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Johnny Depp Gets Amber Heard's Full Support For Lone Ranger's Tokyo Premiere; See Pic HERE!

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johnny depp amber heard japan premiere lone ranger

Sexiest couple of the year?? We'd vote for it! You know… behind us and Zac Efron, but we digress… LOLz!

Anyways! We previously reported that Johnny Depp brought Amber Heard and his children along for the ride when he flew to Japan for work on the Lone Ranger promotional tour.

Well now we've got the pic and WOW! Is that a framer or WHAT!?

Amber looks completely comfortable in the role of Johnny's girlfriend, as she should be! Johnny John may be one impeccable piece of human gold, but Amber definitely holds her own in the irresistible department!

We're sure he had a great time at the Tokyo premiere (see pics below), but we're even more positive that he couldn't wait to get back with his ladylove and settle in the hotel! ;)

Think they ordered dinner before or after the snuggles?

[Image via Kento Nara/Future Image/WENN.]

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235 comments to “Johnny Depp Gets Amber Heard's Full Support For Lone Ranger's Tokyo Premiere; See Pic HERE!”

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  1. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Man is a Giddy Thing quite from Shakespere also speaks of men being impulsive.

  2. sol says – reply to this


    is really that amber fall of stairs of the jet or is a joke?

  3. tega says – reply to this


    Re: sol – Didn't hear anything about. Maybe she tripped on one of those long dresses she wears. There is nothing personally I have against her but I don't understand why she hangs her head now after she demands he be seen in public with her. Go figure.

  4. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I was wondering the same thing. Weird

  5. Finish girl says – reply to this


    what trip over? Where can I see a picture (:?

  6. Mandy says – reply to this


    Now silentnight we're all waiting for you to tell us what would have been different in Johnny or about him. I don't see any changing. Did you think he would have taken Amber on the red carpet? It didn't happen. Did you think he would have changed his name using the one chosen by his Comanche family? Just explain, but nothing happened.

  7. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Mandy. SilentNight700 will always tell things really lacks clarity in.
    Often, I do not understand what he means have any so you should not wait anything from him a decent answer (:

  8. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Finish girl, I always take the time to explain everything I mean in 'brain-straining' detail. I'm known for doing that. The fact that you don't understand, well If I would have known that, I would have explained in even more detail of what I meant. You said you understood. So you lied then?

    Mandy XD Here is the biiiiig secret. It's *takes deep breath* ……..Me. See, I was planning on going to one of these next premieres. Berlin didn't work out, so now I'm shooting for the UK. I'm hoping that my very noticeable huge hypnotic eyes in the crowd would get his attention so that I may use that as the opportunity in telling him "Wake up, J!" Yeah, half of it is joking, but the other half is serious. My eyes and wisdom have caused polarizing changes in a few people, so, heck, why not give it a try? Couldn't hurt. I have to make it to the front of the crowd, which won't be easy, so I better get there early(if my trip works out). I will rescue Johnny and the he'll live happy ever after …or I could just enjoy the premiere. Whatever happens, happens.

  9. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I saw one stock photo johnnytim.com
    Where Amber and Johnny walks side by side.
    Not in the way that Johnny walks above. Johnny casually waving the hand camera. Amber appears only a hat :) . But, for once, on where they are side by side.

  10. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    I think when he stopped to wave at the camera, that abled her to catch up.

  11. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Silent Night. Yep a lot of possible to. In many in Figures from China Amber is not your head up, as usual. Or do I imagining?

  12. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl

    All I know is their body language when they walk together, is not in sync. As everything else about them, something is off when they walk and hold hands together.

  13. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – I was thinking that too. I was terrified Johnny would be showing up with a Mohawk or something. Re: sol – If he walks the red carpet with Amber that would make sense being that is the last one for him but I wouldn't say we see the "real" Johnny in him doing that.

  14. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Are you okay??? Are you serious??? Do you really think that he would listen to you? I think you're not okay and anyway, people should get a life. Johnny and Amber are a couple since more than a year, almost and it's them who can decide if they're happy or not, not you. Johnny isn't an idiot and I think he understand that people are jalous and that's it. If Amber was using him he would figure out, he's not a jerk and he also know he could have all the women he wants, but if it's Amber the one he can't stay away from, well then there must be a good reason to that. We don't know what is this reason but it's noone business. People judge too much things that they even don't know how they really are. If Amber was not sincere he would figure out at this point and anyway, who tells you that they aren't using each other and that for him it's fine? After all it's Johnny the one who is rich and powerful and the one who could get anything he wants and not Amber. She knows he could dump her at any moment and that the one who would lose everything would be her and not him, so this girl must be careful if she doesn't wanna lose him and I don't buy she's really doing things to take those risks. I think that she's doing to him what he actually wants from life now otherwise he wouldn't date her and bu the way there's a ring on her finger….

