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Justin Bieber Reportedly Walks Out On Hotel Bill Due To Swarm Of Paparazzi!

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justin bieber four seasons hotel bill

He just can’t seem to stay out of trouble!

It’s been a fairly eventful few weeks for Justin Bieber, from his piss-in-mop-bucket routine to his spitting incident. And while the dramz continues to follow this singer around, it doesn’t look like things will be cooling down any time soon.

Following his concert in Philadelphia, the Biebs reportedly cancelled his stay at the Four Seasons Hotel — an alleged booking of eighteen rooms and a presidential suite, that included a special order of Pop Rocks — due to the swarm of paparazzi camped outside.

Talk about one HUGE loss for the Four Seasons!

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Should JB be held accountable for the bill?

Blaming the photogs seems like a questionable excuse at best, but we’ll let you decide!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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32 comments to “Justin Bieber Reportedly Walks Out On Hotel Bill Due To Swarm Of Paparazzi!”

  1. kevin says – reply to this


    no he shouldn't pay cause he didn't stay there it is their fucking fault cause why the hell did the hotel tell the paps where he was staying and they all blocked there so it is good he didn't stay there so he would not go all crazy on a paps next time the hotel shouldn't give out info about which celebrity is staying there

  2. ashley says – reply to this


    if he didn't stay there why pay..when he can't seem to get away from the paparazzi why the hell would they block someone's hotel smh i hate this lack of privacy shit and that hotel caused it cause thet tipped off the paparazzi's so it is their lost ..smh

  3. nationalenqurer says – reply to this


    Go to bed Perez.You spread negative energy.

  4. tress says – reply to this


    The photographers were outside, right? His business manager couldn't have called in the number? And don't hotels take a copy of the credit card number BEFORE when you check in? Either way its Biebs at his most immature and rotten behaviour.Grow up young man.It's time.

  5. Chantal says – reply to this


    Why would you report such a bullshit? Everyone knows that the artist doesn't settle any hotel bills. This is done through direct billing to the tour company or promoter who secure the rooms through their corporate account. In my years in the business I have never seen any artist settle their own hotel bills unless it's a private trip but even then it's usually done through their agents as well.

  6. liam says – reply to this


    Re: tress – you see how yo don't even read the story he never even got to stay in the hotel he slept on his tour bus cause he couldn't go inside cause of the paparazzi he never even used anything from the hotel..they cause it cause the hotel told the paps where he was staying so how is it his fault when he never even got a chance to make it into his hotel ..talk less about his room and that is mature of him not to stay there so it wont be something else cause the paps where there so i don't see what he did wrong to me i would have done the same thing if the paps blocked the whole way in just to get a picture.

  7. samuel says – reply to this


    sorry but if he didn't stay there why should he pay..not like he stood them up..he actually cancelled the room..he could have not got into that hotel without something happening for god sake the whole place was covered with paps what did you want him to do fight to get into the hotel..smh please perez dont try and stay trouble i watched it on fox philliy it wasn't that serious i leave in philly and i went passed there and honestly he did the right thing by cancelling the hotel rooms and staying on his tour bus..

  8. 8

    I think the kids behavior lately has been reprehensible at best…However, this time the kid is in the right.

  9. david says – reply to this


    he is trying to make it safe for others by not staying there ..the paps where crazy as fuck blocked the whole place just to get a fucking picture..so he canceled the rooms for him and his tour family and they stayed on the bus and left after the show..so he did nothing wrong to me..and perez stop trying to cause trouble

  10. tress says – reply to this


    Re: samuel – If you cancel a hotel room just prior to a stay, and all hotels have this criteria, you are responsible for the bill in its entirety or a portion thereof.So, yes, he is responsible for the bill.And isn't he use to the press by now? All luxury hotels have a secondary entrance for v.i.p.s.

  11. KO'lear says – reply to this


    Hello Mr. Perez Hilton,

    Before I can fully elaborate on this Biebelopment, I have more questions. Did he stay at the hotel at all? Could he not use an alternative entrance to the hotel? What kind of Pop Rocks did he walk out on? Why the backwards hat? Is he an umpire? That candy and the reversed cap are so out of vogue, much like daytime dramas! Who would be caught dead watching something as horribly embarrassing as Days of Our Lives? I suspect Mr. Bieber will get his hotel bill and accountants hopefully who ware not working for a secondhand rate monarchy will pay the bill.

    P.S. It claimed you posted this at 7:03 a.m. and yet my computer in the same time zone says 5:03 a.m. Very fishy.

  12. andre says – reply to this


    for all we know he did not stay there and might have paid them cause he left immediately after his concert so i dont see why this is news this kid aint do anything wrong the hotel is at fault for giving the paps his location so they where all there infront of the hotel

  13. 13

    1) why is everyone assuming the hotel tipped off paps? 2) EVERY hotel has a CANCELLATION POLICY no matter WHO you are. If you do not cancel w/i 24-48 hours you are liable for a portion of the time you booked the room(s) for - NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE! And with 18 rooms and the presidential room booked, I would bet there was a cancellation clause. NO reason he should be different from any other guest booking at that hotel.

