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Johnny Depp Gets Amber Heard's Full Support For Lone Ranger's Tokyo Premiere; See Pic HERE!

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johnny depp amber heard japan premiere lone ranger

Sexiest couple of the year?? We'd vote for it! You know… behind us and Zac Efron, but we digress… LOLz!

Anyways! We previously reported that Johnny Depp brought Amber Heard and his children along for the ride when he flew to Japan for work on the Lone Ranger promotional tour.

Well now we've got the pic and WOW! Is that a framer or WHAT!?

Amber looks completely comfortable in the role of Johnny's girlfriend, as she should be! Johnny John may be one impeccable piece of human gold, but Amber definitely holds her own in the irresistible department!

We're sure he had a great time at the Tokyo premiere (see pics below), but we're even more positive that he couldn't wait to get back with his ladylove and settle in the hotel! ;)

Think they ordered dinner before or after the snuggles?

[Image via Kento Nara/Future Image/WENN.]

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235 comments to “Johnny Depp Gets Amber Heard's Full Support For Lone Ranger's Tokyo Premiere; See Pic HERE!”

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  1. Murabi says – reply to this


    Re: luke – Your question is obvious and the answer should be even more granted…. publicity, nothing more than that. Johnny is aware that people don't like him with Amber what do you think that he doesn't know how many fans are disappointed that he cheated on Vanessa with Amber? Of course he knows and feels uncomfortable about this, so that's why he took his children along with them exposing them as he never did, because his PR thought it would have been a good strategy to show the world that he and Amber aren't just fuck**in buddies. It's all a sham showing Johnny once again like the romantic guy who dumped Vanessa because he fell for another woman like it's a sham to show that he's serious with her and that even his children know and accepted that. They're part of the game to clean his image. His PR thought it wasn't a good choice letting people see he just likes to fu*k around. It's better making him looking like the serious guy who seriously falls for women. Don't you understand that his PR always tried to make him looking like he's not?? It's how PR work. Most of what you read that Johnny tells in interviews is fake and by the way, it wasn't him who dumped Vanessa, it was her who dumped him when she found out that he was having sex with Amber. Johnny is like many other men, huma… he cheated on his wife (or whatever you wanna call her) when she couldn't please him enough in bed.

  2. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    It's worth a try, Bear. Couldn't make it to the premiere, but I hear he's back in the states now. Maybe this is my perfect chance to 'accidentally' meet him in a restaurant, where he'll wake up so fast, he'll think breakfast is on the way! lol *winks* :j

  3. Finish girl says – reply to this


    Someone should for real shake up Johnny.
    That he would stop his to this crap in terms of when always annoying seeing Johnny so in anger :/

  4. Annette says – reply to this


    I also saw all the pics and Amber still looks like a "fish with out water"

  5. luke says – reply to this


    Re: BEAR – You are telling us you know another person Johnny has been dating but Amber?

  6. luke says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – AHA!
    Well, as i said, i can't varify whether your little story is true or if you're only posting your own phantasies but i have to admit i had a good laugh imagining it.
    Sorry Depp fans, no need to be offended and Murabi may be right after all.

  7. Murabi says – reply to this


    Of course I'm right Luke. No matter who's gonna believe me and who not, I'm telling what someone who knows well him told me. I got to talk to this person in Berlin. I was there at the premiere because I got a little work to do. It's many years that I follow Johnny and I've been travelling to be present at his premieres in Europe. I also work for one of his sites (not official of course and I'm not gonna tell which is) and after years and years of being a faithful fan who follows him everywhere, I got in contact with this friend of him that told me things that I never imagined. He explicitly told me that Johnny isn't how many fans imagine him and to be honest I personally really don't care what he does in his private life. I keep loving his movies and I keep thinking he's one of the most talented actors of his generation, no matter how many mediocre movies he can play. He's always great even in bad movies.

  8. Finish girl says – reply to this


    murabi. So, Amber and Johnny does not socialize? Why could Johnylla reputation
    single parent father. enjoy these fetish things hidden?
    He could very well to do it. But they are not! He brings out the Amber, why?
    In the case of just sex? murabi tell me more … I'm curious.

  9. Murabi says – reply to this


    Finish girl, I've already explained why he's going with Amber in public: for publicity. Publicity is Hollywood's salt, many couples have to sponsor themselves at one point and no matter if they're in love or not. Hollywood rules are the same for all of them. About telling more I can only tell that Johnny returned to his wild life, the one he lived around the period he owned The Viper Room. Sex, drug and rock'n'roll. That's the life he likes and I'm sure that no woman could change that. It's only up to him to stop having such habits. When he had his place The Viper Room, he was doing same things he's doing now. He used to mess up a lot at the time with alcohol, drugs, perverse sex and music and trust me, he's not different from many other celebrities. It's only his fans that have done wrong idealizing him. He's human an not perfected my god, get a reason.

  10. BEAR says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700
    SILENTNIGHT700, I really like your sense of humour! Wish I could watch you in that restaurant……(lol) Go for it and kind regards!