  15. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: tega – This Shakespeare's quote is equivalent to a Johnny's quote:
    " If there's any message to my work, it is ultimately that it's OK to be different, that it's good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, behaves different , talks different, is a different color"
    It sounds like some advice from father to his son from Johnny to Jack

  16. Nat says – reply to this


    Johnny gets Amber's support?????????
    For me Johnny is being destroyed by Amber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Mandy. agree with everything you said.
    I've been wondering ring ring thing, when it is the left untitled.
    Engaged :) Oh well, anyway … this babe to continue reading the book (:

  18. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – Thanks finish girl. I'm glad that more than someone think what I think and I also wanna add that I'm sure that Johnny and Amber doesn't give a shit of what people think about them. We can write all that we want but they're still together and they tarvel together since long, not just now. Amber doesn't leave alone JOhnny most of time like Vanessa started to do in these latest years because she had to work in France, so after all I don't think that Amber is so bad with him as I don't think that Vanessa was better of Amber. At least Amber isn't playing games and didn't get pregnant after 1 or 3 months that she started to date him. Vanessa probably told him that she was taking the pill and that once she forgot it…. I mean, Johnny was still seeing Kate Moss while having something with Vanessa and Vanessa probably studied a trick to get him. He had to dump Kate once for all because Vanessa was pregnant and now Vanessa has been dumped for Amber, yes, it's karma.

  19. Finish girl says – reply to this


    SilentNight700. Please do not waste your money on Johnny.
    He does not talk or listen to yousadly.
    You live too much of johnny-Saxon world. Please do not take offense now, but one gets the impression.
    You are a lone wolf? Fanitus is ok and a good thing. But you gets the feeling as Johnny would be inside your head. No offense and I bet I'm wrong, but you give it a feeling of. Do you have lifetimes in? E.g., dog, cat, or some other?
    They give good company and put the excess thinking Johnny off.
    I'm trying to help, I do anything bad and may feel free to comment.
    I try to explain why the kinase will be easily with you. peace

  20. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Mandy. What happened be sure to bring a pill thing :) We women so easy to get hooked. Vanessa certainly was aware that Johnny wanted children to Kate Moss. But Kete did not want to yet. I do not know how Amber got Johnny, but is not about by force that pregnant. I'm not a fan of Amber, but he did something well that by force to Johnny himself.

  21. Faith says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – I've a faith on you :)

  22. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – What? Maybe he left Kate because she didn't feel ready to have a family, I don't know, but it certainly he wasn't caught by Vanessa. This is a nonsense! Vanessa and Johnny loved each other, otherwise would not have lived together for 13 years. Among them is over and they are going ahead with their life. They are always bound by those 2 kids. I'm agree that Johnny and this girl are together because each gives to other what that need: fame and money, for her, and companionship and fun for him. They are free and "conscious". That's all. I honestly don't understand what's the problem?

  23. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: jamina – I doubt that Johnny decided to have a child with Vanessa after 1 or 2 months he was seeing her. Such serious decisions can't be taken in such a brief period of time. It happened that Vanessa got pregnant…. or maybe she let it happened because she knew that it was what Johnny wanted, so she tried hard to make him choosing her. I know he always wanted to have a family but I don't think he was the type who would have done a child soon with a woman, just after 1 month he was dating her. He wanted to have children from Kate yes, but because he wasn't dating her since 1 or 2 months, so it's normal. Vanessa was sly because she understood what Johnny wanted and found a way to give him that so that he couldn't have gone anywhere else then. She planned a way to take him off from Kate and it worked.

  24. Mandy says – reply to this


    Now Amber planned her way to take Johnny off from Vanessa and it worked again. If he was so in love with Vanessa, he wouldn't have cheated on her as now I think it happened. If they loved each other so much, then they wouldn't have ever split. Vanessa also told in an interview that sometimes you can be in love but unhappy and actually this means that something was wrong in their relationship. Sorry, I don't buy that their love was so pure and genuine. I think that he just tried to make things work with Vanessa for many years because he needed stability in his life and because they had 2 children. Many couples try to make things work when they know they have to but they aren't meant to be sometimes as Johnny and Vanessa case.

  25. Amy says – reply to this


    yes, if he had loved vanessa ,no trowing his waitress in her face every day and publicy like now

  26. Candy says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Everyone is entitled to their opinion and at the end of the day it's impossible to say whether or not someone was truly in love or not, but it's hard for anyone to stay somewhere when their heart isn't in in. Especially someone with so much wealth and access. You can't "trap" a man with a baby! JD and Vanessa split up when Lily was first born (he said so himself in an interview) and he VOLUNTARILY went back, because thats where he wanted to be. And he spent years telling everyone how it was the best thing that ever happened to him. So quit trying to paint Vanessa as some type of schemer who tricked him into cultivating a family man image that generating a fortune, because he used the situation to his advantage. Whats the difference between him leaving then or 14 years later? His children are still affected by it all.
    Generally speaking cheating has nothing to do with whether or not you love a person. JD was hopelessly in love with Winona, but he cheated on her too. Most people will try to do anything they think they can get away with. He cheated because he wanted to, and at the end of the day he still wanted to go back to his family, but Vanessa cut her loses.

