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14 comments to “Courtney Love To Make Holidays Merry And Bright With Release Of Memoir, Followed By New Album”

  1. 1

    oh yay another record! ever since she hasn't had Kurt Cobain or Billy Corgan to write all her music shits gone DOWNHILL.

  2. 2

    oh and the only reason any copies of that book would sell is the possible glimmer of hope that Kurt is mentioned. no one caresssssssss Courtney

  3. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Gold-digging black widow. This slut paid $50,000 to have Kurt murdered and everyone knows it! You can run from Tom Grant and the truth but you'll NEVER hide!

  4. Augur says – reply to this


    I wonder if she'll finally come clean about killing Kurt and Kristen Pfaff with eric erlandson.

  5. 5

    I cant wait to hear the new music and see her in California show Anaheim.
    I am also working on my book about Rome Kurt Cobain's Brother I will keep my friends memory Alive Don't Let Rome Die Unknown!!!!! @cobainlies

  6. 6

    would you mfs do something besides contemplate tabloid journalism from twenty years ago who? and start acknowledging that Courtney loves music is one of the most expanisive statement that eastern philosofi has ever made a cemented goddess, a traditional figure character, + myth) she is the most pivotal punk figure that has ever made a statement like pretty on the inside and my body the hand grenade. granted david Geffen is a broom f…. but how? kiss my ass word for a dollar web posters. you people lack any thoughts in your head entire. I blame reality tv to

  7. 7

    the responsibility of generation one and two approx. for having not a thought.
    and gdit frances you have said jack s on the net about anything. the only thing you have to say must be on the psionics friends network. I swear to the monkey that yr derogatory comments art the result of being an occult member because I was one and yr small house pets live afraid. do you like being confronted as a person? you need less extasy. I know what extasy and morphine/absinthe eyes are because yes I've dun drugs, and yes I am newly a junky after toying around w pills for a while.

  8. 8

    make me a career. kiss my ass word. i'd play kurt cobain better that the toolbag you call a feionce. and I don't. thank god yr stalker marma (.) is old and menally challenged from the bottle. wow what results from the poet of our times. he unraveled his mind but the problem is he couldn't find a piano or guitar in his house or he'd be afraid of it. ee I do wonder how he made the most convincing encantation self creations of the antichrist ever. rip john paul.

  9. 9

    wear the glasses after you have yr first empathy on the net. you could be the f messiess with yr genetics. mail me the g.

  10. 10

    wear the glasses after yr first empathy. you could be the messies w yr genetics. mail me the g.

  11. Augur says – reply to this


    ^Courtney?is that you?^

  12. 12

    Courtney, could you do me a favor? there's this party after the show. could I get a ride? nfa. i'm in terminal pain. and on ghb.

  13. Jebus Crust says – reply to this


    I think Courtney needs to return to acting, cause those who've help make her sound are gone out of her life for whatever reason.
    "America's Sweetheart" and "Nobody's Daughter" are pretty much the same album.
    I don't expect the new one to be any better, but I will listen to it.
    Oh and, I'm not saying she is bad artist musically, she just isn't "Courtney Love" anymore, she looks like a clown when she screams and stumbles.
    You're 50 (really 49) but c'mon and move on.

    As for this book it will have Frances mentioned and Kurt, trust me it will.

    As for the murdering comments I always see w/her…I used to think it as well, until it became the same ol' shit. If Tom Grant has all of this stuff that is so damning against her and such, why is not released to the public? Why is making himself go broke?
    And if Kurt was actually murdered why can't Courtney be the fall guy..well fall girl?
    Seriously people, I don't think Kurt was killed by anyone aside from his inner lost boy that got trapped in the Glitterwood reflection aka: he probably did end his own life to escape his own celebrity monster.
    Which is fucking tragic that no one stepped to tell him or get him need to seek help.
    As for Frances, she should ask those around him why they did not get him serious psychiatry help if he was so damn depress and lost to that point?
    I know, I would've.

  14. CourtneySucks says – reply to this


    Re: Jebus Crust – That's because you're an uneducated drone who is blinded by her psychopathy and allows the media to spoon-feed you lies.
    She hired a hitman because he was leaving her; Courtney signed a prenup stating a finalized divorce meant Kurt received everything but his death meant she would. Kurt was already dead when shot, the fingerprints were wiped off everything, someone stole his credit cards and used them after his death, his car tyres were slashed.. it goes on. If he'd left, she'd be broke.
    Courtney never sued Tom because he can prove her guilt. If she takes legal action the case gets reopened, he'll present evidence and she doesn't want that. People absolutely would kill their spouses for over $300,000,000 (what Courtney got) and stardom and have done.