  11. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Well, I have my analysis and I keep saying that means nothing to a impulsive man, especially reading the whole quote and knowing Shakespeare, but I understand that you have your own analysis.

  12. Sun says – reply to this


    Re: BEAR – yes I know this average woman and perhaps could be who you also know

  13. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: luke – It seems that children were accompanying Johnny just because they like to be as much time together and the kids stayed in Paris during the tour. It wasn't a trip of a new family, but only one way that Johnny could stay a little longer with their children during the holidays - sorry for my bad English, I'm French

  14. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: BEAR – XD


  15. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – Exactly .. sad but true. The "special things" I mentioned earlier … I do not know the details but it is so.Re: luke – business operation " happy family" for promotion TLR, ONLY FOR THIS and Vanessa did not agree, but reluctantly accepted.

  16. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Murabi – All true!!!!!He is a man like any other.. This world (the show) is even more bleak than what you think…

  17. Didy says – reply to this


    Re: Skins Fan – Amber has a boyfriend now. And I don't think she is a a cheatter. She deserve our respect! She said "I love who I love". So, when she was with Tasya, she was with her, only her and respected her because she loved her. Now (for almost two years at least) she is with Johnny and she is with him. Only him. She obviously loves and respects him. And I like her because she is really WITH him. She suports him, care about his kids and is traveling with him, not for the fame or red carpets. NO! She's there because she likes to stay WITH his boyfriend! That's all!

  18. Didy says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy – Yes, and the difference is that Johnny had to dump Kate for WHAT Vanessa had inside her belly, and two years ago Johnny dumped Vanessa for Amber, only for her, for love. She did nothing to force him, she never talked about their private lives. After one year with Johnny VP had a baby and was making a record about their private lifes. I ask: who is the gold digger? Who is the opportunist? Who got pregnant in three months? Who gave a lot of interviews to talk about how is Johnny and what he does in his private life? Who? It's not Amber!

  19. Didy says – reply to this


    There are weird people here in these thread! Some claim to know omethin (they actually know nothing!), some are blind and in denial (still!) and don't want to accept how serious this couple is about each other. They are serious. Fact. Deal with it!

  20. BEAR says – reply to this


    Re: Sun
    Appreciate your answer SUN, thanks!
    To find out whether we're talking about the same person: can you give me any clue in which country or continent this (exceptional) lady is living?? Maybe - at least…..IF you're interested - I can update one thing and another for you (nameless of course!)

  21. BEAR says – reply to this


    Re: Sun
    Appreciate your answer SUN, thanks!
    To find out whether we're talking about the same person: can you give me any clue in which country or continent this (exceptional) lady is living?? Maybe - at least…..IF you're interested - I can update one thing and another for you (nameless of course!)

  22. BEAR says – reply to this


    Re: SilentNight700
    Don't "grin" too much, JUST DO your "magic tricks", thank you!
    (By the way, I'm an "illeterate in emoticons"……..sorry!)

  23. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: BEAR – lol Got it! X)

    (Ehh you're not missing out on much.)

  24. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Didy – Amber is ruining Johnny's carreer and life. Fact. Deal with it. And Johnny doesn't deserve it. He's a nice guy and great actor.

  25. jamina says – reply to this


    Re: Didy – When Johnny knew Vanessa, she was already famous in France, had already won several awards for music and cinema, (maybe it was richer than him), she hasn't made ​​a career in Hollywood!! if she really wanted this, do you think she would not have done in 14 years of life together? You don't know who is Vanessa Paradis, you talk, but don't know his albums, his movies. You don't know anything about her like most people in the United States. She was never interested to Hollywood. She would have had a career even brighter without him, because she has slowed down a lot of his work, when she was with him. He not benefited her, but exactly the opposite …! While he become "A lister star" , she dedicated his family for many years. Please inform yourself before to speak.

  26. Mandy says – reply to this


    Re: BEAR – May I know who is this woman? Is her a celebrity or not? I really don't undestand who she can be. Maybe his publicist?

  27. BEAR says – reply to this


    Re: Mandy
    No Mandy, nothing of your presumptions…….Sorry, but I can and will NOT tell you or anybody else the lady's name. Only the two people in question (and PERHAPS one or two bosom friends??) know about this matter, so don't try to find it out, it's really nobody else's business.