  27. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – I cannot believe this nonsense is going around about Vanessa stealing Johnny from Kate. Johnny and Kate had broken up be the time he went to Paris to film The Ninth Gate and had met Vanessa at the bar in his hotel. I do not know why people keep thinking he was still in a relationship with Kate. Kate and JD had a four year on and off relationship. I remember reading an article he did for a magazine in 1998 right before he went to Paris and he talked about the end of him and Kate in that interview. I am sure because of the pattern of their relationship that Kate thought they would eventually reunite but it didn't happen which is what made me think Kate started heavily into partying. But Vanessa did not steal Johnny. Need to do your homework.

  28. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Candy – Of course he came back to Vanessa, he had a baby by now with her and he just did the right thing he could do in his life at the time by coming back to her. He figured out he needed stability and that he could find with Vanessa but rumours often told that they had troubles since the beginning because they separated sometimes and they came back again. Vanessa told in a old interview that sometimes he used to run away from her because they argued but that at the end he came back anyway, so I really think that he wasn't really happy with her. He just tried to make things work but as fa as we know they didn't work or they would be still together, but they aren't maybe since 2010. Their relationship wasn't easy and I won't change my mind about the fact that Vanessa tried hard to have him because I don't think he decided to have a baby with her after 1 or 2 months he was dating her I repeat. Nobody would do such a crazy thing.

  29. Hmmm.....oooookay says – reply to this


    Hmm…. Seems every pic of them amber is playing the dotting mother role to lil jack but he doesn't phased by it at all, Lilly rose looks like she could care less about amber. IMO amber seems to be trying to be like Angelina Jolie - like too much in the pics. To me it looks to fake or posed.

  30. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – You must research better your info. Everybody who is fan of Johnny knows that he was still seeing Kate Moss while dating Vanessa. Kate wanted to get him back and she was trying to reconcile with him, but Vanessa tried harder to win him and she did getting pregnant. I know that Johnny chose of settling down with her, but he didn't have almost any choice because when you have a child from someone, in most cases you choose of trying to make things work, that's it. The fact that he split with Vanessa after Lily Rose was born proves that he wasn't sure of loving Vanessa and that he really wanted her, but then he figured out that she was his chance of changing his life improving it and so he came back to her and did what he thought it would have been the best thing to do and he probably convinced himself that it was, but real facts always proved the contrary because the fact that he cheated on her and that he used to run away from her sometimes, indicate that something was wrong since the beginning in their relationship and this is also a thing that Vanessa told in her interview so stop on thinking they were perfect together and that Vanessa was perfect for him. He wasn't happy for real with her despite of all he could have told to magazines as she wasn't really happy with him neither and she has been sincere finally admitting it in an interview.

  31. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: Candy – Who the hell told you that he cheated on Winona??? I never heard this thing. When and with whom he cheated on her???

  32. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Bound to say that I agree with Mandy. But can and will be different opinions. That's why this forum in which to share your opinions (: For me, day by day become the feeling that Johnny likes to deceive and therefore to watch other women.
    It is no wonder if Amber jealous :) Oh well time will tell what direction this relationship going but Johnny and Vanessa is nothing freshly fallen snow + Amber.
    But the fact that we do not live johnny in his head and what he is thinking about about life and what he now thinks and feels.
    I have to admit I do not like Vanessa she is and I do not miss Queen of Amber fan.
    I hope that Amber does not come Vanessa 2

  33. Candy says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – When he was making Cry Baby with John, the chick in the movie with him ( I can't think of her name at the moment) Tracy? She wrote about it, but later changed her story and said its was a misinterpretation. And there are other stories online, but I don't know how ( or if you even want me to) link them to you.

  34. Maria says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – So you are saying that 1998 interview with Johnny is false? Please! This whole 'true fans' comment is bullshit. Sounds like rumors on the Internet that you choose to believe instead of Johnny himself.

  35. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Mandy …chill, alright? It was my sense of humor. But I am serious at trying to make it to one of these last premieres.
    Both her and Johnny are gaining something from this. Johnny has a companion and amber's career is made. Yes, they're' walking around, holding hands. Why would Johnny do such a thing when he can get any woman in the world? I've said this before. Vanessa left. There amber was. Complacency. It's like a shoe that you broken in. He wouldn't just go get some random woman. He wants someone that he's used of. Many have noticed this. I'm not the only one.

