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Glee Writers In Talks To Use Old Footage Of Cory Monteith For Proper Goodbye

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glee post cory monteith death old footage

Dearest, Gleeks. You might just get to see Finn again.

It is being reported that, as a result of Cory Monteith’s untimely death, new episodes of Glee might feature old footage of the beloved star.

Though no official changes have been made to the upcoming season, a source revealed that the producers have allegedly been discussing ways in which to incorporate Cory and give fans a proper goodbye:

“There has been talk about writing the first few episodes around old footage of Cory from the show and actually have Finn be alive for a bit in order to lead into a more emotional goodbye — so it doesn’t feel sudden. The producers are weighing what the cast and his family think of the idea, and of course Lea Michele, to see if it’s at all plausible to attempt. Regardless, they want to do any angle with dignity.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a deceased cast member was included in a show’s new episodes like so. TNT’s Dallas chose to do the same when their star Larry Hagman passed away last November.

We’re not entirely sure how we feel about this, but we, more importantly, want to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Sound off below, Perezcious readers!

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39 comments to “Glee Writers In Talks To Use Old Footage Of Cory Monteith For Proper Goodbye”

  1. kristie says – reply to this


    Ohh I dont know how i feel about this…i feel like i want to see any footage i havent seen of him because im sad he passed…but a part of me feels like its kind of morbid at the same time

  2. 2

    I honestly do not care how they do it as long as it is done with dignity and grace. He was a huge part of the show so he deserves that much. If not for his fans,friends/coworkers, family and Lea especially. I think in addition to the goodbye of his character they need to have an episode (or even a DVD extra) dedicated to him showing interviews and behind the scenes so that people can be reminded of what a kind,funny and amazing person he was.
    R.I.P Cory you will forever be loved and missed

  3. Casey says – reply to this


    All I can say think of is that when it comes to his last episode it is going to be super depressing. Sigh .. in a way it still doesn't seem real. It sucks!

  4. 4

    Didn't Sopranos do that with the character that played Tonys Mom?

  5. Aloha says – reply to this


    I think it needs to be addressed with dignity. There is no good way of doing this. We all will miss him very, very much. It will be sad no matter what. I think the producers might want to turn it into a lesson about drugs and alcohol, which might be a good idea…but there's really nothing good about this situation. He was probably the most likable character on the show, so it is not going to be easy on the fans or anyone else. It is just something that has to be processed and taken one day at a time. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers to his loved ones, family and friends. His memory is still very inspiring and we will hold it in our hearts.

  6. cat says – reply to this


    Do it! Finn def deserves an emotional goodbye, for the good of the character, and the good of the show!

  7. truth. says – reply to this


    How sweet glee wanted more ratings and Lea wanted more attention i like how this has been going for this and everyone is still falling for it!

  8. Marylen says – reply to this


    I think the writers, producers, and Ryan Murphy need to take the fans into account. Finn was a beloved character, Cory Monteith- a beloved actor. They have always been able to connect with their audience in a way that no other tv show could, always sending the right message, selecting the right music and more over, building powerful performances that will remain with us for years. This is what their focus should be.
    It has been a tough week on all the Glee community, as we've had to unexpectedly say goodbye to a generous, fun loving and talented human being. The sadness, the anger, and the pain of having to say goodbye needs to also be reflected when we say goodbye to Finn. If well thought out, written and performed- although extremely difficult on all, especially Lea Michele ( #prayforlea), it would be the most memorable of episodes….the way Finn & Cory should be honored.

  9. Steph says – reply to this


    I'm hesitant, but what matters most to me is what's best for Cory's castmates/friends and family (his own and Glee cast & crew). No matter what, they will have it the hardest, being on the set where they worked, including "Finn" (film footage) in dialogue. I don't want to add further pain to them. RIB were friends of Cory's as well as colleagues, so I'm sure they'll consider the stress. I just hope they realize that most of us Glee fans want what's best for the Glee cast & crew.

    I'm very proud of them all for reminding people (and media) that Cory's LIFE and what a positive influence he was - and always will be - is what is important. Cory's life, positive nature, gentle strength and warm, sly humor are what mattered. I will always love & respect Cory Monteith for what he made of his life and those he helped.

  10. 10

    Re: truth. – WOW! you truly are pathetic and obviously heartless! no one is "falling" for anything. Someone died in an extremely unfortunate situation. As a fan of Cory and Lea's I do NOT appreciate negative people commenting on articles about them so please take your cruel words ELSEWHERE

  11. Celeste says – reply to this


    I thin that's the only thing they can do, no one's going to watch it anymore anyway

  12. Brielynn says – reply to this


    I would love for them to have the ability to use old footage, with his family and Lea's consent of course. Without that footage, they will have to just make up some story for his leaving and move on. I do not think that would be a very fair way to end Monteith's most famous role.

  13. emily says – reply to this


    as long as they say goodbye with grace then i woukd have no problems with anything they do

  14. Johanna says – reply to this


    This makes me sad, the mere idea of using old footage of him only so they can have "a more emotional goodbye" (read: the most depressing goodbye ever made on tv). This will be torture, not only for the fans, but for his family as well. Not to speak about the other actors on Glee.