  28. BEAR says – reply to this


    Re: Sun
    Vol. I - SUN, NEVER MIND! I'm tired of that infantile "hide-and-seek" policy. The man is too CRAVEN to make some crucial choices anyway! By NOT choosing for her (Dec. 2012) again he failed and thus BETRAYED not only that exceptional ladyfriend bur first and for all HIMSELF too…..At least he could have TALKED/WRITTEN (openly) to her instead of PASSIVELY loosing all opportunities he had and believe me: he got far more GODSENDS than he'd ever deserved! So he has to live with that blunder for the rest of his life now and he'll never know WHAT joy of life EXACTLY he'd lost.
    However, this has to be said: the lady I know is NOT AT ALL that "average" as you think. 'Though not an "artist" by profession she's surely most artistic and creative as well; she has no ambition only for "honour and glory".
    According to people who know her very well she's a bright, witty, inventive, true as steel, self-confident and -respecting but also a most complicated personality, stern/strict if needful, with high norms and values and a particular sense of humour. A compassionate character (leaving her apartment at 3-4 o"clock every night/morning to feed the stray cats….) and always ready to (disinterestly) give a hand. Moreover she doesn't care at all for "social status - fame and fortune". She loves a man just for his TRUE INNER SELF! (See vol. II)

  29. BEAR says – reply to this


    Re: Sun
    Vol. II - Perhaps she might not be as "gorgeous looking" as the other women he usually socializes with, but I can ABSOLUTELY NOT agree with you as to your description of "an average woman" and "not an artist". Somebody like her - who is actually too angelic for this world - is NOT "average" at all!
    But there is a LIMIT to everything in life, even to her (angelic) patience and frankly, I can understand so well that now she's completely DONE with such a sceptic guy. January 2013 she turned her back on him: at least she did have the GUTS and backbones to move on with her life alone! And even if a repair between these two will succeed I'm sure things won't be "the same" again as before…..He truly BROKE her heart…..(and of all the people in the world she ABSOLUTELY did NOT deserve such a bad treatment!)
    I think it would be just plain logic if henceforth she'll make strict "conditions", no matter how much she cares for him (still).
    So, what do you think now SUN: are we REALLY talking about THE SAME woman?? If so, then maybe our last hope for him is indeed to come across SILENT NIGHT(s) and SUN(ny days)……in order to finally get DOWN TO EARTH!!
    But you know what? Please DON'T react anymore to my comments: apart from your lack of interest you might get a total burn-out of such a great effort…..and I'm heartily SICK too of those "endless mystery stories" over him and poor communications through websites!

  30. SilentNight700 says – reply to this


    Re: BEAR


  31. rosa says – reply to this


    Gracias por los 2 ultimos comentarios tan graciosos y bonitos a la vez. Si yo debo ser la mujer q da de comer cada noche a los gatos callejeros. Q tierno!Pero esta noche no lo hare(you know that?) Ellos tienen 7 vidas. Ademas soy brillante y con un buen sentido del humor q hace falta aqui y alla. Yes. right…..Well I wish you a nice SUNNYDAY/NIGHT and He will always be our better friend OK? Good Luck…………………..

  32. rosa says – reply to this


    Ademas de hacer my pasatiempo favorito dar de comer a los gatos callejeros cada noche a las 4 y diez de la madrugada y ser tan inteligente como para descubrir a quien va dirijido estos 2 mensages llenos de tanta amabilidad y buenas cualidades q no merezco tampoco. Si no hubiese puesto tantos piropos. Seguro q no me hubiese enterado a quien iba diridos estos 2 esplendidos,graciosos y bondadosos msg. Porq no sabia q era un angel..Ahora me entero y perdi mi paciencia diciendo q..The new Johnny´s girlfriend I don´t like for him and I will not like. If is true. It is not our bussines. But I will tell what think about it OK? y mantendre my palabra.

  33. rosa says – reply to this


    I also read. She might not be as"gorgeous looking"as the other women..Yes you´re right. With 20 kilos of pond every second. Pero sere mas lista. Ire volando a Holywood….A ver si me arreglan o me ponen….Yes I Think you deserve an award. So I will send you a cat…(via email) at 4 o´clock at night….Y por supuesto soy..strict with high morms and values.. Si la segunda dama de hierro,despues de M.T..She told me……Tu vales asi que adenate y el mundo es tuyo. Castiga a quien sea. Y lo hare. Lo prometo. Well That´s all. I wish Johnny the best in life and take care of him(still) I know she´s a saint But I after all I liked when he kissed J.K I would like him….better than her. It looked great so Take my advice and Good Luck……

  34. 234

    What is sad to me is that I saw Amber Heard on Chelsea Lately and Amber is in love with herself and very cocky. Really sad to me that Johnny is with someone like that. Even sadder is the split with his ex, and the family. If anything, one would hope he would be with a really quality person, as he seems like a good, kind person. What a bummer all the way around.

  35. rosa says – reply to this


    No me explico porq algunos insultan e insultan aqui sin conocimiento. Que si la exmujer de Johnny..Vanesa canta peor q mi canario. Si es mas fea q esta o aquella porq le falta no se que. Q si es mas old q matusalen con 40 años XD..y lo mismo con la otra mujer Taysa.. Q si es esto o lo otro y lo de mas alla. Q si es actua como una niña de 15 años de enamora q esta q si es una momia o no tan joven como tu madre Y te has preguntado si tu le gustas a ella? Pues preguntatelo. Y tus hijas o hermanas son Miss universo? No me lo puedo creer. Y tu madre tiene 15 años ahora? Si es asi me alegro. Se conserva muy bien entonces asiq paren insultando demasiasdo si pueden y a dormir o si no lanzare un ……gracias.

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