  14. 14

    Re: kevin – CANCELLATION POLICIES require at least 24 hours notice OR YOU PAY!!!! Have you never stayed in a hotel??? No matter who he is, if you cancell in less than 24-48 hours - YOU PAY!

  15. ryan says – reply to this


    Re: kabuki girl – he canceled the hotel stay early oh cause on the news he canceled it 24 hours before he was meant to stay there cause paps where parked outside

  16. ivan says – reply to this


    If you have not noticed, he has encountered unpleasant situations dealing with paps. If the security there was lax, he had a right to cancel as plenty of people do all the time. Have people already forgotten the threat to his life from 3 convicts a short time ago in NYC? Is anything he does a reason to trash him when others have done the same things?

  17. zayn says – reply to this


    people need to chill the fuck down he did nothing wrong he has the right to cancel the hotel rooms for him and his team cause the paps were everywhere and he did not want to get in trouble for attacking anyone who is in his way to his hotel..if you ask me he did the right thing

  18. 5th Avenue says – reply to this


    Regardless of if he stayed there or not, he will have to cough up at least 1/2 the bill as he didn't cancel the reservation 48 hours in advance. That is SOP in the hotel business. Besides, he a brat and a swiffer so sucks to be him!

  19. Casey says – reply to this


    The hotel didn't tell the paparazzi he was staying there, everyone knows that the Four Seasons is the place to stay in Philadelphia, especially for huge artists. I'm sure there are swarms of paparazzi outside of every hotel Justin stays at. He should have set up going through a secret entrance or getting his security to lead him in.

  20. 20

    Wow! Another story about JustA Beaver………..I just luv her!

  21. irvinegirl says – reply to this


    So there's paparazzi outside. Wouldn't that happen no matter where he went? THe answer is yes it would, so what's the beef here? They';re going to follow him regardless where he goes. He's a child and acts like a child. Doesn't think at all. He should be billed by the hotel for the cancellation just like anyone else would be.

  22. Katelyn says – reply to this


    Re: tress – how is that immature behavior if he can't help it? There was a swarm of rude paps not allowing him to the hotel so obviously it was not his fault.

  23. rb says – reply to this


    Re: liam – Is this the same day "July 17" that he supposedly took the two models back to his hotel, but you say he stayed in his tour bus? The media making up rumors!! Also they would have had pictures of him and the models??

  24. lisaa_imaginee says – reply to this


    Leave justin alone ! Stop stalking his every move ! He's just 19 yrs old . Everyone makes mistakes .

  25. rb says – reply to this


    Re: lisaa_imaginee – Lisaa, there are a few people trying to set the facts vs the rumors, and hate against the Bieb's. So far he has not made any mistakes sense driving his car at an unknown speed back in March 2013 in his neighborhood.

  26. Alexandra says – reply to this


    I happen to work in Hotel Corporate sales myself have we have VERY rigid policies on this sort of thins. He will absolutley have to pay to Hotel for the lost revenue. Thank about it, he has reserved the 18 rooms for however long in advance which prevents the Hotel from selling them. He walked out on the rooms at the last minute and my bet it that the Four Season was not able to resell those rooms. So they WILL charge him for the lost revenue.

  27. Gianna says – reply to this


    JB is a Little PUNK….that being said…The Hotel should SECURE his safety if he is going to be paying them TONS of money!!! The Hotel wanting to be in the news and probably called the VULTURE PAPZ to begin with for publicity! IT's a SCUM BAG DOGGY DOG WORLD for those who want to get headlines in the news all the time! Just Saying…

  28. 28

    I'm sure the other guests at that swank hotel would not have appreciated the mob of paparazzi either. For security reasons and piece of mind of all concerned including hotel staff and guests and Justin's the right decision was made. Four Season's might have took a hit from cancelled rooms but at least they were spared the barrage of complaints from the other guests in the hotel about the sea of aggressive paparazzi outside the entrances.

  29. 29

    Re: Chantal – You hit the nail on the head there! You're 100% right that it is the concert promoter who usually handles things like this not the actual performer. I'm glad someone who knows what they are talking about actually spoke up. I doubt a 19 year old would have the time, patience or know how to handle issues like this.

  30. rob says – reply to this


    First of all you ill informed ass when you reserve rooms at a hotel you are required to pay if you cancel without notice. Its spell out in the reservation. When you are old enough to get s credit and stay at hotel you will see it. When you reserve rooms you stop the hotel from being able to sell them to others. If they didnt have a cancelation policy hotels would lose l kinds of money from thoughtless asses like Bieber.

    Alsoyou assume the hotel told everyone he was staying, doubt that. Probablyone of his hangts on sent a text. Lastly you little fuck head STFU!

  31. 31

    Re: rob – That is not Justin Bieber's responsibilty to book hotel rooms for himself and other employees or to even pay for them. That is the concert promoter's job. And the concert promoter has to pay up not Justin. Four Season's knows better than to publicly ask Justin Bieber to pay out of his own pocket. They have been in the business long enough to know what the proper channels are to ask for reimbursement. Do you idiots actually think these hotel rooms were booked under Justin Bieber's name? Then you are truly stupid if you do!

  32. Rachel says – reply to this


    This is such crap. I was at the hotel the night before and he wasn't even there. It was just maybe 20 fans & there weren't even any paps …..