    I can't imagine anything else than that it will be absolutely devastating for all of us if they go through with this.

  15. Jackie says – reply to this


    I know im probably alone in this and i also understand this will make me seem selfish and maybe even rude but i almost wish the show wouldnt go on. Not that i believe Cory was the center of the show. I just feel like that cast is such a family that i cant imagine any of them wanting to continue without him. Especially Lea. Personally i could never go through such a tragedy in real life then have to endear something like it again as a character. Then again, im not a professional actor. But if the show must go on, I fully support and believe the writers, producers, cast and family will make Finns exit very tasteful and respectful. However it is done, it will be gut wrenching sad and im not sure i can watch.

  16. 16

    Do people ever read before they comment? To the dingbat that made the comment about Lea wanting more attention, did you read the part about how the producers are going to see what she and Cory's family thinks of this idea before proceeding? Obviously, she hasn't even weighed in on this yet. Get a grip and read before you blather on inanely.

  17. Lopsydyd says – reply to this


    I think the absolute best thing they can do is make the whole first episode a dedication to him. Old clips, behind the scenes, bloopers and of course him singing. We all want to remember him for who he was and not the error that he made. What a great way to honor him, seeing him at his best :-) I still can't believe it, I miss him terribly and have been watching old Glee episodes every day since I heard the news. RIP Cory

  18. Ms says – reply to this


    If Lea was so desperate for attention, she would have made his funeral a show to the press. Instead we only have rumors related to her and her reactions. She will be constantly in focus right now and I don't think it is because she wants, but because of the circunstances. The press wants to sell material, and now she is one. Sadly not for a good thing. In my opinion, this is only the beginning of a big calvary to her. people will spread a lot of rumors, some will blame her for wht happened, call her a digger bitch desperate for attention that is taking advantage of the circunstaces to sell herself because they believed that the so called monchele was just PR, and Cory didn't take the pressure. In my opinion she is just as part of the game as Cory was, she 's constantly the target of some rumors because of the way she acts or look like, now it will be amplified a hundred times, I feel sorry for her

  19. Rrush69334 says – reply to this


    We all know Cory is gone, therefore so is Finn. I think it would be just too sad to use old footage as if he were still alive (even if only for one show). I say let it be a short "sting" rather than prolong the grieving. It's not been a week and I am still in shock and grieving for his character, not even knowing him as a family member or as a friend and co-worker. For the sake of his family, his friends, the staff and his fiancé, make it short. I don't believe they or we want to go through all of this again.

  20. Nora says – reply to this


    This is definitely a hard situation. What people have to realize is that at the end of the day Glee is just a show, an important show for many, but just a show. To think that the Glee family is just going to act out these scenes pretending Finn is still alive is ridiculous, its like reliving his death all over again. No matter how important the issue, I don't see lea michele reliving these feelings anytime soon..its too personal too real. What is appropriate is to dedicate the entire first episode to Finn/Cory with his best moments, cast interviews and behind the scenes clips, with of course a cast song at the end. Obviously finding a way to address drug abuse throughout the show is important but that shouldn't be the way he is remembered. Then I think Glee should carry on without Finn..addressing that his character left to go do something he loved…and thats that. We all know what happened..people watching the show arent stupid..It just doesnt have to be played out.

  21. Liz says – reply to this


    I feel like this is a bad idea. Not just for the cast but for Lea. I think killing him off would just hurt her so much more.

  22. 22

    I trust them with whatever they choose to do. However, I think it could help the grieving process a little if they did eventually have Finn pass away. Then they could have the New Directions go to Nationals again, and win. The episode where they win can be a specific episode dedicated to Cory. I think this would be good because then the characters are trying to win for Finn and the actors are doing it for Cory, so they are all coming together in a sense. It could also add deeper meanings and storylines to the characters

  23. Bons D says – reply to this


    Mention him getting a teaching job somewhere or going off to do something, back enlisted I don't know but no… don't use old footage and splice stuff together. They should do a pre-season show of just the cast remembering Cory not trying to squeeze Finn into the new season. Mention him off somewhere so that in the end everyone can have a happy ending… or close to it. Killing him off would just be, wrong.

  24. 24

    Re: truth. – Ok you're actually really disgusting. They just lost a family member, friend, and amazing person. They aren't looking for attention! Lea has not even tweeted anything, said anything, or even been out in public. She is devastated and it's very obvious! No one is falling for anything because they aren't doing anything wrong. The cast has barely spoken out much about the whole situation because of how horrible they all feel right now. Maybe you should try being more sensitive or just keep our mouth shut!

  25. Shanna says – reply to this


    I think that they should just let his character RIP. If ya'll remember how the last season ended, it would be easy to do. Then have the rest of he episode be a dedication. It isnt just about honoring Finn, its about respecting his friends & family at Glee. They have went thru enough pain with his actual death, let it show the good times. I would rather remember Finn that way.

