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Robert Pattinson Loses It At LAX! Luggage Woes?

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robert pattinson airport doodle


We haven't seen Robert Pattinson this stressed out since having his heart broken by Kristen Stewart!

Rob arrived back in El Lay after a quick trip to Toronto and was spotted going through customs at LAX. But it looks like something went wrong between Canadialand and 'Murica because R-Patz seems R-Pissed in this pic!

Did the airline lose his luggage???

He WAS spotted coming off the plane with his polka-dot man purse though. THANK GOD that wasn't left behind!

So what had Rob all riled up at the airport?

We gotta say, even when he's aggravated, he still looks handsome as ever! Grrrr!!!

[Image via J. Sharma/Bruja/PacificCoastNews.]

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19 comments to “Robert Pattinson Loses It At LAX! Luggage Woes?”

  1. 1

    Glad all those new luggage fees are being used to improve luggage service.

  2. 2

    Perez, seriously… his expression could mean anything. Stop making shit up !!

  3. For fucks sake says – reply to this


    He's smiling and he's smiling in the next pic as you well know and so will anyone who has seen this pics.

  4. Debbie Bayley says – reply to this


    Enough already. Please get your facts right. This picture was taken on Wednesday 17th July as Rob was LEAVING LAX to fly to Toronto! Pictures were taken TODAY on the set of MTTS of Rob. Get your facts right and stop treating your readers (assuming you have some) like idiots

  5. Jay says – reply to this


    Robert P. is not pissed, he is talking and something that was said pleasantly surprised him. This is surprised smile. Why do you paint him as pissed? He is a lovey person…so stop trying to paint him as just another privileged star.

  6. ....... says – reply to this


    funny..lovely..sweet..perfect ==> ROB

  7. WhoopyPie says – reply to this


    This looks like another one who drugs it up. Don't be surprised with his rehab admittance in the near future and don't try and make him a victim.

  8. YourABrainDonor says – reply to this


    OMG, Perez, this is a photo of him going through securtity at LAX the other day on HIS WAY TO TORONTO! He's still there filming for the next month and there were pics of him on-set today. You are an idiot!

  9. bee says – reply to this


    Seriously Perez this picture is from the other day. Robert was going to Toronto to work.

  10. Karen says – reply to this


    God, Perez, you are such an idot…

  11. YYZ says – reply to this


    I guess he can be in two places at once? He was still in Toronto at 5pm EST on set….

  12. georgiapattinsonmoyer says – reply to this


    You really need to stop making shit up or you'll lose readers…you don't have the right day or anything! Get your facts before you post a story Perez.

  13. georgiapattinsonmoyer says – reply to this


    Re: WhoopyPie – Rob doesn't 'drug it up' and I think it is highly unlikely that he will ever have a rehab admittance. People believe far too much that the press say.

  14. Sherry Cantu says – reply to this


    I feel bad for him. I think all he wants to do is his work, and to be left alone. I'm sure every actor in the Twilight saga never saw this coming. People think because actors become rich and famous, they belong to us, and it's ok to invade their privacy and yell out nasty shit at them. They get paid to entertain us, and that's all we should expect of them. Let them live in peace!

  15. 15

    He does not look annoyed at all. WTF?

  16. John Mare says – reply to this


    losing readers? where are the comments coming from? readers — it is a gossip column newsflash "celebs" count on gossip to keep their name in print as long as it is not hurtful try calming down a tad — you want Truth read YHWH Holy Bible you come here because you want gossip.yes.j

  17. clarendon64 says – reply to this


    Just because his name is Robertson Patterson the over rated actor, dosent give him any more special treatment than any other passenger.He is most likely drunk and angry,after being on a plane,and his antics are holding up other passengers.What is so special about this rude arrogant man.His only call to fame is luck that Kristen picked him for Twilight other wise no one would of heard of him,he cant even act,he keeps trying,but hasent pulled it off yet.Happy to see him having an off day.

  18. 18

    Re: ……. – (post #6) I just know you meant "funny..lovely..sweet..perfect ==> reeks of bullshit", right ……. ?
    Re: John Mare – (post #16) You are kidding. You must be! While you are at it why not recommending Grimm Brothers or Hans Christian Andersen for their fairy stories, hm?
    Re: clarendon64 – (post #17) Don't know anything other that he abuses besides alcohol (does he smoke cigarettes? *shrugs*) but I totally agree about his mediocre acting abilities. Still if people want to invest in him and others are willing pay for his antics, so be it. It's their money after all. I never did or will spend a penny on this dude's crap he calls "acting".

  19. allvampedout says – reply to this


    Get your shit straight dude, Rob isn't in LA he's still in Toronto. He will be gone for more than a few days. Lol obviously someone can't read and enjoys making stuff up for a living. Get a life and stop spreading lies about people.