  36. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Finish girl. I have a life beyond Johnny depp. Do you? You seem pretty johnny-saxon yourself, coming here everyday. You can't judge a person's life by this. I don't know what you do everyday. You don't know what I do in my life, so that gives no right for neither of us to say anything of what we know nothing about.
    I'm a lone wolf. That's right. And I'm going to stay that way. A cat or dog or Johnny will not change that. I'm going to the premiere because I am inspired to. I got some time off, so I decided to. Everything just fell together.
    As I told Mandy. That was my sense of humor, but you don't understand that, do you? It's okay to have a sense of humor. It's okay to get out the house. I think it's about time that I see Johnny in person, since he's the only star that I gave attention to… That doesn't mean being crazy …Nor does it mean that Johnny is living inside your head, in need of a cat or dog to save you. It simply means I just want to …Okay? I hope you understand.

  37. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Thanks, Faith ^_-

  38. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Did anyone see that video of Johnny going up to the paparazzi talking to them all boldly(when going to a restaurant in Berlin)? He's really changed into someone else. It adds more to that "I don't care" mode he's been in lately.

  39. I Don't Have A Name says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Yeah, I saw it! It reminded me of the Kate years, where he seemed confrontational and aggressive.

  40. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Yeah. What is up with dude? :L

  41. TOOMUCH says – reply to this


    Re: I Love Football – THANK YOU!!! FINALLY A NAME. I have been asking for this - in the background lady- like forever. But nobody keeps answering or questioning this fake ass relationship. This for me is clearly a publicity stunt of some sort!

  42. Bianca says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Yes, Johnny is different. I think he is depressed, this lack of patience is a symptom

  43. Bianca says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – What?!?!?! "Amber didn't play games"??????????
    At first, sorry but you're wrong b/c Johnny really wanted to be a father. He even was worried that the Vanessa's father wasn't like the new situation. Vanessa was already famous in France. She is adored in France. She didn't and she doesn't need Johnny to be famous.
    When Johnny decided to live in France he asked to Vanessa's father to help him to find a home in a quiet Ville where they ended up living and that was the time when Johnny was happiest

  44. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    I see : (

  45. Hope says – reply to this


    Re: Bianca – I agree. He doesn't look too happy when he is with Amber. When he is in front of the press he puts on a smile like he used to during the mid 90s. But otherwise he looks distant and lonely. The sparkle in his eye is not there anymore.

  46. Bianca says – reply to this


    Re: Hope – Yes, Johnny has no more sparkles in his eyes. Even Johnny being reserved, he usually has a beautiful and wide smile when he meets his fans, especially the children. Currently, he is still smiling and cuddling, but it's different now, it's like, if he didn't feel that he was there.It is like if Johnny had created a character to be there representing him.

  47. WTF says – reply to this


    Hmmmm, Britanny was there, too? Ménage à trois?

  48. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    "He created a character to be there representing him". A perfect way of putting it. :'(

  49. T says – reply to this


    I saw that video when he went to talk to the paparazzi. He was trying to distract them so they wouldn't take pictures of the kids and Amber going into the restaurant. Can't recall him ever doing something like that before. I think he's trying too hard to show the world that the kids are alright with the situation when the pictures we've seen seem to say the contrary. Lily-Rose looks like she's trying as hard as she can to avoid Amber as much as possible and Jack looks like he doesn't want Amber touching him but he's trying to please his father so he just goes along with it. Johnny has changed a lot since he hooked up with Amber. In interviews he still smiles and is as charming as ever but when he's with Amber he looks sad. Yes he hold hands with her but he doesn't look up and doesn't smile when he's with her. He still looks like he's embarrassed to be seen with her. To me that says that he's not in love with her. He's just being complacent for the moment with the situation he's gotten himself into and trying to make the best of it for now. I still say that this relationship will not last.

  50. Hmmm... says – reply to this


    What about the 2 separate occasions he's been photographed with drinks? Didn't he just say he hasn't had a drink in 18 months?…

  51. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Using the kids to make a good family image. He’s really dug himself deep, to the point of no return. Now avoiding Paris, making things look even more shady. He hasn’t been hearing it much from over there, I'm sure …But when he gets back in the states? …*smh* I know someone is keeping him posted.

    This(confrontational/aggressive) change is somewhat polarizing from when we seen him in Japan. Did I call that or what? It's not the change I had in mind though.

    Even the people that once spoke up for this relationship on these articles have now winded down, because of seeing this circus for these past several days. I told you, this is not about hate. Commonsense speaks for itself. Some people caught it early on, while some are just now seeing the light…This is like watching a shipwreck. Not a car wreck, which is fast. A shipwreck, meaning slowly sinking.

