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Making a hotel employee cry!? So THAT is What A Girl Wants!? Just when you thought Amanda Bynes' life couldn't get zanier, this happens!! The much malRead more…

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13 comments to “Amanda Bynes Ejected From Ritz-Carlton For Drugs & Making Check-In Girl Cry! Get UGLY Deets HERE!”

  1. Wellberry says – reply to this


    Amanda's an effing loser. nuff said

  2. Casey says – reply to this


    That is so not cool. what the hell happened to her? Is she mental or strung out. Or both.

  3. Taliwacker12 says – reply to this


    Is it just me or is there a resemblance to a blonde Octomom?

  4. dfdgdfdgdfh says – reply to this


    Re: Yeah Whatever Asshole – Ha! I thought you said "Amanda for the wing" and that made laugh.

  5. lohanisperf says – reply to this


    She obviously is hilarious sometimes, but this is just mean, very sad. A poor woman trying to do her job. Amanda isn't looking great lately. Lohan is the beautiful one

  6. 6

    She's ugly on the inside. Do the world a favor…

  7. Diane says – reply to this


    This chick is outta control. Amanda might want to check herself out in a mirror. I mean girl is tots ugly inside and out

  8. mark says – reply to this


    She has a horrible personality and is not the hottest girl on the block. I wish someone would tell her to stop being so rude and theatrical or get her some help.

  9. 9

    who is she to call anyone ugly? god has she seen that cracked out video of herself? I was seriously disturbed. get over yourself crazy bitch

  10. Jeanne says – reply to this



  11. WillowWynde says – reply to this


    You're such a hypocrite. I remember when you were calling Adam Sandler's baby ugly.

  12. 12

    the girl prob knows shes ugly comonnnn

  13. Morty Pie says – reply to this


    "All publicity is good publicity". What if she was raping small children with a Trojan Twister. Would that help her career? Or, she's pulling a Juaquin. No, don't be an idiot. Rappers are Flocka 'in to make an album with her. No, loser rappers are flockin to capitalize on the 2 million followers who are there to watch the strangest meltdown ever - so people will Google them to find out who the F they are. Cliff notes version.