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16 comments to “Glee Will Honor Cory Monteith With Tribute Episode Early Next Season”

  1. 1

    What will probably happen is that there'll be a huge ratings spike for episode 3 (the Cory/Finn tribute) then everyone will go back to not watching the show anymore (ratings have been falling for years). This'll be the last season.

  2. Gleek says – reply to this


    I think the tribute episode should be the first one of the season. Thou most of us only knew Cory through the TV we live the show and I personally feel like we need a bit of closure too so we can move on and get used to the fact that Cory is not coming back. He will be missed.

  3. Nick says – reply to this


    It should be the first episode. It will be super awkward until they give the fans some closure

  4. 4

    Re: Gleek – You'll have your closure in episode 3.

  5. 5

    Of course, NOT ONE WORD from the 12-Step RELIGIOUS AA/NA CULT Treatment Industry WHY it's "HIGHER POWER" failed him!

    A REAL "HIGHER POWER" would work 100% of the time; that's what a REAL HIGHER POWER is suppose to do; especially when it costs $50,000 !

  6. Jsason says – reply to this


    Re: Kittens With Mittens – Too bad the show was renewed for at least 2 seasons, so no.. this won't be the last season, not unless Ryan Murphy and Co decide it will be. Fox can't cancel the agreement.

  7. just me says – reply to this


    i dont think this will be the last season of glee they just signed for 2 more seasons cory was a great loss to the show and alot of people did watch to see him and lea and their love story… i think lea will put her soul into her work for glee in memory to cory… grieving has no amount of time it just gets easier in time I pray for Lea and the rest of glee

  8. TrOOth Be TOLD says – reply to this


    Get REAL !
    Cory CLOSET-CASE was a MISERABLE CLOSEt CASE. Just another drug addict, that happen to have a lot of money. No one at FOX cares…they care about making more money. They are pissed now because the show is going to SUCK without Cory Closet- Case. And let one thing be known. their little "intervention", ashamed and humiliated him because the secret was out, Cory was a nasty LOSER DRUGGIE.



    sUICIDE IS impulsive. HE was drunk & high and decided enough was enough. He had contemplated suicide MANY TIMES but could never go through with it.



    everybody at GLEE & fOx know the show is a goner. They are trying to gather up publicity to make it look like they are not selfish money hungry scumbags. Even though they are.

    Wanna know another secret ?

    LEA was his BEARD !!!

    GURL BYE…..


  9. Sarah says – reply to this


    If there was any chance of any production manager reading this, I would suggest for the tribute episode to have Lea sing Let It Be by the beatles. Such a powerful song.

  10. 10

    i'm so sad. i bet it's going to be hell for the cast to do a tribute to cory/finn episode. i know it's closure and all but imagine having art imitate life in such a tragic way? they're going to go through it twice. so sad for them.

  11. Ron says – reply to this


    Tribute? Why not have an episode about drug addiction instead of making him into a hero

  12. lissy says – reply to this


    And a round of appalause to the insensitive comments below you guys are dicks talking about how he committed suicide how can you think you know what was going on in a persons head NEWS FLASH you DON'T!! And to the comment about making an episode about drug addiction and not making him look like a hero to YOU he might not have been but to millions who watch glee he was a role model addiction aside its all about the person he was the sense of humor the personality the million.other things that outshined the addition. I really wish that people would consider peoples feelings when.they write cruelty but it.happens but in the other hand there will always be someone like me to call you out on your shit

  13. Dawn says – reply to this


    I feel like I am mourning a close friend. I thought Cory was so wonderful in his Finn character. They say the ratings for the show had been going down for long while now well I think it was because Finn and Rachel were breaking up in the last few season. They were so wonderful together, you could tell they really loved each other and they sang so beautiful together. I wish I could hear allot of the songs they sand together in their whole context.

  14. 14

    oh shocker. we could see this self indulgence coming a mile off. Cue lots soppy songs and sad faces. Ill pass. Then again I dont watch anyways so..

  15. mouse says – reply to this


    I suspect that they're doing it the third episode in because they used Finn so much in the first two episodes and I think - correct me if I'm wrong - they've already been shot. Rather than scrap them and pretend they were never filmed, they're going to use them and then find away to end the 2nd episode with Finn's sudden death or departure. If they pretend the episodes never happened, it might come off as insulting to the work that Cory did.

  16. 16

    Re: mouse – My understanding was that the episodes have been written but they now need to go back and 'tweak' them - obviously to write Finn out of the storyline and maybe have Finn die in the end of the second episode somehow. They obviously have to also revise episode one to make it all believable. How will Finn die?

    And to all the lowlifes writing about addiction, maybe get some hardcore facts about addiction and how it works. I pray nobody you love is ever affected by addiction because you clearly have no heart or sympathy for addicts and that's what they actually need from those around them.