  52. mai says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – Honestly i am sorry to say this but you and the others who think he is now aggressive are delusional….you must all be mad….that is just BLASPHEMOUS!!…truly shocking….in fact words fail me. Show me the evidence of him being aggressive please cos i did not see any sign of that. One fool here made it up and you and some others just rolled with it cos you are still trying to find an excuse. Since when did talking to the paps calmly become aggressive?? Please tell me? Be Honest and don't be clouded by your hatred for Amber, just be Honest. The problem is that he likes her but you and others can't accept it…in fact you are refusing to accept it and you try so hard to find an excuse or say a negative thing anytime they are pictured together. It is the man's life for goodness sake…let him live it as he pleases/chooses!

  53. mai says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – I mean what is your problem ??(not just you exclusively). It is getting ridiculous. Johnny is a grown ass man, he has family around him in the states (his mom, sister, the carters and so on). So if he is going off the rails, am sure they would KEEP HIM IN CHECK…that is NOT your duty or anyone else' for that matter. I really don't get the obsession with nit picking, analyzing or investigating every picture. And then you go to 'jamber' to spread your venom! or sometimes you bring the VENOM of 'jamber' over here. Their personal lives should NOT concern US at all. Their professional lives on the other hand is what SHOULD concern us since that is what we pay for. You seem to have now dedicated your life to hating (you say you don't but in all honesty you do..you don't have to specifically state that you hate someone, it just shows from the things you say here and on other sites, esp you and someone called Amberwho, that one too is poisonous). If Amber kills Johnny then you can crucify her..otherwise leave her be, who are you to judge..God? Johnny is a grown man, mid life crisis or not, IT IS HIS FLIPPIN LIFE Kapeesh!!!! (again not aimed at you exclusively before you start saying am calling you out again)

  54. mai says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – ha polarizing my ass!! Ridiculous..just ..honestly…words fail me. Goodbye.

  55. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: mai

    First of all, I'm the one that pointed out his bold approach. Johnny avoids paparazzi. He never confronted paparazzi like that, not since decades ago. That's not like him and you know it. Don't act like that’s just nitpicking. You saw it for yourself …Polarizing.
    I already explained to you what this is about. This is not hatred. You know it's not hatred. Commonsense! You call everyone that talks about them "haters" when you know good and well they're just telling it like it is. The reason why you want to define me or anyone else that speaks on this subject as "haters" is because you can't oppose it any other way. You have to make up some fault on my side in order to justify your own self for sticking up for what you clearly see is a mess. You can stick up for them all you want, but don't lie on me or these people that are calling it as they see it. That's like getting mad at people for saying the sky is blue, calling them haters to justify your “protection” of it, when you clearly see the same as they do. It is evident that you feel for these people. So do I. You lying on me is not going to prove anything on your part in caring, just like me talking isn’t going to prove that I care any less.-

  56. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -Beyond words??? You obviously were beyond "wise" words, because you said plenty but failed at having an argument. Just say "I love these people! Please don't talk about
    them!" That woulda made much more sense. But like I said, that proves nothing on your part of caring, nor disproves anything over here.-

  57. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -?I don't give a dang about the people around him that will "keep him in check." What the freakin heck does that have to do with anything?! Regardless of who's around him, that has nothing to do with how the public reacts. He is a public figure. People are going to talk! You can't put a stop to it.
    You're calling me a fool? Do you see the odds you're up against? How many comments, "websites"…do you see people saying the same freakin thing, which is obviously truth, and you're still sitting here preaching nonsense just because you feel a certain way about these people while making absolutely no sense? They themselves know how messed up they look! None the less you! You’re not doing them any favors by be oblivious. Quit faking the funk. You can love this relationship all you want, no one is denying you that. But don't make up garbage on this side for saying the truth of the matter. That is not hatred. That is not spreading venom.-

  58. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -This wasn't exclusively to me you say, but my name is on that reply, so I took it all. I called you out about speaking to me the last time, and you still tried this mess? Learn from your mistake. I don't want to see this "I'm spreading hatred" junk again. Learn to express your sympathy while making sense. You're not making your argument anything worth respecting, when the defender doesn't know what they're even saying…? *eyebrow arch*

  59. Finish girl says – reply to this


    SilentNight700. Not I did not mean that how much you're here.
    I can not afford doing to say, myself tomorrow when am too much here :) .
    I meant things you / how you write which you are Johnny and the picture or matter negative. If youjoking, then put trailing that a joke or wink smiley :)
    so people will not think of that crazy or something. I do not anything against you.
    I suggested to animals because I love animals and lovely follow. Especially the dogs: p

