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Kristen Stewart Confronts Riley Keough?!? Ex-Friend Says 'Sorry I'm Not Sorry' For Dating Rob Pattinson?!?

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Kristen Stewart is reportedly calling up and calling OUT Riley Keough for breaking girl code! Friends don't date friends' exes! And Riley broke that rule when she started shacking up with Robert Pattinson!

Sources say KStew picked up the phone and finally CONFRONTED Riley about her and ex-bf Rob's relationship, telling her former co-star she thought their hookups were "really uncool."

Riley might be sorry that Kristen's feelings are hurt, but that's not going to stop her from going steady with Rob! She allegedly can't choose between her old friend and her new man!

The girls ended their phone convo without much closure. Imagine what it's going to be like the next time all 3 of them are in a room together???


What do YOU think??? Is Riley in violation of girl code? Or should Kristen learn to live and let love?

After all, cheaters can't be choosers, Kristen! R-Patz has a pass to pretty much do whatever he wants now!

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/Sean Thorton/WENN.]

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43 comments to “Kristen Stewart Confronts Riley Keough?!? Ex-Friend Says 'Sorry I'm Not Sorry' For Dating Rob Pattinson?!?”

  1. Casey says – reply to this


    Kristen has a lot of cojones to call out anybody after all her shit.. Team Rob!

  2. 2

    He needed to move on. No, Riley didn't break a stupid code unless she promised to not date him…doubtful.

  3. 3

    This news is really going to upset will ferrell

  4. lane says – reply to this


    They're not dating, so Kristen can't confront Riley. Riley hanging out with Kristen's friends a day ago just check his IG. CJ (the same friend with the IG) was hanging out with Kristen a couple of days ago. Go check Riley's all of her tweets. One word BULLSHIT. She tweeted; we should know better than to believe the god damn tabloids.

  5. Cocosux says – reply to this


    So how long did it take you to make up this story, Perez? 5 minutes? 3 minutes? 30 seconds?

  6. yari says – reply to this


    So what if Riley (who I don't necessarily care for) is dating Rob? Although I like Kristen I'll call her out on facts if necessary. She is the last person who should be confronting anyone on girl code! Rob is her ex and her "friend" started dating him. Its not that serious. In the other hand…where was "GIRL CODE" when she shacked up with Rupert who was and still is married to Liberty who played her mother on the snow white movie??? Liberty did state that she considered Kristen her friend. That's what we like to call Karma! Rob was never married to her nor was he cheating on Kristen with her friend. So whats the big freakin' deal? She needs to get over it. She brought this upon herself.

  7. Emma88 says – reply to this


    For the last time, Rob and Riley is not dating. And you have even wrote about saying Rileys rep have denied it. You are continue making up stories about theme, so you can take nasty, mean attacks on Kristen. Leave this poor girl alone, she hasnt done anything. Hope you go to hell for saying this things about a young girl. No one els, gets this threatment beside her, why does you hate her so much. Stop calling her a cheater, you are a bully and a increbrible bad person. Hope you will not treat your daughter the same. To bad for her she has a ashole father.

  8. sayswho says – reply to this


    As a breaker of every code known to mankind I hardly think Kristen has any right to say anything to anybody for the rest of her life.

  9. V says – reply to this


    I don't think Kristen has the right to confront anyone for dating Rob. She cheated on him! I think that cancels out any right she has to involve herself with anything to do with Rob's life.

  10. Caro says – reply to this


    Riley said she wasn't dating Rob so why do you keep printing these articles? None of Kristen's friends should be dating Rob! Men come and go but girlfriends are forever so you should NEVER violate the girl code! It's inexcusable!

  11. Caro says – reply to this


    Seriously, Rob Lovers are you so deluded over this guy that you think it is acceptable for a man to date his former girlfriends's friend? What a bunch of hypocrites you are! I bet you would all freak if your ex started dating one of your friends!

  12. lauren says – reply to this


    Those three are ugly, annoying, and overrated as hell…

  13. Mari says – reply to this


    Who the cares if she did or didn't break some girl code. Kristen is such a bitch. She started all this and now she's hurt because he moved on with someone else and it just happen to be her friend. I think that's a great way to stick it to her. I mean really grow up, live and let live.

  14. gossamer says – reply to this


    Yes, that is breaking the girl code. Kristen's previous discretion has nothing to do with Riley so why bring it up?

    Kristen was not just a fling so going after your ex's friend, especially soon after the breakup, is in extremely poor taste. Shame on Riley. Shows how little she valued friendship.

    As for Kristen, she f*cked up for cheating on Rob but she paid for it.

  15. JC says – reply to this


    Perez, I thought you might be a little better than Hollywoodlife? Really, Riley said she is not dating him, She was out last night with Kristen's friends including CJ. I really do not think a majority of Kristen's friends would be out with Riley if she was with Rob. Yes, there is a friend code and a girl code still out there in this world. This whole story stinks and I can not believe you published it. You do know Riley is a Presley, she has more Lawyers then most people have friends. Good luck when her Momma and Grandma Presley finally have enough and sick their Lawyers on all the fake publishing.

  16. bibilee says – reply to this


    Friends code never be broken. girl. Riley true friend is forever. many loves in hollywood are not for long. Rob might just seek revenge. not kristen's friend to share his life. Not to mention that your career would look in danger with the thousands of fans who have that girl. not forgive you. someone who wants his career at this time should not mess with none. for a some time,obsessive fans war

  17. 17

    Riley Keough is gorgeous! A huge step up from awkward raised by wolves girl.