  26. Gone too soon says – reply to this


    Re: Trey418 – wow, thank you!..I couldn't have worded that better myself!…People r ignorant and always looking for attention and "truth" is one of those people. Sad when people have to act like assholes during such a devastating time…you Trey418… Made my day! Thank u!

  27. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: truth. – are you kidding me? Re: Lopsydyd – I completely agree. As a die hard fan of the show, I would appreciate an episode dedicated to Cory and to cry my eyes out watching him doing what he did best. I think it might be good closure for those who were not fortunate enough to know him personally.

  28. Rey says – reply to this


    If Lea and the cast are ok with it then who am I to question that. Would be good to 'see' what happens to Finn and not just have it already happened so we go through the whole story with them, but would so get it if they didn't want to go through filming that. But then again imagine Lea filming Rachel's reaction to losing Finn. Ouch

  29. KL says – reply to this


    I honestly don't know how I can watch Glee now that there won't be a Finn and Rachel. They were just getting together, too, the best part was happening. I think they should release what they were planning to do before his passing just so we can read where their story line was going. I think having Finn pass away on the show would be a good reason for Glee fans to accept he won't be on the show but it'll be way too emotional for the cast to have to go through that so soon. Their emotions are raw and having that in mind I have to go with not having Finn pass away as no one wants to relive what is happening right now.

  30. Michelle says – reply to this


    I still think they were going somewhere with the whole Rachel pregnancy thing it was brushed off so quickly it almost seemed pointless to show it at all unless they were going to revisit it. Obviously that's not going to happen now For the fans and the cast of glee having his death represented on the show would be for the best. We all need closer and just sending him off somewhere doesn't do that. Why not use what really happened and let Cory's character Finn help others out there in his situation or who are thinking about using know the possible consequences. I think Cory would have wanted to help other people struggling with addiction. He was always open about his problems and that he needed help wouldn't he have loved knowing his death might have opened someone's eyes to getting off drugs?

  31. monica says – reply to this


    No matter how they plan on doing it, it'll still end with everyone in tears. Just a normal fan of Finn, Cory's death hit the entire glee fandom hard! He honesty was a great person who just happened to have an addiction. May his "goodbye" reflect the positive things he did for his fans. Again RIP Cory!

  32. Icee Sepnio says – reply to this


    This is going to be a bittersweet moment when all of us watch this. I would for the writers to continue on with this project. Rest in Peace, Cory <3

  33. Melissa Feliciano says – reply to this


    It would be beautiful to do such:) I am sure it will be a great joy for Cory himself and a great tribute…and i would be nice if you could add a special Cory videos like his interviews in different shows, his Glee full audition video, his bloopers and funny videos, and a lot more about him…That would be to a great tribute for Cory…hope the story goes to live Rachel Berry a remembrance from Fin Hudson which is a baby boy..:) hope all are suggestions will be forwarded to glee cast and crew…thanks a lot

  34. Felishia says – reply to this


    No, I dont like it… they should be honest about what happened and say Finn died. In the last episode Rachel phone rang and it cut scene, they never said who called her but it was assumed a broadway production was telling her she got the role of Fanny. They should have it that she and Kurt receive a phone call that Finn has passed (use footage of him in a car and say it was a crash etc) and to come home for the funeral…. during or after the funeral Rachel gets a call saying she got the role. Bitter sweet and she now accepts the role in Finns memory… I think if they use his old footage in more then 1 episode it will be too difficult to watch for the people that really love Glee.

  35. k says – reply to this


    Cory may have died, but Finn as a character did not. I do not think this is a bad idea at all. I hate when shows just write off a character, despite the circumstances. Let the show have a realistic flow rather then a character just disappearing from it.

  36. OH wow! says – reply to this


    Re: Felishia – This is perfect.

  37. An idea says – reply to this


    Not an awesome idea, but as a therapist, this may be an easier way for the cast and crew - though no doubt will infuriate the fans. But the idea would be for all last season to be a dream of Rachel's or a session or session(s) in therapy. Finn would have died while in the military. Having everything be a dream for a while year would put all the characters a year later so the cast and crew wouldn't have to react to his death in the current time (it would have happened a year ago). This way too any story lines that were left hanging for Finn wouldn't even need to be addressed because they didn't exist. Again, not a fabulous idea but one that would work.

  38. An idea says – reply to this


    Having them taking the approach of Finn dying because of drugs is just dumb. Nothing in the past four years ever gave the impression that Finn was doing drugs. And while that is exactly what happened in life I think it would be too difficult for the cast and fans. I think they should have a story arc about drug abuse but set it up right and give it the time and attention it deserves. Glee is a comedy, this is going to be off no matter how they do it unless the first episode is documentary type episode where the characters are actually their life selves and discuss what Cory meant to the show, best moments and memories in life/on air and just say move on from there.

  39. He's dead says – reply to this


    who cares if the death is sudden? We all know he's dead. Most people who watch this show are 15 and up so we all understand what it means when the actor dies. Just say Finn was so excited about becoming a teacher he studied so hard got an aneurysm and died.