  60. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Lissen, I don't have to convince anyone . Johnny isn't an idiot. You say that she set him up. And then Jack? He was born three years later. Do you really think that if he had not loved Vanessa would have another child with her and would have lived in France for more than 10 years? Come on, this is absurd! I don't know why people insist on at all costs from destroying their story . it was a beautiful love story and nothing else just love. It 's true he cheated several times, but despite this, he is still in love with her. Everyone thinks that he left her for Amber, but it isn't so, he is a man who needs some "special things" that she wasn't willing to give it to him, so he looked elsewhere, but he always came back, because he loved Vanessa and she forgave him because she was madly in love with him. She is a very strong woman and proud, she got fed up and finally left him with so much pain. This time, she is gone away, but unlike Johnny, she will not come back, and he knows it. So he had 2 options: "destroy itself" or go forward, for the sake of his children, he chose the latter, but it is not so easy for him, because he knows he has destroyed something unique that will never return. I wish them to find a bit of peacefulness. End. Bye

  61. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    How I go about in showing my sense of humor is how I choose to go about it. People should have enough commonsense to pick up when I said "Johnny will spot me from the crowd" as an automatic joke. Seriously. Did that have to be explained as a joke? Yes, obviously it was a joke. But I was also serious too, meaning if I could talk to Johnny, I would. Just saying. Nothing crazy about that.

    Well I love animals too, but you suggested animals in saying that I need to get my mind off of Johnny as if he's all I think about, which is not true. If you were just talking about animals for the sake of talking about animals, then there wouldn't have been an issue. I love animals, especially crows and ravens.

  62. mai says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700 – What on earth are you talking about dude? But with all due respect, do you know what 'confrontation' means? i honestly don't think so cos all i saw was him talking calmly to the paps so that his kids, Amber and others can quickly get into the restaurant without being hounded. You know this is the truth so stop lying. Confrontation my ass. You are not a king/queen here boo so i can call you out if i want. I put you in my reply cos you have said the most on this article and i cannot reply to others..why? cos i ain't got time for that. If i saw any aggression or confrontation, i wud gladly hold my hands up and say it was so. But i honestly did not see any signs of that. But i know you would because you have got the 'hate Amber' glasses on. Also, i do not LOVE them. The truth is that i do not give a flying f***. If they split up today, next week or next year, or stay together, i simply do not care. I just don't get the hatred towards people that NONE OF US know personally. It just seems like a waste of energy. Am sorry but you claim to have 'commonsense' in all this right, then why don't you direct your 'commonsense' towards something more useful/meaningful in life. Don't make Johnny and Amber's lives your own life's mission.

  63. mai says – reply to this


    Also, no matter how many people make comments here or on any other website, that does not mean they are saying the truth or know the truth. Nobody does(inc me). "Learn from your mistake"?? are you serious??? you have no right to speak to me like that. You do not own this site and you are not God. I will not even bother replying to you again or get into an argument with you cos i do not want to turn into you, who lives on this website. You are taking this WAYYYY too seriously hun…take a chill pill and have a nice day.

  64. Kiwi says – reply to this


    My question is only one: why if Johnny gave Amber a ring and introduced her to his children, has instead difficulty about taking her on the red carpet?? He always too his girlfriend in past. It's only vanessa that at some point decided of staying at home, but he used to take also her for her first years together. He's not formalizing that she's his girlfriend by PR and that's strange. What's going on? He's more ashamed of introducing her as his official girlfriend to his public than to his children? That's ridiculous.

  65. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    No joke.? He was distracting the pap from–No freakin kidding. What did he do up until then with the pap? Let his bodyguards handle it. What was the matter with this time? Out of character. It was enough to say that was agressive/confronational for Johnny. There …Since this had to be broken down to dteail since you're so 'clueless' of what I meant …Bull. And no you wouldn't have said it. You've shown you don't want to say anything that seems to be telling it like it is or, in you case "hating" on this relationship . Don't act like you don't know what you've been doing. You haven't been honest since you've been talking.-

  66. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -You call leaving comments on a webpage a life's mission? Just like checking an email …you check it…you get on with your life. Having my say on a subject, being totally honest, does not make it my "life's mission." And what is this junk you're replying, telling me to use commonsense elsewhere as if there are situations in which it does not apply …? Commonsense should be used in all aspects of life. From the little things to the big ones. Yeah, I use commonsense everywhere I go. You should try it sometime. Try all the time.-

  67. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    -For someone who doens't give a fig and does not love this couple, you sure are protesting too much. Why don't you use you're "I could care less" energy somewhere else? It's obvious you care enough to be talking. How phony. If you're going to have an argument, show your true colors and quit palying it off as is this was the last thing on your mind. You care enough to be here. You still don't make any sense. You're irritated by the comments, mainly me, yet you could care less …If that were true, would you be talking?
    No, we don't know these people. That's established. All the more you should see this isn't about hate. It's about what is seen before you. Contradictory much?-

