he got out and then he got an ass whopping MAA style dam even if he would of fought he could gotten beat to death. So his first instinct was how do I survive like any other human being? And he shot once . One fatal hit. If really wanted to kill him he would of shot all the bullets in his gun.

  23. danielle says – reply to this


    wow.. just wow, emmet till's murder was a hate crime, willie edwards was murdered by the KKK, james chaney's was a racist crime… and so on… NY Daily News my ass.. this is irresponsible journalism! it's always a sad story when a life is taken, but comparing zimmerman w these killers is unfair…