  18. bibilee says – reply to this


    true friend is forever. many loves in hollywood are not for long. Rob might just seek revenge. not kristen's friend to share his life. Not to mention that your career would look in danger with the thousands of fans who have that girl. not forgive you. someone who wants his career on a top at this time should not mess with none. for some time.obsessive fans war

  19. Une de Mai says – reply to this


    You should really learn how to spell like a grown-up. You're a ridiculous excuse of a man.

  20. Ree says – reply to this


    How many times does Riley herself need to deny this Perez? And lay off the Kristen hate, you're completely pathetic. Last I checked, you don't hate on Angelina Jolie this much. Grow up.

  21. 21

    Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck.

  22. Shazz123 says – reply to this


    What a load of bullshit rob and Kristen are not dating anyone else. They probably haven't even split up. Give the both of them a fecking break. Lies, Lies and more Lies

  23. unknown says – reply to this


    And you know this how? Did Kristen Riley or Rob tell you ? In other words you know nothing. People are not Stupid

  24. 24

    You need to get your info straight. Its been established that Riley is not dating Rob. This is such old news. Can't you report something that is true and current. You can't because you are a lazy being that surfs other sights to copy from.

  25. 25

    NO such thing as a "girl code" - such bs. A cheater does not get to call anyone out. Is she in high school???? Is she 16 - cause she is sure acting like it. Who he dates AFTER THEY BREAK UP is none of her business!!!!!

  26. 26

    I call this story… BULLSHIT

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    Girl code? With her pics of Rupert, the code on her ex is officially nullified. She didn't want him enough to stay faithful, so what does she care if anyone else actually likes Rob? He is the one who will get empathy in this particular situation, like it or not. Not really wanting a guy, but not wanting anyone else to have him either demonstrates lack of objectivity.

  28. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Kristen doesn't believe in girl code… She cheated on Micheal with Rob and split the girl code in half when she started dating Rob, because Rob and her friend Nikki had a thing with Rob… Then the famous pictures with her and Rupert last year. Kristen has no morals.

    Robert got what he deserved and so did Kristen.

  29. M says – reply to this


    I disappointed in you Perez with your ridiculous articles. I thought you were better than Hollywood Life. Now I see that all you do is copy their crap

  30. Helen says – reply to this


    Are you,seriously this stupid or just believe BS left and right being thrown at you ?

  31. Helen says – reply to this


    Re: yari – Yari you are one big hypocrite ! Your whole paragraph was a joke, you adding that you like Kristen was a joke compared to what you wrote about her, the only one who needs to get over anything is your stupid brain, there is no girl code to break, Kristen and riley are friends and she's not with rob , how much clearer can the girl make herself? You're as stupid as Perez!

  32. Bill says – reply to this


    Wake up. PH just re-trashes stories from other trash mags. Of course these sources have no credibility. But he keeps making money because of the Jerry Springer Gullibility factor.

  33. eliz2012em says – reply to this


    Kristen has not broken every code known to man. She made the mistake of kissing someone she was working with. Whoever here has NEVER done something that hurt someone, please raise your hand. Stop trashing her.

    And for the Rob haters - stop trashing him. No one knows the details of anything here. We aren't part of their lives, so we know nothing.

    And Perez - we all know that Rob and Riley are not involved. So why do you insist on presenting this bullshit as though it were fact? What is wrong with you?

  34. eliz2012em says – reply to this


    Rob and Riley aren't dating. But there is a code - an unwritten, understood code. Friends don't date their friends' exes. It's just not cool.

  35. babablacksheep says – reply to this


    What about Krtistens girl code with Liberty?

  36. Cat Lauren says – reply to this


    @kabuki girl I guess you have never had anyone screw you over by starting to date one of your friends or one of your roommates in college. Yeah, there is a girl code and should NOT be broken. That is if you have trusting girl friends. Period!

  37. Sareena says – reply to this


    Its not cool for Riley to date her friend's ex..Not cool at all…But KStew can't really judge consider she cheated on RPatz…Kristen need to move on…I meant this in the nicest way…

  38. mls8662 says – reply to this


    Re: Casey – How many times do you people need to be told? Riley is not and has never been dating Robert Pattinson. Riley has debunked this ridiculous story and her reps have also said it's not true, Riley and Kristen are good friends. They have many friends in common who say this is not true. This all started with an idiot pap making up a story about a mystery red head in robs truck with him. He said she looked a lot like Kristen. Sure she looked a lot like Kristen because it was Kristen. Then you have clueless sites that try to perpetuate the lie as long as they can. More people coming to their sites to read this crap means more money for them. Perez Hilton is a disgusting liar.

  39. ann says – reply to this


    she's a skank!!! Kristen doesn't need either one of them in her life– she'll be better off without them.

  40. shirley says – reply to this


    riley did not date rob so stop trying to start something perez. you are great lyers. what's the matter can't you find honest news to get hits

  41. shirley says – reply to this


    Re: M – kristen did not cheat on Micheal ,she broke up with him to be robs girlfriend. and no needs heart ache like they are going through,that's why they need to be back together. Rob looks so depressed sometimes and I know they miss each other.let them be

  42. shirley says – reply to this


    Re: shirley – Kristen and Rob need each other in there lives because of their love for each other

  43. yammy says – reply to this


    If Kstew decided to call the slut well that means shes still hurt and cares for sexy rob. Of course riley broke the girl code but that type of girl is called a slut.