  68. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    You made it clear you don't like what I'm saying. We get that. Quit labeling me a hater, just because you beg to differ. I'm following where the current/truth is, as you see mostly everyone esle is doing. If the majority is shouting "get out of the water! there's a shark!", heaven help you, because according to you, the majority doens't mean squat.
    You don't like the way I talk then that's too bad. You wanna identify that with being a 'king/queen' or 'God', that's on you. I'm just being myself. I'm not going to limit my voice, no matter how unimportant the matter is. From talking about this or a clown, I'm getting my point across.
    This is a comment section. I'm commenting. No more or less serious than anyone else here, so why don't you "chill" with your "boo" and "hun" remarks. Patronizing does not make you look any wiser. It adds more to not resect …Learn from you mistakes. You said I'm speaking out of hatred, again, when I explained to you how hatred and current are not relevant. Wise-up to your mistakes. You don't need a king/queen or God to tell you that. Maybe you'll never hear that statement again in your life. You heard it now …Don't ignore it.

  69. SilentNight700 says – reply to this



  70. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    *smh* Me and my speed typing.

  71. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    London premiere and still alone.

  72. Finish girl says – reply to this


    It was pretty obvious that Johnny alone on the red carpet promote this movie.
    Throw the probably displayed together with other occasions, and my guess is that Disney said nou. But that's just a guess.

  73. tega says – reply to this


    The only ring I saw Amber wearing was one I have seen her wear many times. It is a long one that extends to her knuckles and she wears it on different fingers. However, I never saw her wear it on her "wedding" ring finger until this trip. Is she playing mind games? Perhaps. If anyone saw a different ring, pls correct me. As to Vanessa getting pregnant, I have read many articles which said Johnny was longing for a family of his own and it takes TWO people to make a baby, so he didn't trick him into anything. She have him exactly what he wanted. However, he did say in an interview that there were two sides to him. One that wanted to stay home and be the family man and the other that wanted to go out and party. During a promotion for her film Vanessa said "if it doesn't work from the beginning it's never going to work so don't try to fix it" but this was not a response to a question about her relationship. I think this was her own cryptic way of discussing it, just like here songs but oh yeah….the songs are not about him. I think she likes to play mind games too.

  74. Hope says – reply to this


    Re: tega – I think I saw Amber wear the ring you are speaking about on her wedding finger once before. She wore it when she went out to lunch with her friend and was waiting for him outside the restaurant in Beverly Hills I think. It was right after the Rolling Stones concert I think a couple days later. So I think it's one of those rings like you said can be placed on any finger, but she has been wearing it more lately on her wedding finger but who knows if it means anything.

  75. tega says – reply to this


    Personally, I think that Johnny knows of the hatred for Amber and so his mood has changed with people b/c he doesn't know what words people are going to throw at him and I have heard the paparazzi yelling things to him about Amber. Someone here even said they wanted to say something to him about her if they met him. He isn't going to change who he wants to be with because people don't like them. If he loses fans because of that then those were never his fans to begin with.

  76. Amber Fan says – reply to this


    The only time I saw Amber wearing a wedding ring was when she was with Tasya, until she took it off in 2011 when Tamber broke up.

  77. lc says – reply to this


    new pics of them out for dinner in London, neither of them look happy. again amber wearing loose fitted outfit. I wonder if she is preg??

  78. tega says – reply to this


    Re: lc – I don't think Amber looks unhappy. Johnny just looks like he is in a hurry to get away from paparazzi. Amber is wearing a silk dress, not a "loose fitting dress" and it is not a maternity dress.

  79. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – Marie - with all due respect, I did some research of my own and this is the info I found re: Johnny's tattoo" Man is a Giddy Thing." P.S. These are not my words. "Generally it means we humans are frivolous or impulsive.
    It's a quote from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. Within context of Benedick's speech, he can be translated as saying, "Now that I have decided to marry, I won't take any taunts you may throw at me even though I taunted all of you for getting married. For men are a giddy thing (impulsive) and this is my conclusion."

  80. Liz says – reply to this


    So are the kids still with them in London? Or did they go their separate ways now? Since Johnny isn't going to Paris maybe he sent the kids to be with their mom? Just wondering.

  81. lc says – reply to this


    Re: Liz

    they seem to be with their mum in paris.

  82. tega says – reply to this


    Re: lc – just curious….how do you know the kids are with their mother?

  83. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Tega, you need to take the whole quote to understand and possibly agree with me: " I’ll tell you what, Prince: a whole university full of wisecrackers couldn’t change my mood today. You think I care what I’m called? Well, I don’t. If a man is always afraid of what others think, he won’t even dare to dress nicely, because he’ll be afraid people will talk about him. In short, since I intend to get married, I won’t hear anyone say a bad thing about it. So don’t go making fun of me for what I said before. Man is a giddy, flighty thing: that’s my conclusion. And Claudio—though I’m sure I would have b
    heaten you in our duel—since you’re likely to become my relative, I’ll let you go, unbruised, and love my cousin Hero.

  84. Finish girl says – reply to this


    I think it is a ring / nuptial finger. Did not Because the other fingers thicker than.
    Could fit it to others?

  85. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Since this tattoo was done with Jack, I only can see that quote of Shakespeare is related to that quote of Johnny and I'll paste it again: "If there's any message to my work, it is Ultimately que it's OK to be different , that it's good to be different, that cornichons question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, Behaves different, talks different, is a different color ". It's an advice from the dad Johnny to his son Jack - Beautiful advice

  86. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Johnylla something white, and Moscow, that is, close to the the little pocket.
    Johnny looked so angry and Amber has glassy eyes (:

  87. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Johnylla therefore something white in London the same as in Moscow

  88. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: lc – Awe very nice to hear!

  89. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Marie – 3Re: Marie – The tattoo of the man was drawn by Jack. The tattoo under it "Man is a Giddy Thing" means men are impulsive. This was the translation for the W.S. "Much Adu About Nothing". If you check out the words they are also in the song Sigh No More from Mumford & Sons.

  90. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – I have something white on my clothes all the time and I don't do drugs.

  91. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Can you see anyone else? Pictures I found online uk mail or maily Deil, or how do you spell it (:

  92. BEAR says – reply to this


    Re: Sun
    SUN (commentnr. 96), do you know WHO that "average woman" was that Johnny was "interested" in?? Was she a CERTAIN person or just AN "AVERAGE" one?
    I believe I know who the lady is and he really could have attained the 7TH HEAVEN (OF DELIGHT!) with that "average woman", but unfortunately he made the "wrong choice" and feel "so guilty on it" now…..(MARIE) JD is a man who GRANTS HIMSELF SO FEW and like SILENTNIGHT700 said: it's high time for him to finally "wake up" and FIGHT FOR HIS OWN goals! There is a rate for everything in life and I think it is never "too late" to make up things that went wrong before…..At the age of 50 he should have known this very well by now. So, SILENTNIGHT700: good luck and let him AWAKE WITH A START!!

  93. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Tega. I'm just wonder whether when same point, as in Moscow.
    I do not think that Johnny anything use, but I do not know of amber.
    And Amber has quite glassy eyes to me, or I see the delusions (:

  94. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Finish girl – I don't know of Amber either but I do see that Johnny smokes with is right hand and there are photos of him smoking in the vehicles. Amber always sits to his left. That is all I see. Could be his roll up cigarette ashes. I really don't know. Could be anything.

  95. Finish girl says – reply to this


    There same on page Bruce Willis will be next evening the Lone Ranger with his wife and they will looking so happy and cheerful. And Johnny looks like he could kill someone :) Something's wrong I think. Kind of feeling came when I looked at those pictures.

  96. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: BEAR – Can you tell me who this "average woman" is please? You said you believe to know that he was interested in another average woman, so please can you tell me her name? Thanks.

  97. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: lc – No. I believe, they are in LA wih Johnny now. Maybe they will see their mom today. Now she should be in LA. Bye

  98. Murabi says – reply to this


    People should stop of thinking that Johnny has necessarily to love Amber. Isn't he allowed to have just fun after a longtime relationship? What's wrong if he's dating Amber not wishing any type of commitment? Many men often date women without necessarily being with them in a relationship. He doesn't have any duty to date Amber for love. They're fuck**ng buddies, so what? It's only their business. If people think that he's annoyed by the fact that Amber likes women is very wrong. He's not disgusted at all about seeing two women having sex. Several months ago I heard that he likes to watch 2 women engaged in a sexual act. People know very little about him and no matter what he tells in interview. People should understand he always lied just to please his public and make his fans hear what they want to her from him. For example he never quit drinking like he told. As for sex I heard that in these latest years he started to like a lot using dildos, doing light bondage sometimes and seeing 2 women that are doing cunningulus to each other gets him aroused like a burning donkey. No kidding and you're free of not believing but that's the truth.

  99. Murabi says – reply to this


    Vanessa didn't want to dildo with him and do other weird things so that's why he started to cheat on her. He wanted more than she could give him. So people should just stop that Johnny is the poor man getting using and betrayed by Amber because he loves to watch her having sex with another woman and they're sometimes engaged in threesome. They're having fun. Johnny wants only fun since a while, that's why it has been discussed about his mid-life crisis. Amber is the type that does anything he asks her to do in bed and vice versa. They don't love each other it's just a sex matter and there's nothing wrong, they're both adults and know what they wanna do, so let them live their life as they want.

  100. luke says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – I don't know whether you are telling the truth or not, but if so, why take the kids along on promo tour over three continents to show everybody the new happy family? If you are right,there was no need to get the kids involved publicly with this relationship.

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